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The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

  1. July 4, 2018: Meet Karen Ellison, Adventures in Odyssey Studio Teacher2018/07/02
    Karen Ellison has been a studio teacher for Adventures in Odyssey for more than twenty years. Find out what she does, what she’s seen behind the scenes, and about her connection to several prominent young actors.
  2. June 20, 2018: Hear about Jay Smouse’s journey from a bully sidekick to comically vain actor to TV show extra to New Zealand and back again2018/06/20
    A few years ago, Jay Smouse went to Hollywood to be a zombie in a TV series. The behind the scenes reason was a major change that happened to actor Whit Hertford in real life. Hear the story and what’s happened to Whit (and to Jay) since then.
  3. June 6, 2018: What’s the name of Album 65? Can you give us any hints about Morrie? What happened to Whit’s End Connellsville? Can we watch the whole cruise show? The producers answer! (Plus, Avery nominations!)2018/06/05
    Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Sam Suksiri, and writer/director Phil Lollar answer fan questions about recent albums and preview the upcoming Album 65 and look at future books and releases. Then, Bob and Jesse reveal the nominations in the “Up in the Air” and “Under the Surface” Avery Awards.
  4. May 23, 2018: Jesse unleashes dinosaurs in the Colorado Springs Welcome Center and previews a new Kids’ Radio attraction2018/05/23
    For nearly eighteen years, Odyssey fans have recorded themselves alongside the actors in the Kids’ Radio attraction in Colorado Springs. This summer, a new script is part of the studio featuring guests interaction with Whit and Wooton. Hear about the creation of this new story from writer/director Sam Suksiri, mastering engineer Rudy Haerr, and hospitality specialist Diane Ingolia.
  5. May 9, 2018: Kelly Stables (voice of Olivia Parker) talks about Odyssey, ant farms, and angels2018/05/09
    Actress Kelly Stables has voiced Olivia Parker for seven years now. Kelly shares about balancing life as a mom and actress, changes behind the scenes with the Parker family, and performing with fellow Odyssey actors.
  6. April 25, 2018: United States Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and his daughter Charlotte listened to Adventures in Odyssey on car trips. Hear from Karen and Charlotte about their odyssey.2018/04/25
    Like so many families, the Pences listened to Adventures in Odyssey on long car trips. Second Lady Karen Pence and her daughter Charlotte share with Bob and Jesse about listening to Odyssey, finding kingdom moments, the importance of art, and bunnies (yes, really!). Hear the most unusual Odyssey podcast interview ever.
  7. April 11, 2018: From a long line of actors, artists, and entertainers, Natalie Lander (voice of Zoe) tells us about the family business and joining the Odyssey family.2018/04/10
    Natalie Lander’s dad played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley. Her mom is an actor and photographer. Most of her other relatives are in the arts and entertainment world. Natalie talks about the business, singing as Kevin in Home Alone musical, playing a cheerleader on The Middle, and - of course - playing Zoe Grant on Adventures in Odyssey.
  8. March 28, 2018: Go behind the scenes of the Get in the Show Contest with grand prize winner Grayson Smith2018/03/27
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  9. March 14, 2018: VIDEO PODCAST: Watch the Adventures in Odyssey 30th Birthday Live Show, plus other cruise events2018/03/14
    Come aboard the Focus on the Family 40th anniversary cruise and see the Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew sign autographs, answer questions, and perform the 30th Birthday Show live on stage. Plus, see birthday greetings from our wonderful fans!
  10. February 28, 2018: Actress Lilly Mae Stewart’s journey to Odyssey: From touring the country with Annie to singing on-stage in Les Miserables to the Parker Family2018/02/27
    Lilly Mae Stewart recently took over as the voice of Camilla Parker. She shares about her crazy schedule, from doing stage acting, singing, dancing, voiceover, Wendy’s commercials, electric guitar, and more.
  11. February 14, 2018: Benjamin Watson: Award-winning NFL superstar, published author on race relations, and life-long Adventures in Odyssey fan2018/02/14
    Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Waston has been listening to Adventures in Odyssey since the very first episode in 1987 and he recently had the chance to come to Focus and record cameo parts for several Odyssey episodes. Benjamin won this year’s Bart Starr Award and was a finalist for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.
  12. January 31, 2018: Meet Kay Bess, the new voice behind Dr. Lily Graham2018/01/31
    Kay Bess isn't new to Odyssey. She played a baddie in "Between the Lines" and an elderly Irena Sendler in "One More Name." But she's new to the part of Dr. Lily Graham. Learn about her history, her roles on Odyssey, and taking over for a beloved actress and character.
  13. January 17, 2018: Diane Michelle tells us about the challenges of travelling to Bible times, creating a Greek character, and having a first name for a last name2018/01/17
    Diane Michelle voices Alice in "Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion," Lillia in "The Tower, and Orpah in "Three Funerals and a Wedding." Plus, she was Doctor Morton for many years and now she's the woman from Tekoa in the upcoming "David and Absalom." She's been a bunch of Odyssey episodes, but hasn't been in the spotlight...until now!
  14. January 3, 2018: An Odyssey fan tells his life-changing story and why he nominated his teacher for the John Avery Whittaker Award2018/01/03
    The John Avery Whittaker Award honors people who have impact on the faith of those around them. Heath nominated the Whit in his life: Shirley Barrett. Heath tells his story, how God has used his life, and gives thoughts on how others can act like Whit to people around them.
  15. December 19, 2017: FREE EPISODE: "Spare Tire," the first drama Focus on the Family produced2017/12/19
    Merry Christmas! As the year draws to a close, we listen to the very first radio drama ever produced by Focus on the Family. "Spare Tire" released on the daily Focus on the Family broadcast on December 17, 1983 and it paved the way for "Family Portraits" and - ultimately - Adventures in Odyssey. Hear this drama, plus an interview with Odyssey co-creator Steve Harris.
  16. December 6, 2017: When is Album 64 coming out? Will Buck and Jules start dating? Can Connie and Jason be a thing? Will Grayson Smith become a regular character? Get the answers!2017/12/06
    Writer Sam Suksiri, writer/director Phil Lollar, and producer Nathan Hoobler answer fan questions about the recent album 63, the upcoming album 64, and what’s going on in Odyssey.
  17. November 22, 2017: Happy 30th Birthday, Adventures in Odyssey! Hop in the Imagination Station and travel 30 years back to the recording of the first episode: "Whit’s Flop"2017/11/22
    "Whit’s Flop" first aired November 21, 1987. Sound designer Bob Luttrell and host Chris Anthony were there on that special day. Hear their memories of recording the very first episodes.
