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Nigel Richards Live DJ sets

  1. Live @ Mayhem, New England!!!2018/08/09

    An awesome classic warehouse event with two rooms and nothing but dancing on the sweaty wood floors. TECHNO!
  2. Live from Hydrotechnics Festival, New York, 20172017/08/25

    Laurent Garnier, Adam Jay, Justin Berkovi, Kraftwerk, Woody McBride... what can we say. Awesome music at an awesome outdoor event. This is a proper underground event without all the jiggida hoopla and mega barriers for cheesy mcdance music... this is a proper event about good music on a lake! Enjoy the journey.
  3. Live from Detroit, NYE 2017. Episode 622017/01/06

    Nightneak threw down yet again with a rocking techno party at the legendary Works Club in Detroit, the birth place of techno. Enjoy the energy as Nigel got to play the first set of 2017 at this wildly climactic party. Frankie Bones and DJ Assault were also on the bill and the room was amazing all night. Enjoy!
  4. Live from Philadelphia @ Applyd Science Party Episode 612016/11/30

    When Frankie Bones, Rob Gee and Nigel Richards take the stage, there is an abundance of techno. Tonight's set was recorded live in Philadelphia and is just that. Classic tunes, new unreleased tunes, and deep bangers. We are proud of this techno mix so please enjoy.
  5. Live from San Diego Pt. 2. Episode 602016/10/09

    This is the climax to the rocking Tuesday night party at San Diego's AC Lounge. It was a great vibe all around in a wonderful city. We get deep and dark here and come by nice and friendly. :)
  6. Live from San Diego @AC Lounge Pt. 1. Techno! Episode 59.2016/08/25

    What an amazing summer Tuesday evening this was in the lovely city of San Diego. I was able to enjoy some amazing local Mexican food, the beach, and a rocking party at a great lounge/club. Enjoy this first hour from that evening.
  7. DJ Nigel Richards, Live at The Shakedown, Feb 13, 2016, Part 22016/04/01
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  8. DJ Nigel Richards, Live at The Shakedown, Feb 13, 2016, Part 12016/02/16

    What do you get when it's bitter cold outside but the house/tech house vibes are flowing on both sexy dance floors of The Barbary? A two hour set like this. Enjoy part one featuring: Oliver Huntemann, C-Lime Woman, Rekorder, Terranova, Michael Jackson, and dozens of other goodies.
  9. Live @ We Jack Techno BBQ, Denver, Episode 562016/01/10

    What do you get when you bring one wild and crazy Techno DJ to the lovely clean air place called Denver? A frenzied mix of party storming. Follow Nigel Richards on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc... and you might just win the Powerball because of it!
  10. Live in Norfolk, VA Pt 12015/07/21

    Take a desert lounge that converts into a nightclub and add a few hundred dedicated party people looking for some techno and you have an amazing party to kick off the summer. Enjoy and please download the FREE 611 Music & Fashion App.
  11. Episode 54, Live @ Mansion, Shanghai, China2015/04/20

    Rarely do I enjoy a club gig this much.... Sweaty international crowd in the most bizarre basement venue... until wee hours of the next day. This was top quality underground party business and you can hear that on this live recording. Enjoy! TECHNO NATION!
  12. Episode 53: Live in Shanghai, March 29, 20152015/03/31

    This set was recorded at the very cool Factory 54 venue for a housey loft style crowd. Huge disco balls... lots of smiles and good vibes were there all night. The entrance to the place was so hidden, Nigel waited outside for 15 minutes to be walked in. Enjoy!
  13. Episode 52-Nigel Richards Live @ PEX Halloween Bash, 20142015/01/05

    Groovy funky halloween party jams in this live tech house set from the annual pilgrimage that draws close to 2,000 people annually. The most exciting stat about the night is that there is 99.95% costume participation so it's always a blast. Enjoy the set and thanks for tuning in. Download the free "611" app for google and Iphone!
  14. Episode 51-DJ Shiva Guest Mix, November 20142014/11/06

    Enjoy this special guest mix by Midwest's beloved DJ Shiva. She brings the goods with some deepness, classics, and new spooky business... Techno Nation Style. Look her up on soundcloud.com and beatport.com of course.
  15. Episode 50 Live from Blend party @ Machine Nightclub, Boston, May 20142014/05/21

    This is the first part of a two hour set at the Blend party in Boston at Machine Nightclub. This room had so much energy and enthusiasm. You can hear the crowd thru the headphone/mic jobby as Nigel screams here and there. Enjoy!!!
  16. Episode 49- Guest Mix Brandon De Carlo2014/04/17

    Arizona's techno maestro Brandon De Carlo takes time from his busy production schedule on his own label and KMS to give us a treatful tech house mix for this week's Techno Nation radio show on Technohouse.fm. Enjoy!
  17. Episode 48: NYE 20142014/03/21

