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Fables of the Flying City

  1. Episode 28 - Brother To A Dragon2018/07/18
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  2. Luficer Has A Posse2018/07/18

    Phil Thomas, J.R. Blackwell, Russell Collins, Jennifer Rodgers and Andy Holman look absolutely devilish, thanks to the amazing makeup work by Sara Gates.
  3. Lucifer's Titles2018/06/23

    The Voice of Free Planet X returns to the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, and we've got a hell of a guest! Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar has agreed to an interview, so we're all in for a devil of time! Catch the show June 23, 4pm, at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse .
  4. The Demonically Talented Cast of Brother of A Dragon2018/06/22

    That's one hell of cast, isn't it? Only the best for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival .

    Musician Zaki Hagins joins J.r. Blackwell, Andy Holman Hunter, CJ Higgins, Phil Thomas, Jennifer Rodgers and, of course, Russell Collins as Lucifer Who Is The Morningstar.
  5. Episode 27 - What We Talk About When We Talk About2018/06/13
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  6. Live Show Coming to Balticon 52!2018/05/23

    That’s right, The Voice of Free Planet X returns for a live show at Balticon 52, Saturday at 5pm in the Pride of Baltimore II room. I’ll be joined by a host of podcast luminaries, some familiar voices to loyal listeners and some brand new to the show! It’s all happening at Balticon 52, Saturday at 5pm in the Pride of Baltimore II room

    You won’t want to miss it!

  7. Episode 26 - Bringing The Universe To You2017/07/21
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  8. Two Aliens Walk Into A Bar2017/07/16

    VFPX regulars Phil Thomas and Andy Hunter as Salamander Keep and Loam Sodden, thanks to incredibly make-up work of Sara Gates!
  9. Andy Feeling Blue2017/07/10

    As promised, here's Andy Hunter feeling a little blue at the make-up test, thanks to the artistry of Sara Gates!

    Come see Andy and all the other aliens, time-travelers and devils at the Voice of Free Planet X live show, part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Saturday, July 15, 1pm at Tattooed Mom!
  10. The Voice of Free Planet X at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival2017/07/10

    The Voice of Free Planet X is once again going to be a part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Starring VFPX stalwarts Phil Thomas and Andy Hunter, as will podcast newbie Lizzy Hindman-Harvey and very special guest, Russell Collins as Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar.

    Saturday, July 15 1pm Tattooed Mom on South Street. You won't want to miss it!
  11. The Raven & The Writing Desk 91 – Interview with Jared Axelrod2017/03/17
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  12. Episode 25 - Starchild2016/11/01
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  13. Episode 24 - A Good Guy With A Magic Sword2016/10/01
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  14. VFPX Trailer2016/09/25

    New promo, with some of the great vocal performances from Season 2: Jason Gregory Banks, Christopher Morse, Sonia Williams, Dave Robison, Christiana Ellis, Russell Collins, Whitney "Strix" Beltrán, Kennedy Allen, Gorgah & Ellen Kushner.

    It's 2 minutes long, so it's more of a trailer than a promo. But, oh, what a fun 2 minutes!

    Music by bensound.com .
  15. Episode 23 - Even In Arcadia2016/09/23
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  16. Episode 22 - The Wake Of The Lacuna2016/09/01
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  17. The Spectacular Cast of "The Wake Of The Lacuna"2016/08/22

    "The Wake Of The Lacuna" was absolutely amazing. The best live show yet, in no small part due to the astounding performances this cast gave.

    From left to right, that's Isa St. Clair as Abigail Airheart, Len Webb as Tom Brayve, Phil Thomas as Doc Cosmos, Andy Holdman as Operative 7, Sonia Williams as Rachnae.
  18. Come See VFPX at The Philadelphia Podcast Festival!2016/08/16
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  19. Episode 21 - Parable Of The Leopard2016/08/15
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  20. Strix Takes Over The Show!2016/08/10

    Well, not quite, but she might as well. The next episode is almost a monologue for VFPX VIP Whitney Strix Beltrán , and dang if she doesn't knock the whole business out of the park.

