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Live, From Milwaukee, It's Tuesday Night - A free audiobook by Billie Pagliolo-Olmon

  1. Selection 1 - "The Power of the Button"2006/10/20
    Just shorten those pants before donning your next political button.
  2. Selection 2 - "Darn Emerson"2006/10/20
    One quote can change a life or at least complicate it for a very long time.
  3. Selection 3 - "Sequin People"2006/10/20
    A reflective tribute to the writer's Aunt Marion and to "sequin people" everywhere.
  4. Selection 4 - "Hating Chases"2006/10/20
    An LA car chase is serious business, right?
  5. Selection 5 - "A Gift From My Daughter"2006/10/20
    Unwanted "gifts" can become our most cherished.
  6. Selection 6 - "AC and the Path to Hell"2006/10/30
    Bless me father, I used the air-conditioner.
  7. Selection 7 - Little Church of the Inner Door Bed2006/12/03
    Not all valuable lessons of life come from the pulpit.
  8. Selection 8:  The Turkey in the Living Room 2007/01/15
    Always ask about the turkey in the living room.
  9. Selection 9 - "Whatever It Takes"2007/03/05
    Coping wears many hats; mine said "Milwaukee Braves."
  10. Selection 10 - "The Fight for Molly Dooker Day"2007/04/22
    An essay dedicated to left-handers everywhere and the people who awkwardly try to hug them.
  11. Podiobooks Outro via Patrick McLean2007/04/22
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Live, From Milwaukee, It's Tuesday Night
"Live, From Milwaukee, It's Tuesday Night," is an eclectic collection of essays and short stories, some of them humorous, some of the not; none written in Milwaukee, and only a few on a Tuesday night; all, however, with insights that can only come from growing up frizzy-haired and left-handed in Milwaukee in the 50's.

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