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The Linux Action Show! MP3

  1. Linux Action News 2822023/03/02
    FFmpeg gets new superpowers, Plasma’s switch to Qt6 gets official; what you need to know. Plus we round up the top features coming to Linux 6.3.
  2. Linux Action News 2812023/02/22
    Our favorite features in Linux 6.2, the Hollywood tool getting open-sourced, and a systemd update you need to know about.
  3. Linux Action News 2802023/02/16
    Some Git flaws you need to know about, we reflect on 10 years of Steam on Linux, and then dive into the much anticipated Plasma 5.27.
  4. Linux Action News 2792023/02/09
    We round up some news from FOSDEM 2023, update a 21-year-old project, and the Fedora fix that's been a few releases in the making.
  5. Linux Action News 2782023/02/02
    A lot happened in the free desktop world this week, we cover the impressive releases, changes, and surprises.
  6. Linux Action News 2772023/01/25
    An Ubuntu expiration date approaches, openSUSE has a new handy solution, and the container security issue that remains unfixed.
  7. Linux Action News 2762023/01/19
    A high-profile Linux kernel network flaw, we put JFS on a death watch, and break down the controversial Firefox update this week.
  8. Linux Action News 2752023/01/12
    OpenZFS has performance gains inbound, the end of a Linux era, and the achievement unlocked by the open-source NVIDIA driver.
  9. Linux Action News 2742023/01/05
    Android is getting RISC-Y, the handy new Google tool going open source, the next nail in the coffin for ZFS on Ubuntu, and why you were right about smart speakers all along.
  10. Linux Action News 2732022/12/29
    There are some stories so big they need a little more air time.
  11. Linux Action News 2722022/12/22
    Why we won't see a new Raspberry Pi until 2025, the first steps to Plasma 6 are being taken, and PipeWire gets a major Bluetooth upgrade.
  12. Linux Action News 2712022/12/15
    Why the next kernel will be "the merge window from hell," a holiday gift for Wayland users, and how the open source community could do more to take on YouTube.
  13. Linux Action News 2702022/12/08
    The Linux kernel has some exciting updates this week, including a significant Asahi milestone and some good news for Android. Then we take openSUSE's new web-based installer for a spin.
  14. Linux Action News 2692022/12/01
    Old school Ubuntu has a new cool, Google calls out Google, and some IoT news you can use.
  15. Linux Action News 2682022/11/24
    The contested subsystem coming soon, a sobering assessment of wireless support in Linux, and a triumph for free software.
  16. Linux Action News 2672022/11/17
    We tried Fedora 37 on the Pi 4, the Google surprise this week, and our thoughts on the WSL 1.0 release.
  17. Linux Action News 2662022/11/10
    Microsoft's new goodies for Linux users, the Ubuntu Summit wraps up, and our takeaways from the recent fireside chat with Linus Torvalds.
  18. Linux Action News 2652022/11/03
    What you need to know about that new OpenSSL vulnerability, the big bcachefs update we've been waiting for, and why the community is creating a Gitea fork.
  19. Linux Action News 2642022/10/27
    The focus of the new Ubuntu release, Gitea's surprising announcement, and Linux prepares to drop another architecture.
  20. Linux Action News 2632022/10/20
    What makes Google's new OS so secure, a critical WiFi vulnerability in the Kernel, and why Linus is tapping the hype breaks for Linux 6.1.
  21. Linux Action News 2622022/10/13
    Plasma 5.26's standout features, Canonical flips the script on Red Hat, and why Android is leaking traffic outside VPNs.
  22. Linux Action News 2612022/10/06
    Our thoughts on IBM slicing up more of Red Hat, what stands out in Nextcloud Hub 3, and a few essential fixes finally landing in the Linux kernel.
  23. Linux Action News 2602022/09/29
    The controversial change for the GNU Toolchain, critical vulnerabilities in popular Matrix clients, and the significant milestone for the Ingenuity LinuxCopter this week.