    Y'all are in for a treat.
  21. Episode 20 - Just Around Supervillain Corner2016/08/01
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  22. The Awe-Inspiring Cast of "Just Around Supervillain Corner"2016/07/27
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  23. Episode 19 - The Court Of The Crimson Queen2016/07/16
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  24. The Out-Of This World Cast of "Court Of The Crimison Queen"2016/07/08
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  25. Dynamic Voice Acting Workshop2016/07/01
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  26. Moriarty & Pity - A live reading from Balticon 502016/06/15
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  27. Queering the Feed - Panel Discussion at Balticon 502016/06/13
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  28. The Bombastic Cast of "Rap Battle Beyond The Stars"2016/06/10
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  29. Episode 18 - Rap Battle Beyond the Stars2016/06/01
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  30. VFPX Gonna Give It To Ya'2016/05/11

  31. The Wondrous Cast of "City of Sleep"2016/04/22

    This was an ambitious episode, and I was fortunate enough to have an ambitious cast to tackle it! Hillary Rea of Tell Me A Story , PJ Schnyder , Len Webb of The Black Tribbles, J.R. Blackwell, Fred Maske, Jennifer Martin and Whitney Strix Beltrán all gave their all for this episode, and shows.

    Well, I guess it doesn't show . Sounds? It totally sounds.
  32. Episode 17 - City of Sleep2016/04/17
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  33. Episode 16 - An Awfully Big Adventure2016/04/01
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  34. The Impressive Cast of "Son of Planet X"2016/03/25
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  35. Episode 15 - Son of Planet X2016/03/15
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  36. The Fanastic Cast of "Pledge Drives"2016/03/11

    How great were these folks? What a cast: Kate Axelrod, Andy Holman and Phil Thomas of West Phillians , Jennifer Steen of Jennisodes , Edison Carter and Ellen Kushner of Sound & Spirit ! My cup runneth over.
  37. March Shirt of the Month: Reverend Mord2016/03/02

    For March, for your sartorial pleasure, we have none other than the glaring visage of Reverend Mord!

    Who wouldn't want that on your chest?

    I'm also taking votes on what the Shirt of the Month should be for April. Make your voice heard! I'm curious as which one of these shirts you folks like the most.
  38. Episode 14: Pledge Drives2016/03/01
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  39. The Delightful Cast of "Welcome to the Hidden Almanac"2016/02/19

    How great are Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney of Dark Canvas Media ? So great! Add my partner in all things J.R. Blackwell, and you've got a episode that was an absolute dream to record!

    If you haven't already checked out The Hidden Almanac, you really should: hiddenalmanac.com.
  40. Episode 13: Welcome To The Hidden Almanac2016/02/15
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  41. Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap - A Haiku of Garbage Food2016/01/15
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  42. The Stellar Cast of "How's It Gonna End"2016/01/01
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  43. Episode 12 - How's It Gonna End?2015/12/30
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  44. Episode 11 - My Wife In Hell2015/12/19
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  45. "My Wife In Hell" Cast2015/12/04

    Bringing back some old favorites for this episode! J.R. Blackwell , Len Webb of The Black Tribbles , and Russell Collins join new voices Gorgah and Eddie for a look into well, my personal life.
  46. T-Shirt for December: HUXLEY INTERPLANETARY2015/12/01
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  47. Episode 10 - Oddfellows Local2015/11/30
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  48. Dream Cast for "Oddfellows Local"2015/11/27

    That's right, Dave Robison of The Roundtable Podcast, as well as Kennedy Allen and Len Webb of The Black Tribbles will be voicing characters in "Oddfellows Local"
  49. Episode 9 - Rebuilt To Last2015/11/15
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  50. The Cast of "Rebuilt To Last"2015/11/11

    The 10th anniversary show of VoFPX features my good friends Brennan Taylor and Krista White! They brought a lot to this episodes, and I can't wait for you to hear it!
  51. Episode 8 - Wolf Like Me2015/10/30
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  52. How great is the cast for "Wolf Like Me?" So great.2015/10/23

    That right there is Kennedy Allen of The Black Tribbles , John Davis and John Kazuo Morehead, who will be bring the horror of Monster Island to life!
  53. Episode 7 - Industrial Dark & Magic2015/10/17
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  54. Shirt of the Month: I SURVIVED MONSTER ISLAND!2015/10/15
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  55. The Cast of "Industrial Dark & Magic"2015/10/09

