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  1. Midweek podcast for April 24, 2019: History made on Prince Edward Island2019/04/24
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  2. The House for April 20: Halifax incidents raise questions about racism in Canada2019/04/20
    This week on The House, we look ahead to Tuesday's provincial election in Prince Edward Island with two of the party leaders. We also explore racial profiling in Canada with Senator Wanda Bernard. And we ask our In House panel to recap the Alberta election and what to expect in October's federal one.
  3. The House for April 13: The race to lead Alberta2019/04/13
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  4. Midweek podcast for April 10, 2019: Division in Alberta2019/04/10
    This week, The House is in Alberta to explore the big issues in the provincial election. We talk to political scientist Lori Williams and Alberta Beef Producers chair Charlie Christie about the tone of politics, and what they're expecting.
  5. The House for April 6, 2019: Recruiting the two ex-Liberals2019/04/06
    This week on The House, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talks about his time in the House of Commons, his plan for the environment and the SNC-Lavalin matter. We also talk about the carbon tax with Minister Catherine McKenna. Finally, MP John McKay fills us in on Russia's activity in the Arctic.
  6. Midweek podcast for April 3, 2019: Trust and loyalty in a political party2019/04/03
    Today on the midweek podcast, we ask a former chief of staff to Jean Chrétien and now-Senator Percy Downe about how trust and loyalty factor into a cabinet and caucus in the wake of two former cabinet ministers being kicked out of the party over the SNC-Lavalin affair.
  7. A tale of the tape2019/03/30
    This week on The House, Deputy Conservative Party Leader Lisa Raitt talks to us about the new Jody Wilson-Raybould recording released to the public. Plus, experts on agriculture and trade weigh in on the canola dispute with China. Finally, our campaign strategists from all three major federal parties are back to discuss plans for the election.
  8. Midweek podcast: The opposition's latest calls to investigate SNC-Lavalin2019/03/27
    This week on the midweek podcast, Chris Hall chats with NDP MP Tracy Ramsey and Conservative MP Peter Kent about what next steps they want to see now that two committees have rejected the study of the SNC-Lavalin affair.
  9. The House: Budget, interrupted2019/03/23
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  10. Midweek podcast: The Liberals' election year budget2019/03/19
    This week on the midweek podcast, Chris Hall sits down with CBC's finance reporters and the Parliamentary Bureau chief to break down the initial winners and losers of Tuesday's budget.
  11. New Zealand attacks and Tuesday's big budget2019/03/16
    This week on The House, guest host Vassy Kapelos explores the power of political reaction to atrocities like the Christchurch mosque shootings with Ihsaan Gardee of the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Then, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu and our panel of journalists are here to look ahead to Tuesday's federal budget.
  12. Midweek podcast: Tina Fontaine's legacy and Indigneous child welfare2019/03/14
    Guest host Vassy Kapelos talks to Toronto Star columnist Tanya Talaga about the report out this week on the factors leading to 14-year-old Tina Fontaine's death in 2014, and how the federal government's Indigenous child welfare bill must seize the opportunity to prevent cases like Tina's from happening again.
  13. Is there a way out of the SNC-Lavalin crisis for the Liberals?2019/03/09
    How badly has the SNC-Lavalin controversy shaken Trudeau and the PMO off their pre-election course? Host David Cochrane talks to a cabinet minister, the Liberal caucus chair and two political strategists about mapping a way forward. Plus: Nurses react to a proposed pharmacare plan, and the NDP's Nathan Cullen on his post-Hill future.
  14. Midweek podcast: The other side of the SNC-Lavalin affair2019/03/06
    In the wake of testimony from the prime minister's former right hand man Gerald Butts and new information from Michael Wernick, clerk of the privy council, Chris Hall sits down with Peter Donolo, director of communications for former prime minister Jean Chretien, for his take on the SNC-Lavalin scandal and what should happen next.