  18. November 8, 2017: Writer Marshal Younger talks "Have a Heart," organ transplants, and how his family inspires Odyssey episodes2017/11/08
    Writer Marshal Younger's wife Stephanie works in a transplant clinic. She met a child who wondered if he would get the personality of the person who donated a liver to him. Hear how that story turned into the touching episode "Have a Heart."
  19. October 25, 2017: What do Buddy's dad, the waiter at a fancy Odyssey restaurant, and Whit's son Jerry Whittaker have in common? They are all voiced by actor Scott Whyte, who chats with us on the podcast.2017/10/25
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  20. October 11, 2017: Travel around the world, from singing on stage with the Pool Boys in London to diving out of a plane in Nicaragua as we go behind the scenes on the season premiere, "Find a Penny."2017/10/10
    Writer-director Kathy Buchanan and sound designers Nathan Jones and Christopher Diehl talk about the creation of "Find a Penny, Part 1" and give a preview of what's ahead in "Part 2."
  21. September 27, 2017: Dr. Regis Blackgaard, the most evil man Odyssey has ever seen, comes to studio2017/09/25
    Earl Boen, voice of Regis Blackgaard, and Phil Lollar, author of The Blackgaard Chronicles books, talk about the creation of Whit’s arch-nemesis.
  22. September 13, 2017: Explore the brand-new Adventures in Odyssey Bible with its creators2017/09/13
    Editor Liz Duckworth and Focus on the Family Vice President of Content and Product Development and Integration Bob DeMoss talk about the history and features of the new Adventures in Odyssey NIrV Bible. Plus, hear about their favorite Bibles when they were kids.
  23. August 30, 2017: VIDEO PODCAST: Celebrate Adventures in Odyssey's 30th birthday, plus see what the finalists experienced before Get in the Show2017/08/28
    Look back on 30 years of Adventures in Odyssey with former executive producer Chuck Bolte, co-creator Phil Lollar, executive producer Dave Arnold, writer/director Paul McCusker, and voice actor Katie Leigh. Plus, see what the finalists experienced in the hours leading up to the Get in the Show finale event and see a preview of an upcoming Club show overseas.
  24. August 16, 2017: VIDEO PODCAST: Watch the 2017 Get in the Show finale event, including auditions with the finalists and announcement of the winner!2017/08/16
    Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), and Shona Kennedy (voice of Jules and 2012's winner) act alongside the three finalists for Get in the Show and crown a winner.
  25. August 2, 2017: "Without a Hitch" and "Let's Put on a Show" Avery Awards2017/08/02
    Bob and Jesse put on a New Time-y Radio play to hand out awards for two Adventures in Odyssey albums! Hear the winners for "Best Actress," "Best Actor," "Best Sound," "Best Song," "Best Scene," "Best Comical Pair of Characters," and "Best Overall Episode." Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who voted!
  26. July 19, 2017: Get "Swept Away" with writer/director Nathan Hoobler and sound designer Jonathan Crowe as they dive deep into this unique Club adventure.2017/07/18
    How do you create the sound of rain for two episodes? What does three people scuba diving sound like? And how did a real-life forest fire in Colorado Springs inspire an episode about a flood in Odyssey? Find out from the team behind the episode “Swept Away.” Plus, hear a bonus scene from the show, featuring Harlow Doyle.
  27. July 5, 2017: FREE EPISODE: "Odyssey Sings!" (plus hear about the creation of this adventure!)2017/07/05
    In this classic story from Album 45: Lost and Found, America Sings! comes to Odyssey and many hopeful singers including Wooton, Bart, Harlow, Connie, and Tamika line up to audition.. Plus, hear about the creation of this adventure from composer John Fornof, producer Marshal Younger and more.
  28. June 21, 2017: Find out how listening to radio dramas in the dark led to a career for Odyssey's newest writer2017/06/21
    Sam Suksiri tells us about being a "writer apprentice," designing theme parks, teaching robotics to kids, winning a cooking contest, and, yes, joining the Odyssey team.
  29. June 7, 2017: Is Becky going to be a regular character? Are Wooton and Penny going to be back from their honeymoon? Will Whit ever get another villain? Get the answers!2017/06/06
    Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, writer/director Bob Hoose, and writer/director Phil Lollar answer fan questions about the recent album 62, the upcoming album 63, and what's going on in Odyssey.
  30. May 24, 2017: VIDEO PODCAST: Watch the actors sing in "Legacy"2017/05/24
    Cast members Shona Kennedy (Jules), Karen Kennedy (Lena), Katriona Kennedy (Teena), Pat Fraley (Karno), Robby Bruce (Buck), Andre Stojka (Whit), Will Ryan (Eugene), and crew Phil Lollar (writer/director) and Christopher Diehl (engineer) record the songs for the musical episode "Legacy."
  31. May 10, 2017: Marvin Washington (and voice actor Kendre Berry) return to Adventures in Odyssey in "Unfair Game"2017/05/10
    Kendre Berry played Marvin Washington for years on Adventures in Odyssey. His last appearance was in "A Class Reenactment" in 2008. That is...until now! Marvin returns in this month's Club story, "Unfair Game." Kendre Berry, the voice behind Marvin, lets us know what's happened since then.
  32. April 26, 2017: Pastor Wilson Knox arrived in Odyssey at the same time that Gregory Jbara arrived in the studio. Hear the story of both.2017/04/26
    Gregory Jbara is a Tony Award-winning actor who now plays Pastor Wilson Knox on Adventures in Odyssey. Greg tells us about replacing voices in a Norelco commercial, starting college with a major in physics, and recording with the Odyssey team.
  33. April 12, 2017: VIDEO PODCAST: Captain Bob, Commander Jesse, and Crewman John Doe beam down to an alien planet in search of another cast member for the Get in the Show Contest.2017/04/12
    Star date 80995.2017. Adventures in Odyssey is about to celebrate its 30th birthday with a spectacular live show on a four-night cruise to the Bahamas. However, we need one more person. Sensors indicate that person just might be on a strange, mysterious, enigmatic alien planet.
  34. March 29, 2017: Sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones share more sound secrets from the historical adventure "One More Name"2017/03/29
    From adding a dog to an empty ghetto...to putting in an ominous train whistle...to creating a manhole cover from a gym weight, sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones share more stories from the creation of the sound effects for the story of Irena Sendler: "One More Name."
