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  1. TDI Podcast: You Get What You Pay For (#581)2018/09/30
    Looking at the latest news may not be in your best interest as an investor. Stay focused and remove distractions. A look at the value potential for Tesla (TSLA) if Elon Musk is removed as CEO. Plus, a sneak peak at the study we are in the process of completing regarding the benefits of active […]
  2. DHUnplugged #424: The Trade Kerfuffle2018/09/26
    What to call it? If it looks like a trade-war, swims like a trade-war, and quacks like a trade-war, then it probably is a trade-war. But call it what you will…. Plenty of M&A news this week and an update on the never-ending buybacks that are helping to support markets. The latest on the Hindenburg […]
  3. TDI Podcast: ‘Tis The Seasonality (#580)2018/09/23
    This week’s guest, Christoph Zenk – of Seasonax explains how seasonal trends can help investors with entry and exit timing. The newly created Seasonax App is a really cool and useful tool for uncovering important trends that were once very difficult to find. We explore an some interesting patterns and one specifically related to Apple […]
  4. TDI Podcast: The Amer-Nomadic Dream (#579)2018/09/16
    An up week after a down week, new tariffs on top of old tariffs and a twist on the American Dream. Our guest this week, Kathy Fettke – Author and founder of the Real Wealth Network, shows us where the opportunities are with real estate investing and how to get educated on the topic. Plus, […]
  5. DHUnplugged #423: Storm Approaching2018/09/12
    Hurricane Florence is on her way to the east coast of the U.S. A storm is also starting to build within the fixed income arena that will be explored. Plus – a look at the latest economic reports and stocks to watch. ; See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C. Dvorak on Twitter […]
  6. TDI Podcast: The Robots are Coming with John Pugliano (#578)2018/09/09
    Guest, John Pugliano has written a provocative book that takes a look at the world in which robots are coming for our jobs. He identifies robot-proof careers and illustrates some investment opportunities within the landscape. In this episode we also look at the latest economic reports and how that may be signalling additional rate hikes. […]
  7. DHUnplugged #422: Burning Down Da’ Shoes2018/09/05
    Emerging markets are still under pressure while the U.S. is a bright spot. New Nike ad gets under the skin of many and they are burning their shoes in response. Plus – a look at some interesting news and a few stock ideas. Plus an update on the Closest to The Pin for Canopy Growth […]
  8. TDI Podcast: The “R” Word with Frank Curzio (#577)2018/09/02
    If there is anything that is constant – it is Frank’s ability to cut through the noise and provide some grounded views. We get back to the potential impact of tariffs on the economy, the potential for a recession and several names that he believes have some opportunity. We start with some of the important […]
  9. DHUnpplugged #421: Consume With Confidence2018/08/29
    Consumer confidence has hit a high not seen since October 2000. With more money in their paychecks from the recent tax cuts, people are back spending again. Markets hitting all-time highs as trade tensions dissipate.421 President Trump has some new political headwinds as some close allies have found themselves in hot water. Plus a new […]
  10. TDI Podcast: Positive Feedback Loops (#576)2018/08/26
    Stocks seem impervious to bad news. Investors are squarely focused on the positive economic and underpinnings that have been driving markets higher. In this episode we discuss what to look for if economic conditions change and investor sentiment sours. More importantly, how not to get ahead of any potential downturn that appears possible at the […]
  11. DHUnplugged #420: The Big Weed Show2018/08/22
    It’s show 420 and we are covering more than markets. Yes, a special section discussing the latest weed news and some stocks to watch. Insights into the recent moves in currencies, crypto and a few odd stories that need to be reviewed. Of course we will also cover economics and other important market moving items […]
  12. TDI Podcast: Adventures in Asia (#575)2018/08/18
    Back from vacay and there are stories to tell. Plenty of interesting findings in South Korea and Shanghai – and find out about the stinky tofu we “enjoyed”. There are big questions that need to be answered regarding the potential for more contagion from the recent meltdown in emerging market currencies. Where do we go […]
  13. DHUnplugged #419: Tweet Magic Secured2018/08/15