    Nathan Paoletta, Damien Williams, Russell Collins, and Jennifer Rodgers bring the first spooky episode of October to life on the 15th!
  56. Episode 6 - Mistaking Our Mirrors2015/09/30
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  57. Almost Out Of Time For September's T-shirt2015/09/26
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  58. Christopher Morse Joins The Voice of Free Planet X!2015/09/25

    Next week's episode of stars no less than Christopher Morse of Supervillain Corner! If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will!
  59. Episode 5 - Paused2015/09/15
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  60. The Cast of "Paused"2015/09/14
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  61. Episode 4 - One. Precious. Thing.2015/08/30
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  62. New Voice of Free Planet X Promo2015/08/22

    I've had a couple of people ask me for this, so here you go, a new promo for the new, GPR-endhanced Voice of Free Planet X.

    Feel free to use it, and let me know when you do!

  63. Episode 3 - Dirty Spaceman2015/08/15
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  64. Fangs Out! The VoFPX Shirt For August2015/08/03
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  65. Episode 2 - Living In V-Town2015/07/29
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  66. Episode 1 - What They Left Behind2015/07/17
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  67. Episode 172 - Lucky Kinichi and Karate Robot Z at Guilford College 2015/06/23
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  68. Episode 171 - Favor Fishing at the Emerald Street Urban Farm2015/06/08
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  69. Episode 170 - Thief of My Heart2015/05/11
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  70. Episode 169 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Con Harrassment2015/05/04
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  71. Episode 168 - Excerpt From "The Wish Of All Things"2015/04/27
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  72. Episode 167 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 32015/04/20
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  73. Episode 166 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 22015/04/13
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  74. Episode 165 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 12015/04/06

    The first part of the multi-episode epic, The Cockroach Falls! Starring that perputually down-on his luck super-villian, Comrade Cockroach!

    You can read some of Comrad Cockroach's adventures at jaredaxelrod.com/cockroach

    The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russel Collins.

    Support the VoFPX at patreon.com/axelrod
  75. Episode 164 - What The Turtles Saw2015/03/30
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  76. Episode 163 - A FIST FULL OF URSEMINITES2013/09/19
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  77. Episode 162: CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE2013/09/06
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  78. Episode 161: DON'T WORK SO WELL2013/08/30

    In the end, we're all just looking for a peice of someone we can hold onto. Especially zombies.

    This episode featured "Into The Darkness" by zero-project .

    The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russel Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

    Support THE COCKROACH STRIKES Kickstarter! www.kickstarter.com/projects/1707571576/the-cockroach-strikes
  79. Jared & Steve Like DIGGER2013/03/07

    Jared Axelrod sits down to talk with Ursula Vernon about her Hugo-winning comic DIGGER, and how awesome it is.



    This episode also featured music by The Masochist Monkey Circus

  80. Thank You2013/02/26
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  81. Episode 44 - Mouths of the Dead2012/06/25

    In which our heroine is caught, a skinner box is occupied, a ringmaster makes an appearence, the system is believed in, money changes hands, Cardor is denyed, paper is printed, and adventure begins anew.

    Recorded live at Balticon
  82. Episode 43 - Above The Six Evils2012/05/24

    In which Cardor attempts to clean up a mess, Ashe leaves in haste, a murderer is accused, the police are called, a chase is given, Ashe considereds a choice, and a leap is made.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  83. Episode 42 - The Ossuarist2012/05/22

    In which a floor is not a floor, tea is served, wares are shown, a dragon is described, who runs alone is quantified, murder is considered, the use of a skinner box is mentioned, and Ashe finds the stuff that dreams are made of.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  84. Episode 41 - Bones Beneath The Streets2012/05/16

    In which our heroes go below, Gatling is measured against, Ashe admits what she's looking for, Tolban makes a misstep, a net is fortiitous, piles of skulls are witnessed, the likelihood of monsters is debated, and the Ossuarist makes his presence known.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  85. Episode 40 - Cardor Lends A Hand2012/05/10
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  86. Episode 23 - The Sand To Do It2012/05/08

    In which a man is identified, a chase is given, guns are fired, a librarian is distraught, a leap is made, a tower is contemplated, a rogue is introduced, legs are admired, a Redlaw is threatened, and sand is appraised.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  87. Episode 38 - Trouble At The Library2012/04/24

