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  1. Midweek podcast: Jagmeet Singh sets his sights on B.C. seat2018/08/08
    After Jagmeet Singh announces his plan to run for a federal seat, The House host Chris Hall talks to Shachi Kurl, executive director of the Angus Reid Institute, and Sanjay Jeram, a senior political science lecturer at Simon Fraser University, about the NDP's prospects heading into next year's election.
  2. Canadians aren't buying Ottawa's message on asylum seekers2018/08/04
    This week on The House, we ask Minister Bill Blair about addressing the narrative around asylum seekers. We also talk to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna about her government's less strict carbon plan.
  3. Midweek podcast: Retaliatory auto tariffs could cripple Canada2018/08/01
    This week, as car-producing countries gather in Geneva, we ask Michael Hatch, the chief economist at the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, what would happen to the economy if Canada imposed dollar-for-dollar tariffs in response to U.S. duties on vehicles.
  4. Is Ottawa ready to ban handguns?2018/07/28
    This week on The House, we talk about how far the federal government is ready to go to tackle gun violence with new cabinet minister and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair. Then, guest-host David Cochrane sits down with former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge to talk about how Canada's economy is stacking up with the U.S.
  5. Midweek podcast: Evaluating claims of ISIS involvement in Toronto shooting2018/07/25
    Former CSIS analyst Phil Gurski is urging people to trust what law enforcement are saying after ISIS supposedly claimed responsibility for the recent shooting in Toronto.
  6. Premiers meet amid provincial-federal face offs2018/07/21
    This week on The House, guest host David Cochrane talks to the country's premiers about interprovincial trade, the carbon tax and pharmacare. We also sit down with Canada's ambassador to the U.S. to break down what could be the next blow to relations between the two countries.
  7. Midweek podcast: Justin Trudeau shuffles his cabinet2018/07/17
    On The House midweek podcast, the CBC's Vassy Kapelos and Chris Hall break down the new moves within the federal cabinet with guest host David Cochrane. We also ask New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant, who's hosting this week's meeting of the country's premiers, for his thoughts on the changes.
  8. The Disruptor-in-chief goes to NATO2018/07/14
    This week on The House, another international summit turned into yet another opportunity for the disruptor-in-chief to strike. This time, U.S. president Donald Trump's targets were his NATO allies, including Canada. What does it mean for the future of the organization? We talk to retired U.S. Lt. General Ben Hodges and former Conservative Defence and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay.
  9. Midweek podcast: Trump's style from the G7 threatens NATO meeting2018/07/11
    This week on the midweek podcast, we ask Derek Chollet, a former U.S. senior defence advisor, how President Donald Trump's approach could influence this week's NATO meeting, and what Canada should prepare for.
  10. Donald Trump takes aim at NATO2018/07/07
    This week on The House, the former U.S. Representative to NATO, Douglas Lute, looks ahead at a potential explosive meeting of NATO leaders next week. Then, we discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's handling of an allegation of inappropriate behaviour that dates back almost two decades.
  11. Midweek podcast: How Mexico's next president will deal with Canada2018/07/04
    On The House midweek podcast, guest-host Catherine Cullen talks to Hugo Perezcano, a former counsel on international trade to Mexico's Ministry of Economy, about how the outcome of the Mexican election will impact NAFTA talks and what that could mean for Canada.
  12. Trade dispute with Donald Trump escalates2018/06/30
    This week on The House, with retaliatory tariffs running into the billions of dollars being levied on a wide range of American goods in response to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum, we ask Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland about her plan to settle the trade dispute with the United States. We also have a feature conversation with the leader of the Official Opposition, Andrew Scheer.
  13. Midweek podcast: The fight against fake news2018/06/27
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we chat with digital media expert Fenwick McKelvey about Facebook's plans to tackle misinformation on their site in Canada. Chris Hall also talks to Saskatchewan finance minister Donna Harpauer about the outcome of Tuesday's meeting with Bill Morneau, her federal counterpart.
  14. How should Canada respond to U.S. immigration policies?2018/06/23
    This week on The House, we ask former Liberal cabinet minister Lloyd Axworthy and UNHCR representative Jean-Nicolas Beauze about Canada's roll in helping with the unfolding issues at the U.S.-Mexico border. We also tackle some of the remaining questions on pot with the government's point person on the file, Bill Blair.