    New Year's Eve 2014! Live in Jacksonville, Florida!
    Please forgive some of the drunken shouting into the headphones that ensued on this wild party evening. Jacksonville, Florida got a rare taste of some deep techno business for a rowdie NYE crowd. Enjoy!
  18. Episode 47 Live in Virginia Beach at Damm Str8, It's Techno Party2013/12/10
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  19. Episode 46, Live from 'Inner' party in Boston, Ma, Sept 7, 20132013/09/16

    What a rocking party this was in the basement club, Machine. Tech house and techno were on the menu with a cool down of some house classics to round up this true party. Nigel had a blast and certainly looks forward to the next gig this good.
    Download the free 611 app for your Google or Apple phone!
  20. Episode 45: Live from somewhere in May, 20132013/07/09

    Unfortunately, Nigel forgot where this was recorded. The set was used for his Techno Nation Radio Show on May 17, 2013. That means, no tracklist... no location, no notta! But, it's fun cool deep tech-house and techno so that's all that counts. Enjoy!
  21. Episode 44: Birthday Week Session-Nigel Richards2013/06/11

    Darkness ensues featuring 611 releases by Mark NRG, Nigel and more... along with the usual furious techno. We have not gotten the track list from Nigel on this one but enjoy and hit him up if you want to know about a track! Also, grab the iphone app! http://tinyurl.com/611app

    Thanks and enjoy!!!
  22. DJ Set: Podcast Episode 432013/03/29
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  23. Episode 42: Techno Nation Radio Show2013/01/29
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  24. Episode 41: TechnohouseFM 12.14.12 Radio Show2012/12/18
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  25. Episode 40: Technohouse.FM Radio Show, 10/12/122012/11/24
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  26. Episode 39: Live in Indianapolis: Rooftop Party September 29, 20122012/10/09
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  27. Episode 38, Live from Burning Man 2012, Root Society2012/09/12
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  28. Episode 37: July 13: Techno Nation Radio Show on Technohouse.FM2012/07/24
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  29. Technohouse.FM June 22 Radio Show2012/06/26
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  30. Live in Detroit for Movement After Party, May 26, 20122012/06/05

    This recording was used on the Technohouse.fm radio show, Techno Nation. It's a live recording of Nigel Richards from the amazing 3 room techno party where Nigel was able to lay down a two hour set, just hours after landing from Hong Kong! Nigel downed a gigantic Red Bull and off to the decks he went. Enjoy the techno as the mid-west techno fans attending the festival sure did!
  31. Technohouse.FM Radio Show, May 18, 20122012/05/22
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  32. Technohouse.FM Radio Show, May 11, 20122012/05/15
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  33. Technohouse.FM Radio Show, May 4, 20122012/05/08
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  34. Technohouse.FM Radio Show, April 27, 20122012/05/01
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  35. TechnoHouse.FM Radio Show, April 13, 20122012/04/24
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  36. Live in Wisconsin, Feb 25, 20122012/03/20

    Hot on a weekend tear, with an amazing show in Chicago for Almost Famous Entertainment on Friday, we were able to obtain this recording from Saturday night in Troy, Wisconsin. This was a smaller club event with an amazing 95% dancing enthusiastic crowd. Enjoy the journey.
  37. December 31, 2011, New Year's Eve, Brooklyn, NY, part deux2012/03/10

    Continuing on into the evening celebrating 2012, this second hour gets a bit deeper and bigger with some techno stormers. The energy at this event in Brooklyn was legendary as the fire performers and acrobats stunned the crowd while people were in a dancing frenzy. We are so glad we recorded this. Enjoy.
  38. December 31, 2011, New Year's Eve, Brooklyn, NY, part one2012/02/17
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  39. Deep tech house in Denver, Colorado, December 20112012/01/13

    Deep tech house and techno in this tasty mix with a nice build over a nearly two hour period.... captured live!
    Tracks by Oliver Huntemann, Layo and Buschwacka, Unkle and Radio Slave, Carlo Lio, Brian Sanhaji and others....Enjoy the journey!
  40. Rebirth Party, Albany, Dec 2, 20112011/12/13
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  41. Live @ PEX Halloween Ball aboard the USS New Jersey, October 29, 20112011/11/02
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  42. Live @ Animus Fundraiser, part 1, NYC, recorded May 14, 20112011/07/31

    This energetic party was off the hook with hundreds of people screaming all night, while in Slumber Party attire. Needless to say, the entire evening was very sexy. Enjoy this part one of Nigel's two hour set. It builds and climaxes with part two. Rock on!
  43. Live on Nigel's Birthday, April 29, 20112011/05/12

    Live and direct from Philly! This set was recorded during the night of the live Wolfgang Gartner show at the Starlight Ballroom. High energy business here in this mix. Enjoy the music and be careful while driving listening to this madness!
  44. Live in Raleigh, North Carolina2010/11/03

