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  1. The Human Ecosystem2019/02/14
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  2. How to Go Clubbing2019/02/08
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  3. Mountains and Mining2019/02/01
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  4. New Virginians2019/01/25
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  5. Vilissa Thompson talks Harriet Tubman, Black disabled woman icon2019/01/18
    Vilissa Thompson (LCSW, Founder and CEO of Ramp Your Voice!) spoke with us about why Harriet Tubman is a foundational figure for black disability activists today.

  6. Heroes of American Dissent2019/01/18
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  7. Keeping Kids Healthy2019/01/10
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  8. The Birthplace of AmericanSpirits2019/01/04
    Craft distilleries are popping up in small towns and big cities across the country. In this special episode we share a recently revived 19th-century julep recipe and take you to an event that draws “women who whiskey.” We’ll do a tasting with Ironclad Distillery and Vitae Spirits and talk with a biologist who is making his own cordials and spirits from wild roots, berries, and mushrooms.

  9. Whistles in the Mist2019/01/03
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  10. Holiday Favorites and Memories2018/12/20
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  11. The Shondaland Revolution2018/12/13
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  12. Drawing History2018/12/07
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  13. Got Me Hypnotized2018/11/30
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  14. Meet Your Maker2018/11/16
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  15. Brand Survival in the Trump Era2018/11/07
    In this political climate, do brands suffer or thrive when companies take sides? Also, self expression through purchasing power has gone through the roof for African Americans.

  16. Making the Decision to Fight2018/11/01
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  17. Infrastructures of Power2018/10/26
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  18. Front Porches of the Dead2018/10/19
    Welcome flags, monogrammed door mats, bird feeders, and whirligigs. These are all things you might find on a front porch—or on a gravesite. We're more creative now in our cemeteries. Plus, millions of Americans have had near death experiences and there are startling consistencies in the accounts.

  19. The Face of Fake News2018/10/12
    Love it or hate it (more likely a bit of both) Facebook is worth careful scholarly study--particularly in the field of politics. We hear from political scientists who argue that the sins of Facebook are built into the platform itself and congress needs to break up Facebook using antitrust laws.

  20. Voices of Vietnam: Women of War2018/10/04
    More than 30,000 American women served in some form in Vietnam during the war. From the Red Cross volunteers who boosted morale to the nurses who treated injuries, women were a major part of soldiers’ experience of the war. The war also upended the lives of millions of wives, widows and girlfriends back home.

  21. The Year of the Woman2018/09/27
    Women have been making headlines all over the country, running for office--and winning. We hear from some of those women about what it was like during their first week on the job. And scholars reflect on what it takes to get more women on the ballot.

  22. Moonshine and Prohibition2018/09/21
    Moonshiners are often portrayed as lawbreakers and profiteers. But these recorded interviews with former moonshiners and their children paint a portrait of close knit poor families in Appalachia helping each other keep food on the table.

  23. The Right to Dissent2018/09/13
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  24. The Substance of Addiction2018/09/07
    Do we fret too much that we're glued to our cell phones? Trevor Hoag says we should stop using the language of addiction liked ‘hooked on our iPhones” and embrace the positives. Plus, experts weigh in on the need to customize addiction treatments.

  25. Social Mobility Through College2018/08/31
    One of the great American beliefs is that a college education gives us a better shot at moving up in life. But some say that social mobility has stalled and we should expand access to those universities admitting the largest numbers of low income students.

  26. Free the Beaches2018/08/23
    In "Free the Beaches" Andrew Kahrl tells the story of activist Ned Coll and his campaign to open New England’s shoreline to African Americans, as northern white families fought to preserve their segregated beaches.

  27. Do Cells Phones Cause Cancer?2018/08/17
    D you ever worry that the radiation coming from your cell phone might be harmful? Researching Deborah O’Dell recently finished a 5-year study that found cell phone radiation can cause changes to our brain cells.

  28. Pilgrimage2018/08/10
    100 pilgrims journey from Charlottesville to the national memorial to lynching in Montgomery, Alabama to pay homage to a black man who was lynched in 1898.