  15. Midweek podcast: Staying competitive with the U.S.2018/06/20
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  16. Canada's feud with Trump and the threat of new tariffs2018/06/16
    This week on The House, we review the state of Canada-U.S. relations with Congressman Kevin Cramer, Republican Senator John Hoeven and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. And the French and German ambassadors to Canada join us to discuss the impact of Donald Trump's approach on other U.S. allies.
  17. Midweek podcast: Next House-Senate showdown over pot?2018/06/13
    On The House midweek podcast, Independent Senator Yuen Pau Woo walks us through what could happen next now that the federal government has rejected several key amendments to the marijuana legalization bill. We also talk to journalism and international affairs professor Andrew Cohen about the state of Canada-U.S. relations.
  18. Trump and Trudeau face off over trade at the G72018/06/09
    This week on The House, Finance Minister Bill Morneau joins us from the G7 meeting in Charlevoix to explain the Ottawa's approach to the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium. We also break down what the Ontario election results will mean for the federal government with three strategists. Finally, Chris Hall sits down with three Senators to talk about the legalization of cannabis.
  19. Midweek podcast: Trump's impact on the G7 and MMIWG extension2018/06/06
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  20. The plan for Canada's tariffs counter-punch2018/06/01
    This week on The House, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland talks about Canada's response to new U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium. Then, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley shares her thoughts about Ottawa's move to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline. Chris Hall also sits down with Liberal MP Bill Blair to look ahead to next week's Senate vote on cannabis legalization.
  21. Midweek podcast: Explaining Ottawa's Kinder Morgan decision2018/05/29
    On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall analyzes the federal government's decision to take over Kinder Morgan's controversial expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Then, we hear from Chief Robert Chamberlin, the vice-president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs.
  22. 26/05/18 - Will Ottawa and Kinder Morgan reach a deal?2018/05/26
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  23. Midweek podcast: explaining proposed changes to divorce laws2018/05/23
    On The House midweek podcast, guest-host Catherine Cullen sits down with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to go over what the first major revamp of divorce laws in more than 20 years could mean for parents and children.
  24. NAFTA deal may have to wait until 2019, pipeline feud spills over2018/05/19
    This week on The House, Congressman Brian Higgins talks to Chris Hall about the state of NAFTA negotiations. We also break down the latest in the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion battle with officials from B.C., Alberta and Ottawa. Finally, the Insiders join us to analyze the Ontario election campaign.
  25. Midweek podcast: Ottawa ready to compensate Kinder Morgan against political delays2018/05/16
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we recap Minister Bill Morneau's announcement about what Ottawa is prepared to do to get the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion built with Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and CAPP president Tim McMillan.
  26. Battle of the bills grips Senate and House of Commons2018/05/12
    This week on The House, we recap a busy week in the Senate with the government representative's in the Red Chamber, Senator Peter Harder. Chris Hall also sits down with the German ambassador to Canada to talk about the future of the Iran nuclear deal. Finally, we ask former chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand about the Liberals' new electoral reform bill.
  27. Midweek podcast: Looming deadlines for pot and NAFTA2018/05/09
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we catch up on NAFTA talks with U.S.-Canada trade expert at Dickinson Wright Dan Ujczo, and look ahead to marijuana legalization with the person who chaired the federal task force on cannabis legalization and regulation, Anne McLellan.
  28. First Nations take on federal plan for pot legislation2018/05/05
    This week on The House, we talk with Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day about how Indigenous communities plan to tackle the federal government's plan to legalize marijuana. Chris Hall also sits down with the acting Minister of Democratic Institutions, Scott Brison, to dissect the government's bill to modernize the country's election laws.
  29. Midweek podcast: The future of the Safe Third Country Agreement2018/05/02
    On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall talks to two immigration lawyers about what, if anything, could be done to improve the Safe Third Country Agreement.
  30. B.C. and Saskatchewan take their fights with Ottawa to the courts2018/04/28
    This week on The House, both British Columbia and Saskatchewan are using the justice system to challenge Ottawa's pipeline and carbon pricing plans. We talk to Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe, B.C.'s attorney general David Eby, and federal environment and climate change minister Catherine Mckenna.
  31. Midweek podcast: Where is the pharmacare debate heading?2018/04/25
    On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall asks Linda Silas of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions what she would like to see emerge from the pharmacare development debate.
