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Rabbi Jim Egolf's Podcast

  1. Masai - The Meaning of the Journey2014/07/29
    Shalom, it has been a long time. Recently we arrived in our new home in
    Northeast Ohio and at Temple Beth Shalom in Hudson
    (www.tbshudson.org ). We also celebrated our oldest becoming Bar Mitzvah at his camp. In this podcast are some reflections about our journey to this new place...

  2. Hanukkah - Celebrate Our Light2013/12/01

    Happy Hanukkah! Let us pause for a moment and consider one element we often take for granted.

  3. Thoughts on Syria2013/09/10
    Before our president speaks, I wanted to offer some Jewish perspective on the situation in Syria.

  4. Ancient Travel Logs - Matot/Masai 57732013/07/03
    So if you remember AAA Trip-Ticks, this weeks parasha contains one of these. The Israelites wander for many years and an entire chapter is dedicated to where they went. I wonder if we approach our life's journeys with as much curiosity and detail. Do we look at our lives as a flash, or perhaps to we keep a sacred account of the meanings we discover on our way?

  5. Balak 5773 - When Donkeys Cry2013/06/21
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  6. Chukat - Answering Change2013/06/13
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  7. Korach-How Our Arguments Can Bring Heaven to Earth2013/06/04
    This weeks Torah portion carries the name of a person. I always teach that if you have a name for a Torah portion, either the person did something very good or, well, not. Pirkei Avot makes a direct mention of this Torah portion when it comes to disputes, and Jewish tradition has a rich history when it comes to recording the winners... and losers of debates in the Talmud....
  8. Fear, Faith, and Twelve Spies2013/05/31
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  9. Only One Day of Passover?2013/05/23
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  10. Elijah in the Whirlwind2013/05/21
    For all of us affected by the storms in Oklahoma, a reflection, a biblical reminder and a prayer.

    II Kings Chapter 2
  11. Shemot 5773-Learning to Be...and Then Do2013/01/13
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  12. Today, We Are Jacob's Daughters2012/12/15
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  13. Becoming the One You Were Meant to Be - Kol Nidre 57732012/11/24
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  14. Rosh Hashannah Morning 5773 - The Men and Women with Nehemiah at the Water Gate2012/10/01
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  15. Be and Beware Your Tefillah2012/09/19
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  16. Who Do We Think We Judge?2012/08/25
    Shalom and thank you for listening. This week we are going to look at Parashat Shoftim, a Torah portion that speaks to the qualities we are supposed to look for when appointing judges. Perhaps this parasha also has some lessons for those of us who are the chief justices in our court of personal opinions...
  17. And He Saved Moses...2012/05/17
    This podcast is a reflection on our trip to Washington, DC with our confirmation class. While we were there we had a chance to tour the Supreme court and while it was nice to see an image of Moses among the 'law givers' in the court, maybe one very important image was missing...
  18. Hearts of Fire 2012/01/21
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  19. Vayeitzei 5772-Between a Rock and a Holy Place2011/12/06
    Recently I had the honor to write the Devar Acher for the URJ's 10 Mintues of Torah . I want to share my reading of this passage with you this week.
  20. Monty Python, Korach, and Disputes2011/06/24
    I'd like to have an argument...

    Among the things we don't know about the Torah we can include what the dispute was about in the week's Torah portion. Maybe in our Torah, Monty Python, and in our nation we are so use to the argument, we have forgotten why we disagree, and why we must get along.

  21. Behar 5771 - On the Mountain of Meaning2011/05/17
    So the bad guy is dead...now what? While several rush to attach a meaning to bin Laden's death, what does it really mean or is his death meaningless when the liberties we thought were promised to us as Americans are...denied...stolen...or treated as anachronisms?
  22. Kedoshim 5771-Nobility, Nobels, Nightmares and...Hope2011/05/01
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  23. V'Yikrah 5771-Questions We Should Consider About the Muslim Hearings2011/03/12
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  24. Egypt and a Tabernacle in the Desert2011/02/05
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  25. Empty Chairs Filled with Hope - V'yigash 57712010/12/20
    The Empty Chairs we have in our lives can signal many things. For Jacob it must have been difficult to see a place empty of Joseph every time the family gathered together. In our day, an empty chair can be both a symbol of loss...and of hope.