  29. An Outrage2018/08/03
    Beginning with the end of the Civil War, and well into the middle of the twentieth century, the extralegal and socially sanctioned practice of lynching claimed the lives of at least 3,959 African American men, women, and children. Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren are the directors of a recent documentary about lynching and its effects on families. The film is called An Outrage.

  30. Music That Mends2018/07/27
    Can art heal? This week, the redemptive power of language and song. Hear how former inmates use writing to explore their paths to imprisonment and how jazz can tell stories of social justice, healing, self-reflection and redemption.

  31. Vietnam: Fighting on Two Fronts2018/07/19
    African Americans who fought for their country in Vietnam often experienced the racism their families endured back home. Plus: Native Americans fought in Vietnam in greater numbers relative to their population than any other group. We hear testimony of Native Americans who fought for the U.S. on foreign soil.

  32. Summer Reading Recs2018/07/12
    Summer reads from the With Good Reason universe! Inman Majors gives us some comedic escapism, Erin Jones is reading about mid-century women artists reclaiming the pin-up, and Sharon Jones shares why she, a black woman with a comfortable salary, is spending her summer reading about whiteness and poverty.

  33. The Ghost in the MP32018/07/05
    The 1987 pop song “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega is considered the “mother of the MP3.” It was the test track used by German scientists to perfect this new file format that would revolutionize the music industry. Ryan Maguire has been experimenting with the sounds that got stripped out of that first MP3.

  34. A Cellular Cure for Diabetes2018/06/29
    Jose Oberholzer is a transplant surgeon who lies awake nights thinking about a cellular cure for diabetes. He created the Chicago Diabetes Project so the best minds in the country can work together on a cure. He says we're close!

  35. Blending Families2018/06/21
    More than a hundred years ago, a small group of Russian Mennonites went looking for Christ in Central Asia. They didn’t find him, but they did find a home among Muslims in Uzbekistan. Sofia Samatar tells their history in her new memoir, alongside her own story of growing up the daughter of a Somali Muslim and an American Mennonite.

  36. Do The Right Thing2018/06/14
    "Making Peace With Vietnam" is a documentary that chronicles life in that nation as Vietnam vets return to do humanitarian work. Plus, Ludwig Wittgenstein may be the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, but few people know about him.

  37. Moving Pictures2018/06/08
    When you think animation you might think the Simpsons or Disney or Spirited Away. But animation artist Anh Do says animation art is everything that moves. He got his start as a boy who emigrated to America from Vietnam with no English skills, so he drew pictures of everything he needed.

  38. Animal Intersections2018/06/01
    The author of, A Hoot in the Light: Illuminating the Sensory Modes of Animal Communication, says that by recognizing animal voices, we make our particular brand of humanism a little more humane.

    And: “Honeybee” Brown is planting apiaries in urban community gardens in an effort to save the ailing honeybee.

  39. 1619: Past and Present2018/05/25
    The first captive Africans arrived in the Jamestown settlement in Virginia in 1619. A shipload of women intended as mates for the male settlers also arrived that year. How should we be telling and commemorating this history in 2019?

  40. Art's Complicated2018/05/17
    Sam Blanchard is a digital artist who uses humor and technology in his work. One of his favorites is a nod to his phobias--including going bald and a fear of heights!

  41. Get Rhythm2018/05/10
    Bix Beiderbecke was one of the first great legends of jazz, but his recording career lasted just six years. A book by Brendan Wolfe, Finding Bix: The Life and Afterlife of a Jazz Legend, connects Beiderbecke's music, history, and legend.

  42. The Pains of Recovery2018/05/03
    "Councilors Without Borders" traveled to Puerto Rico to help people who continue to suffer after the Hurricane Maria disaster. Residents are still feeling stressed by the storm and worry about the new storm season to come.

  43. Cents and Sensibility2018/04/27
    Jane Austen novels provide timeless insight into our virtues and vices. It turns out she drew inspiration on how to live a moral life from the great 18th century economist Adam Smith.

