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  1. Las mujeres japonesas son las mas longevas - Noticias en Español - Learn Spanish by reading and listening to news - www.albalearning.com2009/07/22
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  2. Noticias en Español - News in Spanish - Practicar el ciclismo de manera intensiva disminuye la fertilidad masculina - www.albalearning.com - Learn Spanish2009/07/03
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  3. Alma, corazón y vida_Los Panchos y Alba :-) (lyrics and quizzes online)2007/10/29
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  4. Love letters in the sand _ Dizzy :-) (lyrics and quizzes online)2007/10/22
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  5. A million to one_Ed Bogus :-) (lyrics and quizzes online)2007/10/13
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  6. You are so beautiful_Don Belter :-) (lyrics and quizzes online)2007/10/10
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  7. When you tell me that you love me_Frederic White :- )2007/10/09
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  8. Amar-To love_Simple Present (Quizzes-online)2007/09/18
    Amar-To love ( Presente Simple)
    You can find the text and quizzes online at
  9. La niña que no quería comer_Lesson+quizzes-online2007/09/17
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  10. The months of the year in Spanish2007/09/16
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  11. Dictation - El astronomo - Aesop's Fable - Audiolibro - Audiobook - Online quizzes2007/09/13
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  12. Ele-01_Saying "Hello" in Spanish (Informal)2007/09/05
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  13. It's not unusual_No es raro (by Ed Bogus) :-)2007/09/03
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  14. A fool such as I_Dizzy :-)2007/08/26
    A fool such as I _ Un tonto como yo

    A song by Dizzy.
    You can listen more of his songs visiting :

    The lyrics in Spanish and English to be read or downloaded at:

    Quizzes online here:
  15. Autumn leaves_Hojas de otoño (Nat King Cole) :-)2007/08/20
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  16. The months of the year in Spanish (with quizzes online)2007/08/02

    You can do the online quizzes visiting the page:

    More online quizzes at:
  17. Colores - Colours - online quizzes - ejercicios interactivos2007/07/30

    Basic vocabulary. Colours. Vocabulario básico. Colores You can find the text and some quizzes online at http://albalearning.com/ejercicios/voc
  18. Quizzes online - Albalearning - Spanish - French - English2007/07/30
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  19. Noticias-3_La prostata y los hombres2007/07/23
    “El miedo hace que los hombres que padecen cáncer eviten buscar ayuda”(From BBC News)
    Puede encontrar la transcripción, así como la versión en inglés, visitando el blog:

  20. News-3_Prostate2007/07/23
    Fear 'makes cancer men shun help' (From BBC News)
    You can find the transcription and the Spanish version visiting:
  21. I won't forget you_ By Dizzy :-)2007/07/06
    Listen to this song and read the lyrics in both languages, Spanish and English visiting the blog

  22. News-2_Insulina2007/07/05
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  23. Noticias-2_Insulina2007/07/05
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  24. News-1_Frozen Eggs 2007/07/04
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  25. Noticias-1_Ovulos congelados2007/07/04
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  26. Sweet Love_ by Rakesh Paul2007/06/24
    This is a poem I came across in esnips . Please listen to it and read it in the blogpage

    or in Rakesh Paul's esnips page

  27. Lesson 1_study.com2007/06/23
    Lesson 1 in Study.com

    You can find the transcription visiting

  28. Study.com classes2007/06/22
    If you want to attend real classes online with real teachers and real students from all over the world visit

  29. Goodbye to love_FredEric White :-)2007/06/15
    Goodbye to love_Adios al amor
    Originally sung bye "The carpenters" we'll listen and study this song today bye FredEric White.

    The lyrics and translation at:

  30. Summer wind_Rick Lake :-)2007/06/14
    Summer Wind _Viento de Verano.

    A song that was sung by Franck Sinatra. Today we will listen to Rick Lake whose performance is simply perfect . Congratulations Rick and thanks a lot!!.

    Listen to the song and the translation into Spanish.

    The text (and a link to Rick Lake site) is available at:

  31. Easy Grammar_Ser+Prombres Personales2007/06/12
    Presente de Indicativo del verbo Ser
    Pronombres Personales

    Yo soy..I am..

    El texto en

    French version:
  32. Usual expressions: Levantarse con el pie izquierdo2007/06/11
    Usual expressions in Spanish and the equivalent in English:

    Levantarse con el pie izquierdo_Get up on the wrong side of the bed

    You can find the text and vocabulary (free) at
  33. Numbers - Numeros-1-10 - en-sp2007/06/08

    Numbers from 1 to 10_Números del 1 al 10
    1 _ Uno _ One
    2_ Dos _ Two
    3_ Tres _ Three
    4_ Cuatro _ Four
    5_ Cinco _ Five
    6_ Seis _ Six
    7_ Siete _ Seven
    8_ Ocho _ Eight
    9_ Nueve _ Nine
    10_ Diez _ Ten
  34. Spanish eyes_Dizzy :-)2007/06/06
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  35. Dictado-002 (Dictation)2007/06/04
    We'll try to learn new vocabulary by listening and writing this short dialogue.

