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  1. Do You Want To Play A Game?2018/04/10
    Do you want to Play a Game? The stakes are high and the potential impact to your portfolio is significant. In this issue of the Horowitz & Company Economic Commentary, we discuss the potential for an escalation of a trade war between the U.S. and China: The latest round of U.S. tariffs directed against China […]
  2. TDI Podcast: Hedging and Trade Wars (#555)2018/04/08
    Tough tariff talk tanks markets. Many listeners have asked what they should do at this point. Hedge, sell, buy or what? In this episode we try to give some practical advice on these questions. Economics look strong, earnings are supposed to be solid, but what are the technical conditions telling us? Plus, a look into […]
  3. DHUnplugged #402: TRADE WAR!2018/04/04
    Trade war on the way? Seem that is the case – even though it is being downplayed. Markets have been in a free-fall as the news/headlines are just too much to digest. The question remains: Will earnings season save markets? A look at the Spotify direct listing as well as some of the important items […]
  4. TDI Podcast: Adapting to Market Conditions (#554)2018/04/01
    End of month and the end of the first quarter. Markets have been zigging and zagging with a significant leadership change to boot. What happened and where do we go from here? Headline risk could be as high as it has ever been and that has brought a clear shift in sentiment. As investors, we […]
  5. DHUnplugged #401: Smooth Sailing to Shipwreck2018/03/28
    A big week down after fears of a trade war escalate. That was quickly followed by a massive rally as talk of some U.S./China talks were underway. Facebook is getting grilled from all sides and the stock is under major pressure. Technical levels are in play as the sell-side continues to harp on the fundamental […]
  6. TDI Podcast: Hawkish Tilt with Danielle DiMartino Booth (#553)2018/03/25
    Guest, Danielle DiMartino Booth and Andrew discuss what happened at the last Fed meeting. Jerome Powell’s first outing and we delve into what he said – and didn’t say. Markets are getting smacked. As we discussed last week, there is much that the markets were going to have to deal with – but it became […]
  7. DHUnplugged #400: Facebook’d2018/03/21
    Is it news to anyone that personal data that is willingly shared on social media is readily available and sold to advertisers? This does not seem to be anything new. Nor is the fact that nefarious uses of personal data is commonplace in order to mold behavior. Even so, once Congress gets involved things can […]
  8. TDI Podcast: Psychological Warfare (#552)2018/03/18
    Some important items will be upcoming this week. Earnings, economics, the Fed rate decision and the budget decision are all discussed. We also spend some time answering an important question regarding cryptocurrencies. Plus – just what is going on with Social Media? The latest news on how user information was extracted and used for political […]
  9. DHUnplugged #399: Headline Overload2018/03/14
    Shakeups at the White House – inflation concerns wane. Plenty of market moving action this week. Tariffs have been put in place, but at a much more gentle level than was first expected. Jeff Bezos is taking over the world and his net worth proves it. Market insights and stock picks too – all in […]
  10. TDI Podcast: Bubba Gump Tariffs (#551)2018/03/11
    Over the past couple of weeks, tariffs have been moving markets. Now we see that the original concept of harsh tariffs have been mostly reversed. Why? Was this just a tactic for negotiation or political gain? We explore the lessons that can be learned from the process of testing the market’s reaction to trial balloons. […]
  11. H&C 1st Quarter 2018 Economic Commentary2018/03/07
    Markets often react to data in peculiar ways. This quarter we discuss some interesting observations on how markets interpret data. Starting off with a look at the Citi Economic Surprise Index: Perhaps one of the more interesting views of how market participants see the world is based on their reaction to the unexpected. Better numbers […]
  12. DHUnplugged #398: Flippity Floppity Cohn Groan2018/03/07
    Tariffs or no tariffs? The political flip-flop is heating up as comments made and then walked-back. Markets are on edge as there is no telling what is real from what is not. The “V” moves for markets continue as valuations battle technicals. Plus, we take a look at home price inflation, new technology innovations and […]
  13. TDI Podcast: Catching up With Curzio (#550)2018/03/04
    In the episode, I ask Frank Curzio about the health of the markets. Is good news – bad news now? We also look back on his great call on the retail stocks from December and the outlook for a few key names. We also take a look at some of the important technical levels and […]