  44. Muggles Abroad!2018/04/19
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  45. Through an Indian's Looking Glass2018/04/12
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  46. Real Love with Sharon Salzberg2018/04/06
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  47. Future Farming of America2018/03/30
    Southwest Virginia has seen a decline in coal and tobacco—two industries that once boomed in the region. Could hemp be a way to boost the local economy? And more.

  48. Moonshine and Prohibition2018/03/23
    South Carolina saw the statewide prohibition of alcohol in 1915. But not before the state established its own dispensary system more than a decade earlier. Plus: oral histories of moonshiners in Appalachia.

  49. Building a Wall2018/03/16
    When Thomas Jefferson designed the University of Virginia’s central Rotunda, he set out to build a temple to the book, a stunning rebuke to the Christian churches that anchored every other college of his day. But Jefferson’s secular utopia didn’t pan out exactly as he planned.

  50. Privatization and Public Universities2018/03/09
    With state support shrinking and the dependence on private support increasing for most public universities what does the financial landscape of the future look like? What makes an institution public? Is it the source of funding? History? Mission? Or something else?

  51. The Golden Age of Flattery2018/03/02
    Washington has its fair share of brown-nosers. We talk with the authors of Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of Sycophancy about yes-men, now and through the ages.

  52. Invisible Founders2018/02/23
    Scholars, historic interpreters, and descendants of enslaved people recently gathered at Montpelier, the home of James Madison. They were there to create a rubric for historic sites who want to engage descendant communities in their work. We share stories and interviews from Montpelier's Summit on Slavery.

  53. Driving While Black2018/02/16
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  54. Love Me Do2018/02/09
    Wine, chocolate, and flowers. We talk with experts about these Valentine's Day essentials.

  55. Civil Rights and Civil War Monuments2018/02/02
    Maggie Walker was an African American teacher and businesswoman and the first woman of any race to charter a bank in the United States. There's now a statue of her in the former capital of the Confederacy. Plus: A town’s historical markers tell visitors the story of a place. But what do they leave out?

  56. Lethal Doses2018/01/29
    America is hooked on opioids—by one count, there are currently more opioid prescriptions than people in the southeastern United States. This week we’re taking a deep dive into the causes of the opioid crisis. And more.

  57. The New Minority2018/01/19
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  58. People Count2018/01/12
    Today we hear a lot about "blue collar" voters, but it wasn't always the case that the working class mattered. In this week's show, we look at why working class neighborhoods tend to get the short end of the stick, how a British monarch leveraged the working class to extend her reign, and who is responsible for the origin of the census.

  59. Getting to Know the Presidents2018/01/05
    After one year in office, can we pass judgement on Trump's presidency? We talk to two experts from the University of Virginia's Miller Center who have made presidential first years their speciality.

    Plus, we dive deep into presidential history and ask the tough questions about America's founding fathers -- like how did these guys live so long?

  60. The Future Of Music2017/12/29
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  61. Good to Great for Nonprofits2017/12/22
    Could nonprofits benefit from the same business coaching the private sector gets? Celebrated business writer Jim Collins says the best business leaders in the nonprofit world tend to share the same qualities with their private sector counterparts.

  62. The Birthplace of American Spirits2017/12/15
    Small-scale artisan distilleries are popping up all over the country, and behind many of them are new communities of women makers and consumers. In this special holiday episode, we connect the present to the past as we uncover little-known stories of Virginia spirits, from a recently revived 19th-century julep recipe to an event that draws “women who whiskey.”

  63. Revisiting Deliverance2017/12/08
    This week, we explore the lesser known poetic work of the man behind the iconic horror-thriller Deliverance: James Dickey. Plus, we revisit our interview with former U.S. poet laureate Natasha Trethewey, and much more.

  64. Whistles in the Mist2017/12/01
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  65. Short Listen: Virtual Cities2017/11/29
    Virtual reality has made it possible to wander the streets of a city built 3000 years before the pyramids in Egypt. But those who made it won't stop there -- they want you to smell it too.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under five minutes.

  66. Encounters at the Heart of the World2017/11/25
    This week, we replay two amazing interviews with Pulitzer Prize winners. First, Elizabeth Fenn tells the story of her work recovering the forgotten history of a nearly extinct Native American tribe. Then, Sarah McConnell speaks with award-winning author Junot Diaz about his experiments in language and storytelling.