    Some sideways action and churn in markets as investors digest the latest from around the world. The Turkish Lira takes a dive, now down 80% against the U.S. Dollar in 2018. With earnings season behind us, the next focal point will be how the Fed’s tightening program may be causing markets to seize up out […]
  14. TDI Podcast: Stranger bitThings with Chris DeRose (#574)2018/08/05
    Chris DeRose gives us a high level look into the appeal of cryptocurrencies. No, this is not a “BUY/SELL” discussion. Rather it is a look into the strange, and often upside down world of cryptocurrency. ICOs, trading, arbitrage and psychology are all areas we dig into in this episode – Not to be missed. Plus, […]
  15. DHUnplugged #418: Carnage is the New Buzzword2018/08/01
    Tech stocks getting slammed after Netflix, Facebook and Twitter have some very concerning earnings reports. Trade wars getting in the way of a rosy outlook, but U.S. economic growth remains robust. Plus, we take a look at the latest engineering marvel from Tesla and a creepy AI project out of China. See this week’s stock […]
  16. TDI Podcast: Dr. Kevin Doxzen on CRISPR (#573)2018/07/29
    Dr. Kevin Doxzen provides deep knowledge into the cutting edge biotech area of CRISPR. We focus on the potential, morality and opportunities. In this episode, we find out why ignorance is no longer bliss. Confirmation bias has been elevated with the fake-news brainwashing that has been firmly seeded. Specifically, the clear signals that were provided […]
  17. DHUnplugged #417: Desperate Measures2018/07/25
    Big earnings continue to be seen. Tech is cleaning up, cloud computing companies on fire. Industrials – not so good. Odd request from Tesla explored and a look into the future of car ownership. Plus, the last of the Fed Limericks! See this week’s stock picks HERE Follow John C. Dvorak on Twitter Follow Andrew […]
  18. TDI Podcast: The Pull-Forward Theory Explained (#572)2018/07/23
    The potential for a currency war is heating up, the Fed’s independence is threatened and new tariffs are proposed – just in the last few days! Listener questions are answered, the Pull-Forward Theory explained and some thoughts on sectors that could benefit from a falling dollar. A look back at the week’s important news, some […]
  19. DHUnplugged #416: Buying Frenzy2018/07/18
    Earnings season is on! Already seeing a few names getting love and some getting the boot. Investors continue to look past all headwinds and buying every chance they get. Good news is good news and bad news is an opportunity. The VIX is now near 12 again – more bullish moves to come or is […]
  20. TDI Podcast: Banging Heads with Curzio (#571)2018/07/14
    Frank Curzio lays out his case on why tariffs are not so bad – this is an area we disagree. Plus we take a look at what is working in this market, a few stock spicks, the outlook and some additional areas to consider. A look back at the week’s important news, some insight into […]
  21. DHUnplugged #415: Gangsta Style2018/07/11
    North Korea seems to want to extend the “negotiations” on denuclearization. Earnings season is about to get underway as the major banks are set to report later this week. Interesting news on the share buyback front, Brexit negotiations are in disarray, tariffs have been imposed on China – and the stock market is just fine. […]
  22. TDI Podcast : A New Twist on Seasonality Charts (#570)2018/07/08
    After a holiday shortened week, markets shook off any concerns about tariffs and focused on the continuing strength in the U.S. economy. In this episode, we discuss the importance of the current yield curve and how that may predict economic activity out a few years. We also take a look at a different set of […]
  23. DHUnplugged #414: IN-Depend Day2018/07/04
    The tough tariff talk is starting to make investors a bit skittish. With the holiday shortened week, many are looking forward to some good news out the the U.S. economy – specifically the employment picture – due Friday. The global backdrop is becoming a big concern as the idea that a trade war is actually […]
  24. TDI Podcast: Keeping It Simple (#569)2018/07/02
    Back to the regularly scheduled programing! After a few weeks with some the best talent in the area of FinTech, we get back to basics – covering futures, commodities and currencies with Raghee Horner of Simpler Trading. We also take a look at what is going on with oil, the markets and the global financial […]
  25. Benzinga FinTech Awards – Notes from the Conference (5)2018/06/29
    Kasasa – Gabe Krajicek This company provides Loan Payoff Scheduling and how it impacts the loan payoff timeline. The program calculates this for one-time payments or increasing your payments to your loan. This is nothing new, however… This type of program allows you to remove some of your additional payoffs as a loan at the […]
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