  35. March 15, 2017: Sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones go back to the 1940s to create the sounds for "One More Name"2017/03/15
    From using a 1940s gun...to finding an old German truck...to adding just the right wind and floors to the ghetto houses, sound designers Christopher Diehl and Nathan Jones sweat the details to create the sounds for the historical episode "One More Name."
  36. March 1, 2017: Writer/director Kathy Buchanan tells us the true stories behind "One More Name"2017/03/01
    Irena Sendler was a real historical person. Writer Kathy Buchanan had the task of turning her life into an epic three-part Adventures in Odyssey Club story. Find out the challenges of research, writing, and cutting "One More Name."
  37. February 15, 2017: From the Jungle Cruise to 1940s Poland, actress Cristina Vee takes us on a journey2017/02/14
    Cristina Vee voices Irena Sendler, the main character in "One More Name." Cristina tells us about working on Odyssey, screaming for video games, and being a skipper on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.
  38. February 1, 2017: Will Morrie and Suzu have an arc like Novacom? Why was Legacy called Exit Stage Left? Will there be a new Guide for the 30th Anniversary? Get the answers!2017/02/01
    Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, and writer/director Bob Hoose answer fan questions about the recent album 61, the upcoming albums 62 and 63, and all things Odyssey.
  39. January 18, 2017: John Avery Whittaker Award Winner Larry Stuckey talks about coaching, plus his athlete Carri Dekkers shares stories from her high school high jump days2017/01/18
    The John Avery Whittaker Award honors people who have impact on the faith of those around them. Carri Dekkers nominated the "Whit" in her life: Coach Larry Stuckey. Out of more than 600 nominees, Larry was chosen as the grand prize winner. Hear from Carri about how Larry was her coach in the high jump and much more.
  40. January 4, 2017: VIDEO PODCAST: Breaking News! Huge scientific breakthrough for Club!2017/01/05
    Working beside famed inventor and ice cream emporium owner, John Avery Whittaker, scientists Bob and Jesse work tirelessly to push the boundaries of audio drama for the sake of pure science. After countless years of relentless research, they are ready to announce their latest breakthrough. (Hint: It involves the Club!)
  41. December 21, 2016: FREE EPISODE: "For Trying Out Loud"2016/12/19
    Merry Christmas! It's time for a free episode! In this classic story from Album 39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen, Wooton Bassett wants to help Edwin Blackgaard with an upcoming production. Liz Horton tries to find something--anything--she can do better than others. Plus, hear an interview with sound designer Allen Hurley.
  42. December 7, 2016: How did Wooton and Penny make it down the aisle in "A Very Bassett Wedding?" The answers are revealed.2016/12/07
    Writer/director Kathy Buchanan and sound designer Jonathan Crowe share stories from the creation of the Odyssey milestone "A Very Bassett Wedding."
  43. November 23, 2016: The creative team behind "The Key Suspect" tells us about Morrie, Suzu, and the locker mystery2016/11/22
    Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer Nathan Jones go deep into the story of the creation of "The Key Suspect" and reveal more about the new characters Morrie and Suzu. Plus, hear a preview of the upcoming Odyssey milestone: "A Very Bassett Wedding."
  44. November 9, 2016: Atticus Shaffer: From Brick on "The Middle" to Morrie on "Adventures in Odyssey"2016/11/09
    Atticus Shaffer voices the mysterious new character of Morrie on Adventures in Odyssey. He tells us about working on TV, auditioning for Odyssey, his struggles, his Christian faith, and more.
  45. October 26, 2016: Get to know Renee D. Carter with the person who created her: Phil Lollar2016/10/24
    Writer/director Phil Lollar talks tells us all about how Renee D. Carter, was inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series, her similarity to her namesake French philosopher, and why she's from Scotland.
  46. October 12, 2016: Podcast 10th anniversary: Hear all about our hosts! Bob and Jesse are the interviewees in this special edition!2016/10/12
    It's time to turn the tables! Andrew, JD, and Roy from Audio Theatre Central interview our hosts Bob Smithouser and Jesse Florea about their stories. It starts with coming to Focus and leads to their experiences with Adventures in Odyssey and reflections on doing more than 260 Official Podcasts.
  47. September 28, 2016: Dig deeper into "A Predicament of Biblical Proportions" with the voice behind Buddy and a preview of the adventure2016/09/28
    Buddy Norman just moved to Odyssey Middle School and imagines all sorts of terrible things that could happen there - from encounters with gangsters to a journey back to the Old West. Hear from Stuart Allen who plays Buddy in his Odyssey debut. Plus, get a sneak peek of a scene from the adventure.
  48. September 14, 2016: Wayback Wednesday: Sage and Erin Bolte2016/09/14
    Sage and Erin Bolte argued and fought as siblings Robyn and Melanie Jacobs on Adventures in Odyssey, modeling their performances after their real-life squabbles. As daughters of then-executive producer Chuck Bolte, they saw the inside story of Odyssey and of Chuck himself.
  49. August 31, 2016: Goodbye, Alan Young and Janet Waldo -- the voices behind Jack and Joanne Allen2016/08/31
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  50. August 17, 2016: Wayback Wednesday: Landon Arnold, voice of Scrubb Moseley and Cody Carper (and SON of Dave Arnold!)2016/08/17
    Landon Arnold played Scrubb Moseley -- Rodney Rathbone’s cousin -- as well as the role of Cody Carper. And he is the son of now executive producer (then sound designer) Dave Arnold. So Landon grew up in the midst of Odyssey production. Hear about those days years ago, plus a few secrets about Dave Arnold himself. Plus, hear a preview of "A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2."
  51. August 3, 2016: Wayback Wednesday: Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg2016/08/03
    Aria Curzon first appeared as the title character of Clara in episode "Clara." And then she returned as Mandy Straussberg for nearly ten years. Plus she starred in three Odyssey live shows. Hear about her time on the show and what she’s been up lately! Plus, hear a preview of "The Boat People, Part 2."
  52. July 20, 2016: Wayback Wednesday: Nathan Carlson, voice of Richard Maxwell2016/07/20
    Nathan has voiced many characters, from John Mark in "The Imagination Station" to Inspector Cordova in "The Cross of Cortes" to a Mandy and David Straussberg’s dad. But he’s most well-known as bad-guy turned good-guy Richard Maxwell. Nathan chats with us about the craft of voice acting. Plus, hear a preview of Album 61: "Without a Hitch," now available in the Club.