  67. Let's Talk Turkey2017/11/17
    Politics around the Thanksgiving table can sometimes be fraught, but at least it's not as bad as it was when the tradition began on the eve of the Civil War. This week, we dive into the origins of this most American of holidays and offer some tips on navigating tricky family conversations. Plus, we sit down for a long conversation with the founder of the farm-to-table food movement.

  68. Short Listen: Thanksgiving & Politics2017/11/16
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  69. Getting Into Vietnam2017/11/10
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  70. Diamond Worlds and Super Earths2017/11/03
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  71. Short Listen: Space is Neat2017/11/01
    For decades, sci-fi writers have imagined distant planets unlike our own— it turns out the real things are even weirder.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines compelling interviews and short-form storytelling to bring you the best of each week's episode in around five minutes.

  72. The Crossword Kid2017/10/27
    This week, an hour of wordplay. We begin with the tale of the Crossword Kid, the New York Times' latest crossword editor, fresh out of university. Plus, we take a look at the under-appreciated literary genius of Christopher Marlowe, and talk with two authors about their latest work.

  73. Short Listen: The Crossword Kid2017/10/25
    Sam Ezersky sold his first crossword at 16. Now he's taking on the biggest puzzle of them all: the legendary New York Times crossword.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines compelling interviews and short-form storytelling to bring you the best of each week's episode in under five minutes.

  74. Enter the Subconscious2017/10/20
    Religious scholars, neuroscientists, and psychoanalysts agree – there is a deep reservoir of activity beneath our conscious minds. This week, we take a deep dive into the mind, and ask: how can we control what we don't understand?

  75. Short Listen: The Illusion of Control2017/10/18
    When you make a decision, is it really you deciding? New research suggests we might be living with an illusion of our own control, and our unconscious minds might be calling all the shots.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under five minutes.

  76. Kitchens of the Future2017/10/13
    It's obvious to some and obscure to others -- why do we really need science? We talk to designers who see it changing the way we live, teachers who are inspiring kids to discover new methods, and engineers who are seeing it save lives.

  77. Twinning Against Disease2017/10/06
    Turns out one of our best weapons against disease is a database of thousands upon thousands of twins. We talk to the doctor who runs the database, plus doctors behind new science on allergies and an artificial pancreas that's giving diabetes sufferers a new peace of mind.

  78. Short Listen: An Artificial Pancreas2017/10/04
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  79. An Outrage: Reflections on Racism2017/09/29
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  80. Short Listen: Car Attack In Charlottesville2017/09/27
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  81. We Got to Get Out of This Place2017/09/22
    Vietnam veterans could all name the songs on the unofficial soundtrack of the war: "Purple Haze," "What's Going On," and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" are just the start. Now, a new book explores what these songs meant to men and women awaiting deployment into the unknown.

  82. Short Listen: The Music of Vietnam2017/09/21
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  83. "They're Just People"2017/09/15
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  84. Short Listen: English for Detainees2017/09/13
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  85. Facing It2017/09/08
    "Facing It" is the title of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusuf Komunyakaa's most famous poem, exploring themes of race, war, and home. On this week's show, we speak to Komunyakaa and other authors about how artists' work is impacted by the environment of their time.

  86. Short Listen: Sargent's Women2017/09/06
    John Singer Sargent painted the portraits of American richest people at the peak of the Gilded Age. So why do some of his women look so sad?

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines compelling interviewing and short-form storytelling to bring you the best of each week's episode in under five minutes.

  87. Bicycle Fever at the Turn of the Century2017/09/01
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  88. Degrees of Separation: School Systems2017/08/25
    In the final episode of our special series on education and inequality, we dive deep into the debate over charters, examine new ways school districts are tackling integration, and explore the forgotten regions of America's vast public school system.

  89. Short Listen: The Problem of Rural Schools2017/08/23
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  90. Its a Jungle Out There2017/08/18
    This week, we're running an previous episode where our guests went deep into the Amazon to solve some of the most enduring mysteries in biology. Plus, we look at the sociology of songbirds and pets, and hear what makes the rainforest so special.

