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NACOcast: Classical music podcast with Chris Millard

  1. A musical love triangle: Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.2020/05/05
    NAC Orchestra Music Director Alexander Shelley talks with uOttawa Professor and Clara Schumann expert Julie Pedneault-Deslauriers about the Orchestra's recording project focusing on Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. The first release, recorded live in Southam Hall at the NAC, can be purchased online .
  2. Celebrating the NAC Orchestra’s 50th anniversary season2020/03/03
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  3. Rachel Mercer: NAC Orchestra Principal Cellist 2020/02/06
    An advocate for Canadian music, Principal Cellist Rachel Mercer speaks with Sean Rice about her activities in and beyond the National Arts Centre Orchestra , including recording, commissioning and playing world premieres. Recorded prior to Rachel's Casual Friday debut with NACO and Alexander Shelley of the world premiere of Canadian pianist and composer Stewart Goodyear's Cello Concerto.
  4. Peter Oundjian on his career in music2020/01/10
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  5. Carrefour Composer Remy Siu2019/12/05
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  6. Carrefour Composer Ian Cusson2019/12/03
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  7. Paul Wells interviews Howard Shore2019/11/15
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  8. Elim Chan2019/07/25
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  9. Timo Andres2019/08/02
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  10. Blake Pouliot2019/07/05
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  11. NAC Orchestra 50th Anniversary European Tour2019/05/10
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  12. Vivian Fung2019/02/05
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  13. Yosuke Kawasaki and Jessica Linnebach2019/01/07
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  14. Charles Hamann speaks with the students of the 2018 Young Artists Program2018/12/05
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  15. Shostakovich’s Violin Concert No1 and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No32018/11/16
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  16. Jessica Holmes2018/10/31
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  17. Doo Wop Project and Jack Everly2018/10/15
    Sean Rice talks with NACO Principal Pops conductor Jack Everly about his perspectives on music and upcoming NAC Orchestra Pops concerts. Find out some interesting details about Maestro Everly’s career path (“one thing leads to the next”) and discover some of the wonderful artists with whom he’s had the pleasure to work.
  18. Beethoven's Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Symphonies2018/10/02
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  19. Beethoven's Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Symphonies2018/09/19
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  20. Beethoven's First Three Symphonies2018/09/11
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  21. Karina Canellakis2018/07/04
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  22. The Man with the Violin2018/05/04
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  23. Natasha Gauthier with Alice Sara Ott and Eivind Gullberg Jensen2018/04/10
    Natasha Gauthier of Artsfile.ca interviews pianist Alice Sara Ott and conductor Eivind Gullberg Jensen who performed the Grieg Piano Concerto together with the NAC Orchestra, at the NAC, in January 2018. Join them as they talk about personal firsts, world travels, and the whirlwind life of a musician.
  24. Institute for Orchestral Studies2018/03/06
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  25. Joana Carneiro, NACO and the Tanztheater Wuppertal – Pina Bausch dance company2018/02/05
    Portuguese conductor Joana Carneiro , a well-travelled artist, talks with Sean Rice about her first time with the Pina Bausch dance company and with the NAC Orchestra , all in the same week in September 2017.
  26. Chip Hamann's new CD, Canadian Works for Oboe & Piano2017/12/06
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  27. Robert Chafe, lyricist for "Heirloom" co-produced with Larysa Kuzmenko2017/10/31
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  28. Joel Quarrington and his new album: Schubert "An Die Musik"2017/09/20
    Principal Bassist, Joel Quarrington , joins us to talk about his brand new solo album, Schubert: An die Musik , that he recorded with Canadian pianist, David Jalbert . We discuss his love of the music that he recorded and his album release at this year's Double Bass Convention in Ithaca, NY.
  29. Ideas of North2017/08/31
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  30. ENCOUNT3RS - Creation and Colaboration2017/05/19
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  31. Soul Stirring Music2017/03/15
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  32. A Night of Classical Collisions #TheKiss2016/12/12
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  33. Joel Quarrington and Peter Paul Koprowski's Concertante for Double Bass, Strings and Percussion2016/12/07
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  34. Canadian Brass2016/11/23
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  35. Is Classical Music Really Dead?2016/05/17
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  36. Sean Rice chats with Nadia Sirota before the Canadian premiere of Nico Muhly’s Electrifying Viola Concerto2016/04/26
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  37. Exploring the works of Richard Strauss with Alexander Shelley2016/03/23
    Nick talks to Alexander Shelley about his plan to perform, over the next several seasons, the works of one of his favourite composers, Richard Strauss . The orchestra begins next week with performances of Don Juan and Death and Transfiguration .