  15. The House: Illegal versus inappropriate in the SNC-Lavalin case2019/03/02
    This week on The House, we ask former justice minister and attorney general Irwin Cotler about the duality of that role and what Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony means for the SNC-Lavalin affair. We turn our attention out west for an update on Trans Mountain and Bill C-69 from Alberta premier Rachel Notley and finally ask Ontario's health minister about their health care system overhaul.
  16. Midweek podcast: Jody Wilson-Raybould speaks her truth2019/02/27
    On today's midweek podcast, three members of the Commons justice committee - Liberal Randy Boissonnault, Conservative Lisa Raitt and New Democrat Murray Rankin - join Chris Hall to talk about what Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony means for Canada, especially in an election year. We also ask a legal ethics expert about the broader implications.
  17. The House: Mixed reviews for the new Trans Mountain report2019/02/23
    This week on The House, we ask fisheries and oceans minister Jonathan Wilkinson about the new NEB report on the environmental impact of the Trans Mountain pipeline. We also break down the latest on the SNC-Lavalin affair with two legal experts. Finally, we get an update on those U.S. tariffs from Minister Marc Garneau.
  18. Midweek podcast: How is the Liberal caucus dealing with the SNC-Lavalin affair?2019/02/20
    This week, we talk to Liberal caucus chair Francis Scarpaleggia about what effect the SNC-Lavalin controversy involving the PMO and former attorney general is having on his party's caucus, and what the tone is like behind closed doors.
  19. The House: A crisis of political proportions2019/02/16
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  20. Midweek podcast: Can political parties come together to discuss the SNC-Lavalin scandal?2019/02/13
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  21. The House: Allegations of a political cover up2019/02/09
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  22. Midweek podcast: With tariffs on the table, where does the Canada-U.S. relation stand?2019/02/06
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we talk to the CEO of the Canadian-American Business Council Maryscott Greenwood about Donald Trump's mention of Canada and trade in his State of the Union address - and what that means for the bi-lateral relationship. We also pay tribute to former MP Paul Dewar, who died on Wednesday.
  23. Democracy in danger and the battleground B.C.2019/02/02
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  24. Midweek podcast: Obama speechwriter on the playbook of populism2019/01/30
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  25. The House is back: what to watch for starting Monday2019/01/27
    MPs are back in Ottawa Monday for the final push before the fall election. What should the government be looking to achieve? What arrows do the Opposition parties have in their quivers? Politicos David Herle and Jaime Watt have advised government and opposition, and share their strategies in this special episode.
  26. Terror probe in Kingston2019/01/26
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  27. Midweek pod: Did the ambassador's China comments cross the line?2019/01/23
    Canada's ambassador to China John McCallum says the Huawei executive arrested in Vancouver at the request of the United States has a strong case to fight extradition. We ask lawyer Donald Bayne if McCallum has a legal argument. Plus: should Canadian companies be held to account for human rights abuses in operations abroad?
  28. Feds not letting go of pipeline just yet2019/01/19
    Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Ottawa is likely to own the Trans Mountain pipeline past the next election, while a B.C. chief gets serious about his pitch to buy it. Plus: the new minister for rural economic development talks connectivity in Canada, and MPs debrief us on the closed door meeting with the ambassador to China.
  29. May Day in the U.K.2019/01/16
    On the midweek podcast, Chris talks to the former Canadian High Commissioner to the U.K., Jim Wright, about what's next for Brexit. Then, Liberal MP John McKay discusses his private member's bill that would stop Canada from importing goods produced by modern slavery.
  30. The Brexit brink and a Green '192019/01/12
    This week on The House, Britain's High Commissioner looks ahead to Tuesday's critical Brexit vote and what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Canada. Then, Elizabeth May joins Chris to talk Green Party strategy as she hopes to capitalize on provincial momentum in this fall's federal election. Plus, the In House panel discusses January 'House cleaning' as Trudeau prepares for a cabinet shuffle.