  53. July 6, 2016: Catch up with Justin Felbinger, voice of Matthew Parker2016/07/06
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  54. June 22, 2016: "Taking the Plunge" and "Head Over Heels" Avery Awards2016/06/22
    Bob and Jesse hand out awards for two Adventures in Odyssey albums! Hear the winners for "Best Actor," "Best Actress," "Lesson Learned-est Moment," "Best Host," and "Best Overall Episode." Be sure to listen for several surprise (and surprised!) guests. Thank you to everyone who voted!
  55. June 8, 2016: Meet Amy Pemberton, the voice of Renee D. Carter2016/06/08
    Listeners meet Renee D. Carter in this month's OAC episode. Renee is an intern at Whit's End and she'll be appearing in several future episodes. Hear from Amy Pemberton, the voice actor behind Renee, on today's podcast. Plus, hear a preview of "Things Not Seen."
  56. May 25, 2016: Wayback Wednesday: Natalie Babbitt, voice of Jenny Roberts2016/05/23
    In a new feature, Bob and Jesse interview Natalie Babbitt, the voice of Jenny Roberts. Jenny starred in episodes like "Pen Pal," "The Perfect Witness, Parts 1-3," and "Count it All Joy." Hear her memories of her time on Odyssey and what she's up to now.
  57. May 11, 2016: Get answers to your burning questions: "Why wasn't Eugene in album 60?" "Is Janna moving to Odyssey?" "What is the name of album 61?" And more. Plus, Avery Awards nominations!2016/05/11
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  58. April 27, 2016: Two former executive producers of Adventures in Odyssey enter the studio2016/04/27
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  59. April 13, 2016: The actress behind Whit's daughter Jana talks about the early days of recording the show2016/04/13
    DJ Harner has been acting on our show from before it was called Adventures in Odyssey. She appeared in the very first Focus drama called "Spare Tire." She was later cast as Whit's daughter Jana and recently returned as the same character in "Between the Lines." Hear how she was cast for Odyssey, her experiences with Hal Smith, and how she actually held the same job as Jana in real life.
  60. March 30, 2016: The voice of Wooton's twin brother Wellington loves screaming, playing a hobbit, and making coffee...and acting on Adventures in Odyssey2016/03/30
    Wooton's twin brother Wellington is his opposite in almost every way. Hear from the actor who brings Wellington to life -- Dale Inghram. Dale has lent his screams to video games, his voice to commercials, and his hobbit feet to Samwise Gamgee. Learn about his acting jobs and the creation and the reappearance of Wellington Bassett.
  61. March 16, 2016: Words from the Wise: Penny's parents stop by for a visit2016/03/16
    Wooton and Penny recently travelled to Pittsburgh to meet Penny's parents. The actors behind Frank and Eleanor Wise (Victor Brandt and Carol Mansell) tell us about that first meeting, creating the characters, and working with Jess and Kimmy.
  62. March 2, 2016: Composer Jared Depasquale shares secrets of writing music2016/03/02
    How did Jared Depasquale start creating music? How does he create themes that underscore Adventures in Odyssey episodes (and Radio Theatre dramas)? And what exactly are an "oud," a "duduk," and a "bouzouki"? The answers to these questions and more on this podcast!
  63. February 17, 2016: Journey to South America with Steve Saint and Marianne Hering2016/02/16
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  64. February 3, 2016: Candid Conversations with Bob and Jesse: Interview with writer Kathy Buchanan and editor Liz Duckworth2016/02/03
    On the latest edition of "Candid Conversations," two new hosts step into Connie's chair. They take calls from listeners, interview Kathy Buchanan (author of the Candid Conversations book series) and Liz Duckworth (the editor of the series), and hear a preview of "Walk This Way."
  65. January 20, 2016: A Tale of Two Anns: Ann Ault talks about her character Ann Jacobs2016/01/20
    From creating a wacky movie named The Green Slime in Japan, to playing Robyn and Melanie's mother on Adventures in Odyssey, to voicing car parts in North Carolina, Ann Ault tells us about her journey of faith.
  66. January 6, 2016: The first John Avery Whittaker Award Winner shares his story and performs a few puppet voices2016/01/06
    Months ago, Joleen Steel nominated her father Eldon Babcock for the John Avery Whittaker Award. In November, he was chosen as the grand prize winner. Hear from Joleen how her father is like Whit and hear stories (and voices!) from Eldon himself.
  67. December 23, 2015: FREE EPISODE: "New Year's Eve, Live!" (plus never-before-heard bonus scenes and song!)2015/12/21
    In the very first Odyssey live show, the gang from Whit's End hosts a wacky New Year's eve celebration. Hear how the show came together from writer/director Phil Lollar and executive producer Dave Arnold. Plus, hear never-before-heard scenes and songs from the performance.
  68. December 9, 2015: April Hong stars in "A Daughter's Love" this month in the Club2015/12/09
    April Hong stars as Min in this month's OAC adventure. She shares her experiences acting, talks about travelling with her father (actor James Hong), and tells what makes Odyssey unique.
  69. November 25, 2015: Melissa Disney talks about creating the voice of Novacom bad girl Monica Stone2015/11/25
    Melissa Disney made her Odyssey debut as Monica Stone in "Plan B" in the midst of the exciting Novacom saga. Since then, she's voiced a love interest for our favorite mailman in "Wooing Wooton," a young Jenny Whittaker in "Great Expectations," and now, a mom in Singapore in the upcoming adventure "A Daughter's Love." Hear a preview of this episode and more.
  70. November 11, 2015: Album 59 answers from Paul and Dave: Are Wooton and Penny really getting married? Will they meet Penny's parents? Plus, hear a scene from Album 60: Head Over Heels!2015/11/11
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  71. October 28, 2015: Hear from Jess Harnell and Kimmy Robertson about the past, present, and future of Wooton and Penny2015/10/28
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  72. October 14, 2015: How was the wacky adventure "Walter's Flying Bus" created?2015/10/14
    Painting monkeys, glowing eyes, buses flying with kite power -- all are elements of this month's OAC adventure: "Walter's Flying Bus." How did these elements come together? Writer Bob Hoose and sound designer Christopher Diehl tell us.
  73. September 30, 2015: Meet a new Odyssey bad guy named Dion, voiced by Alex Polinsky2015/09/30
    Alex Polinsky first appeared as Ken Blaylock in "Target of the Week," but now appears as Dion - second-in-command in Vance's gang/club. Alex tells us about working on Odyssey, meeting Jim Henson, and a job creating toys. Plus, hear previews of Taking the Plunge, episode 2: "Playing the Predictable" and next month's OAC episode: "Walter's Flying Bus."