  38. Sean Rice takes you inside the music of the All-Canadian Wolfgang Session Number 52016/01/15
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  39. Humour in Music2015/12/08
    Looking at the lighter side of the classics, with selections from Mozart , Rossini and others. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf appears for the first time on the same playbill as Spike Jones .
  40. Special Edition: Sean Rice, 2nd clarinetist with the NAC orchestra, interviews Bryce Dessner2015/11/19
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  41. Sound the Trumpet2015/11/16
    Nick asks: What does it take to play in an orchestral trumpet section? NACO trumpeters Karen Donnelly and Steven Van Gulik explain.
  42. Canadian Voices2015/10/13

    Canadian voices. Nick takes a look at three iconic Canadian singers from the past: Lois Marshall, Leopold Simoneau and James Milligan, all of whom deserve a place in the pantheon of vocal art.

  43. Who's Afraid of Anton Bruckner?2015/06/08
    Nick, Carissa Klopoushak and Sean Rice discuss the music of this frequently under-appreciated composer, as the NAC Orchestra prepares a performance of Bruckner's Ninth Symphony.
  44. Green and Pleasant Land2015/03/23
    Nick presents some of his favourite pieces of music inspired by the English countryside. Music by Vaughan-Williams, Britten, Stanford and others, including a performance by Pinchas Zukerman of The Lark Ascending.
  45. Eric Friesen Presents his talk "Orchestral Schmorgesborg"2015/03/10
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  46. Alexander Shelley and the 2015/2016 NAC Orchestra Season2015/02/24
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  47. WolfGANG: Ryan Lott (Son Lux)2015/02/13
    In this Special Edition of the NACOcast, guest host Sean Rice interviews Ryan Lott (Son Lux) for the February 14, 2015 WolfGANG show at the Mercury lounge.
  48. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf: A retrospective view2015/01/19
    Elisabeth Schwarzkopf: A retrospective view. Nick traces the career of one of his favourite singers, born a hundred years ago, in works by Mozart, Schubert, Strauss and others.
  49. Handel's Messiah with Christopher Millard2014/12/16

    The NACOcast's perennial holiday favourite is back! Curl up by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy Christopher Millard's thirty minute guided tour of Handel's Messiah.

    Read more about Handel at https://c.nac.ca/1wCrwox and listen to entire pieces for free at https://nacmusicbox.ca
  50. Nick speaks with conductor, Michael Francis, and National Youth Orchestra director Barbara Smith2014/12/01
    Nick's guest this week is conductor, Michael Francis, in town to conduct the NAC Orchestra. Michael will be leading the National Youth Orchestra of Canada next summer. NYOC director Barbara Smith joins the conversation.
  51. The Great War and Canada: An Interview with Margaret MacMillan2014/10/21
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  52. WW I: A Personal Journey2014/09/15
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  53. Shakespeare, Stravinsky and Alexander Shelley2014/07/07
    In this final NACOcast episode of the season, Nick talks to NAC Orchestra Music Director Designate Alexander Shelley about the two programmes he is conducting next season. [Music excerpt: Carlo Maria Giulini - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Stravinsky - The Firebird (Suite, 1919 version), Finale - Angel SFO-36039] See you in September!
  54. Jon Kimura Parker on Mendelssohn2014/07/04
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  55. Schumann’s Symphony No. 4 with Eric Friesen2014/06/13
    Guest host Eric Friesen, writer and broadcaster, presents his pre-concert chat entitled, "Schumann’s Fourth Symphony: From Darkness to Light”.
  56. The NAC Orchestra's Institute for Orchestral Studies2014/05/28
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  57. "Fate Lurks, but Tunes Triumph" with guest host Eric Friesen2014/04/28
    In this episode, guest host Eric Friesen, writer and broadcaster, presents his pre-concert chat entitled, "Fate Lurks, but Tunes Triumph”.
  58. Brahms Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, with guest host Paul Wells2014/04/07
    Guest host Paul Wells, political editor of Maclean's magazine, presents a program entitled, "Brahms Between Yesterday and Tomorrow."
  59. Drums along the Rideau2014/03/31
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  60. Operatic Athletes (Part 2)2014/03/19
    Nick continues his discussion of some of the great "gold medal" singers of the past.
  61. Operatic Athletes (Part 1)2014/01/27
    On the eve of the 2014 Olympic winter games, Nick shares his enthusiasm for some of the great singers of the past.
  62. The Oboe - Beyond the 'A'2013/12/16
    Beyond the 'A' : Everything you need to know about the oboe, with Charles 'Chip' Hamman and Anna Peterson Sterns.