  91. No Short Listen2017/08/16
    There's no Short Listen for this week -- but be sure to catch our upcoming show on Friday, where we dive deep into the rainforest and discover what's lurking there...

  92. The Rising Tide2017/08/11
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  93. Short Listen: Tangier Island Sinking2017/08/09
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  94. Love & Drugs2017/08/04
    This week, we take a long look at the relationship between addiction and... well, relationships. We explore how romantic feelings activate in the brain and what happens when a bad breakup snatches them away.

    And in our second half, we drop the love and go hard on the drugs, asking how the future of smoking makes addiction more likely.

  95. Short Listen: Love is a Drug2017/08/02
    After a bad breakup, should we really drown our sorrows? One professor has built a course around that question and, in the process, discovered some unusual things about love...

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under five minutes.

  96. Degrees of Separation: Teachers2017/07/28
    From mandatory testing to terrible pay, teachers face formidable obstacles to doing their job and doing it well. In our latest from our special series on education and inequality, we look into the reasons teachers quit and what keeps them in their jobs with some of the top minds in the teaching profession today.

  97. Short Listen: Teacher of the Year2017/07/26
    Shawn Sheehan was 2016's Oklahoma State Teacher of the Year. But as of this fall, he won't be an Oklahoma teacher at all.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviewing to bring you the best of each week's episode in under 5 minutes.

  98. Face-to-Face Diplomacy2017/07/21
    This week, we look at some new insights in the world of foreign policy, from the neuroscience of face-to-face diplomacy to the way the US defense budget prevents strategic thinking. Plus, we learn a little about how the Vice President has been used and abused throughout history.

  99. Short Listen: Are Diplomatic Trips Worth It?2017/07/19
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  100. Healing in the Era of Mass Shootings2017/07/14
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  101. Short Listen: The Perils Of Slow Motion2017/07/12
    With surveillance cameras on the rise and cell phones in every pocket, video evidence is increasingly common in courtrooms. But there’s a lot we don’t know about how effective video evidence actually is.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under 5 minutes.

  102. Are Our Pets Making Us Sick?2017/07/07
    Can the notorious brain-hijacking parasite "toxoplasma" affect humans? Is there a vaccine against Lyme Disease for humans in the pipeline? Also, how is Big Data helping to curb heart attack deaths in Senegal? All this and more!

  103. Short Listen: The Notorious Brain-Hijacking Parasite2017/07/05
    The notorious parasite “toxoplasma” is spread by cats. Does toxoplasmosis affect humans too?

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under 5 minutes.

  104. The Music of the Glaciers2017/06/30
    Listen to how the sounds of melting glaciers are being frozen in time and woven into haunting electronic musical compositions. We also discuss dinosaurs the size of golden retrievers, and how the landscape of Tahiti changed with the movement of people.

  105. Short Listen: Glacially Cool Music2017/06/28
    The Alaskan wilderness is experiencing a major meltdown, but not all will be lost. Thanks to a musician in Virginia, the sounds of Alaska’s glaciers are being recorded for posterity and woven into haunting compositions.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under 5 minutes.

  106. Degrees of Separation: Higher Ed2017/06/23
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  107. Short Listen: The Cost of For-Profit College2017/06/22
    Are for-profit colleges and universities worth the money? Research shows that for-profit colleges are not only costing students more… but they’re giving them less in the long run.

    From With Good Reason, the Short Listen combines short-form storytelling and compelling interviews to bring you the best of each week's episode in under 5 minutes.

  108. Cancer Research and Treatment2017/06/16
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  109. Short Listen: Repairing the Breast Cancer Gene2017/06/14
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  110. Cents & Sensibility2017/06/09
    Money makes the world go 'round, but does it make the heart a-flutter? This week, we take a literary look at some of the most lasting problems in economics, from using vampires to study irrational behavior in the market, to searching for the soul of Adam Smith in the writings of Jane Austen. Plus, we take on the challenge of James Joyce's Ulysses just in time for #Bloomsday2017.