  24. Linux Action News 2592022/09/22
    GNOME 43 highlights, Canonical's new hardware partner, and why we're disappointed in the Framework Chromebook.
  25. Linux Action News 2582022/09/15
    The Linux Foundation takes a victory lap, Google kills another community-loved project, and key moments from the Linux Plumbers Conference.
  26. Linux Action News 2572022/09/08
    Linux goes underwater, Microsoft kills the Teams' Linux app, and the nasty GRUB bug some of us could not avoid.
  27. Linux Action News 2562022/09/01
    Debian’s firmware future is up for debate, Pine64 teases a RISC-V SBC, and some of your favorite tools just got new tricks.
  28. Linux Action News 2552022/08/25
    Details on two new efforts in the Linux kernel, the Pi-like RISC-V board that just hit its funding goal, and a significant milestone for Asahi GPU driver development.
  29. Linux Action News 2542022/08/18
    A Linux jailbreak that's a win for Right to Repair, our favorite things in Android 13, and the major features that just missed the Linux 6.0 window.
  30. Linux Action News 2532022/08/11
    GitHub steps in it this week, Microsoft's Linux distribution now runs on bare metal, FFmpeg gets IPFS support, and the odd thing going on with the kernel.
  31. Linux Action News 2522022/08/04
    The real story behind the "Massive GitHub Malware attack," significant updates for the Steam Deck, and the inside scoop on Lenovo's big Linux ambitions.
  32. Linux Action News 2512022/07/29
    Red Hat hints at its future direction, why realtime might finally come to Linux after all these years, and our reaction to Google's ambitious new programing language.
  33. Linux Action News 2502022/07/21
    Microsoft makes a hard about-face, a significant fix for Ubuntu 22.04 is in the works, and the recent breakthrough by the Asahi Linux project.
  34. Linux Action News 2492022/07/14
    Why Google says we should all go rolling, Red Hat's got a new boss, Microsoft gets called out, and why it might be the year of Linux hardware.
  35. Linux Action News 2482022/07/07
    The new movement to leave GitHub, an Ubuntu bug biting 22.04 users, the hardware platform Fedora might start taking seriously, and a major desktop dev departs Red Hat.
  36. Linux Action News 2472022/06/30
    Fedora gets serious about its server editions, our thoughts on Valve's increased Steam Deck production, and the surprising results of booting Linux on the Apple M2 SoC.
  37. Linux Action News 2462022/06/23
    Some highlights from Linus' recent fireside chat, Qt gets a new leader and a Linux botnet we should probably take seriously.
  38. Linux Action News 2452022/06/16
    We get the details behind Thunderbird acquiring K-9 Mail, share the best new features of Plasma 5.25, check-in on Ubuntu's RISC-V development status, and discuss Photoshop coming to Linux via the web.
  39. Linux Action News 2442022/06/09
    SUSE Enterprise is already switching to the new NVIDIA open kernel driver, a Matrix-powered Walkie-Talkie, and the details on Apple's Rosetta for Linux.
  40. Linux Action News 2432022/06/02
    Our thoughts on NixOS' new GUI installer, winning hearts and minds one firmware update at a time, the performance bug that hit Linux 5.18, and preparation begins for the open-source NVIDIA driver.
  41. Linux Action News 2422022/05/26
    The controversial Intel code now shipping in Linux, why F-Droid is getting more attractive for developers, and the rumor that could change the industry.
  42. Linux Action News 2412022/05/19
    Why Google's new open-source security effort might fall a bit short, the Arch snag this week, a big win for Right to Repair, and why you might soon have a new favorite filesystem.
  43. Linux Action News 2402022/05/11
    NVIDIA has announced its plans for an open-source GPU driver. Christian Schaller, the Director for Desktop, Graphics, Infotainment and more at Red Hat, gives us the inside scoop on this historic announcement. Special Guest: Christian F.K. Schaller.
  44. Linux Action News 2392022/05/06
    New firmware superpowers are coming to a future Linux kernel, why Google is working on encrypted hibernation support, and a sneak peek at SteamOS 3.
