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  1. EPISODE569 - Home Business Radio Internet Talk Show2016/12/07
    We're BACK! Here's the NEW Business I'm working now... Even LAZY People LOVE this one!
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  11. Interview: Gim Cipriano - HARD-HITTING Political Talk!2014/10/25
    The LIBERAL Democrats AND the LIBERAL Republicans will HATE this episode!
  12. Once In A LIFETIME Opportunity!2014/10/23
  13. Joke Of The Week!2014/10/06
  14. NEW Bonuses INCLUDED With YOUR Interview!2014/10/04
  15. Political Fridays Are BACK! Special Guest Brian Bonner Today!2014/10/03
    Lower Quality Audio due to technical issues.
  16. Interview with Pastor Ced Reynolds about Paid2Save2014/10/03
  17. Beware of FAKE Coaches & Mentors!2014/10/02
  18. Get Interviewed About YOUR Business On This Show!2014/09/30
  19. Political Fridays Promo2014/09/29
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  21. WORK Your Business - PLUS: What To Do About LAZY People!2014/09/15
  22. The Genesis Team's NEW Business Briefing Call2014/09/09
  23. FREE vs. REAL2014/09/03
  24. Cheapskate Cry-Babies HATE This!2014/08/12
  25. The Genesis Team's Rotator is LIVE!2014/08/07
  26. Missed Opportunities?2014/08/06
  27. Make Sure Its REAL!2014/08/02
  28. Can YOU Handle The TRUTH? Hmmm?2014/07/29
  29. URGENT Message for EVERYONE in Home Business or MLM/Network Marketing!2014/07/22
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  31. Dose of Reality!2014/07/15
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  67. Here's WHY They WON'T Look At YOUR Business!2013/08/09
  68. WAKE-UP - People Do NOT want to hear about YOUR Business!2013/08/03
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  70. Just How LAZY Are You Anyway? Really!2013/05/29
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  72. What are you waitng for... Hmmm???2013/04/13
  73. Seriously... What on earth are you waiting for?2013/03/01
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  85. Magic Jack PLUS - Review2012/11/20
  86. MLM Money-Games & Welfare-Leeches2012/11/15
  87. From now until Christmas: Right Place - Right Time!2012/09/27
  88. Stop Chasing Your Tail Lika A Dog UPDATE2012/09/24
  89. Sept. 6th Business Presentation Conference Call2012/09/14
  90. Products with True Value are a MUST!2012/09/08
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  92. Update - Cash Gifting SCAMS!2012/07/14
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  94. Condensed Ced Reynolds Interview2012/05/20
    15 minutes of highlights from the 40 minute Ced Reynolds interview.
  95. Steven Cavan Interview - The Power of the Phone2012/05/16
  96. Powerful FREE Advertising Tools!2012/05/14
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  97. How To Work Your Home Business & Make MONEY in the BEGINNING2012/04/28
  98. Winning Souls Campaign - Interview with Pastor Ced Reynolds2012/04/19
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  99. BEWARE of the latest Ponzi-Scheme SCAMS2011/12/17
  100. Is the BIG Money REALLY Here?2011/05/12
  101. HUGE Announcements & More MONEY!2011/05/03
  102. You Can Have ME Working For YOU Video!2011/01/11
  103. Another Pay-Raise & Worldwide MONEY!2010/12/04
  104. The POWER of Pay-Points!2010/12/01
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  117. From last summer - The Power Of ONE!2010/06/05
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  119. Interview with Thomas Prendergast, CEO of Veretekk2010/03/26
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  133. AMAZING 2x20 Matrix from a 14 YEAR Old Company! www.MakeMoneyCourse.com2009/09/01
  134. What is Success? Really? Are you sure???2009/08/28
  135. Scam Alert - Don't Be Stupid AGAIN!2009/08/17