    Slammin time to be had in Raleigh on this evening during an amazing arts festival. This group took over this venue for a rocking night of techno, tech house and fun screaming! DANCE YOU FUCK!
  45. Root Society, Burning Man 2010, Metropolis2010/09/23
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  46. LIVE in Detroit @ DEMF After Party2010/06/19
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  47. The Big Easy, December 20092009/12/13

    Good times are always had in New Orleans and this was no exception. Nigel took it spacey in this second half of his set as the revelers bounced and danced in the Fish Bowl of a bar.
  48. Live in Fargo, North Dakota2009/11/28
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  49. Halloween After Hours for Kostume Kult, New York CIty, 10/31/092009/11/07

    This more mellow set took place on the lower east side of Manhattan at an artists collective gallery. Journey as Nigel celebrates MJ and gets deeper and spacier before punching it back for the grand finale!
  50. Ohm Fest, Hawaii, July 20092009/08/12

    What happens when you take a sound system deep into a 200 acre ranch and bang rocking tunes all night under the clear Big Island of Hawaii skies? Take a listen and enjoy the journey as Nigel takes us on a ride from tangible to deep and spooky and back. This set included both party rockers and purist gems. Have fun!
  51. Live in Detroit, July 17, 20092009/07/23
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  52. Live @ Meltdown, Lizard Lounge, Dallas, Tx, June 13, 20092009/06/20
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  53. Live @ WMC 2009, Miami2009/04/01
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  54. Live @ Brooklyn Warehouse Party, February, 20092009/02/12

    Nothing beats an underground warehouse rave, latnight, in Brooklyn! Nothing! Armed with new goodies from Radioslave, Wink, Speedy J, and Nigel himself, he was able to take us on a 2 hour journey... a ride from dark and deep to tough and to fun. Enjoy the ride and check out his journal at nigelrichards.com where he and his buddy Mike document their trip home late that night.
  55. A Little Techno Never Hurt Anyone (vinyl only set), March 2008, Philly2008/10/08
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  56. Jacksonville 8.9.08 Blue Room2008/08/14

    Within a mega club called Bourbon Street is a small club called the Blue Room. Its got a great sound system, great vibe and decor and lots of energy. The booth is well designed, the sound is good, the party was fun. Check it out!
  57. Mardi Gras 20082008/03/02

    Zoolu Allstarz never fails. This year it was held at Ampersand and following DJ Micro, Nigel mixed a variety of stuff for the diverse crowd, always coming on strong with energy. New Orleans may well be the party capital of the USA.
  58. Jan 1, 12:50am, Live @ Ampersand, New Orleans, part 22008/01/03

    The energy was explosive at this New Year's Eve event at the always pleasurable Ampersand Nightclub. The packed house was full of energy and champagne and the dancefloor was packed all night. Enjoy part two of this festive time and close your eyes imagining you are wilding on the dancefloor!
  59. Live, 12:01am, January 1, 2008 @ Ampersand, New Orleans2008/01/03
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  60. Live in Honolulu, Hawaii @ Next Door2007/12/08

    A long journey lead to a tiny oasis called Next Door. This club deserves it's stellar reputation as do the Hawaii peeps as they explode on a dance floor making for a worthwhile trip. In this set, Nigel plays everything from quiet deep minimal to raging techno and he even manages some vocals somehow like only a veteran could do. Enjoy.
  61. August 2005 Sirius Radio Mix2006/12/29

    This was a promotional mix for a guest spot on Sirius Radio from the fall of 2005. It's just another of the hundreds of live sets we have archived of Nigel's that we are pulling for the podcast. This mix has some classic jams, bootlegs, and Nigel edits that make it a timeless mix. Enjoy!
  62. Live in Alaska Electro Mix from 2002, pt 22006/12/14

    This is the second part from the live set at Koots in Anchorage, Alaska. In this part, Nigel gets a little darker, deeper, and a little more evil, before lightening up at the end. Enjoy the ride!
  63. Live in Alaska Electro Mix from 2002, pt 12006/12/12

    This was a great night at Koots in Anchorage Alaska when Nigel was way into the electro sounds. Enjoy as there are some great tunes on here.... This is part one.
  64. Nigel Richards Live in Minneapolis, Recorded January 13, 20062006/11/21

    This mix is in the archives of live mixes gathered from gigs along the way, recorded live in Minneapolis in a club we can't seem to get Nigel to remember the name of. Regardless, it's a pumping mix with a variety from Depeche Mode to Vitalic with some acid house between. It's live and raw.... gritty like you are on the dancefloor bumping into the turntables yourselves!
Nigel Richards Live DJ sets
A series of live mixes from Nigel's gigs around the globe.

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