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Halo Nation - The Halo Podcast

  1. Episode 3 Show Notes2006/08/08
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  2. Show Outlines2005/11/03
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  3. Episode 2 Show Notes2005/11/02
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  4. HALO-ween Special2005/10/29
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  5. Halo Nation plays the Xbox 360!2005/10/23
    We promised everyone a small gift in Episode 4 ... We have some very raw footage of Arrakis Force playing Call of Duty 2 and King Kong for the Xbox 360 . Enjoy!

    Right click here and choose "Save As..." to see Call of Duty 2
    Right click here and choose "Save As..." to see King Kong

    These videos have been encoded in the MPEG4 format.
  6. Halo Nation - Episode 42005/10/23
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  7. Episode 1 Show Notes2005/10/26
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  8. Bungie confirms it - "unlockable" Halo character in DOA4!!!2005/10/03
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  9. Halo Nation - Episode 32005/10/04
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  10. Mocpage's Halo lego creations2005/10/06
    As promised, we've picked our favorite Halo lego creations! Click the thumbnails view the full images.

    USC Halo 2 Warthog, by: Jon Newsome
    Halo Pelican Dropship by: Justin "Saber-Scorpion" Stebbins
    Halo 2 Wraith Tank, by: Tyler "The Legohaulic"

    For more legos, visit Mopages
  11. Halo Nation - Episode 22005/10/04
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  12. Halo Nation - Episode 12005/10/04
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