    Try to write what you listen and then compare your writing with the text you'll find in the pdf file that can be found in the blog


  36. Contigo aprendi_Ruben García :-)2007/05/30
    This is a Bolero, originally sung by Luis Miguel, though it was Armando Manzanero who wrote "Contigo aprendí" and made it world wide famous.

    This is a version made by Ruben Garcia. Congratulations Ruben and thank you very much :-)

    You can find the lyrics in the blog(songs/canciones)

  37. Perfidia_Nat King Cole :-)2007/05/29
    There are songs that will remain in our memories forever, like this one "Perfidia" or "Treachery" in English.

    Listen to this beautiful song in Spanish and see what the lyrics mean in English. Open the pdf file please.( You can find it in the blog, songs/canciones section)


  38. Dictado-001_Inicial2007/05/28
    This is a simple dictation for you to test. For very beginners.
    Please let me know if you'd love this kind of stuff.

    For the text visit the blog:

  39. South of the border_Ed Bogus :-)2007/05/25
    This is a song by Ed Bogus. Congratulations Ed!
    Thanks for allowing me to play it in the podcast :-)

    South of the border... Al sur the la frontera...
    You can find the lyrics in both languages in the blog(songs/canciones)

  40. Teddy Bear_Dizzy :-)2007/05/24
    (This song was originally sung by Elvis Presly. Honestly, this version is terrific! Congratulations Dizzy!!)

    Baby let me be..

    Cariño déjame ser...

    You can find the lyrics in both languages in the blog (songs/canciones)
  41. Usual expressions-08: Como el perro y el gato (en-sp)2007/05/22
    Usual expressions in Spanish and the equivalent in English:

    Estar como el perro y el gato_At each other's throat

    You can find the text and vocabulary (free) at

    You can get the equivalent in French visiting
  42. It's now or never_Elvis Presley :-)2007/05/21
    It's now or never..._ Es ahora o nunca...

    The text in the blog: (songs/canciones)
  43. The months of the year - Online Quizzes - English, French and Spanish (www.albalearning.com)2007/05/18
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  44. Los meses del año - ingles - español - frances - ejercicios interactivos2007/05/18


    Online quizzes (Spanish, English and French)

    Free vocabulary
  45. The days of the week in Spanish2007/05/16
    The days of the week _ Los días de la semana
    Lunes (Monday)
    Martes (Tuesday)
    Miércoles (Wednesday)
    Jueves (Thursday)
    Viernes (Friday)
    Sábado (Saturday)
    Domingo (Sunday)
  46. Usual expressions-07: Dar la lata a alguien (en-sp)2007/05/15
    Usual expressions in Spanish and the equivalent in English:

    Dar la lata al alguien_To be a pain in the neck

    You can find the text and vocabulary (free) at

  47. La vie en rose_Louis Armstrong :-)2007/05/14
    This is a beautiful version of the song "La vie en rose" made by Louis Armstrong. You can find the version made by Edith Piaff at http://espagnolblog.wordpress.com

    This English-Spanish lyrics can be found at

  48. Amazing picture!2007/05/11
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  49. Usual expressions: Coger el toro por los cuernos2007/05/09
    Usual expressions in Spanish and the equivalent in English:

    Coger el toro por los cuernos_Grasp the nettle

    You can find the text and vocabulary (free) at
  50. Ele-in-02-A phone call 2007/05/08
    A phone call _ Una llamada de teléfono

    Vocabulary in context.

    The transcription can be found at:
  51. Crazy _By Likita :-)2007/05/07
    We will study this song, "crazy", and listen to our friend singing it. Doesn't she make a great job? Sure she does! Congratulations Likita!

    Crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely...

    Loca, loca por sentirme tan sola...

    The lyrics and vocabulary can be found at
  52. Quizas, quizas, quizas _Nat King Cole :-)2007/05/02
    Quizás, quizás, quizás _ Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

    You can find the lyrics in both languages with some vocabulary at

  53. Usual expressions: "A ojo de buen cubero"-en-sp2007/04/30
    A ojo de buen cubero _ by the rule of thumb

    The text and vocabulary in the blog

  54. Joke: The hell (el infierno)2007/04/29
    Una adolescente volvió a casa triste después de haber pasado la tarde con su amigo...

    You can find the text in English and Spanish in my blog

  55. Usual expressions: "Acostarse con las gallinas"(en/sp)2007/04/26
    You can find the transcription (free) at

  56. Usual expressions: En un abrir y cerrar de ojos2007/04/23
    "En un abrir y cerrar de ojos"...Muy deprisa, rápidamente
    "To do something in a flash"

    Visit the site for the expression in a context

  57. Usual expressions: Estar hasta la coronilla2007/04/23
    “Estoy hasta la coronilla” _ Estar harto
    “I have had it up to my eyeballs!”_to be fed up

    For the text visit

  58. Usual expressions in Spanish/English2007/04/20
    “Faltarle un tornillo a alguien” _ Estar loco

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