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Ethernet Explorer

  1. Ep. 13: Xbox 3602006/12/22
    Released first but featured last. Will Microsoft be able to keep their market share when put up against the PS3 and the Wii? Will the lead time it had make any difference? Let the speculation domination begin!
  2. Ep. 12: Nintendo Wii2006/12/11
    Who wants a Wii? Mii! Can Nintendo whoop Sony's ass with this little console? What injuries could present themselves with the Wiimote? Listen in and find out.
  3. Ep. 11: PlayStation 32006/12/10
    What revolutions have come about in the newest PlayStation from Sony? Can it catch up to the XBOX 360 or the Wii? Only time will tell.
  4. Ep. 10: Mac OS X2006/12/01
    Closing off the series with the operating system that made Apple what it is today.
  5. Ep. 9: Apple Software Part 22006/11/27
    Part 2 in my look at Apple Software. Today I talk about Aperture, Final Cut, Logic, and Shake.
  6. Ep. 8: Apple Software Part 12006/11/27
    Delving into Apple's Software, I talk about .Mac, iWork, and QuickTime.
  7. Ep. 7: Cigarettes2006/11/20
    I smoke, so let me tell you where the first cigarettes came from and how smoking bans and health advocates affect the global consumption of these products.
  8. Ep. 6: Microsoft Office 20072006/11/20
    What's new in Office 2007 and what changes are being made to current programs? Listen in to find out.
  9. Ep. 5: Mozilla Firefox2006/11/13
    I take an in-depth look at Firefox's history, features, the "Spread Firefox" campaign, and the future of Firefox.
  10. Ep. 4: Traffic Lights2006/11/10
    The history & technology behind Traffic Lights.
  11. Ep. 3: Pepsi Cola2006/11/06
    What's makes it so magically delicious? Learn about how Pepsi started and how many types of Pepsi there are around the world.
  12. Ep. 2: Laptop Computers2006/11/03
    Love 'em or hate 'em, they are a part of everyday life. Talking about Laptops, their history, and do you need one?
  13. Ep. 1: Windows Vista2006/10/30
    Talking about what I do & don't know about Vista. Insights on why Vista is so special.
Ethernet Explorer
Wikipedia articles read aloud and commented on heavily.
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