  74. September 16, 2015: How did Vance King pass from Jason to Jason to Jason? Find out what that means in this podcast! Plus, hear a preview of "Taking the Plunge."2015/09/16
    Jason Earles voices Vance King as well as a famous character on the Disney Channel. Find out how the role of Vance got passed around and where his villainy comes from. Plus, get a few hints of his role in "Taking the Plunge."
  75. September 2, 2015: Find what Keith Ferguson (voice of Ted Humphries among others) did as a kid that prepared him for voice acting2015/09/02
    Keith Ferguson has voiced more than twenty different characters on Adventures in Odyssey, including Thomas Jefferson, Constable Simon Pratt, Agent Huddleston, and John F. Kennedy. Hear about his experiences on and off the show. Plus, hear a preview of “Hidden Gems,” now available in the Odyssey Adventure Club.
  76. August 19, 2015: Everything you need to know about the creation of "Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet"2015/08/19
    Writer/director Dave Arnold goes back to the beginning to tell us how the Adventures in Odyssey adaptation of Pinocchio came to be. It's a story with an Italian author from the 1800s, a bunch of "old time" Odyssey actors, and the man who played Pinocchio in the 1940 Disney movie. Plus, hear about the lessons hidden throughout the story, from wisdom to salvation.
  77. August 5, 2015: VIDEO PODCAST: Celebrate the release of "Album 59: Taking the Plunge" with behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and more!2015/08/05
    In celebration of the release of "Taking the Plunge," peek into the studio for recording, hear from writer/director Paul McCusker, and see a fan re-created scene from the album.
  78. July 22, 2015: Joel McCrary shares his thoughts from the bench as voice of Judge Simon Jones2015/07/22
    Simon Jones is a judge in Odyssey, but he's also the dad of Emily and Barrett. Joel McCrary, the voice behind Judge Jones tells us more about creating his character. Plus, a preview of Album 59: Taking the Plunge.
  79. July 8, 2015: Notes about the Notes: Composer John Campbell shares secrets of creating Odyssey's music2015/07/08
    John Campbell has composed the music for more than 500 Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Now some of his recent music is available as a soundtrack in the Odyssey Adventure Club. John shares the story behind creating some of his favorite musical moments.
  80. June 24, 2015: Katie Leigh and Will Ryan (voices of Connie and Eugene) banter on-mic and off-mic2015/06/23
    Katie Leigh has played Connie Kendall since AIO episode #4 in 1987. Will Ryan has played Eugene Meltsner since 1988. But they’ve never appeared together on an Adventures in Odyssey podcast. It’s time to change that as the two of them share how they met, the truth behind their banter in the studio, and what they’ve been up to recently.
  81. June 10, 2015: The actors behind Whit and Jason talk about their adventures as father and son2015/06/10
    Andre Stojka (voice of Whit) and Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) talk about the recording an adventure set in the region of Papua in the Odyssey Adventure Club episode "To the Ends of the Earth."
  82. May 27, 2015: Solve the cases with the authors of the Jones and Parker Mysteries2015/05/27
    Authors Christopher Maselli and Bob Hoose create the Jones and Parker Mysteries for Clubhouse every month and now their mysteries are collected in a book: The Jones and Parker Case Files
  83. May 13, 2015: FREE EPISODE: "First Things First" (plus interview with writer/director Paul McCusker)2015/05/13
    In the first episode of Album 59: Taking the Plunge, Penny considers Wooton's proposal by asking what it means to be married while he deals with a setback in re-building his house.
  84. April 29, 2015: Meet the real Will Bakaran and hear the true stories behind “The Cure” three-parter2015/04/29
    Bill Pagaran, founder of Carry the Cure, tells of his Alaskan adventures that inspired Wooton’s trip to Alaska in the Odyssey Adventure Club.
  85. April 15, 2015: Airplane crashes, glacier crossings, and barking dogs: How the sound designers created the effects of Wooton’s Alaskan adventure2015/04/15
    Sound designers Nathan Jones, Jonathan Crowe, and Christopher Diehl talk about creating the epic sound effects of "The Cure."
  86. April 1, 2015: Eugene and Connie fall in love, Tom becomes a rodeo cowboy, and Whit gives bad advice: The creation of "I Slap Floor," Adventures in Odyssey's self-parody2015/04/01
    Writer Marshal Younger, director/producer Phil Lollar, and sound designer Rob Jorgensen talk about the creation of "I Slap Floor," one of Adventures in Odyssey's funniest adventures.
  87. March 18, 2015: From Agent Peter Bourland to Iditarod champion Louis Scott: Actor Keith Silverstein takes us on a journey2015/03/18
    Info (Show/Hide)
  88. March 4, 2015: Tony Amendola remembers creating a voice for a frozen Alaskan tundra2015/03/04
    Tony Amendolda, voice of Chief Tom[/caption]Actor Tony Amendola shares about his roles The Mask of Zorro and others and his new role of Chief Tom on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, hear a preview of "The Cure, Part 2."
  89. February 18, 2015: "The Ties that Bind" Avery Awards2015/02/17
    This round of the Avery Awards takes place at Odi-con, an Odyssey fan convention. See the winners for "Best Actor," "Best Actress," "Best Scene," "Best Sound Moment," and "Best Overall Storyline."
  90. February 4, 2015: Voice actor and author Matt Hurwitz journeys from Rodney fill-in to Alaskan pilot2015/02/04
    Matt Hurwitz got his start as a fill-in voice for Rodney Rathbone. Since then, he's played a doctor, a newspaper editor, a police officer, a judge, and now - an Alaskan pilot. Plus, hear preview of the "Candid Conversations with Connie" audiobook.
  91. January 21, 2015: Zach Callison (the original voice of Matthew Parker) is back as a new voice in Odyssey2015/01/21
    Zach Callison voiced Matthew Parker for a number of years, but handed the part to another actor when his voice changed. Zach checks in to tell us what's happened since then, his favorite memories of the show, and his new role on Odyssey.
  92. January 7, 2015: Bob Vernon and John Fornof relive the creation of "The Last Chance Detectives"2015/01/07
    With a B-17 bomber as their clubhouse, four friends use their detective skills to solve strange cases in the badlands of Arizona. Three video stories and three audio stories complete "The Last Chance Detectives" series and they are available now on the Odyssey Adventure Club. Hear from writer/directors Bob Vernon and John Fornof about the creation of the stories.
