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  1. Huge Explosion2006/10/07

    Another comedy thang. It's about a giant explosion.
  2. Rotoclone Show 072006/09/25

    Jake: He's like me, except he's another person.

    P.S. Yes, I know that North Korea doesn't manufacture any of the United States' goods.
  3. Random Stuff 22006/06/14
    The second random thang that was recorded at Matt's house. Again, it might be explicit.
  4. Random Stuff 12006/04/26
    This was recorded at Matt's sleepover while I was playing Guitar Hero. It might be explicit, I haven't listened to it, and I was paying too much attention to Guitar Hero at the time to really hear everything they were saying and doing.
  5. Synth of Doom2006/03/29

    A techno song I made with Reason.
  6. I am Just a Head2006/03/28

    My first comedy routine! I talk about what would happen if a guy that was just a head went to a bar.
  7. Rotoclone Show 062006/03/26

    New and improved! I talk about my new intro and outtro, Macs in Irish schools, etc.

    P.S. Here's my link for Odeo (they make me "claim" it by putting this code in the discripton) My Odeo Channel (odeo/dbc0ddb93360ac19)
  8. Rotoclone Show 052006/03/26

    I switch my news source to Digg and talk about the iPod and stuff.
  9. Rotoclone Show 042006/03/26

    This one was recorded on my laptop. I even go outside at one point!
  10. Rotoclone Show 032006/03/26

    Now with more fried brains! (Butter not included)
  11. Rotoclone Show 022006/03/26

    I open the show with a happy Pi Day! That's all I remeber about it, it was recorded so long ago. (I'm too lazy to listen to it again...)
  12. Rotoclone Show 012006/03/26

    The first show I ever recorded, all the way back in 2005.
Rotoclone Radio
This podcast talks about a lot of stuff. Just any stuff. It's kind of funny, too. Send your comments and stuff to webstuff@rotoclone.com!

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