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  1. How To Combine Shapes in Keynote and Pages (MacMost #1888)2019/04/05
    View in HD at . You can combine two or more shapes from Apple's huge shape library to create your own unique shapes. You have four methods for combining shapes to add, subtract, exclude or find the union of the shapes. You can then save the shapes for later use.
  2. How To Reset Your DNS Cache (MacMost #1887)2019/04/04
    View in HD at . If you are having trouble accessing a website, it could be because of a problem with your DNS cache. To reset your DNS cache on your Mac, you need to enter a command using the Terminal. In most cases, this will work, especially if you are using macOS Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave. Earlier versions of OS X may need some additional commands as well.
  3. 3 Ways To Print File Listings On Your Mac (MacMost #1886)2019/04/03
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  4. How To Choose Where Downloaded Files Are Saved (MacMost #1885)2019/04/02
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  5. How To Create Email Templates In Mojave Mail (MacMost #1884)2019/04/01
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  6. How To Quit Apps On the iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max (MacMost #1883)2019/03/29
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  7. How To Set the Recording Level On Your Mac (MacMost #1882)2019/03/28
    View in HD at . It is important to check and adjust your recording level before recording audio for a voice memo, audio file, video, presentation narration or anything that uses your microphone. Your Mac has an overall system setting for recording level, but some apps also have their own recording level adjustments.
  8. Understanding Mac File Extensions (MacMost #1881)2019/03/27
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  9. How To Apply Final Cut Pro Filters (MacMost #1880)2019/03/26
    View in HD at . One reason to use Final Cut Pro or a similar pro-level video editing app is to have access to a wide variety of interesting and useful filters. I'll show you how to apply a basic filter and how to make adjustments. We'll look at how to make your video look like an animation, apply a style and use effects like old film and rain.
  10. Using Siri On Your Mac To Remind You About Email, Web Pages, Documents and More (MacMost #1879)2019/03/25
    View in HD at . You can quickly and easily create reminders from email messages, web pages and documents to remind you to complete a task at a later time. The notification you receive will link you directly back to the content. You can also use this for Maps locations, Messages and a variety of other items on your Mac.
  11. How To Use Split View On Your Mac (MacMost #1878)2019/03/22
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  12. What Is Holi and Other Days On Apple's US Holidays Calendar? (MacMost #1877)2019/03/21
    View in HD at . Today is Holi, the Hindu Spring festival. It is one of many cultural and religious holidays included on Apple's default US Holidays calendar. Not everyone in the US celebrates all of the days on the US Calendar. Looking up the holidays you are unfamiliar with is an opportunity to learn about other holidays and cultures.
  13. Understanding Note Types (MacMost #1876)2019/03/20
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  14. Comparing Magnetic Power Adapters for USB-C MacBooks (MacMost #1875)2019/03/19
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  15. How To Change Instruments Used By Loops In GarageBand (MacMost #1874)2019/03/18
    View in HD at . When you use Software Instrument Loops in GarageBand, you can switch the instrument used by the loop to something else. For instance, a piano loop can be changed to use guitar or orchestral strings. You can also change the drum kit instrument used by drum loops. Software Instrument Loops can even be edited at the note level to create unique loops.
  16. How To Use PhotoShop Layers In Final Cut Pro (MacMost #1873)2019/03/15
    View in HD at . If you want to use complex graphics or create an animation in Final Cut Pro, you can build your image in Photoshop or another advanced image editing app that supports layers. You can then import that layered document into Final Cut Pro and access the layers. You can apply changes and effects to each layer, or use them to animate portions of the images.
  17. How To Split and Merge PDF Documents In Preview (MacMost #1872)2019/03/14
    View in HD at . You can copy pages in a PDF document in Preview and paste them to get a new document with only the pages you want. You can split a PDF into two or more smaller documents. You can also merge documents by dragging pages from one document into another.
  18. Why Are There Two Applications Folders? (MacMost #1871)2019/03/13
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  19. How To Control Website Notifications (MacMost #1870)2019/03/12
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  20. Using Animated GIFs In Keynote Presentations (MacMost #1869)2019/03/11
    View in HD at . Many people don't realize that you can use animated GIF images in Keynote presentations without doing anything special. You can just drag and drop them straight from a website or file. You can then set them to loop, start immediately and even trim the animation.