  93. December 24, 2014: FREE EPISODE: "A Lamb's Tale"2014/12/23
    In this classic adventure from Album 43, the Odyssey crew is involved in six interwoven stories about Christmas. It all begins when Tamika gives away her toy lamb for Christmas.
  94. December 10, 2014: Paul McCusker talks Album 59 and beyond2014/12/10
    Writer/director Paul McCusker gives us some hints and teases about what's coming up in the next album of Adventures in Odyssey (Album 59: Taking the Plunge). Plus, hear a preview of this month's OAC episode: "All By Myself."
  95. November 26, 2014: Barbara Niles (voice of Ms. Adelaide) tells the story of how she became known as the muffin lady and her transformation into a nemesis for Whit2014/11/25
    The Odyssey team first heard Barbara Niles during an open casting call in 2008. Her audition was memorable because she brought baked goods to the session and created a whole town of characters. Years later, she appeared in the show as a drama teacher and was eventually revealed as an antagonist to Mr. Whittaker. Hear her story in today's podcast, plus a preview of "The Ties that Bind, Part 13."
  96. November 12, 2014: VIDEO PODCAST: Creating the zombies, trains, and fight scenes of "The Ties that Bind." Plus: The actors share about family2014/11/12
    First, the sound designers share about the unique challenges of "The Ties that Bind" that included a crowd of zombies, a train wreck, and people getting beat up. Then, a new contest where you can win Album 58 and an Odyssey T-shirt. And finally, the actors answer the question, "What does family mean to you?"
  97. October 29, 2014: What do Archie Haggler, Jacque Henri, Rudolph Karazinsky, and Drill Sergeant Combs have in common? The voice of Dan Hagen. Plus: The latest Imagination Station2014/10/28
    Info (Show/Hide)
  98. October 15, 2014: Shona Kennedy: From Get in the Show winner to veteran voice actor and singer2014/10/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  99. October 1, 2014: Buck is back and so is Robby Bruce (the actor who plays him). Hear an interview with Robby and a scene from this weekend's show.2014/10/01
    Actor Robby Bruce has listened to Adventures in Odyssey since he was a baby and now he plays fan-favorite Buck Oliver. Robby talks with us about the development of his character and how the character has changed since "The Green Ring Conspiracy." Plus, hear a full scene from "The Ties that Bind, Part 5."
  100. September 17, 2014: Wooton's clumsy cousin Hadley stumbles in tell us about voice acting, singing, and more (and his voice actor comes along for the ride)2014/09/17
    Actor Chad Doreck voices Hadley Bassett, Wooton's cousin in "The Ties that Bind." Chad is an actor, a singer, and the voice of several popular characters for popular Disney video games. Chad tells us about creating Hadley and gives a preview of upcoming adventures.
  101. September 3, 2014: Gunnar Sizemore (the new voice of Matthew Parker) talks rock climbing, speaking Chinese, playing the drums and more2014/09/03
    Gunnar Sizemore steps into the role of Matthew Parker in Album 58: The Ties that Bind. Coming from an acting family, Gunnar tells us about his life, his hobbies, and appearing in a Christian short film.
  102. August 20, 2014: "Why does album 58 have 14 episodes?" "Why is there a new voice for Matthew Parker?" "Will Jeff Lewis ever return?" Dave and Paul answer.2014/08/20
    Executive producer Dave Arnold and writer/director Paul McCusker answer questions about album 58: The Ties That Bind, and give a few hints about upcoming episodes (including a new B-TV), and share a goof that fans noticed.
  103. August 6, 2014: VIDEO PODCAST: Odyssey artist Gary Locke shares tips on how to draw.2014/07/31
    Gary Locke shows how to draw faces, eyes, hands, perspective, and more in this special video podcast.
  104. July 23, 2014: Bob Smithouser and Brock Eastman share their stories and talk about a transition in the Odyssey Adventure Club.2014/07/23
    Executive producer Dave Arnold joins Jesse to interview Bob and Brock. The pair tell their stories about how they started working at Focus on the Family, the creation of the Odyssey Adventure Club, and the new direction in the Club: Brock is moving to a new position outside Focus and Bob is taking over the role of Odyssey Adventure Club producer.
  105. July 9, 2014: Phil Proctor talks about creating the hard-edged but complex Detective Polehaus2014/07/09
    Phil Proctor has voiced Mr. Coreli in “The Other Side of the Glass,” Principal Spence in the “The Jubilee Singers,” and even Eugene’s father Leonard Meltsner. Phil shares secrets of voice acting and the surprising connection between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and Detective Polehaus.
  106. June 25, 2014: FREE EPISODE: "The Ties That Bind, Part 1" (the first episode of album 58)2014/06/25
    In this first adventure of the upcoming Adventures in Odyssey release, it’s a time of surprises as Wooton becomes the celebrity guest at Comic-Connellsville and Whit finds himself in conflict over the upcoming “Let’s Get Together Festival” in Odyssey. Plus, hear an interview with writer-director Paul McCusker about the entire 14-part series.
  107. June 11, 2014: The voice of Red Hollard jumps on the podcast like a duck on a Junebug!2014/06/11
    Steve Eastin shares stories from his acting life, from his birth in a fatal car accident...to his movie career...to voicing a handyman named Red Hollard.
  108. May 28, 2014: Meet a brand-new Adventures in Odyssey character: Brian McCarthy (voiced by Cullen McCarthy)2014/05/28
    Cullen McCarthy joins the Odyssey cast as Brian in several upcoming Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Brian tells what it's like to audition and to be part of a "loop group."
  109. May 14, 2014: Coordinator Angie Ralston talks about Odyssey recording sessions, Social Shout-outs, and working with the Odyssey team.2014/05/14
    Angie Ralston has worked as a coordinator for the Adventures in Odyssey team for just over a year now. She tells about setting up an Adventures in Odyssey session, meeting the actors, and creating the Social Shout-out.
  110. April 30, 2014: Hear the incredible true story behind the "Mission: Unaccomplished" two-parter and hear a preview of the first scene2014/04/30
    Writer Kathy Buchanan and consultant Leanna Summers share how true stories from Compassion International inspired "Mission: Unaccomplished." Plus, hear a preview of that episode and Wooton's Whirled History.
