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Martial Arts Teachers' Radio

  1. Martial Arts Teachers' Radio - Paul Newman and I2005/12/18
  2. How to Become an Approved Vendor in the School System2005/11/27

    Martial Arts Teachers' Association Director John Graden interviews Roland Jackson on how he has been able to have his school recognized as an "approved vendor" in 12 public schools.
  3. Martial Arts Teachers' Radio - The Quantum Leap Program and Planning for 20062005/11/20

    John Graden describes his new Quantum Leap Program and interviews world taekwondo champion Kathy Marlor on planning for 2006 and how to increase revenue and retention with musical forms.
  4. Martial Arts Teachers' Radio - Hosting an Intermural Tournament2005/11/13

    Martial Arts Teachers' Radio
    Hosted by John Graden

    We specialize in helping teachers who would like more students in their school or class, but feel stuck. If you love to teach the martial arts, we will help you attract many more students, enroll them and keep them for a long, long time without sacrificing student quality.

  5. Martial Arts Teachers' Radio - Driving Retail Sales2005/10/30
    The focus of this program is the new landscape for selling martial arts products in your pro-shop.
  6. Martial Arts Teachers' Radio2005/10/23
    John Graden, founder of NAPMA, ACMA and Martial Arts Professional presents...
    Martial Arts Teachers' Radio

    Show 1 - Trial vs. Non-Trial Lesson Enrollment Strategies
  7. The Truth About the Martial Arts Business2005/10/21
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Martial Arts Teachers' Radio
Martial arts leader John Graden, author of "The Truth About the Martial Arts Business," shares his rants, raves and reviews on the current landscape of the professional martial arts world.


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