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Kankakee Public Library Podcast

  1. 2015 Kankakee Black History Celebration of Education2015/02/25
  2. 2015 Kankakee Aldermanic Primary Candidates Forum2015/02/11
  3. Illinois State Representative Candidates' Forum 20142014/10/24
  4. Kankakee County Executive Town Hall Meeting2014/10/24
  5. Mysterious Monster of Illinois2014/10/24
  6. Kankakee County Public Safety Sales Tax Town Hall Meeting2014/10/15
  7. Little Known Essentials: 10 Ways to Supercharge your Genealogy2014/10/07
  8. A World Gone Mad: World War I2014/10/03
  9. The Wizard of Oz FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Life According to OZ2014/09/24
  10. Kankakee Housing Summit, pt. 1: Looking to Other Communities for Ideas and Inspiration2014/09/19
  11. Kankakee Housing Summit, pt. 2: Kankakee Today2014/09/19
  12. Kankakee Housing Summit, pt. 3: Keynote Speaker Carol Naughton2014/09/19
  13. Kankakee Housing Summit, pt. 4: Moving Kankakee Forward2014/09/19
  14. Kankakee Chronic Nuisance Abatement Meeting2014/07/07
  15. Retired McDonalds CMO Bill Lamar2014/03/18
  16. Susan Fox "Little Women of Baghlan"2013/11/20
  17. Jennifer O'Toole: "Asperkids"2013/11/20
  18. The Dollar a Day Boys: A Musical Tribute to the Civilian Conservation Corps2013/10/18
  19. Surviving Heartbreak Valley With Linda Fay Walls2013/10/18
  20. The Affordable Healthcare Act Forum2013/10/18
  21. An Author Visit With Julia Keller2013/08/16
  22. The Books of Blue Balliett2013/04/22
  23. Orion Samuelson: You Can't Dream Big Enough2013/03/22
  24. Game of Change with Jerry Harkness2013/03/04
  25. An Evening with John Cappas2013/01/16
  26. State Senate Candidates' Forum2012/10/26
  27. State's Attorney Candidates Forum2012/10/17
  28. State Representive Candidates' Forum2012/10/14
  29. Temple Grandin on Autism2012/09/28
  30. Mayor Epstein - Electrical Aggregation2012/07/12
  31. Author Andrea Davis Pinkney2012/04/15
  32. Former Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy2012/01/19
  33. Kankakee Tax Rebate Forum2011/11/14
  34. Town Hall Meeting - Hutchinson/Dugan2011/09/19
  35. Sharon Fiffer on WKAN AM13202011/06/10
  36. Josh Elder: Reading with Pictures2011/04/28
  37. 2011 Kankakee School District 111 Board Candidate's Forum2011/03/30
  38. 2011 City of Kankakee Aldermanic Candidate's Forum2011/03/30
  39. Greg Lindsay author of Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next2011/03/29
  40. Doug Redenius: Ian Fleming Talk2011/02/15
  41. Black History Celebration2011/02/15
  42. Mike Leonard The Ride of our Lives2010/10/29
  43. From Hate to Hope: Matthew Boger2010/10/05
  44. Poet Laureate Kevin Stein2010/05/08
  45. 2010 Teen Poetry Slam2010/04/30
  46. Angela Johnson2010/04/12
  47. Steve Stout The Starved Rock Murders2010/04/12
  48. Richard Longworth Caught in the Middle2010/04/12
  49. The Illinois Economy with Ralph Martire2010/03/18
  50. Andrew Suprenant - Atom Smashers2010/02/04
  51. Steve Birdine - Affirmation/Action2010/02/04
  52. Alex Frye - Taller de Paz2010/01/19
  53. Edgar Allan Poe performed by Duffy Hudson2009/10/31
  54. Lincoln in Song with Chris Vallillo2009/10/19
  55. The Age of Lincoln with Dr. Orville Vernon Burton2009/10/19
  56. The Films of Vince Singleton2009/10/02
  57. 2009 Teen Poetry Slam2009/06/06
  58. Abraham Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power2009/04/19
  59. 2009 NAACP Mayoral Debate2009/03/30
  60. 2009 NAACP District 111 Candidates' Debate2009/03/30
  61. 2009 Kankakee Mayoral Debate2009/03/20
  62. Kankakee District 111 School Board Candidates Forum2009/03/17
  63. Revising Illinois Tax Law with Ralph Martire2009/02/27
  64. Bob "Butterbean" Love2009/02/20
  65. 2009 Republican Primary Mayoral Debate2009/02/12
  66. Dr. Richard Colling: Random Designer2009/01/24
  67. The Westside Boosters: Baseball in Kankakee2008/10/01
  68. The Life and Murder of Emmett Till2008/09/29
  69. Weaving a Web of Success2008/06/28
  70. David Sedaris: Bill Yohnka Radio Program2008/06/16
  71. BiblioTech: Episode 6: Cindy Fuerst "It's All About the Web"2008/04/28
  72. Kankakee Junior High Poetry Slam2008/04/17
  73. An Evening with Christopher Paul Curtis2008/03/17
  74. Tony Romano: Growing Up Italian in Chicago2008/03/11
  75. Chris Shoup: Photoart2008/02/04
  76. Aaron Elster: Holocaust Memories2007/11/13
  77. Korean War Veteran Robert Simpson2007/11/10
  78. Book Critic Liesl Schillinger2007/10/25
  79. "P.O.W. Wife" Martha Kasler 2007/09/10
  80. "At Home with Illinois Governors: A Social History of the Illinois Executive Mansion” with Former Illinois Governor George Ryan and his wife Lura Lynn Ryan2007/07/28
  81. A Conversation with Ghost Hunter and Author Adam Selzer 2007/07/06
  82. Kathryn Harris as "Harriet Tubman"2007/04/26
  83. 2007 Poetry Slam 2007/04/17
  84. Gary Moore "Playing with the Enemy"2007/03/20
  85. BiblioTech: Episode 5 Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Director of the Illinois State Library Anne Craig2007/03/13
  86. BiblioTech: Episode 4 Michael Stephens of Dominican University2007/02/28
  87. An Evening with Elizabeth Berg2007/02/22
  88. The Stories of Stuart Dybek2007/01/18
  89. BiblioTech: Episode 3 Paul Mills and Brian Smith of Prairie Area Library System 2006/12/13
  90. BiblioTech: Episode 2 Michael Porter on Community Based Technology 2006/12/01
  91. BiblioTech: Episode 1 Public School Public Library Cooperation 2006/11/13
  92. A Talk With Pope Brock2006/10/12
  93. Barbara D'Amato: Mystery Writer 2006/10/03
  94. Roma Stewart Beginning and Following Through With African-American Genealogy 2006/09/30
  95. Verla Kay and her Books for Children2006/04/27
  96. Lois Lowry: Her Life and Work2006/03/14
  97. DuSable Museum Founder Margaret Burroughs2006/03/01
  98. The Underground Railroad in Illinois with Glennette Tilley-Turner2006/02/23
  99. A Conversation With Sue Monk Kidd2006/02/07
  100. An Evening With Luis Urrea Podcast2006/01/26
  101. Arlo Guthrie and Family Podcast2005/12/08
  102. Dresden: A Survivors Story2005/11/10
Kankakee Public Library Podcasts
The Kankakee Public Library features a periodic Podcast from the Library featuring programs with famous authors and local newsmakers.

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