  111. April 16, 2014: Hear "You Are What You Eat" - a never-before-heard deleted scene from "The Bible Network"2014/04/14
  112. April 2, 2014: Comic creator Chad Beninati takes us into the world of Drake the Cosmic Copper2014/04/02
  113. March 19, 2014: Ed Sullivan, ALF, and Adventures in Odyssey come together as Mitzi McCall (voice of Mrs. Kramer) tells her story2014/03/19
  114. March 5, 2014: Amanda Troop (voice of Eva Parker) explains the "Parker Family Chaos"2014/03/04
  115. February 19, 2014: VIDEO PODCAST: Say hello to Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine2014/02/19
  116. February 5, 2014: Farewell to our friend Dave Madden, voice of Bernard Walton2014/02/05
  117. January 22, 2014: VIDEO PODCAST: Watch Odyssey impact stories from listeners, actors, and crew2014/01/22
  118. January 8, 2014: VIDEO PODCAST: Wesley and Marissa visit Costa Rica, plus the challenge of recording Swahili in the studio2014/01/08
  119. December 25, 2013: FREE EPISODE: "The Pilot, Part 2" (plus an interview with Dave Arnold)2013/12/19
  120. December 11, 2013: FREE EPISODE: "The Pilot, Part 1" (plus interviews with Brock Eastman and Jim Mhoon)2013/12/11
  121. November 27, 2013: "A Call to Something More" Avery Awards2013/11/25
  122. November 13, 2013: The voice behind Dr. Lilly Graham and preview the first Odyssey Adventure Club episode2013/11/13
  123. October 30, 2013: Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer your questions2013/10/30
  124. October 16, 2013: Voice actor Gary Reed talks about Jeff Lewis's re-appearance, plus a preview of "The Pilot"2013/10/14
  125. October 2, 2013: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Watch the A.C.T.S. finale webcast!2013/10/01
  126. September 18, 2013: College Writer's Scholarship Contest entrant Katie Wynn shares about writing, plus a preview of "Big Trouble Under the Big Top"2013/09/18
  127. September 4, 2013: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Watch all 24 finalists for the A.C.T.S. contest!2013/09/04
  128. August 21, 2013: FREE EPISODE: "Wonderworld"2013/08/21
  129. August 7, 2013: Hear an exclusive preview of Album 57: A Call to Something More, plus an interview with the voice of Camilla2013/08/07
  130. July 24, 2013: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Enter the A.C.T.S. Contest Now! 2013/07/24
  131. July 10, 2013: David Griffin (voice of Jimmy Barclay) shares more about his departure from Odyssey and the years since2013/07/09
  132. June 26, 2013: David Griffin (voice of Jimmy Barclay) remembers 25 years of Odyssey2013/06/26
  133. June 12, 2013: Author Wayne Thomas Batson talks about hunting for the Devil's Dragon2013/06/12
  134. May 29, 2013: NEW VIDEO WEBCAST: Chris Anthony and Katie Leigh talk about service for the A.C.T.S. contest2013/05/24
  135. May 15, 2013: Alan Young (voice of Jack Allen) talks Odyssey, Mr. Ed, and Scrooge McDuck2013/05/15
  136. May 1, 2013: The A.C.T.S. contest launches. This your chance to win big!2013/05/01
  137. Apr. 17, 2013: Dave Arnold and Bob Luttrell (Odyssey's most prolific sound designers) share more stories from the world of audio2013/04/16
  138. April 3, 2013: Sound designers Dave Arnold and Bob Luttrell create the world of Adventures in Odyssey2013/04/02
  139. March 20, 2013: Sound designer Rudy Haerr takes us into the Adventures in Odyssey library2013/03/20
  140. March 6, 2013: Author Nancy Sanders shares stories from "Challenge on the Hill of Fire"2013/03/04
  141. Feb. 20, 2013: Coordinator Evan Reedall talks Odyssey recording sessions and working with the actors2013/02/20
  142. Feb. 6, 2013: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: "The Grand Design" Avery Awards2013/02/06
  143. Jan. 23, 2013: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Album 57 recording preview, including Get in the Show winner Shona2013/01/18
  144. Jan. 9, 2013: The Grand Design Avery Awards Voting, plus Ask the Producers!2013/01/09
  145. Dec. 26, 2012: FREE EPISODE: Family Portraits: "You're Not Gonna Believe This…"2012/12/21
  146. Dec. 12, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Live Q and A from the Odyssey actors2012/12/07
  147. Nov. 28, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Celebrate Adventures in Odyssey's 25th Birthday with cake, a visit from Terry Virts, and greetings from many voice actors2012/11/28
  148. Nov. 14, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Watch the Get in the Show finale event, including the last auditions with the actors and the announcement of the winner!2012/11/14
  149. Oct. 31, 2012: Andy Pessoa (voice of Barrett) and Gatlin Green (voice of Priscilla) highlight the cover of Clubhouse Magazine2012/10/30
  150. Oct. 17, 2012: Hear from all three actors who play Whit in "Great Expectations"2012/10/17
  151. Oct. 3, 2012: Watch the Get in the Show semi-finalist videos and learn how we selected the semi-finalists!2012/10/03
  152. Sept. 19, 2012: Explore the new Captain Absolutely comics in Clubhouse Magazine!2012/09/18
  153. Sept. 05, 2012: FREE EPISODE: "Happy Hunting"2012/09/05
  154. Aug. 22, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Another Get in the Show contest! Make your own music video2012/08/22
  155. Aug. 8, 2012: Hear the first glimpse of Album 56: The Grand Design, plus actor Simon Kassianides2012/08/07
  156. July 25, 2012: Dave Arnold talks about the true history behind "Sergeant York"2012/07/25
  157. July 11, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Footage from the Dallas live show plus a Get in the Show update! 2012/07/11
  158. Jun. 27, 2012: "The Deep End" Avery Awards endure a protest2012/06/27
  159. June 13, 2012: Your questions about Mitch, Eugene, Sue, and the Jacobs family answered2012/06/13
  160. May 30, 2012: Writer Kathy Buchanan answers, "Why did Mitch come back? Cats aren't extinct!"2012/05/30
  161. May 16, 2012: Steve Burns and Katie Leigh (voices of Connie and Mitch) chat about Mitch's return, plus more acting tips!2012/05/16
  162. May 2, 2012: The sound designers raise the curtain on "Sergeant York"2012/05/02
  163. April 18, 2012: Jon Curry and Renee Dorian (voices of Sergeant York and Gracie), acting tips, and a preview!2012/04/18
  164. April 4, 2012: The voices of Dale and Ann Jacobs share their stories2012/04/04
  165. March 21, 2012: Hear from Georgia Dolenz, the voice of Sue in "The Labyrinth"2012/03/21
  166. March 7, 2012: Bob and Jesse hand out the "Clanging Cymbals" Avery Awards from an unexpected location.2012/03/07