  63. Shostakovich and music in Soviet Russia2013/12/09
    Recorded on location in Toronto as the Orchestra makes its annual appearance at Roy Thomson Hall, Nick talks to NAC Orchestra violinist Lev Berenshteyn about Shostakovich's 10th Symphony and music composed in the shadow of Stalin.
  64. China Tour Remembered2013/11/15
    Nick gives an insider's view of the NAC Orchestra's recent China tour, which included a performance in a giant egg and a walk along the Great Wall.
  65. Spanish Music2013/10/01
    In this first episode of a new season of NACOcasts, host Nick Atkinson examines some of the influences on Spanish music as it has developed and travelled around the world.
  66. The Slavic Bass2013/07/10
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  67. Maestro Mario Bernardi remembered (2006 Interview)2013/06/04
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  68. The Noble Trombone2013/05/30
    Nick talks to National Arts Centre Orchestra principal trombone player Don Renshaw about the various musical roles played by the orchestral trombonist.
  69. The Strange Case of Antonio Salieri with author Ian Kyer (free ebook included)2013/04/08
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  70. Scottish Folk Songs, Haydn, Beethoven and Robbie Burns2013/02/04
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  71. Around the Horn2013/01/28
    Nick talks about how French horn playing has developed over the years with his colleagues in the horn section of the NAC Orchestra.
  72. Paul Wells Interviews Alexina Louie2013/01/15
    Paul Wells speaks with Canadian Composer Alexina Louie about her work, "Take The Dogsled", and touring Canada's North with the NAC Orchestra.
  73. George Gershwin, with Jack Everly2012/11/27
    Fascinating Rhythm: Nick talks to Principal Pops Conductor Jack Everly about the works of George Gershwin and his role in the development of American music.
  74. Eric Friesen and Pinchas Zukerman on Elgar's Violin Concerto2012/11/15
    Eric Friesen, acclaimed author, speaker and broadcaster sits down with Maestro Pinchas Zukerman to discuss playing Elgar's Violin Concerto.
  75. Touring and Inuit Throat Singing in Canada's Arctic2012/11/01
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  76. The Art of Tito Schipa: A Vocal Approach to Brass Playing2012/10/22
    Nick's back with a brand new episode. In this edition of the NACOcast, Nick explores what brass players and singers have in common. He uses one of the great turn-of-the-century opera singers, Tito Schipa, to show how vocal techniques can be applied to playing brass instruments.
  77. Robert Harris on "Beethoven The Revolutionary"2012/10/09
    Guest host Robert Harris, author and CBC host, speaks on "Beethoven The Revolutionary".
  78. Paul Kennedy: "What was Beethoven thinking?"2012/10/01
    "Two Fifths": Paul Kennedy, host of CBC's Ideas, looks at Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto and Fifth Symphony and asks, "What was Beethoven thinking?"
  79. Robert Harris on "Brahms The Progressive"2012/09/27
    Guest host Robert Harris, author and CBC host, speaks on "Brahms The Progressive".
  80. La Bohème with Alexander Shelley2012/09/17
    Nick sits down with Alexander Shelley to discuss the state of opera, in particular, La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini, Shelley's youth and inspiration to become an opera conductor.
  81. In Memoriam: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau2012/09/04
    In Memoriam: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Nick pays tribute to the great German baritone, who died earlier this year.
  82. "Low Notes"2012/06/05
    Nick sits down with Joel Quarrington (double bass), Chris Millard (bassoon), and Jonathan Wade (timpani) to discuss the bass sections of the orchestra. They discuss the importance of the "low notes" in balancing out the melody and giving body to the works.
  83. The Leading Note Foundation and El Sistema2012/05/24
    Nick Atkinson talks to Margaret Munro Tobolowska and Tina Fedeski about The Leading Note Foundation, a music education program in Ottawa based on Venezuela's El Sistema
  84. "The English Parlour Song Revisited"2012/04/09
    In a program entitled, "Come into the Garden, Maud", host Nick Atkinson revisits the English parlour song.
  85. "From Band to Orchestra"2012/03/19
    Host Nick Atkinson (tuba) talks with his NAC Orchestra colleagues Karen Donnelly (trumpet) and Doug Burden (trombone) about musicians who make the transition from bands to orchestras.
  86. Chris hands off to Nick2012/03/03
    After more than 60 episodes over 5 seasons, NACOcast founding host, Christopher Millard officially hands over the hosting duties for the NAC's premiere podcast series to Nicholas Atkinson, NAC Orchestra principal tuba, avid record collector and opera buff. Join us in thanking Christopher for 5 stellar years as host and welcoming Nick to his first NACOcast episode.