  26. Defined by Our Wounds - Va'Yishlakh 57712010/11/22
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  27. Mimus Polyglottos - Yom Kippur Morning 57712010/10/13
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  28. Kol Nidre 5771-To Love Our Neighbors...2010/10/02
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  29. Wanted! A Prophetic Paradigm Shift - Rosh Hashannah Day2010/09/28
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  30. RH Eve - Our Homes and Our Values2010/09/22
    This Rosh Hashannah I wanted to share the idea that our values are the real foundations of our homes. As we go through life, we often take our values with us whether it is praying with our feet , to the value that we place on our Judaism, home is an interpretation of our most deeply held sense of importance.
  31. Chukat 5770 - Unseen Rudders Set The Courses2010/07/07
    The recent events off the coast of Israel and Gaza have bothered many. In this podcast I will explore our moral and religious duty to the issue at hand and explore those article who may (or may not) be hitting the mark.

    ARZA Statement

    NYT - Oren


    NYT - Kristof

    NYT- Gordis

    WSJ - Halevi

    URJ - Yoffie
  32. How do we see ourselves? Pesach 57702010/04/19
    How do we wrestle with the idea of meaning? While we all believe that we understand the concept, for many it is elusive at best. On the holiday of Passover, we are asked to engage the idea of meaning. What does that require us to do?
  33. Vayikrah 5770 Calling For Support2010/03/21
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  34. Tetzaveh 5770 Our Masks That Define, Our Masks That Hide2010/03/15
    In an attempt to learn Hebrew after a trip to Israel, I found myself listening to a podcast about a Purim party. What does a Purim party have to do with searching for who we are and who we might be? Good question. The answer is found in the word for costume which also may imply a search for ourselves.
  35. Terumah 5770 - The Idols Which Go Before, and The Sanctuary Of and By People2010/03/01
    Terumah is the Torah portion that describes the first call for a sacred space in the Israelite community. Interestingly some believe that this parasha is out of order, and that the Golden Calf should come first. Should it? I would love to hear your take on this question!
  36. Haiti R.E.L.I.E.F.2010/02/10
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  37. Bridges - Opening Comments of Rabbi Elwell2009/12/20
    These are the comments at our last Bridges program. Bridges is the program that speaks to the transitions in life and how we address these moments a Jews.
  38. The Enemies that Define - V'yeitzei2009/12/09
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  39. Chayei Sarah - Interfaithways Shabbat2009/11/15
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  40. Va-yeirah 5770 - And Even Abraham Needed to See Humans2009/11/06
    The name for an angel and a human messenger has never been clear in Hebrew texts. This makes some wonder why the Torah and Jewish literature did not strive for a distinction, yet maybe there is a reason for this. Perhaps the reason lends itself to why we need to hear God's word regardless of the source.
  41. Yom Kippur Morning - Each Generation Needs to Stand2009/10/13
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  42. Real Kashrut2009/10/08
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  43. Coming To Terms - Rosh Hashannah2009/10/03
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  44. Chelm - Our Laughter, Our Willing Hearts2009/09/23
    So, if you have never heard of Chelm , you have missed out on laughter and on the stories that make us laugh at ourselves. This past year we went through a rough year, yet I was touched by the response of my congregation to a request to help each other. This year, we need to take these willing hearts and move to places where we can still make differences in the new year.
  45. Visions That Free, Maps that Limit - Ki Tavo 57692009/09/05
    What happens when a leader sets a vision? We can arrive at a new place. What happens when broken maps and foolish concepts continue to contain the imagination? This is a map that did.
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