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Learn Spanish with Comentarios

  1. Gender of Nouns Part One 2007/09/26
    Learn and then practice gender in Spanish, and get some pronunciation tips.
  2. Gender of Nouns Part Two 2007/09/28
    Learn and then practice gender in Spanish, and find out about cognates.
  3. Cardinal Numbers Part One 2007/09/30
    Learn and practice the Spanish numbers 1-10.
  4. Plural Forms of Nouns 2007/10/02
    Learn to form plurals, and review numbers 1-10.
  5. Definite and Indefinite Articles: Part one 2007/10/04
    Learn about the articles and chocolate chip cookies!
  6. The Verb Form Hay 2007/10/07
    Short episode on the useful verb form "hay."
  7. Subject Pronouns 2007/10/10
    Spanish subject pronouns.
  8. Regular Verbs #1 2007/10/12
    Regular verbs part one.
  9. Regular Verbs #2 2007/10/15
    Regular verbs part two.
  10. Regular Verbs #3 2007/10/20
    Regular verbs part three.
  11. Adjectives #1 2007/10/30
    Adjectives part one.
  12. Adjectives #2 2007/11/14
    Adjectives part two.
Learn Spanish with Comentarios
A podcast dedicated to helping you to learn Spanish.

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