  14. DHUnplugged #397: Correction Rejection Inflection2018/02/28
    An impressive reversal over the past couple of weeks as investors believe that the recent drop was too far, too fast. The Fed looks to provide some insight into their rate hike path as we decipher the recent testimony from Jay Powell. Plus – tech news, Channeling Market Predictions and our outlook and insights.397 ; […]
  15. TDI Podcast: Shower, Trickle, Drip (#549)2018/02/26
    Markets have been in rally mode, but where is the volume? We spend some time dissecting the latest minutes from the Fed to better understand the potential for rates over the next year. Also, a look at some of the important levels for market indices as well as insight into key metrics underlying equity markets. […]
  16. DHUnplugged #396: The Great Chicken Outage2018/02/21
    A big rebound after a quick market correction. What does the future hold from here? Several potential outcomes are discussed. Walmart disappoints and drops to key technical support – but some think there is a silver lining to the story. Plus, an update on the Austin trip, news of a chicken outage and of course, […]
  17. TDI Podcast: Inflation Is In The House! (#548)2018/02/18
    Quite the recovery – but what has history shown about the next potential move? We look back on other periods of intense volatility to find out more. Inflation is definitely on the rise. Several key economic reports this week confirmed that there has been a significant change in prices. Even so, the U.S. Dollar has […]
  18. DHUnplugged #395: Tarred and Feathered2018/02/14
    This seems to be the market’s version of a wardrobe malfunction. Some are blaming the recent slide on rates and others are simply saying it was overdue. We get into some of the reasons not being discussed. Plenty of listener limericks, market updates and insights. Plus, what really happened with the VIX last week? A […]
  19. TDI Podcast: Market Correction Gameplan (#547)2018/02/11
    Constant talk of good fundamentals and earnings had many investors adding leverage as volatility was non-existent. Risk has not been a concern for some time and portfolio leverage grew to historic levels. Then the spark that lit the fire – a sudden rise in yields caused panic which resulted in a market malfunction. We discuss […]
  20. DHUnplugged #394: Blood In The Streets2018/02/07
    There has been a meaningful change in sentiment – selling has picked up and profits some profits have been disgorged. From an overbought condition to severely oversold in just a matter of days. Is this the end of the bull run or simply a bump in the road? What areas are best to consider and […]
  21. TDI Podcast: Add Debt and Stir with Danielle Park (#546)2018/02/04
    Danielle Park explains why the markets are vulnerable at this point. In particular she looks at the incredible amount of corporate and sovereign debt that has built up over the past year. More importantly, she teaches us about risk and why many people overstate their risk tolerance. By looking to a more balanced approach and […]
  22. DHUnplugged #393: Bonds, Blame Bonds2018/01/31
    Bond yields have hit their highest levels since 2014. With easy money part of the explanation why stock valuations are stretched – will this cause some panic in the street? Big downside moves for markets all of a sudden that has the VIX hitting multi-month highs. Earnings season is playing out well so far and […]
  23. TDI Podcast: Decrypting Crypto Charts with Brian Shannon (#545)2018/01/28
    In this episode, Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends.net provides valuable insights into trading crytptocurrencies. We talk about some of his favorite setups, indicators and what coins to focus on. As Brian has always said, “it is only price that pays” and this goes for trends with cryptocurrencies as well. We talk Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. […]
  24. DHUnplugged #392: Tail Wagging2018/01/24
    Government Shutdown – for a few days. Earnings season is moving along and nothing seems to be able to stop this market from going higher. M&A activity in the biotech space starts the week off with a surge and economic conditions have been upgraded for most developed countries around the world. Analysts are upgrading stocks […]
  25. TDI Podcast: The Right Side Up with Jeffrey Small (#544)2018/01/21
    Guest, Jeffrey Small explains why he thinks that it may be time to get out of stocks. He tells us that most investors don’t know the risk that they are facing and how there are many better alternatives. Artificial markets, buybacks and central bank priming are some of the key reasons that Jeff believes are […]
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