  45. Linux Action News 2382022/04/28
    Pop_OS! 22.04 has a surprise you might not have noticed, we get the details on Ubuntu’s new Real-Time kernel, and the clever idea from the Framework laptop team.
  46. Linux Action News 2372022/04/21
    Our take on why Fedora's Legacy BIOS plans have stirred up such a strong debate, how NVIDIA's Linux strategy seems to be changing, and a surprising kernel patch from Sony.
  47. Linux Action News 2362022/04/14
    SUSE has a skunkworks distro in development, the transition Debian is struggling with, and some long-awaited improvements to Raspberry Pi OS.
  48. Linux Action News 2352022/04/07
    Docker surprises everyone, new Fedora tools in the works, and an old debate with a fresh take.
  49. Linux Action News 2342022/03/31
    A new rolling remix of Ubuntu is grabbing attention, AMD has big Linux plans, and why Linux 5.18 looks like another barn burner release.
  50. Linux Action News 2332022/03/23
    A significant follow-up to one of the biggest Linux stories, the Pandora's box the MIT Technology Review claims open-source devs just opened, and Linux on the M1 finally ships.
  51. Linux Action News 2322022/03/17
    Steam comes to ChromeOS, our thoughts on Arch turning 20, and our first look at GNOME 42.
  52. Linux Action News 2312022/03/10
    Why Dirty Pipe is a dirty dog, the explosive adoption of Linux at AMD, and an important update on elementary OS.
  53. Linux Action News 2302022/03/03
    Why it might be time to lower your RISC-V expectations, Intel's moves to close up CPU firmware, and a quick state of the Deck.
  54. Linux Action News 2292022/02/24
    The Linux secret behind the new TrueNAS release, Intel acquires a major Kernel contributor and our thoughts on Podman 4.0.
    Plus why the Simula One VR Linux computer could be worth a serious look.
  55. Linux Action News 2282022/02/17
    Canonical has a big week, why bcachefs looks like it's taking another step forward, and ChromeOS Flex for PCs is released.
  56. Linux Action News 2272022/02/10
    A last-minute kernel patch for the Steam Deck, why Intel is supporting RISC-V development, and we go hands-on with Plasma 5.24.
  57. Linux Action News 2262022/02/03
    System76 reveals a new tool to make Pop's desktop faster than the rest, and we break down that recent Btrfs defrag infinite loop bug.
    Plus, a batch of essential project updates.
  58. Linux Action News 2252022/01/27
    The big disruption that looks like a bust, a security issue you need to pay attention to, and some great news for the Steam Deck.
  59. Linux Action News 2242022/01/20
    We explain SUSE Liberty Linux and contemplate why the community seems to be selecting distributions with newer kernels.
  60. Linux Action News 2232022/01/13
    Fedora and Red Hat users are getting a web-based installer, and a new legal situation for Bitcoin smells like retro SCO FUD.
  61. Linux Action News 2222022/01/06
    GnuPG has some great news, Libadwaita 1.0 has arrived and we share our thoughts, plus a big batch of updates from the Matrix project.
  62. Linux Action News 2212021/12/27
    We kick off our annual predictions episode with what we got right and wrong this year and then attempt to predict what will happen in 2022.
  63. Linux Action News 2202021/12/19
    The nasty Log4Shell vulnerability isn't solved yet, this week saw a new round of attacks and patches.
    Plus how the work to port Linux to the Apple M1 resulted in fixing a bug that impacted all Linux distros.
  64. Linux Action News 2192021/12/12
    The Log4Shell vulnerability is making waves this week; we'll explain why and break down how it works.
    Plus, some good news for the Desktop and systemd-homed gets one step closer.
  65. Linux Action News 2182021/12/05
    Industry-changing open-source project releases, and why the new CentOS Stream 9 might be more noteworthy than you realize. Special Guest: Carl George.
