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MacMost Now - Mac and iPhone Tips and Tutorials

  1. Using the Flash Player In Safari (MacMost #1799)2018/11/29
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  2. Syncing Sounds to Video With GarageBand (MacMost #1798)2018/11/28
    View in HD at . You can bring video into GarageBand as a track and then use that video to sync your music, recording or sound effects to the action in the video. The preview window lets you operate with precision. You can then export the result as audio to bring into your video editing software, or export both the video and audio as a finished product.
  3. Copying and Pasting Between Pages, Numbers and Keynote (MacMost #1797)2018/11/27
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  4. Siri Shortcuts: Physics Position Formula (MacMost #1796)2018/11/26
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  5. Apple Gift Guide 2018 (MacMost #1795)2018/11/23
    View in HD at . Here are some suggestions for gifts for Apple fans. You can buy some pricey accessories like AirPods, an Apple TV or Apple Pencil. You can also find Appel Watch bands at almost any price, as well as battery and charging accessories at a variety of prices too.
  6. Customizing Your AirPods Tap Controls (MacMost #1794)2018/11/22
    View in HD at . You can send a control signal through your AirPods by double-tapping them. These signals can pause your audio, advance to the next track, or activate Siri. You can customizing what tapping each AirPod does in your Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  7. Reducing Dock Clutter By Minimizing Into Application Icons (MacMost #1793)2018/11/21
    View in HD at . If your Dock gets cluttered with minimized windows on the right side, then you may want to switch to let windows minimize into the application icon instead. You can always find minimized windows in the Dock or the Window menu. You can also start using Tabs to reduce the number of windows on the screen.
  8. Search A Specific Website With Quick Website Search (MacMost #1792)2018/11/20
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  9. iOS Control Center Hidden Buttons (MacMost #1791)2018/11/19
    View in HD at . The Control Center on iOS is very useful, yet many people don't use it to quickly access common functions. There are many buttons that you can add to Control Center that add even more. If you have an iPhone or iPad you should take the time to look at all of the buttons to get the most from your device.
  10. Technical Terms: Bandwidth (MacMost #1790)2018/11/16
    View in HD at . The term Bandwidth is used to describe data transferred over time. However, it is often misused to define a limit on total data transfer. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, usually using kilo or mega-bits to make the numbers more reasonable. Marketing departments often distort bandwidth to only show maximum or one-sided numbers.
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