  111. Short Listen: Pride & Profit2017/06/07
  112. BFFs, Girlfriends, and Besties2017/06/02
  113. Short Listen: Social Media Scrubbing2017/05/31
  114. Degrees of Separation: Secondary2017/05/26
  115. Short Listen: The Black Escalation Effect2017/05/24
  116. A Curse Upon the Nation2017/05/19
  117. Short Listen: Race War on the Rise2017/05/17
  118. Shifting Sands2017/05/12
  119. Short Listen: The Attack Party of Bulgaria2017/05/10
  120. Short Listen: "The Narco Does Business With God"2017/05/04
  121. Pulitzer 100 Moving the Spotlight2017/05/04
  122. Animal Intersections2017/04/28
  123. Short Listen: The Tale of Honeybee Brown2017/04/26
  124. Degrees of Separation: Primary2017/04/21
  125. Short Listen: Race in the Classroom2017/04/19
  126. Stories in Science2017/04/14
  127. Short Listen: Life in a Goiter Belt2017/04/12
  128. War, What Is It Good For?2017/04/07
  129. Short Listen: Mercenary Morality2017/04/05
  130. Get Rhythm2017/03/31
  131. Short Listen: Finding Bix2017/03/29
  132. Degrees of Separation: Origins2017/03/24
  133. Short Listen: College Credits for Free2017/03/23
  134. Working Class Histories2017/03/17
  135. Short Listen: Mapping Lambert's Point2017/03/15
  136. Nation of Nations2017/03/10
  137. Short Listen: Cherokee Country2017/03/09
  138. Lethal Doses2017/03/03
  139. Short Listen: Unconscious Addiction2017/03/01
  140. Listen Up: Music & Politics2017/02/24
  141. Short Listen: A Man, Music, and a Donkey Cart2017/02/22
  142. Driving While Black2017/02/17
  143. Short Listen: The Golden Age of Black Baseball2017/02/15
  144. The Life of Arthur Ashe2017/02/10
  145. Short Listen: From Kremlin to Kremlin2017/02/08
  146. Black History in Hollywood2017/02/03
  147. Short Listen: Hidden Figures2017/02/01
  148. Ferdinand the Cultural Icon2017/01/27
  149. Short Listen: Ferdinand, the Misunderstood Bull2017/01/25
  150. Up In Smoke2017/01/20
  151. Short Listen: "Like a Breath of Fresh Air"2017/01/18
  152. Building a Wall: Church & State in America2017/01/13
  153. Short Listen: Jefferson's Revolutionary Rotunda2017/01/11
  154. Can't Look, Have To Look2017/01/06
  155. Short Listen: Too Many Zombies2017/01/04
  156. If You Like the Truth2016/12/30
  157. Here We Come a Caroling2016/12/23
  158. The Lost Vault of Klezmer2016/12/16
  159. SHORT LISTEN: Solving the Klezmer Mystery2016/12/14
  160. Pulitzer100: Natasha Tretheway On Native Guard2016/12/09
  161. SHORT LISTEN: Maya Angelou's Africa2016/12/07
  162. The Glass Ceiling and the Ivory Tower2016/12/02
  163. SHORT LISTEN: Glass Ceiling, Ivory Tower2016/11/30
  164. Advances in Heart Failure Care2016/11/25
  165. SHORT LISTEN: Brightening the Shadows of Dementia2016/11/23
  166. My Life As A Wild Turkey2016/11/18
  167. SHORT LISTEN: Decolonizing Dinner2016/11/16
  168. Ghost Suppers & Food Sovereignty2016/11/11
  169. SHORT LISTEN: Treaty Tribute2016/11/09
  170. Pulitzer100: Embers of War2016/11/03
  171. The Great Divide2016/10/27
  172. Jobs for the New Economy2016/10/21
  173. Sonic Nets Feature2016/10/14
  174. Where Humans and Animals Meet2016/10/14
  175. Pulitzer 100 The Future of Music2016/10/06
  176. Pedal Power2016/09/29
  177. Under Magnolia2016/09/23
  178. Spiritual But Not Religious Feature2016/09/16
  179. Spirituality in Millennials2016/09/16