  32. Updated podcast - The Liberals' challenges on the road to re-election 2018/04/22
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  33. The Liberals' challenges on the road to re-election 2018/04/21
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  34. Midweek podcast: Why Quebec is watching the Trans Mountain battle2018/04/18
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we explore why Quebec is so interested in the Trans Mountain expansion feud with Quebec's minister of Canadian relations, Jean-Marc Fournier. We also talk to family doctor Danielle Martin about the concept of a national pharmacare program.
  35. Trudeau, Notley and Horgan meet to avoid a constitutional showdown2018/04/14
    This week on The House, we explore the issues surrounding the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion with Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. Chris Hall also looks ahead to the unprecedented committee appearance of National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, Daniel Jean, to discuss Justin Trudeau's trip to India.
  36. Midweek podcast: Ottawa's legal options on pipelines and what Scotland can learn from Quebec2018/04/11
    On The House midweek podcast, we sit down with constitutional law expert Carissima Mathen to discuss the federal government's legal options moving forward with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. We also talk to the presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament about what Scotland can learn from Canada's relationship with Quebec.
  37. Could Canada see another wave of asylum seekers?2018/04/07
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  38. Midweek podcast: Battling cyber attacks and responding to the Rohingya crisis2018/04/04
    On The House midweek podcast, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg talks to Chris Hall about cyber security, growing tensions with Russia and Canada's potential involvement in Iraq. We also sit down with Bob Rae to discuss the recommendations he has for Canada's response to the Rohingya crisis.
  39. What is Ottawa ready to do to protect your privacy in the digital age?2018/03/31
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  40. Do Canada's privacy laws need an update... and to apply to political parties?2018/03/24
    This week on The House, Chris Hall talks about the fallout from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal with Canada's privacy commissioner, Daniel Therrien.
  41. Trump's approach to opioids and Canadian peacekeepers are heading to Mali2018/03/21
    On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall talks about the U.S. president's approach to tackling the opioid crisis. Then, we look at the federal government's decision to send peacekeepers to Mali.
  42. How the chaos in Donald Trump's Washington might affect Canada2018/03/17
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  43. Midweek podcast - Doug Ford's provincial campaign to build off leadership race tactics2018/03/14
    Doug Ford's strategy going into the provincial campaign is expected to build off his leadership tactics, according to his the man who just ran his successful campaign to lead the Ontario PC, Michael Diamond.
  44. Canada dodges Donald Trump's tariffs... for now2018/03/10
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  45. Trump's tariffs and India trip fallout overshadow budget 20182018/03/03
    This week on The House, Chris Hall sits down with Finance Minister Bill Morneau to discuss his latest budget. Then, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer shares his thoughts on the Liberals' fiscal blueprint and the ongoing controversy over the Prime Minister's trip to India. Finally, we discuss the potential impact of new U.S. trade restrictions on aluminum and steel.
  46. Midweek pod: Inside the 2018 federal budget lock-up2018/02/27
    On The House midweek podcast, from inside the 2018 federal budget lock-up, Chris Hall dissects Bill Morneau's latest fiscal blueprint with CBC parliamentary bureau chief Rob Russo and CBC senior reporters David Cochrane and Karina Roman.
  47. Justin Trudeau's chaotic India trip and next week's federal budget2018/02/24
    This week on The House, we dig into Justin Trudeau's chaotic visit to India. Then, we look ahead to next week's budget with the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos. Finally, the Insiders discuss what Finance Minister Bill Morneau needs to accomplish with his third fiscal blueprint.
  48. Midweek podcast: Ontario PC drama and Indigenous rights framework2018/02/21
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  49. A new chapter for Indigenous rights?2018/02/17
    This week on The House, Chris Hall sits down with two cabinet ministers, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Carolyn Bennett, to discuss the recently promised legal framework to recognize Indigenous rights. We also talk to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh about crafting a progressive alternative to the Liberal Party.
  50. Midweek: Colten Boushie's family meets Justin Trudeau2018/02/13
    On The House midweek podcast, Chris Hall talks to Kathy Hodgson-Smith, an indigenous rights and criminal defence lawyer based in Saskatoon, and Bill Trudell, the Chair of the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers, about the issues that have been raised in the aftermath of last week's verdict in the trial over Colten Bushie's death.
  51. Ottawa not closing the door to incentives if B.C. caves on pipeline2018/02/10
    This week, Chris Hall sits down with Natural Resources Jim Carr to talk about the dispute over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. Then, we hear from B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver.
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