  136. Don't be Home Business Girly-Men!2009/08/10
  137. Multiple Streams Of Income.2009/07/29
  138. One Year Later - Keeping It Simple for new people2009/07/01
  139. FLASHBACK - Summertime in Home Business!2009/06/24
  140. THE Right Place - Right Time - Dr. Allen is back & will Blow-Your-Mind!2009/06/12
  141. Interview with Jesse Carter - National Fundraising Director for GBG2009/06/10
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  143. Earn HUGE Commissions - Stuart Finger Explains GBG's New WMP!2009/04/24
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  145. The POWER of ONE!2009/04/15
  146. GBG's Monday Night Business Presentation is a MUST Listen To Audio!2009/03/25
  147. GBG Beefs-Up the Pay-Plan... AGAIN... The BEST just got BETTER!2009/03/24
  148. My experience with Veretekk the past 4 years2009/03/18
  149. The Gloom & Doom Update Report!2009/03/18
  150. Veretekk in a Nutshell from Sept. 20082009/03/16
  151. The NEW Home Business Radio Store!2009/03/05
  152. GBG's New Fundraising Program just got a Whole LOT Better!2009/02/28
  153. The Secret To Success in Home Business - NO, it's NOT the Secret Movie!2009/02/27
  154. Welcome Aboard Canada!2009/02/10
  155. "The Price of the Promise" revisited2009/02/05
  156. The NEW RoboticAds.com & NEW RealWorldwideBusiness.com2009/02/03
  157. STOP Chasing Your Tail like a Dog2009/02/02
  158. Listen in as I Call FREE Leads LIVE & tell them about GBG!2009/01/30
  159. Steve Durfee & Paul Stanton Interviewed By Russ Falls2009/01/29
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  168. The TRUE Meaning of Christmas with the Entrepreneurial Pastor2008/12/17
  169. Calling Leads & Saying Nothing on STEROIDS!2008/12/03
  170. Veretekk Now Pays Worldwide - Every Online Marketer NEEDS this!2008/12/02
  171. Success Story from - Calling Leads & Saying NOTHING - It's WORKING for Russ2008/11/19
  172. Special HEADS-UP Message - Don't Miss Wednesday's Show!2008/11/17
  173. Calling Leads without actually saying anything (not one word!)2008/11/12
  174. Always Be Good To YOURSELF - Even In This Economy!2008/11/10
  175. WHY do some make money in Home Business & most others DON'T?2008/10/29
  176. A Very POWERFUL Secret to Successful Online Marketing & SEO2008/10/15
  177. FINALLY - Make REAL Money with HIGH Quality LOW Cost Liquid Vitamins!2008/10/09
  178. From a few months ago... The Russ Falls Interview.2008/09/25
  179. OK... Summer is over... NOW IS THE TIME!2008/09/24
  180. SCAM Alert - Don't Be STUPID!2008/09/17
  181. Getting PAID 4 Ways is Better than Three! www.JustPushPlayUSA.com2008/09/17
  182. Getting Paid 3 Ways is better than two!2008/09/10
  183. High-Tech vs. Low-Tech in Home Business2008/08/27
  184. Thought for the week: Get Low-Tech!2008/08/25
  185. The MAGIC BUTTON Has Been FOUND?2008/08/22
  186. How to grab your online prospects' attention immediately!2008/08/20
  187. Some cool ways to beef-up your home business.2008/08/13
  188. Follow-Up: Cash Gifting & Ponzi SCAMS - WAKE-UP!2008/08/08
  189. Another SCAM Bites The Dust... I TOLD YOU SO!2008/08/06
  190. When is the BEST Time to start a Home Business?2008/08/05
  191. Special Update... Have another look!2008/08/04
  192. Using AUDIO to Promote YOUR Home Business!2008/07/30
  193. Are you "spinning your wheels" in Home Business?2008/07/23
  194. Why LIQUID Vitamins & Why GBG?2008/07/15
  195. How to tell if it's a REAL Business or a SCAM!2008/07/14
  196. Joke of the Month on the Home Business Radio Internet Talk Show2008/07/11
  197. Kidz-n-Biz Project- http://kidznbiz.blogspot.com - w/Entrepreneurial Pastor2008/07/09
  198. A bit of fun today: Exposing Blatant Home Business Con-Artists!2008/07/02
  199. You can "Lead a Horse to Water" but "You CAN'T Make Him Drink"!2008/06/25
  200. DON'T WAIT For Aug. 2nd... NOW is the Time!2008/06/24