  87. Maestro Trevor Pinnock2012/02/29
    Guest host Charles "Chip" Hamann, NAC Orchestra Principal Oboe, in conversation with Maestro Trevor Pinnock, on the occasion of his latest visit to the National Arts Centre.
  88. Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer on "Happiness" in music2012/02/02
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  89. Trevor Pinnock interviewed by Eric Friesen2012/01/12
    In this first of two interviews with Trevor Pinnock, writer and broadcaster Eric Friesen speaks with Maestro Pinnock about Handel's Messiah.
  90. Susan Knight, from St. John's NL2011/11/29
    Christopher, on tour with the NAC Orchestra in St. John's, interviews Susan Knight, founding director of Newfoundland's world-renowned Shallaway choir. Among the many themes explored in this edition of the NACOcast is the fundamental importance of music education.
  91. Paul Wells and Thomas Dausgaard explore Sibelius No. 12011/06/20
    Canadian journalist Paul Wells explores Sibelius' Symphony No 1 in conversation with acclaimed conductor Maestro Thomas Dausgaard.
  92. William Littler2011/06/17
    Italy was the programatic theme of the NACO concerts and pre-concert talks of October 6 & 7. "Capriccio Italien" was the title of talks which paired William Littler, the erudite music critic of the Toronto Star, with the ebullient theatre expert and classical music buff Paul Lefebvre. It was a most enjoyable romp through the musical landscape of Italy guided by this virtuoso duo.
  93. "The Trumpet Shall Sound"2011/05/02
    A talented student trumpet player suffers a serious lip injury. In this edition of the NACOcast, Christopher follows the struggle to recover and explores the dangers facing eager young virtuosi.
  94. Rob Kapilow2011/03/29
    This week, Marjolaine Fournier caught up with conductor, composer, commentator and broadcaster, Rob Kapilow in his dressing room at the NAC. They talked about what makes music great, and what makes for great music.
  95. Jonathan Biss, Pinchas Zukerman - Beethoven's Spring Sonata2011/03/03
    It may still be winter in Ottawa, but as the days get longer Christopher gets more hopeful. A little Beethoven always helps! Jonathan Biss visits the NAC's Hexagon studio to discuss the Spring Sonata. The show concludes with a complete performance of this sunny masterpiece with Pinchas Zukerman and Jonathan Biss recorded live in the bitter cold of February.
  96. On Antonio Salieri with Ian Kyer2011/01/17
    We all remember Antonio Salieri as portrayed by F. Murray Abraham in Peter Shaffer's Oscar-winning film, Amadeus. Was the historical Salieri obsessively envious of Mozart? Did he kill him? In this edition of the NACOcast, Christopher speaks with Ian Kyer on the music, life, and mythology of Antonio Salieri.
  97. Guest host: Robert Harris2010/11/11
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  98. Guest host: Paul Kennedy2010/11/05
    For those many faithful listeners of CBC's Ideas, you know producer and host Paul Kennedy to be as entertaining as he is enlightening. And he was every bit of that in his pre-concert talk of September 24th at the NAC. His theme was “Amadeus: Fiction, Art and Truth”. I think you’ll enjoy his debunking the many myths of Mozart’s life, and you just might learn something new about Mr. Mozart as well.
  99. Guest host: Paul Wells2010/10/21
    Author and Maclean's magazine columnist Paul Wells was invited to open the NAC Orchestra's Mozart-Haydn Festival on September 22nd on its Musically-Speaking Series of pre-concerts talks.
  100. "Hijacked!!"2010/10/01
    The show is taken over by some of Christopher's students in this fun and informative edition of the NACOcast
  101. "To Repeat, or not to Repeat" (with Leonard Slatkin)2010/05/03

    Christopher speaks with the distinguished conductor Leonard Slatkin about the problem of repeats in Schubert.

    The conversation focuses on his Ninth Symphony, The Great C Major, with a careful examination of the exquisite Andante Con Moto.
  102. "On The Spot"2010/03/01
    Two conductors, twenty questions. In this episode, Christopher puts conductors Andrew Grams and James Gaffigan to the test with some challenging questions for aspiring maestros.
  103. "Practice Makes Perfect"2010/02/08
    In this episode, Christopher ponders the concept of deep practice and how successful musicians use intelligent repetition to build their skills.
  104. "Measuring Time"2009/11/04
    Christopher has been thinking about metronomes. Here he discusses the history of that irritating but essential device, and talks with NACO guest conductor Alexander Shelley about Maelzel, Beethoven and the challenges of the metronome for modern conductors.
