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Acting On Faith podcast

  1. Acting on Faith (Apr 14th, 2007)2007/04/22
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  2. Acting on Faith (12pm on Apr 7th, 2007)2007/04/12
    This episode features interviews with 5 volunteers of Books to Prisoners (www.books2prisoners.org), a group which collects donated books and ships them for free to prisoners in the Illinois correctional system. Hosted by Barbara Kessel.
  3. Acting on Faith (12pm on Mar 31st, 2007)2007/04/12
    This episode begins with segment of "The Big Picture - What the Religions of the World Teach Us About the Nature of Ultimate Reality," a lecture by Houston Smith. It then proceeds to interviews with 3 members of the Jain Student Organization of the University of Illinois. Hosted by Jason Mierek.
Acting On Faith podcast
Acting on Faith is an ecumenical collective of spiritually minded and socially active folks exploring beliefs and actions in our community and the larger world. We have a radio show on WRFU-LP, 104.5 (www.wrfu.
net) in Urbana, IL, and host a variety of interesting speakers from all faiths. As a group, we come from a fairly wide range of beliefs, and do not favor one flavor of spirituality over another. Our radio show is broadcast out of the Independent Media Center (www.ucimc.org) on a low power license.

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