  201. Summer Time "down" time in home business?2008/06/18
  202. Do Yourself, Your Family & Your Home Business a Favor & Just Go Do It NOW!2008/06/16
  203. Enough Home Business TRAINING... Now GET TO WORK!2008/06/11
  204. Being in the Right PLACE at the Right TIME!2008/06/04
  205. Updates & "Keeping It Simple" for new people2008/05/28
  206. Exposing the same old Telephone Dialing Machine SCAM.2008/05/21
  207. The *Fish Bowl* & other Techniques to Advertise YOUR Home Business2008/05/14
  208. Mathematical Sponsoring WILL work IF you'll just TRY it!2008/05/07
  209. Will You Commit 1 (ONE) Month to EXPLODE Your Home Business?2008/04/30
  210. Interview: Steve Durfee- BetterLiquidVitamins.com on Home Business Radio2008/04/23
  211. SEO Advisor SPECIAL: SEO Scams Exposed & the RIGHT Way to get to Page ONE!2008/04/02
  212. If Everything's FREE then Nobody Gets PAID!2008/03/17
  213. GBG Conf. Call March 13, 2008 - The Future Starts NOW!2008/03/14
  214. Part 2 - FREE Targeted Phone Leads - They're like Bananas!2008/03/10
  215. Part 1 - FREE Targeted Leads with Phones EVERY Day!2008/03/10
  216. David D'Arcangelo Explains GBG - The Company, Product & Pay-Plan2008/03/06
  217. EVERYONE Gets FREE Access to THOUSANDS of 1 Day Old Email Leads!2008/02/26
  218. If you can't make money with THIS then just "hang it up" & get a J.O.B.2008/02/06
  219. The Genesis Team SIZZLE Call - www.EasyHomeBusinessUSA.com2008/02/06
  220. Joke of the Week - The "Other" Clean Little-Johnny Joke!2008/01/30
  221. EasyHomeBusinessUSA.com - EVERYONE Can Afford & ANYONE Can Do THIS!!2008/01/22
  222. The TRUE Meaning of Christmas from 20062007/12/21
  223. Thought for the Week - Enjoy The Christmas Season2007/12/17
  224. Chosing the RIGHT Home Business TOOLS2007/11/15
  225. JOKE of the Week - The Fancy Watch!2007/11/14
  226. Thought for the week - "Just Look Around and See For Yourself"2007/11/12
  227. JOKE Of The Week - The Speeding Ticket!2007/10/24
  228. Thought for the week - Don't have all your eggs in ONE Basket!2007/10/22
  229. Open Mic. Thursday & Multiple Streams of Income in Home Business2007/10/18
  230. Joke of the week - Atheist Teacher2007/10/17
  231. Thought for the week - Dump the "Chips"!2007/10/15
  232. Open Mic. Thursday - Call in and tell us about YOUR Home Business2007/10/11
  233. Joke of the week - Flat on his face!2007/10/10
  234. Thought for the week: Don't be a workaholic!2007/10/01
  235. Open Mic. Thursday - Tell us about YOUR Home Business!2007/09/27
  236. Joke of the week - The old man at the jewelry store!2007/09/26
  237. Thought for the week - Generate Your OWN Leads!2007/09/24
  238. Open Mic. Thursday & "Picking the RIGHT Home Business for YOU"!2007/09/20
  239. Joke of the week - Tripple Header!2007/09/19
  240. Thought for the week - Back-Up Your Data! & Anyone Been PAID Yet?2007/09/17
  241. Testing the NEW TalkShoe Software - Home Business Talk Radio2007/09/07
  242. Open Mic. Thursday - Home Business Talk Radio2007/09/06
  243. Joke of the week - "She's a Lady" and "Snuck into America"!2007/09/05
  244. Thought for the week - Don't believe everything you hear this time of year!2007/09/03
  245. Joke of the week - Who's the Boss?2007/08/22
  246. EXTRA weekly thought - Conflict distracts you from your goals & dreams!2007/08/20
  247. Thought for the week - STOP trying to re-invent the wheel!2007/08/20
  248. Joke of the week - The Second Opinion!2007/08/15
  249. Thought for the week - Tis' the Season!2007/08/13
  250. Home Business Talk Radio - Open Mic. Thursday: Tell us about YOUR Home Biz!2007/08/09
  251. Joke of the week - The Talking Clock!2007/08/08
  252. REMEMBER: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!2007/08/07
  253. Thought for the week - Pigs get Fat but Hogs get Slaughtered!2007/08/06
