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The Return of Don Chihuahua

  1. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye - Leonard Cohen [Cover] 2009/11/04
    Busking, memories, and November.
    Duration: 3:05; Size: 7.24MB
  2. Mockingbird 2009/04/21
    The birded sunniest spring mocks
    Duration: 03:59; Size: 9.34MB
  3. Mind World 2008/07/25
    The world is no longer able to find Don Chihuahua, or me.
    Duration: 01:37; Size: 2.27MB
  4. Motor memory 2008/05/12
    8 months of silence: the muscles decline ... how long is a motor memory?

  5. Siciliano 2007/08/25
    Stranded, I decided to travel imaginatively. Segovia's transcription of the Siciliano from the BWV1001 (Sonata for Solo Violin) is impossible to come by, so I laboured...
    Duration: 3:17; Size: 2.68MB
  6. Re-awakenings 2007/06/17
    Duration: 1:58; Size: 1.24MB
  7. Death in February 2007/02/21
    My remembrance is violent
    Duration: 8:31; Size: 8MB
  8. Fantastically complicated machinery 2007/01/09
    The Don talks of nothing
    Duration: 3:38; Size: 1.51MB
  9. Shee Beg, Shee Mor 2006/12/16
    Shee Beg, Shee Mor, the war of the fairy queens of the small hill and the big hill, and the death of Fionn.
    Duration: 2:39; Size: 1.09MB
  10. Lady Godiva 2006/12/03
    The Don speaks of Lady Godiva.
    Duration: 3:44; Size: 1.54MB
  11. Two Voices 2006/11/30
    Two people exchanging glances and gestures
  12. Allemande 2006/10/01
    I have made you my muse
    Duration: 3:34; Size: 6.71MB
  13. Sarabande 2006/09/21
    The Don speaks of rays of sunlight
    Duration: 3:45; Size: 2.64MB
  14. The Port 2006/08/14
    The Don speaks of ports in storms.
    Duration: 6:06; Size: 5.73MB
  15. Courante 2006/07/10
    Courante, JS Bach
    Duration: 4:24; Size: 3.1MB
  16. June 2006/06/30
    What I did in June
  17. Ejercicio 2006/06/30
    To ejercicio is human. To ocioso is divine.
    Duration: 2:14; Size: 1.58MB
  18. Evocation 2006/06/26
    The beeches trailed behind me,
    Duration: 3:40; Size: 2.59MB
  19. May 2006/05/31
    May: Don Chihuahua's progress, return, last stand, and other punctuations
  20. Metaphorically speaking 2006/05/29
    Metaphysics are not only for the birds
    Duration: 1:31; Size: 1.07MB
  21. Prelude 2006/05/06
    A recording of Bach in memory of my father.
    Duration: 2:30; Size: 1.77MB
  22. The Return of Don Chihuahua 2006/05/02
    Don Chihuahua stumbles into his hero, but resists the presumption of mimickry.
    Duration: 1:42; Size: 1.2MB
  23. soon 2006/05/01
  24. to come 2006/05/01
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