    In which the size of the library is revealed, help is offered, a statue goes unnamed, the police are called, violence ensues, short work is made, a request is revealed as impossible, and a voice lurks in the shadows.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  88. Episode 37 - Old Heubal's Will2012/04/12

    In which Old Heubal lays forth.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  89. Episode 36 - Familiar Connections2012/04/10

    In which Cardor knocks timidly, a hotel room is veiwed, condensation caves are visited, Ashe is there for the water, a collection of caps is surveyed, a boy spits, a larger picture is seen and a fan is revealed.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  90. Episode 35 - To Stand In The Center2012/04/05

    In which a secret is revealed, a old friend holds a hand, swinging leads to flight, support collapses, a ring is intimidating, Grayson refuses to be swallowed, origns are revealed, and claim of ownership is tested.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  91. Episode 34 - A Night At The Circus2012/04/03

    In which a girl is in trouble, a light brings no warmth, a door is threatened, blending is acheived, acrobats are miscounted, inquiraries are made, an old friend lends a helping hand and a new adventure begins.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  92. Jared & Steve Like Nextwave2011/11/30

    Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker talk about Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's comic NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E., and why it is a perfect example of everything that is right and good with superhero comics.

    Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

    By Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen

    This episode also featured music by:

    Thunder Thighs

  93. Jared & Steve Like FUN HOME2011/11/23

    Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker talk about the reigning monarch of memoir comics, Alison Bechdel's FUN HOME.

    Fun Home

    By Alison Bechdel

    This episode also featured music by:

    "Gimme Sympathy" (mp3)
    from "Fantasies"
    (Arts & Crafts Mexico)

    More On This Album

  94. Episode #0047: Fables of the Flying Axelrod2011/10/26
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  95. Back From NYCC...With Contests!2011/10/21
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  96. Jared & Steve Like Comic Conventions2011/10/06
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  97. Balticon Pitch Workshop2011/08/31

    Here's the audio for the Pitch Worshop I moderated at Balticon. I like to believe the audience got something out of the workshop beyond my tendancy to grandstand.

    Eric Kimball, Scott Roche and Brent Weichsel gave some great points, and we did managed to address everyone who showed up.
  98. Jared & Steve Like BLACKSAD2011/08/25

    Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker talk about a noir mystery with talking animals, the gorgeously illustrated BLACKSAD.

    By Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido

    This episode also featured music by:

    Muddy Waters
    "Mannish Boy" (mp3)
    from "The Lost Tapes"
    (Blind Pig Records)

    Buy at Amazon MP3

  99. Flying City Circus At Balticon2011/08/10
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  100. Jared & Steve Like ASTERIOS POLYP2011/08/04

    Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker talk about one of the true graphic novel classics of the past few years.

    Asterios Polyp
    By David Mazzucchelli

    This episode also featured music by:

    The Thermals
    "A Pillar of Salt" (mp3)
    from "LIVE [at the Echoplex - December 7th, 2007]"
    (Spaceland Recordings)

    Buy at Amazon MP3

  101. Interlude2011/07/27

    A bit of an update about the future of the Fables of the Flying City series, along with news about the graphic novel, the Battle Of Blood And Ink.
  102. View from Valhalla - Podcast Review #77: Fables of the Flying City2011/05/17
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  103. Jared & Steve Like Comics #02011/04/28
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  104. Episode 33 - Ashe of the Air2011/04/07
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  105. Episode 32 - Balancing on the Fulcrum of Causality2011/03/31

    In which it all goes boom.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  106. Episode 31 - Takes All Kinds2011/03/24

    In which a situation is diificult to understand, Tolban thinks logically, an Ace of the Air is needed, Ashe gets one better, Mari grips her pillow, a barrel is rolled, a scout ship is slammed against, a door handle is found, and Gatling pays a price for joining in.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

  107. Episode 30 - Someone Should Be In Heaven2011/03/11

    In which a place in the afterlife is assured, a governship is declared, a symbol of might is imagined, a knife finds its mark, a letter is sent, a key is exchanged, a man takes to the air, a horror is witnessed and a price is accepted.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  108. Episode 29 - A Necessary Act Of Hell2011/03/03

    In which the Provost sets pen to paper, a history is recounted, a dream is regretted, a heart is weighted, a yoke is taken up, beliefs are mistaken, a future is envisioned, and a fool's cap is worn.