  254. Home Business Talk Radio - It's YOUR Business!2007/08/02
  255. Joke of the week - Double Header: "Insane Asylum" & "Sick Leave"!2007/08/01
  256. Traffic Portal Marketing to generate Premium Leads for your Home Business2007/07/31
  257. Thought for the week - Get OFF your but & WORK YOUR BUSINESS!2007/07/30
  258. Political Friday - Moving to Talkcast ID: 26963 on TalkShoe.com2007/07/27
  259. Working niche markets.2007/07/26
  260. Joke of the week - 3 Surgeons from Arkansas2007/07/25
  261. The US Mail & the Phone... Using them together.2007/07/24
  262. Thought for the week - Feed your brain with good stuff!2007/07/23
  263. Political Friday - The Mid-East Crisis... Are our leaders idiots?2007/07/20
  264. Jokes of the week - "A Skirt & a Texan" and "A Smooth Talker"2007/07/18
  265. The importance of havining a REAL Business(s).2007/07/17
  266. Thought for the week - Stay FOCUSED on your Home Business!2007/07/16
  267. Political Friday LIVE - Let's talk Politics/Terrorism/etc.2007/07/13
  268. Are you spinning your wheels & wasting your time OR are you making money?2007/07/12
  269. Joke of the week - The woman walking a dog!2007/07/11
  270. I'll be blunt... Make EXTRA Money with this No-Brainer Home Business2007/07/10
  271. Thought for the week - TAKE ACTION - Don't Talk about it - DO it!2007/07/09
  272. Political Friday - Take a break from business & lets get political!2007/07/06
  273. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The next step...2007/07/05
  274. Joke of the week - Men strike back!2007/07/04
  275. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Here's where to start!2007/07/03
  276. Thought for the week - There's more than 1 way to skin a cat in home biz!2007/07/02
  277. Get FREE Toll-Free Voicemail for your Home Business!2007/06/30
  278. Political Friday - Politics, Religion, Terrorism, The War in Iraq2007/06/29
  279. Joke of the week - The Note2007/06/27
  280. No More Excuses - 50+ Targeted Prospects to call per day - Starting TODAY!2007/06/26
  281. Thought for the week - Don't fall for the hype!2007/06/25
  282. Political Friday-2 -DEBATE: Israel & Palestine... Who's at fault here?2007/06/22
  283. Political Friday - WOW, an EX PRESIDENT calls the show -Let's Talk Politics2007/06/22
  284. Don't be afraid to RETAIL the product or service your MLM offers!2007/06/21
  285. Joke of the week - Home Business Talk Radio2007/06/20
  286. Thought for the week - A good work ethic is a must in home business!2007/06/18
  287. Open Mic Saturday - Tell us about YOUR Home Business OR TalkCast!2007/06/16
  288. Week-End Wrap-Up - Home Business Talk Radio2007/06/15
  289. Why are Leads you 'Buy' so BAD & why are Veretekk Premium Leads so GOOD?2007/06/14
  290. Joke of the week/Tripple Header - Cell Phone / The Geni / The Blond & Milk2007/06/13
  291. Don't fall for SCAMS... What's a SCAM? Here's how to tell!2007/06/12
  292. Thought for the week - Don't be LAZY with your Home Business!2007/06/11
  293. Open Mic. Saturday - Tell us about YOUR Home Business OR TalkCast!2007/06/09
  294. Home Business Talk Radio - Week End Wrap-Up2007/06/08
  295. Home Business Talk Radio - What's the BEST Home Business for YOU?2007/06/07
  296. Joke of the week - SPAGHETTI2007/06/06
  297. Why do You & your Family NEED a Pre-Paid Legal 'Membership'?2007/06/05
  298. How to train your downline to call leads - Home Business Talk Radio2007/06/05
  299. Thought for the week - Multiple Streams of Income in Home Business!2007/06/04
  300. Open Mic. Saturday - Tell us about YOUR Home Business!2007/06/02
  301. Al Turnquist's FALSE Email - Here's the TRUTH - No Holds Bared!2007/06/01
  302. Get creative & stand out from the crowd!2007/05/31
  303. Joke of the week - Policeman in a dark alley2007/05/30
  304. So... Do you want to Make MONEY or NOT?2007/05/29
