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Puerto Rico TravelCast

  1. 20. Interview With the Mayor of Rio Grande About Christmas Gifts2017/12/13
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  2. 19. The New Farmer's Market in Luquillo2016/10/01
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  3. 18: Flying through the Rainforest with Yunke Zipline Adventure2016/08/10
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  4. 17: Luquillo Beach—The East Island's Surfing Hot Spot2016/07/13

    After our intern Melina's raving review of Bob's East Island Surfing Adventures , we took the short drive from the rainforest to La Pared Beach in Luquillo, where Bob Roberts gives his exceptional surf lessons.

    Check out our blog for a deeper look into surfing in Luquillo.


    "The Adventures of Jonny Quest" theme

    Original instrumentals by Philip Labes
  5. 16: The Famous Luquillo Beach Kiosks2016/07/09
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  6. 15: Our Trip to Rincon2006/09/30
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  7. 14: Paso Fino Riding at Hacienda Carabali - Interview2006/08/21
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  8. 13: Interview with Alan Mowbray2006/05/22
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  9. 12: Jam Session at the Rainforest Inn2006/03/31
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  10. 11: Day Trip to Vieques2006/03/18

    Laurie and I went on a day-trip to Vieques island to find out about some things to do there and places to stay. We talked to the manager of Vieques airlines, Bananas bar, restaurant and guest house as well as Blue Caribe Kayaks and Mimi’s guest house for bicycle rentals. Email bill@rainforestinn.com with any questions or check our show notes for links.
  11. 10: Bicycling in Luquillo Corridor2006/01/01
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  12. 9: Puerto Rico Parrots2005/11/27

    We go to the Puerto Rico parrot aviary in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. There are only 30 parrots in the wild flock and we interview the chief agriculturist who is running the captive breeding program to rescue these beautiful birds from extinction. bill@rainforestinn.com
  13. 8: Sounds of the Rainforest2005/11/19

    We go on a hike in the rainforest with Cynthia, an interpretive guide. This may be our podcast number eight but it is podcast number two in our informative series about the El Yunque rainforest. It is 45 minutes long and touches on sounds of coquis, snail breeding, rain forest camping and sierra palm forest history.
  14. 7: Too Much Work on the Inn & Not Enough Time2005/10/25

    We are busy getting the inn ready for season. Fixing the north wing which was the main building damaged by hurricane Georges. Laurie is doing all the painting. We make excuses about the interviews we had to postpone.
  15. 6: Interview with the Director of the Int'l Institute of Tropical Forestry2005/10/07
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  16. 5: Rainforestinn.com El Yunque Puerto Rico2005/09/15

    We talk about snakes on the property and the endangered boas we saw on our hike. The upcoming interviews with forest rangers and local scientists about El Yunque rain forest of Puerto Rico. show notes
  17. 4: Bill & Laurie Talking about the Rainforest Inn2005/08/26

    We are home alone. Our guest went to the biobay in Vieques. History of local Puerto Rican restaurant: Lolita's Mexican food. Our first selection from the podsafe network.
  18. 3: Andrew, Annie & Sebastian's "Rainforest Pleasure"2005/08/12

    Andrew, Annie and Sebastian grace us with music and then attest to the beauty and romance of our private hike. Sebastian and Annie (friends visiting this week) talk about their hike in the rainforest. Sebastian and Andrew play guitar as an intro and Andrew McFadden concludes with one of his original compositions -- our first Puerto Rican music!

  19. 2: El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico2005/07/30

    Laurie starts to explain about what happened to our fish. Hear coquis and the tarzan movie sound of the bufo marianus. Ignore this, claiming my Odeo channel: My Odeo Channel (odeo/5c80fc950d0e9948)
  20. 1: Introduction to the Rainforest Inn2005/07/30

    Meet Bill & Laurie and enjoy their trials and tribulations as they build a very small bed & breakfast in the rain forest of Puerto Rico. We also talk about some of our upcoming shows.
  21. "Puerto Rico Parrots" Interview excerpt2005/01/07

    This is a short excerpt from one of our interviews. It is all about the Puerto Rican Parrots. We don't talk about the RainforestInn much in this excerpt -- maybe next tim.
Puerto Rico TravelCast
Rainforestinn.com's Podcasts from a bed and breakfast deep in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. New travel adventures.

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