  21. Creating a System Report With EtreCheck (MacMost #1868)2019/03/08
    View in HD at . If you are getting online help from a source you trust, you can help them by providing a system report generated from the third-party app EtreCheck. This report includes many details about your hardware and software that can help someone help you.
  22. Treating the Mac App Store As a Cloud Service (MacMost #1867)2019/03/07
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  23. Taking RAW Photos With Your iPhone (MacMost #1866)2019/03/06
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  24. Resetting Your Mac's NVRAM and SMC (MacMost #1865)2019/03/05
    View in HD at . Resetting the Non-Volatile memory and System Management Controller is one way to troubleshoot problems with your Mac. But the methods for resetting those have changed with the latest hardware which include T2 chips. Most users will never have to deal with these, but if you do, learn Apple's recommended method for resetting these.
  25. What Is 5G? (MacMost #1864)2019/03/04
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  26. Adding Printers To Your Dock (MacMost #1863)2019/03/01
    View in HD at . You can add printer icons to the Dock to make it easier to print documents with drag-and-drop. You can also quickly access the printer cue and settings. This is particularly handy if you work with multiple printers.
  27. Create Reusable Text With Text Clippings (MacMost #1862)2019/02/28
    View in HD at . Text Clippings are little files you create using drag-and-drop. Once you have a text clipping, you can drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste it back into another document. You can organize your text clippings in the Finder. They are particularly useful because they retain text styling.
  28. Free iPhone Ringtones Revisited (MacMost #1861)2019/02/27
    View in HD at . Back in 2008 we created a huge set of 250 free iPhone ringtones for people to download and use on their iPhones. The page has been updated to put all of the ringtones in one huge list, make it easy to preview the tones, and also easier to install them directly on your iPhone. Check out this tutorial on how to download them without needing to sync with a computer and iTunes.
  29. 4 Ways To Type Fractions On a Mac (MacMost #1860)2019/02/26
    View in HD at . You can type fractions in text and word processing documents in a number of ways. The simplest is to use a slash character between numbers. This also works in cases where you want your Mac to perform calculations, like in Spotlight. But you can also format the fractions nicely using baseline shifts, special fraction characters, and the math equation editors in Pages and Word.
  30. Streaming Real Radio Stations In iTunes (MacMost #1859)2019/02/25
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  31. New Course: The Guide to iCloud (MacMost #1858)2019/02/22
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  32. How To Customize Your iPhone iCloud Backup (MacMost #1857)2019/02/21
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  33. Enhancing Your Favorites Bar With Emoji (MacMost #1856)2019/02/20
    View in HD at . The Favorties Bar in Safari can be a hard-to-read line of small text. But you can always add any Emoji character, just like you can with folder and file names. Finding the perfect emoji for a bookmark is sometimes easy and at other times challenging. The result is a colorful and easier-to-read Favorites Bar and Bookmarks menu.
  34. Masking Video In Keynote With a Donut (MacMost #1855)2019/02/19
    View in HD at . It is easy to put an image in a shape and mask the image using Keynote. But you cannot do the same with video. However, you can place a shape or image on top of a video. So by using the right shape, like the donut shape, editing it, and positioning it just right, you can put video in a circular mask.
  35. When Does the Mac Red Button Quit an App and When Does It Just Close a Window? (MacMost #1854)2019/02/18
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  36. 4 Ways To Type Superscript and Subscript On a Mac (MacMost #1853)2019/02/15
    View in HD at . If you need to raise characters above or lower them below the baseline, you can do it one of four ways. This is typically used in mathematical equations and chemical formulas. You can use the baseline adjustments in many apps, special superscript and subscript characters, commonly-recognized symbols, and the equation editor in Pages.
  37. Using and Customizing iPhone iCloud Backup (MacMost #1852)2019/02/14
    View in HD at . By default your iPhone will be backed up wirelessly to iCloud using iCloud Backup. Most iPhone users probably don't even know they have this turned on, but it will save them if they lose their iPhone. You can see how much space your iPhone backups are using and customize your backup. You can remove data from apps that you don't really need to be backed up.
  38. Mojave Screen Capture Options (MacMost #1851)2019/02/13
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  39. Using SVG Graphics In Pages and Keynote (MacMost #1850)2019/02/12
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  40. Creating Animation With Keynote Magic Move (MacMost #1849)2019/02/11
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