  105. Dvořàk (reprise)2009/10/06
    In preparation for our new season of NACOcasts ... and to celebrate the the National Art Centre's 40th anniversary this week. We offer you this reprise edition of the very first NACOcast from February 20, 2006, featuring, as the Orchestra did 40 years ago, Dvořàk.
  106. NAC Orchestra 2009/10 Season Preview2009/06/02
    Christopher takes you on an hour-long exploration of the NAC Orchestra's recently announced 2009-2010 season, complete with musical excerpts from the NAC Orchestra audio archives and Naxos Canada.
  107. Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin2009/03/31
    Bringing Onegin to Life. With insights from philosopher Isaiah Berlin and a wide ranging conversation with tenor Richard Troxell and stage manager Joseph Bascetta, this episode explores Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin. Opera Lyra Ottawa's production of Tchaikovsky's masterpiece opens April 4.
  108. NACO Artistic Administrator, Daphne Burt2009/03/11
    In this second in a series of podcasts which will look at the business and administration of symphony orchestras, NACOcast host Christopher Millard talks with Daphne Burt, artistic administrator of the NAC Orchestra.
  109. NACO librarians, Margo and Greg Hodgson2013/01/07
    In this first in a series of podcasts which will look at the business and administration of symphony orchestras, NACOcast host Christopher Millard talks with husband-and-wife team Margo and Greg Hodgson, principal librarian and assistant principal librarian of the NAC Orchestra, about the complexities of their profession, and their life together in music.
  110. James Gaffigan and Beethoven Symphony no. 12008/11/24
    This week's episode of the NACOcast looks at Beethoven's First Symphony. American conductor James Gaffigan is Christopher's guest. Chris and James analyze the harmonies employed in the introduction of the first movement and continue with a discussion of the sonata form.
  111. "Do we need Conductors?" (reprise)2008/11/13
  112. NACOcast LIVE! The Violin and The Voice2008/10/22
  113. "Figuring Out Figaro"2008/09/12
  114. On Hearing2008/07/08
  115. "A Prophetic Conversation"2008/06/09
  116. "Clown of the Orchestra"2008/05/14
  117. Andrew Litton (encore)2008/05/09
  118. NAC Orchestra 2008/09 Season Preview2008/03/27
  119. Strauss Oboe Concerto with Charles Hamann2008/01/18
  120. Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto with Jon Kimura Parker2007/12/14
  121. A Messiah Reprise2007/12/07
  122. The World Orchestra for Peace2007/11/07
  123. NACOcast Live with Pinchas Zukerman and Measha Brueggergosman2007/10/18
  124. Beethoven Symphony No. 22007/09/15
  125. Susan Platts2007/08/31
  126. The National Orchestral Institute2007/08/15
  127. NACO's Institute for Orchestral Studies2007/08/01
  128. NACOcast Live with Gary Kulesha (2/2)2007/06/05
  129. NACOcast Live with Gary Kulesha (1/2)2007/05/21
  130. James Ehnes2007/04/16
  131. Oliver Knussen2007/03/26
  132. "Sliding Angels"2007/02/27
  133. Gustavo Dudamel2007/02/12
  134. Andrew Litton2007/01/22
  135. A "Messiah" Digest2006/12/18
  136. Charles "Chip" Hamann2006/11/22
  137. The Canadian Brass2006/11/14
  138. "The Protean Tuba"2006/10/30
  139. "Hungarian Celebration"2006/10/16
  140. Joel Quarrington2006/10/04
  141. Brahms2006/09/19
  142. "It's a Living"2006/07/18
  143. Patinka Kopec2006/06/27
  144. Maestro Mario Bernardi and concertmaster Walter Prystawski2006/06/13
  145. Jack Everly2006/06/05
  146. Pinchas Zukerman (Pt.2)2006/05/30
  147. Pinchas Zukerman (Pt.1)2006/05/23
  148. Eric Friesen2006/05/15
  149. Do we need Conductors?2006/05/08
  150. On Music and Pain2006/05/02
  151. Boris Brott2006/04/23
  152. Jessica Linnebach2006/04/16
  153. Ty Paterson2006/04/03
  154. Stravinski's Pulcinella Suite and Brahm's Piano concerto No. 22006/03/27
  155. Michael Torke2006/03/20
  156. Laurence Ewashko2006/03/06
  157. Karen Donnelly and the music of Hayley Westenra2006/02/27
  158. Antonín Dvořák2006/02/20
NACOcast: Classical music podcast with Sean Rice
Join host Sean Rice (Second Clarinet, NAC Orchestra) as he explores the world of classical music and its great composers. In this series of audio programmes you can look forward to hearing insightful commentary about upcoming NAC Orchestra programmes as well as musical excerpts and interviews with NACO musicians and guest artists.

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