    Special thanks to Jerry Rudasill for reading this episode.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  109. Episode 28 - Peddling Life2011/02/17
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  110. Episode 27 - The Pieces Left Behind2011/02/03

    In which Ashe is found, the Officer's Mess is suggested, what it takes to be Captain is hypothosised, how to destroy the Vrussian Empire is described, an oath is reminded, motivations are revealed, peices are left, a price is quoted, and one peice is chosen to remain.

    The Fables of the Flying City theme was written and performed by Russell Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net
  111. Episode 26 - Twelve Planes2011/01/26
  112. Episode 25 - The Proud Angels2011/01/14
  113. Episode 24 - Owing Amperstam2010/12/27
  114. Episode 23 - A Warrior of the Future2010/12/02
  115. Episode 22 - Beyond Mistakes2010/11/19
  116. Episode 21 - The Raptorwife2010/11/11
  117. ISBW #165 – Introduction / Jared Axelrod Interview2010/11/08
  118. Episode 20 - Gatling Weighs In On War2010/10/22
  119. Episode 19 - Storm of Confusion2010/10/14
  120. Chapter 18 - Watered And Running2010/10/01
  121. Episode 17: Gatling Knows Her Weapons2010/09/23
  122. Episode 16: Paying For Image2010/09/16
  123. Episode 15: Priceless Beyond Measure2010/09/08
  124. Episode 14: The Hunger Of Empires2010/09/01
  125. Episode 13: Story Marks2010/08/25
  126. Episode 12 : Gatling Has No Trouble Squinting2010/08/20
  127. Episode 11 - Fall To The Edge2010/08/12
  128. Episode 10: Grand Reveal2010/07/29
  129. Episode 9: Games For Liars2010/07/22
  130. Episode 8: A Bitter Brew2010/07/14
  131. Episode 7: On My Blood2010/07/08
  132. Geek Out! With Mainframe Episode 4 - Interview with Jared Axelrod2010/07/02
  133. Episode 6: The Consequences of Soup2010/06/30
  134. Episode 5: A Time of Extreme Reality2010/06/23
  135. Episode 4: Soldiers' Mess2010/06/16
  136. Episode 3: Gatling Strides Forth2010/06/09
  137. Episode 2: When Angels Leave2010/06/03
  138. Episode 1: The Business Of Scars2010/05/30
  139. Aliens You Will Meet - The Jugulites2009/05/16
  140. Aliens You Will Meet - The Mud Pits of Orlandeer 2009/05/09
  141. Episode 160: The Final Episode2008/09/12
  142. Aliens You Will Meet - Ghichrilus 2008/09/12
  143. Episode 159: Meet Wigwam Bam2008/08/27
  144. FanboyHell Episode 17:Jared Axelrod Dark Knight Interveiw2008/08/26
  145. Episode 158: Gimmie Shelter2008/08/25
  146. Aliens You Will Meet - The Querylon Warriors2008/08/22
  147. EP171: Fenneman’s Mouth2008/08/20
  148. Aliens You Will Meet - The Darlanians 2008/08/15
  149. Episode 157: It's Never Just A Game2008/08/13
  150. Aliens You Will Meet - The Crawbiwah 2008/08/07
  151. Aliens You Will Meet - Soyrn2008/08/01
  152. FanboyHell Video Episode 01: A Moment with Panda2008/07/30
  153. Episode 156: Feedback To The Wall2008/07/26
  154. Aliens You Will Meet - The Nardininians2008/07/24
  155. Episode 155: The D-List of the Spandex Set, Part 22008/07/23
  156. BRAVE MEN RUN Webathon #6: You Can't Get There From Here2008/07/23
  157. Episode 154: The D-List of the Spandex Set, Part 12008/07/22
  158. Episode 153: Total Panda-monium2008/07/19
  159. Aliens You Will Meet - Biscoush2008/07/18
  160. Mur Lafferty's The Takeover, Episode 42008/07/16
  161. Episode 152: Epic Mash Rock2008/07/16
  162. Episode 151: After Twenty Years2008/07/14
  163. Aliens You Will Meet - Tocline2008/07/10
  164. Episode 150: The Secret of Matthew Wayne Selznick2008/07/09
  165. Episode 149: My Battle With The Editor Hat2008/07/09
  166. Episode 148: Made To Be Broken2008/07/08
  167. Aliens You Will Meet - The Dreeslings2008/07/03