  305. Thought for the week - MEMORIAL DAY - Never Forget!2007/05/28
  306. Open Mic. Saturday- Tell us about YOUR Business on Home Business Talk Radio2007/05/26
  307. Having people PAY you to be your prospect for your home business!2007/05/25
  308. Veretekk's LeadsOmatic Traffic/Profit Portal!2007/05/24
  309. Joke of the week - Fear of Flying2007/05/23
  310. 1 Hour EARLY - You have 2 Ears & 1 Mouth - Use them accordingly!2007/05/22
  311. Thought for the week on Home Business Talk Radio - VALUE!2007/05/21
  312. The PHONE... Best Friend? OR Worst Enemy? That's up to YOU!2007/05/18
  313. Hurry-Up Pre-Launch - OR - A REAL Business, the choice is YOURS!2007/05/17
  314. Joke of the week - Men have better friends!2007/05/16
  315. Interview with Gim Cipriano - Creating an exciting TalkCast!2007/05/12
  316. Interview with Kurt Hurner - Creating an exciting TalkCast!2007/05/12
  317. Interview with Brian Bonner - Creating an exciting TalkCast!2007/05/11
  318. Interview with Adam Graham - Creating an exciting TalkCast!2007/05/10
  319. Joke of the week PLUS: Interview w/Kain from Tech-Bytes on Interactive Talk2007/05/09
  320. Interview with Rick Seiderman - Creating an Exciting TalkCast!2007/05/08
  321. Interview with Nat Trayger - Creating an Exciting TalkCast!2007/05/08
  322. Thought for the week - PLUS - Using Sound Effects in your TalkCast2007/05/07
  323. Open Mic. Saturday - Home Business Talk Radio - Tell us about YOUR Business2007/05/05
  324. How to structure your own Conference Call - Having an EFFECTIVE Call!2007/05/04
  325. Joke of the week - Social Security2007/05/02
  326. Using the Veretekk eTracking Portal to generate a massive amount of Leads!2007/05/01
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  333. Multiple Streams of Income -Strategies- for Home Business2007/04/24
  334. Thought for the week - ALWAYS Protect Your Reputation!2007/04/23
  335. SPECIAL: Why I QUIT Al Turnquist, Mentors On A Mission & Why-Start!2007/04/21
  336. Promote your own Domain Names... NEVER your Affiliate Links!2007/04/20
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  338. Picking the right companies for your home business, part 22007/04/17
  339. Thought for the week - Beware of the Pre-Launch!2007/04/16
  340. Open Mic Sat - Call Home Business Talk Radio & tell us about YOUR Home Biz2007/04/14
  341. Automated Lead Generation - How automated can, or should, you get?2007/04/12
  342. Joke of the week - The Generous Lawyer2007/04/11
  343. Interview with James Phillips Jr. about the Veretekk Lead Generation System2007/04/10
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  345. Home Business Radio OPEN MIC. SATURDAY - Tell us about YOUR Business2007/04/07
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  351. Joke of the week - A LOVE STORY!2007/03/28
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  360. Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol" in Home Business.2007/03/20
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  375. SEO Success Story with William Moseley, home business owner.2007/03/06
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  387. Your contact information - Making it available to prospects & team members.2007/02/16
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  406. Interview w/Philip Gatlin: Applying big biz practices to small/home biz2007/01/25
  407. Joke of the week - Planting Taters!2007/01/24
  408. Interview with Cindy McAsey - Blogging Expert & Home Business Professional2007/01/24
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  416. Thought for the week: Always Be Good To Yourself & Your Home Business Too!2007/01/15
  417. Using TalkCasts as a vehicle to promote YOUR Home Business!2007/01/13
  418. Having (and using) the right tools for the job (your home business)2007/01/12
