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  1. Longtown Sound 1726 Gospel SING!2018/03/11
    Longtown Sound 1726 Gospel SING! Featuring Jon Adamson, Truly Blessed, Martha Munizzi, Marty Robbins, Jake Hess, Joshua Lindsey and The Beach Boys. *** Gospel SING! Playlist *** Jon Adamson – […]
  2. Longtown Sound 1725 Weekend!2018/03/09
    Longtown Sound 1725 Weekend! Featuring Dave Alvin And Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Eli Paperboy Reed, Mandolin Orange, The Night Move Band, The Honeycutters, Penny & Sparrow, Paul Thorn, Carbon Leaf, Brooke […]
  3. Longtown Sound 1724 Weekend Power Hour!2018/03/03
    Longtown Sound 1724 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Kate Lush, Steve Earle, BJ Thomas and Willie Nelson, The Honeycutters, Smokey and Alexa, Ross Lynch, Woody Windham, Buddy Holly, Andy Palmer, Katie […]
  4. Longtown Sound 1723 Flour Power Hour!2018/02/28
    Longtown Sound 1723 Flour Power Hour! Featuring Alice Stuart, Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband, Felipe Tarantino, Smokey and Alexa, Nino Tempo & April Stevens, Woody Windham, Jeffrey Gaines, Eileen Carey, […]
  5. Longtown Sound 1722 Weekend!2018/02/23
    Longtown Sound 1722 Weekend! Featuring Kate Lush Band, The Honeycutters, Heather Maloney, Stacy Barthe, The Platters, The Blues Overdrive, Kathy Mattea, Smokey and Alexa, Woody Windham, Elvis Presley, Gwendolyn Collins, […]
  6. Longtown Sound 1721 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour!2018/02/21
    Longtown Sound 1721 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour! Featuring Julian Taylor Band, Deana Carter, Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements, Terry Hardesty, Thomas Earl, Josh Ritter, Sandra McCracken, Jeff Ronay, Sleeping […]
  7. Longtown Sound 1720 Monday!2018/02/19
    Longtown Sound 1720 Monday! Featuring Kate Lush, Devon Allman, Allen Stone, Eileen Carey, Moonlight Social, Taylor Leonhardt, Hell Drivers , Black Top, 10 Years, Adia & The 7 Eyes, Alice […]
  8. Longtown Sound 1719 Gospel SING!2018/02/18
    Longtown Sound 1719 Gospel SING! Featuring Sarah Hart Pearsons, Ricky Skaggs and The Whites, The Isaacs, Randy Owen, The Foresters, Anne Jernigan and Perry Como. *** Gospel SING! Playlist *** […]
  9. Longtown Sound 1718 Weekend!2018/02/16
    Longtown Sound 1718 Weekend! Featuring Jeffrey Gaines, The Foresters, Steven Stewart, Bo Bice, The Blues Overdrive, Devon Allman, Collin Raye, Take Me To The Pilot, Taylor Hicks, War Poets, Jessica […]
  10. Longtown Sound 1717 Cupid’s Bow2018/02/14
    Longtown Sound 1717 Cupid’s Bow Featuring Allen Stone, Stacy Barthe, Julian Taylor Band, Gwendolyn Collins, The Honeycutters, Jeffrey Gaines, Steve Earle, Heather Maloney, Moonlight Social, Taylor Leonhardt, Penny & Sparrow, […]
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