  66. Linux Action News 2172021/11/28
    Fedora's massive endorsement this week that went unnoticed, why RISC-V mobile devices might be getting near, and the significant change coming to a critical open-source tool.
  67. Linux Action News 2162021/11/21
    Just how severe is this DNS cache poisoning attack revealed this week? We'll break it down and explain why Linux is affected. Plus, the feature now removed from APT, more performance patches in the Kernel, and a big batch of project updates.
  68. Linux Action News 2152021/11/14
    A desktop from Linux past has a surprising update this week, AlmaLinux pulls ahead of the pack, and Canonical ships software for the Apple M1.
    Plus, the new tech in SteamOS 3 that might make it a great desktop OS.
  69. Linux Action News 2142021/11/07
    Significant changes at GitHub, Ubuntu starts work on a new desktop tool, why WirePlumber is a big deal, and we bust some Red Hat FUD.
  70. Linux Action News 2132021/10/31
    New Raspberry Pi hardware has a few surprises, the most impressive things in Linux 5.15, and our reaction to classic functionality under consideration for removal from Fedora.
  71. Linux Action News 2122021/10/26
    Major performance milestones are being hit with new code inbound for Linux, Plasma and GNOME desktops are set to run Wayland on NVIDIA's binary driver, and why the SFC's new GPL fight could have implications for you.
  72. Linux Action News 2112021/10/17
    We cover what's special about Plasma's 25th-anniversary edition, chat with CloudLinux's CEO, and detail why Apple supporting Blender is good for all of us.
    Plus, why we're worried Ubuntu is losing its charm for developers.
  73. Linux Action News 2102021/10/10
    Apple M1 Linux development reaches a key milestone and boots a usable desktop; Ubuntu reveals a new product, and the secret SUSE project that leaked this week.
    Plus, the essential RISC-V code landing in the Linux kernel.
  74. Linux Action News 2092021/10/03
    Why Linus believes keeping Linux fun is critical, the massive investment Fedora is about to make in video, and why we suspect Cloudflare's R2 service will make Amazon squirm.
    Plus a low key update to the Raspberry Pi 4, and the changes in the new Docker Compose 2.0.
  75. Linux Action News 2082021/09/26
    Canonical gives Linux admins a lucky break, the details on Android's slow shift to an upstream Kernel, a breakthrough for Linux gaming, and our take on GNOME 41.
    Plus how AlmaLinux just rounded out their offering.
  76. Linux Action News 2072021/09/19
    Desktop Linux graphics are about to get a significant investment, Mozilla and Canonical work together on a Firefox Snap, and some key new insights into the Linux port to Apple’s M1.
  77. Linux Action News 2062021/09/12
    Linus Torvalds attempts to get kernel developers to clean up their code, the performance regression that almost shipped, and the major production struggle Red Hat acknowledged this week.
    Plus, we try out Microsoft’s Linux distro, and some thoughts on our editorial style.
  78. Linux Action News 2052021/09/05
    SUSE's new era kicks off this week, CentOS users get some relief, and how Docker managed to piss off their users.
    Plus RISC-V gets a surprising benefactor, and the kernel feature we never thought would get merged that was just approved by Linus.
  79. Linux Action News 2042021/08/29
    Why the Linux kernel received so much mainstream attention this week, some of our favorite open-source projects get great updates, and why we're concerned about Linux Foundation members transferring innovation from Linux to closed source software at an industrial scale.
  80. Linux Action News 2032021/08/22
    What’s coming next for the Linux desktop, and some exclusive news from System76.
    Plus, we try out Element’s new voice messages and share our thoughts.
  81. Linux Action News 2022021/08/15
    What's new in Debian 11, and an example of the Linux Foundation funneling free software to their corporate friends.
    Plus, why Western Digital might be to thank for your next ultimate Linux workstation.
  82. Linux Action News 2012021/08/08
    Since the announcement of the Steam Deck, things around Linux have started changing, including some big items this week.
    Plus how PipeWire will improve day-to-day desktop life, Google's push for more kernel investments, and a lot more.