  419. Why host your own conference calls & where to get a free Conference Line2007/01/11
  420. Joke of the week - The New CEO2007/01/10
  421. Interview with Robert Bishop, Author of "The Truth About Investing"2007/01/09
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  428. Testing the NEW Gizmo VOIP Software & recap of some previous shows.2006/12/21
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  435. Joke of the week - The BEST Fish Story ever told!2006/12/13
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  437. Thought for the week: "Don't be Home Business Girly-Men"!2006/12/11
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  440. Email Marketing - What REALLY works & how to have ZERO Spam problems.2006/12/07
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  442. It's YOUR Home Business! Call-In & tell us about it.2006/12/05
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  444. It's YOUR Home Business! Call-In & tell us about it - Open Mic. Saturday.2006/12/02
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  448. Thinking OUTside the Box is something you MUST do.2006/11/28
  449. Thought for the week - Pick & Choose WHO you do business with.2006/11/27
  450. It's YOUR Home Business! Call-In & tell us about it - Open Mic. Saturday.2006/11/25
  451. Time is Money - Spend them both wisely - Time & Money Saving Tips that Work2006/11/24
  452. Joke of the week - DNA!2006/11/22
  453. Thought for the week: Birds of a feather flock together!2006/11/20
  454. Open Mic. Saturday: Listener Emails & Skypes and LIVE Q. & A.2006/11/18
  455. The importants of Tracking your Marketing efforts & a FREE Tool to help you2006/11/17
  456. Having a BACK-UP Plan is a MUST!2006/11/16
  457. Joke of the week - This weeks FUNNY!2006/11/15
  458. Thought for the week: ENJOY what you DO!2006/11/13
  459. Open Mic. Saturday: Listener Emails & Skypes and LIVE Q. & A.2006/11/11
  460. Dumping the Day J.O.B. - "How to" & "when" is the right time?2006/11/09
  461. Joke of the week!2006/11/08
  462. Pay/Marketing Plans - What REALLY works best? Don't fall for all the Hype!2006/11/07
  463. Thought for the week - Just be YOURSELF!2006/11/06
  464. Closes: High-Pressure vs/Take-Away... OR is there a 3rd option?2006/11/04
  465. Overview of NEW Interactive SATURDAY Format starting 11/11/06 w/Q. & A.2006/11/03
  466. Is it WHO you know or WHAT you know?2006/11/02
  467. Joke of the week!2006/11/01
  468. It's your Home BUSINESS - It's NOT your HOBBY!2006/10/31
  469. Thought for the week - NO Free Lunch!2006/10/30
  470. Generating REAL Website Traffic.2006/10/28
  471. Standing out from the crowd - A few EASY ways to do it.2006/10/26
  472. Joke of the week... Sometimes in Business a New Joke comes in handy!2006/10/25
  473. ADVANCED Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques2006/10/24
  474. Thought for the week: Is Positive Attitude ENOUGH?2006/10/23
  475. Promote YOURSELF, not "just" your business!2006/10/21
  476. Thought for the week: "NO Stink'n Think'n"2006/10/16
  477. FUNNY Business Stories - All work & no play?2006/10/14
  478. Using the Telephone the right-way to Build Your Business2006/10/12
  479. Thought for the week: "WHO AM I"?2006/10/09
  480. Picking the right types of companies for your home business portfolio.2006/10/07
  481. SPECIAL: Interview with Cedric Reynolds "The Entrepreneurial Pastor"2006/10/05
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  483. What to say, why, and how to say it, when calling your Prospects2006/09/30
  484. Generating Premium Quality Prospects for YOUR Home Business2006/09/28
  485. STOP Buying Leads!2006/09/27
  486. EPISODE 1 - Simple/Easy Search Engine Optimization2006/09/23
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