  167. Feb. 22, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: The world premiere of the "Get in the Show" theme song, plus more on the live show and the contest2012/02/22
  168. Feb. 8, 2012: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Adventures in Odyssey Live Birthday Bash, plus an interview with a new actor2012/02/08
  169. Jan. 25, 2012: Listen to Adventures in Odyssey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus hear from several AIO fan webmasters2012/01/25
  170. Jan. 11, 2012: Your questions answered by Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker! Plus, vote in the Avery Awards...2012/01/11
  171. The Great Facebook Challenge: Like Us on Facebook, Get "The Labyrinth" download free!2012/01/09
  172. Dec. 28, 2011: FREE EPISODE: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation, plus an interview with writer and co-star Jeff Parker2011/12/21
  173. Dec. 14, 2011: Andy Pessoa (voice of Barrett), fan reviews, and a preview of "Childish Things!"2011/12/13
  174. Nov. 30, 2011: Hear the behind the scenes stories of "Emily the Genius" and "Unbecoming Jay" with writer and director Bob Hoose2011/11/30
  175. Nov. 16, 2011: Kelly Stables (voice of Olivia) talks about Adventures in Odyssey, Hoodwinked, and more!2011/11/16
  176. Nov. 2, 2011: Gatlin Green (voice of Priscilla) shares about her life on the show and in real life2011/11/02
  177. Oct. 19, 2011: The voice of Lucia Ortega (Lucki Wheating) tells us what it's like to play a grandma2011/10/19
  178. Oct. 5, 2011: Kimmy Robertson, voice of Penny Wise, shares stories with us, plus a preview of "A Penny Saved."2011/10/05
  179. September 21, 2011: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: See a slideshow from 1989, plus a fan created Communicate rap from "Lights Out at Whit's End"2011/09/21
  180. September 7, 2011: FREE EPISODE: "Someone to Watch Over Me," plus interview with Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar2011/09/07
  181. August 24, 2011: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: "A Name, Not a Number" Pop-upisode2011/08/24
  182. August 10, 2011: FREE HALF EPISODE: "Wooton Knows Best," plus Album 54 release!2011/08/10
  183. July 27, 2011: The Avery Awards for "The Green Ring Conspiracy" are disrupted by a plane crash2011/07/27
  184. July 13, 2011: Green Ring Art ConteSt winners, plus Imagination Station artist David Hohn2011/07/13
  185. June 29, 2011: Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer questions about returning characters, including Buck, Jason, Mr. Grote, and Detective Polehaus, plus a preview of album 54! 2011/06/29
  186. June 15, 2011: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: See the Green Ring Contest Finalists 2011/06/15
  187. June 1, 2011: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: News Update: Go inside the studio with the actors and crew of "The Green Ring Conspiracy" 2011/05/31
  188. May. 25, 2011: Special Announcement - Enter the Green Ring Art Contest2011/05/25
  189. May. 18, 2011: The actors behind Mr. Skint and Buck Oliver share their stories2011/05/18
  190. May. 04, 2011: Townsend Coleman tells us everything there is to know about Jason Whittaker2011/05/04
  191. Apr. 20, 2011: Sound designer Jonathan Crowe tells the story of his bike wreck and recovery2011/04/20
  192. April 6, 2011: Chad Reisser (voice of Monty Whittaker) talks about Digger Digwillow, playing a bully, and the Green Ring Conspiracy2011/04/06
  193. March 23, 2011: Cristina Pucelli solves the mysteries as young detective Emily Jones2011/03/23
  194. March 9, 2011: NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Join the album 53 release party as we see new characters and watch an interview with Zach Callison!2011/03/09
  195. Feb. 23, 2011: Adventures in Odyssey goes to space and travels 5.7 million miles!2011/02/23
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  197. Feb. 1, 2011: Watch a special announcement about album 53.2011/02/01
  198. Jan. 26, 2011: Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold answer questions about The Green Ring Conspiracy, the Stilletto, titles, and more. Plus, an audio preview of album 53.2011/01/26
  199. Jan. 12, 2011: Hear the Avery nominations, preview an exclusive scene from "The Green Ring Conspiracy," and go behind the scenes with sound designer Todd Busteed2011/01/12
  200. Dec. 29, 2010: FREE EPISODE: "Gloobers" plus an interview with Brandon Gilberstadt (Jared) and Kris Kachurak (Dwayne)2010/12/29
  201. Dec. 15, 2010: Actor Whit Hertford takes us into the mind of Jay Smouse, plus hear a preview of the season finale: "Grandma's Christmas Visit"2010/12/15
  202. Dec. 1, 2010: Actress Kari Wahlgren starred in "Camp What-a-Nut" and now returns for "An Agreeable Nanny"2010/12/01
  203. Nov. 17, 2010: Adam Wylie (voice of Ryan Cummings) talks about Odyssey, voice acting, and being the mayor of Kidsboro, plus hear a preview of "Square One."2010/11/17
  204. Nov. 3, 2010: Writer Kathy Buchanan doesn't talk about "Opposite Day." And she definitely won't talk about the creation of Mitch2010/11/03
  205. Oct. 20, 2010: Set sail with Vikings in the Imagination Station books, plus hear a preview of "Stage Fright"2010/10/20
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  213. June 30, 2010: Hear from Dave and Paul with more questions, including Where is Katrina? and What is the title of album 53?2010/06/30
  214. June 16, 2010: Hear the dramatic results of the first-ever Avery Awards!2010/06/16
  215. June 2, 2010: Hear the finalists for the Avery Awards , plus the producers answer your questions about Whit, old characters, changes, and more.2010/06/02
  216. May. 19, 2010: American Idol star Mandisa tells us about the modern-day Jubilee Singers2010/05/19
  217. May. 05, 2010: Zach Callison (voice of Matthew) tells us what it's like in the studio2010/05/05
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  221. Mar. 10, 2010:Andre Stojka talks about joining the Odyssey family and shares his story. Plus, hear a preview of "The Inspiration Station, Part 2"2010/03/10
  222. Feb. 24, 2010:Hear "Welcome to Whit's End" an all-new mini-episode tour of Odyssey, plus a sneak peek at the first scene of "The Inspiration Station" 2010/02/24
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  233. Sep. 23, 2009: Jim Cummings, voice of King Lawrence in "Passages" and voice over legend talks about his background, unusual projects, and playing an insane person.2009/09/23
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