  168. Episode 147: The Middleman Dilemma2008/07/03
  169. Nobilis Erotica 77 - Hold Me Like a Girl -- by Jared Axelrod2008/07/01
  170. Brief Hiatus, While I Recover2008/06/25
  171. Mur Lafferty's The Takeover, Episode 3: The Integration2008/06/20
  172. Aliens You Will Meet - The Flusians2008/06/20
  173. Episode 146: Chains Of Commerce2008/06/19
  174. Episode 145: Christiana Talks About Stuff2008/06/17
  175. Episode 144: I Want Candy2008/06/16
  176. Episode 143: Danger...Feedback!!!2008/06/13
  177. Aliens You Will Meet - Maelstrose2008/06/13
  178. Episode 142: Curiouser And Curiouser2008/06/12
  179. Episode 141: Self, And Its Perception2008/06/11
  180. Episode 140: D&D, Grimm Style2008/06/09
  181. Episode 139: What You Don't Hear2008/06/09
  182. Episode 138: The Importance of Being Dada2008/06/08
  183. Episode 137: Feedback And Forth2008/06/07
  184. Aliens You Will Meet - Miipluse2008/06/06
  185. Episode 136: It's Called A Power Suit For A Reason2008/06/05
  186. Episode 135: Short-Short Slam2008/06/04
  187. The Rev Up Review, Number Thirty-Three2008/06/03
  188. BarNuts Podcast, Episode #352008/06/02
  189. Episode 134: Drawn In INK2008/05/31
  190. Episode 133: My People Need A Place To Go2008/05/30
  191. Aliens You Will Meet - The Viliquay2008/05/30
  192. Episode 132: Panda's Big News2008/05/28
  193. Episode 131: Feedback To Front2008/05/28
  194. How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend2008/05/27
  195. Aliens You Will Meet - The Krinclops2008/05/23
  196. Episode 130: The Duncan Brothers, Stage 22008/05/21
  197. Episode 129: Things We Can't & Won't Feel Sorry For2008/05/21
  198. Episode 128: Even In Arcadia, Part 32008/05/19
  199. Episode 127: Is It Better To Feared, Or Respected?2008/05/19
  200. Episode 126: Site Specific Stories, Jockey's Ridge2008/05/18
  201. Episode 125: Chatter2008/05/17
  202. Aliens You Will Meet - The Scusicians2008/05/16
  203. Episode 124: Message From The Future2008/05/15
  204. Episode 123: Things We Say About Movies, In Bed2008/05/14
  205. Episode 122: We're All Standing Right Here2008/05/13
  206. Episode 121: Mash Up My Heart2008/05/12
  207. Episode 120: The Proper Preperation Of Children2008/05/11
  208. Episode 119: Feedback Returns2008/05/09
  209. Aliens You Will Meet - The Docalleral2008/05/09
  210. Episode 118: Even In Arcadia, Part 22008/05/08
  211. Balticon 41.62 - Interview with Jared Axelrod2008/05/07
  212. Episode 117: Even In Arcadia, Part 12008/05/06
  213. Episode 116: Feedback...From The Future!!!2008/04/26
  214. Aliens You Will Meet - Jucynog Duthor2008/04/24
  215. Episode 115: The Remarkable Journey of the Duncan Brothers2008/04/24
  216. Episode 114: God Of War2008/04/22
  217. Episode 113: Mash And Burn2008/04/21
  218. Episode 112: The Readyness Is Nothing2008/04/21
  219. Episode 111: Pros and Cons2008/04/20
  220. Episode 110: When You've Swung From A Hook...2008/04/19
  221. Aliens You Will Meet - Weyaw2008/04/17
  222. UltraCreatives Interveiw #102008/04/16
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The Voice Of Free Planet X
THE VOICE OF FREE PLANET X is public radio from another dimension. Hosted by Jared Axelrod, this show is for fans of science-fiction and fantasy, public radio interview shows like This American Life and Serial, and twists on that format like Limetown and The Black Tapes. If you're new, good places to start are "Paused," about a support group for stranded time-travelers, "One. Precious.Thing." about the first artificial intelligence and it's programmers, or whatever's most recent.

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