  83. Linux Action News 2002021/08/01
    Microsoft's next kernel patch fixes a long-standing Linux issue, we'll share the details. Plus ChromeOS's next power user feature you haven't heard of, and Valve's broader plans that came into focus this week.
  84. Linux Action News 1992021/07/25
    We share the facts about a recent systemd vulnerability, the new details we've learned this week about the Steam Deck, and then dig into the reviews of the Framework Laptop.
    Plus, how hard is it to port Linux software to Fucshia? We get the answer from Google's Adam Barth.
  85. Linux Action News 1982021/07/17
    Steam Deck looks impressive; we cover the details you care about and one aspect that concerns us.
    Plus, how Microsoft just gave a boost to the Linux Desktop and more.
  86. Linux Action News 1972021/07/11
    Open Source's best hope for alternatives to Microsoft and Google gets a significant update this week, and we cover a plethora of new goodies coming to a Linux near you soon.
    Plus, our take on the Audacity fork drama and the milestone reached this week that none of us have been looking forward to.
  87. Linux Action News 1962021/07/05
    We try out Pop!_OS 21.04 and share our thoughts on the COSMIC desktop and our reaction to Audacity’s new troubling privacy policy.
    Plus the good, the bad, and the impressive in the new Linux 5.13 release.
  88. Linux Action News 1952021/06/27
    The news this week that pushes Linux ahead in the enterprise, the challenges Windows 11 might bring, and we go hands-on with the new Debian-based TrueNAS SCALE.
    Plus, our thoughts on WD Live users getting their data wiped and Rocky Linux's gold master.
  89. Linux Action News 1942021/06/20
    Linux's résumé got a nice boost this week; why Google is paying for more kernel development, and how CloudLinux might be pulling ahead of the CentOS pack.
    Plus, our thoughts on Steam possibly coming to ChromeOS and the game-changing feature coming to ZFS.
  90. Linux Action News 1932021/06/13
    The premier Linux desktops get some futuristic new features, and we break down the seven-year-old vulnerability in your Linux box revealed this week.
    Plus the critical kernel feature that lacks funding, and our take on helloSystem, a FreeBSD-based macOS alternative.
  91. Linux Action News 1922021/06/06
    An old Linux distro gets a new trick, and all Linux users get a few excellent quality of life updates.
    Plus, the new initiative that has Apple, Google, and Microsoft all working together.
  92. Linux Action News 1912021/05/31
    Our reaction to the new Freenode developments, and Audacity's latest shock to the community.
    Plus Pwned Passwords goes open source, the public release of Fuchsia, and Valve's rumored Linux handheld.
  93. Linux Action News 1902021/05/22
    Our take on the Freenode exodus, Linux Apps going public in Chrome OS, and Red Hat's desktop hiring spree.
    Plus the new Firefox security features in beta, great news for F-Droid, and Apple transfers CUPS to a new home.
  94. Linux Action News 1892021/05/15
    Our reaction to System76's Launch keyboard, Google's new Fuchsia contributor that's a big name, and the repairable Linux Laptop with a few new tricks.
  95. Linux Action News 1882021/05/09
    We start you off with the headlines that matter this week, then share our thoughts on Audacity's new owners proposing user tracking.
  96. Linux Action News 1872021/05/02
    A spicy mix of distro news, including Rocky Linux's first milestone release, and our follow-up on the University of Minnesota’s kernel ban.
    Plus a major step in Apple M1 GPU support.
  97. Linux Action News 1862021/04/25
    The University of Minnesota has been banned from the Linux kernel.
    We'll share the history, the context, and where things stand now around the controversial research that led to the ban.
    Plus Ubuntu 21.04 is out, and we try WSL's new GUI Linux app support.
  98. Linux Action News 1852021/04/18
    The major shift in the Linux landscape this week that was hardly noticed, and our thoughts on COSMIC from System76.
    Plus Google adds its weight behind Rust in the Linux Kernel, and the new security features landing in WSL2.
