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  1. House Nation (Air Date 12.21.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/12/28
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  2. House Nation (Air Date 12.14.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/12/21
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  3. House Nation (Air Date 12.7.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/12/14
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  4. House Nation (Air Date 11.30.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/12/07
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  5. House Nation (Air Date 11.23.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/11/30
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  6. House Nation (Air Date 11.16.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/11/23

    Alex & Rai - "For The Love Of You"
    Emdee Brown - "Again" (Kai Alce Remix)
    Erro - "Change For Me" (Joey Negro Remix)
    Round One - "I'm Your Brother"
    Nibiru Humans - "Jupiter Transit"
    Dennis Ferrer - "Hey Hey"
    Brooklyn Friends - "Play"
    Louie Vega - "Rebel Nation"
    Mistura - "Tonight" (Todd Edwards Remix)
    Shaun Escoffery - "Music In Me"
  7. House Nation (Air Date 11.9.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/11/16

    Romanthony - "The Wanderer"
    Theo Parrish - "Falling Up"
    Detroit Swindle - "Flavourism" (Pepe Bradock Remix)
    Bob Sinclar - "My Only Love" (Tommy Musto Remix)
    Dego & Kaidi - "Treasure Beach"
    Herbie Mann - "Hi Jack" (Joe Claussell Edit)
    E.O.L. Soulfrito - "Soulfrito Chase"
    River Ocean - "Love & Happiness"
    Kuniyuki - "Divine Harmonics"
  8. House Nation (Air Date 11.2.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM) every Friday Night 10pm-11pm2018/11/09
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  9. House Nation (Air Date: 10.26.2018 on 91.7 KRTU FM San Antonio,Texas)2018/11/02
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  10. House Nation (Air Date 10.19.2018) 10pm-11pm on 91.7 KRTU FM2018/10/25

    Purple Disco Machine - "Love For Days" (Kenny Dope Remix)
    Ian Pooley - "Traffic"
    Lady Alma - "Let It Fall"
    Frankie Knuckles - "Rain Falls" (Wet Me Dub)
    Kimara Lovelace - "Misery"
    Standard White Issue - "Smog Sunset" (Filter Flow Remix)
    51 Days - "Paper Moon"
    MAW Electronic - "Tranz"
    Jon Hopkins - "Open Eye Signal"
    Slam Mode - "Suenos De Sagar"
  11. House Nation (Air date:10.12.2018) 91.7 KRTU FM2018/10/19
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  12. House Nation 10.5.2018 aired on 91.7 KRTU FM San Antonio, Tx2018/10/12
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  13. Just for Buckets2008/06/18

    JustforBucketswasrecordedonMayThirdTw((((o))))ThousandSix Enj((((o))))y
Soluna Radio
Soluna Radio is brought to you by Leonard Trujillo

"When sound vibrates at a certain level we can see a corridor. At the end of this corridor is a room where all the secrets are kept. This room is locked and can only be opened through sound. If we play the right combination of tones the door opens and we are allowed to enter the room. Once inside, a secret of life is revealed to us. Every time we play music, we can enter this room."
~William Parker

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