  180. Pulitzer 100: The Wondrous Junot Diaz2016/09/08
  181. Imagining Yoko Ono2016/09/01
  182. Are Our Pets Making Us Sick?2016/08/26
  183. Mapping the KKK2016/08/19
  184. Flight Anxiety Feature2016/08/04
  185. Dragons of Inaction2016/07/29
  186. The Music of the Glaciers2016/07/29
  187. Rushing in to Help2016/07/28
  188. Founding Friendships (July 23, 2016)2016/07/21
  189. Bicycle Fever at the Turn of the Century2016/07/14
  190. The Madam Next Door2016/07/07
  191. Nation of Nations2016/06/13
  192. Slaves Waiting for Sale2016/06/13
  193. Monument Avenue Feature2016/06/10
  194. Pulitzer 100 Encounters at the Heart of the World2016/06/10
  195. Witches, Slaves, and Heroines2016/06/10
  196. Medical Care from Anywhere2016/06/02
  197. The Innocence Project2016/05/26
  198. Monsters in the Classroom2016/05/20
  199. Pulitzer 100 Shifting the Spotlight2016/05/12
  200. Bringing Home the War Dead2016/05/05
  201. Kitchens of the Future2016/04/28
  202. Printed Organs - Coming to a Body Near You2016/04/21
  203. Stories in Science2016/04/15
  204. Where Game of Thrones Begins2016/04/07
  205. Drink Local2016/03/31
  206. Cloak and Dagger in the Workplace2016/03/24
  207. Starting Up2016/03/17
  208. If You Like the Truth2016/03/11
  209. Nation of Nations2016/03/04
  210. Pathways to Peace2016/02/25
  211. The Life of Arthur Ashe2016/02/19
  212. Sheer Good Fortune2016/02/09
  213. Rock and Roll in Black and White2016/02/05
  214. Beyond Happy2016/01/29
  215. Car Talk2016/01/21
  216. Coming Home to Big Stone Gap2016/01/15
  217. Predicting War2016/01/07
  218. How the Bard Meant It2015/12/22
  219. Where Did You Come From2015/12/21
  220. Here We Come A Caroling2015/12/18
  221. Papayas in December2015/12/10
  222. Health in the Heart and Mind (hour)2015/12/04
  223. Reading the Founding Father's Mail2015/11/24
  224. My Life as a Wild Turkey2015/11/19
  225. Jobless and Hopeless2015/11/12
  226. Battlefields, Boeings, and Basketball Courts2015/11/06
  227. BFFs, Girlfriends And Besties2015/10/29
  228. The Giants Who Ruled Over the Dinosaurs2015/10/22
  229. Nominating the President2015/10/16
  230. Conversations with Julian Bond2015/10/09
  231. Summer Melt and Z Degree2015/10/02
  232. Ferdinand the Cultural Icon2015/09/25
  233. The Disappearing Lake2015/09/18
  234. The Ghost in the MP32015/09/11
  235. Uptalk on Jeopardy2015/09/04
  236. Time is Brain2015/08/28
  237. Dickens Turns 200 (2012)2015/08/26
  238. Stars for Freedom2015/08/21
  239. Its A Jungle Out There2015/08/14
  240. Drink Local2015/08/07
  241. Evicted From The Mountains2015/08/03
  242. Grandparents Who Parent2015/07/24
  243. Fugitive Red2015/07/17
  244. The Doctors of Nazi Germany2015/07/10
  245. The Innocence Project2015/07/02
  246. America the Beautiful2015/06/25
  247. What Would You Do2015/06/19
  248. Marking Stories of Slavery2015/06/12
  249. Nuts and Bolts Our Brains on Stem2015/06/05
  250. Under Magnolia2015/05/29
With Good Reason
Each week on With Good Reason, our ever-curious host Sarah McConnell explores a world of ideas with leading scholars in literature, history, science, philosophy, and the arts. With Good Reason is created by Virginia Humanities and the Virginia Higher Education Broadcasting Consortium.

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