  99. Linux Action News 1842021/04/11
    Don't buy that M1-powered Apple machine just yet, solving Wayland-driven fragmentation, and why Firefox is about to get an upgrade on Linux.
    Plus the imminent problem KDE solved this week, and more.
  100. Linux Action News 1832021/04/04
    The first CentOS clone is out, but it's the second part of their announcement that might be the most important.
    Plus our reaction to SCO reigniting their decades-long fight with IBM and Red Hat, and the big news in GTK-land you might have missed.
  101. Linux Action News 1822021/03/28
    GNOME 40 is out and we chat with the project’s Executive Director about the technical and visual improvements in the new release.
    Plus the facts around RMS’s return to the FSF board, and our analysis of the situation. Special Guest: Neil McGovern.
  102. Linux Action News 1812021/03/21
    Mobile Linux OSes are looking better than ever this week, a new effort to keep legacy applications running on Linux, and the signals indicating a Fuchsia release is nigh.
    Plus a PSA for GNOME users, and a recently improved tool for the Raspberry Pi. Special Guest: Dalton Durst.
  103. Linux Action News 1802021/03/13
    The A-Team assembled to make open source more trustworthy, why we might be about to find out how much SUSE is worth, and some essential project updates.
  104. Linux Action News 1792021/03/07
    Canonical reveals long-term Ubuntu plans that you might have missed, and the "double ungood" warning from Linus this week.
  105. Linux Action News 1782021/02/28
    Red Hat is still in damage control mode, a new hacker laptop called Framework makes bold promises, and what Google is spending money on in the Linux kernel.
    Plus why we've recently switched back to Firefox, and more.
  106. Linux Action News 1772021/02/21
    We share some exclusive details about the Linux-powered gear that just landed on Mars, and the open-source frameworks that make it possible.
    Plus a major new feature coming to a Linux distro near you.
  107. Linux Action News 1762021/02/14
    Microsoft and Ubuntu's relationship is under a new spotlight this week.
    Plus our rundown of the feature-packed 5.11 release, a Fuchsia surprise, exciting hardware news, and more.
  108. Linux Action News 1752021/02/06
    The story behind a Microsoft repo shipping in Raspberry Pi OS, Canonical updates a special version of Ubuntu, and a couple of milestones the Linux world hit this week.
  109. Linux Action News 1742021/01/31
    Google removes Matrix chat-client Element from the Play store, sudo has a major flaw with a long-tail, and Rocky Linux gets a boost.
  110. Linux Action News 1732021/01/24
    Why we don't think Red Hat's expanded developer program is enough, our reaction to Ubuntu sticking with an older Gnome release, and a tiny delightful surprise.
  111. Linux Action News 1722021/01/17
  112. Linux Action News 1712021/01/10
  113. Linux Action News 1702021/01/03
  114. Linux Action News 1692020/12/27
  115. Linux Action News 1682020/12/20
  116. Linux Action News 1672020/12/13
  117. Linux Action News 1662020/12/06
  118. Linux Action News 1652020/11/29
  119. Linux Action News 1642020/11/22
  120. Linux Action News 1632020/11/15
  121. Linux Action News 1622020/11/08
  122. Linux Action News 1612020/11/01
  123. Linux Action News 1602020/10/25
  124. Linux Action News 1592020/10/18
  125. Linux Action News 1582020/10/11
  126. Linux Action News 1572020/10/04
  127. Linux Action News 1562020/09/27
  128. Linux Action News 1552020/09/20
  129. Linux Action News 1542020/09/13
  130. Linux Action News 1532020/09/06
  131. Linux Action News 1522020/04/05
  132. Linux Action News 1512020/03/29
  133. Linux Action News 1502020/03/21
  134. Linux Action News 1492020/03/14
  135. Linux Action News 1482020/03/08
  136. Linux Action News 1472020/03/01