  31. Midweek podcast: The politics of anger2019/01/09
    Politics has always been a blood sport, but is it getting nastier than ever? As a federal election year kicks off, The House looks at why anger and fear are becoming dominating forces in politics, protests and discourse, with former political strategist and senator Hugh Segal.
  32. A busy new year in politics2019/01/05
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  33. The 2018 political quiz2018/12/29
    This week on The House, we test your memory with our annual political quiz. Joel-Denis Bellavance from La Presse, Tonda MacCharles from the Toronto Star and the CBC's Catherine Cullen battle over some of the most memorable moments of Canadian politics in 2018.
  34. Canada's options for dealing with China2018/12/22
    This week on The House, we ask former CSIS director Ward Elcock about how Canada can handle relations with China. We also hear a perspective on renovating 24 Sussex Dr. from Scott Reid, who spent time there with former prime minister Paul Martin. Finally, we look back on politics in 2018 with the Conservatives and the NDP.
  35. U.S.-China faceoff puts Canada in an awkward position2018/12/15
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  36. Midweek podcast: The 2019 to-do list for the Liberals2018/12/12
    This week on The House midweek podcast, we ask Government House Leader Bardish Chagger about what her party did in 2018 and what they hope to accomplish next year. Chris Hall talks to her about broken promises and big achievements in anticipation of 2019.
  37. Justin Trudeau confronts the provincial uprisings2018/12/08
    This week, The House is in Montreal for the First Ministers' Meeting. We sit down with British Columbia's John Horgan and Alberta's Rachel Notley for an update on the environment and oil. We ask Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil about the barriers to free trade within Canada and finally, get a response from federal minister Dominic LeBlanc on the issues raised at the gathering.
  38. Midweek Podcast: Pot pardons and premiers2018/12/05
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  39. Dangerous diplomatic waters and climate concerns2018/12/01
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  40. Midweek pod: Millenials' money habits2018/11/28
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  41. Profits, policing and parcels2018/11/24
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  42. Midweek podcast: Fall fiscal update2018/11/22
    This week on The House midweek podcast, host Chris Hall dives into the government's fall fiscal update with CBC parliamentary bureau chief Rob Russo and Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos.
  43. Threat Assessments at the Halifax International Security Forum2018/11/17
    Host Chris Hall discusses the most pressing global defence issues with leaders including NATO deputy secretary-general Rose Gottemoeller, Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, and NATO military committee chairman Stuart Peach.
  44. Calgary Olympics: failure to launch?2018/11/14
    We hear from two Calgary city councillors with differing opinions on the city's failed bid, and an Olympics expert weighs in on whether the golden allure of the games is too tarnished for taxpayers. Plus, U.S. congresswoman-elect Deb Haaland breaks down barriers as the first Indigenous woman elected to Congress.
  45. Welcome to the data economy2018/11/10
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  46. How to shake up political campaigns, Macron-style2018/11/07
    Suffering from a post-midterms political hangover? We've got your cure. Get a dose of positive politics with Guillaume Liegey, the organizer behind French President Emmanuel Macron's innovative campaign strategy, who shares his insights into improving politicians' ground games. Plus: UNHCR assistant High Commissioner Volker Turk on moving beyond using migrants as political props.
  47. Midterms and a rise in populism2018/11/03
    This week on The House, we talk with Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch on the upcoming U.S. midterms and what a potential shift in the House of Representatives could mean for the House of Commons. Also, Chris Hall chats with former Prime Minister Paul Martin about the shift towards more protectionist leaders heading G20 nations.
  48. Midweek podcast: Pay equity and jurors' mental health2018/10/31
    This week on the midweek podcast, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu walks us through the government's pay equity legislation and we talk to a former juror about a new mental health bill aimed at the justice system.
  49. Courting China on trade and human rights2018/10/27
    This week on The House, we ask Ambassador John McCallum about the path forward to a trade deal with China, then talk to New Zealand's Trade Minister David Parker on reforming the WTO. We also talk about the carbon tax with Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips. Finally, we break down political incivility in the age of social media with a political expert.
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