  137. Linux Action News 1462020/02/23
  138. Linux Action News 1452020/02/16
  139. Linux Action News 1442020/02/09
  140. Linux Action News 1432020/02/02
  141. Linux Action News 1422020/01/26
  142. Linux Action News 1412020/01/19
  143. Linux Action News 1402020/01/12
  144. Linux Action News 1392020/01/05
  145. Linux Action News 1382019/12/29
  146. Linux Action News 1372019/12/22
  147. Linux Action News 1362019/12/15
  148. Linux Action News 1352019/12/08
  149. Linux Action News 1342019/12/01
  150. Linux Action News 1332019/11/24
  151. Linux Action News 1322019/11/17
  152. Linux Action News 1312019/11/10
  153. Linux Action News 1302019/11/03
  154. Linux Action News 1292019/10/27
  155. Linux Action News 1282019/10/20
  156. Linux Action News 1272019/10/13
  157. Linux Action News 1262019/10/06
  158. Linux Action News 1252019/09/29
  159. Linux Action News 1242019/09/22
  160. Linux Action News 1232019/09/15
  161. Linux Action News 1222019/09/08
  162. Linux Action News 1212019/09/01
  163. Linux Action News 1202019/08/25
  164. Linux Action News 1192019/08/16
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  166. Linux Action News 1172019/08/04
  167. Linux Action News 1162019/07/28
  168. Linux Action News 1152019/07/21
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  170. Linux Action News 1132019/07/07
  171. Linux Action News 1122019/06/30
  172. Linux Action News 1112019/06/23
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  182. Linux Action News 1012019/04/14
  183. Linux Action News 1002019/04/07
  184. Linux Action News 992019/03/31
  185. Linux Action News 982019/03/24
  186. Linux Action News 972019/03/17
  187. Linux Action News 962019/03/10
  188. Linux Action News 952019/03/03
  189. Linux Action News 942019/02/24
  190. Linux Action News 932019/02/17
  191. Linux Action News 922019/02/10
  192. Linux Action News 912019/02/03
  193. Linux Action News 902019/01/27
  194. Linux Action News 892019/01/20
  195. Linux Action News 882019/01/13
  196. Linux Action News 872019/01/06
  197. Linux Action News 862018/12/30
  198. Linux Action News 852018/12/23
  199. Linux Action News 842018/12/16
  200. Linux Action News 832018/12/09
  201. Linux Action News 822018/12/02
  202. Linux Action News 812018/11/25
  203. Linux Action News 802018/11/18
  204. Linux Action News 792018/11/11
  205. Linux Action News 782018/11/04
  206. Linux Action News 772018/10/28
  207. Linux Action News 762018/10/21
  208. Linux Action News 752018/10/14
  209. Linux Action News 742018/10/07
  210. Linux Action News 732018/09/30
  211. Linux Action News 722018/09/23
  212. Linux Action News 712018/09/16
  213. Linux Action News 702018/09/09
  214. Linux Action News 692018/09/02
  215. Linux Action News 682018/08/26
  216. Linux Action News 672018/08/19
  217. Linux Action News 662018/08/12
  218. Linux Action News 652018/08/05
  219. Linux Action News 642018/07/29
  220. Linux Action News 632018/07/22
  221. Linux Action News 622018/07/15
  222. Linux Action News 612018/07/08
  223. Linux Action News 602018/07/01
  224. Linux Action News 592018/06/24
  225. Linux Action News 582018/06/17
  226. Linux Action News 572018/06/10
  227. Linux Action News 562018/06/03
  228. Linux Action News 552018/05/27
  229. Linux Action News 542018/05/20
  230. Linux Action News 532018/05/13
  231. Linux Action News 522018/05/06
  232. Linux Action News 512018/04/29
  233. Linux Action News 502018/04/22
  234. Linux Action News 492018/04/15
  235. Linux Action News 482018/04/08
  236. Linux Action News 472018/04/01
  237. Linux Action News 462018/03/25
  238. Linux Action News 452018/03/18
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  241. Linux Action News 422018/02/25
  242. Linux Action News 412018/02/18
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