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  1. House Nation 7.14.20182018/07/13
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  2. House Nation 7.7.20182018/07/06
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  3. House Nation 6.30.20182018/06/28
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  4. House Nation 6.23.20182018/06/22

    TKumah Sadeek - "In Time"
    Satoshi Tomiie - "And I Dreamed You"
    Director's Cut - "Beautiful"
    Mr. Fingers - "Full Moon"
    T'Boys - "Long Way"
    Jephte Guillaume - "Al Di Yo"
    Michael Watford - "My Love"
    Shanice - "I Like" (MAW Remix/TSOT Edit)
    Liberty City - "If You Really Love Someone"
  5. House Nation 6.16.20182018/06/15

    3 Winans Brothers - "Dance"
    Johnick - "A Summer Fling"
    Swing 52 - "Color Of My Skin"
    Soulboy - "Love Or Lust"
    Ilija Rudman - "Tears To Sound" (Ron Trent Remix)
    Fiat Mistura - "Abyssus"
    Kai Alce - "Take A Chance" (Larry Heard Remix)
    Moodymann - "Sunday Morning"
    Urban Species - "Listen" (Louie's Master Mix)
  6. House Nation 6.9.20182018/06/08

    Mr. Fingers - "What About This Love?"
    Native Cruise - "Space, Time & a Manual"
    Ron Trent - "Hooked On Your Love"
    Q Base - "Il Sol"
    Moodymann - "Got Me Coming Back Rite Now"
    Electric Soul - "Here Come One"
    Paul Randolph - "Heavy" (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
    Lola - "Wax The Van" (Jon's Dub)
    Alicia Myers - "Right Here Right Now" (Danny Krivit Edit)
  7. House Nation 6.2.20182018/06/01
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  8. House Nation 5.26.20182018/05/25
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  9. House Nation 5.19.20182018/05/18
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  10. House Nation 5.12.20182018/05/11
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  11. House Nation 5.5.2018 (Musical Guest Paco)2018/05/04
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  12. House Nation 4.28.20182018/04/27

    Corinna Joseph - "Wish Tonight"
    Black Motion - "It's You"
    Kuniyuki - "Night Forest"
    Vikter Duplaix - "Messages"
    Slam Mode - "Tranquil Horizon"
    Louie Vega Feat Caron Wheeler - "A New Day" (Jazzie B Spirit Mix)
    Mutiny - "Bliss" (4AM Remix)
    ABCF - "Starfall"
  13. House Nation 4.21.20182018/04/20
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  14. House Nation 4.14.20182018/04/13

    Vaudou Game - "On Se Pousse" (Yoruba Soul Remix)
    Blaze - "Seasons Of Love"
    Karlos Hector & Nicolas Tounga - "Ngunga Yeti Fofa" (Joe Claussell Remix)
    Teddy Douglas - "Land Of Love" (Ron Trent Remix)
    Nicola Conte - "New World Shuffle"
    Joe Claussell - "Spiritual Insurrection"
    Professor Ndu - "Unobenga" (Louie Vega Remix)
    Block 16 - "Morning Sun"
  15. House Nation 4.7.20182018/04/06
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  16. House Nation 3.31.20182018/03/30

    Damon Bell - "Radius"
    Classen Collective - "New Born"
    Paul Hunter - "Reflection"
    Projections - "Backbone"
    Ron Trent - "Fresh On Your Love"
    Mark Barrott - "Cascades" (FK Remix)
    The Ballistic Brothers - "Blacker"
    The James Taylor Quartet - "Keep The Dream Alive"
    Jamiroquai - "When You Gonna Learn?"
    Brainstorm - "Journey To The Light"
  17. House Nation 3.24.20182018/03/22

    Dego & Kaidi - "Treasure Beach"
    AD Bourke & Rota - "RAW"
    Ashley Beedle - "Sunrize"
    CrackaZat - "Proton Blue"
    Monique Bingham - "Elevator"
    Panama Keys - "Vyrgin Islands"
    Slam Mode - "Suenos De Sagar" (L Visionary Mix)
    Vince Watson - "Mystical Rhythm"
    Roi Azulay - "Togetherness"
    Classic Man - "Lounge File #1"
  18. Just for Buckets2008/06/18

    JustforBucketswasrecordedonMayThirdTw((((o))))ThousandSix Enj((((o))))y
Soluna Radio
Soluna Radio is brought to you by Leonard Trujillo, Lando Morales and Dallas Williams.

"When sound vibrates at a certain level we can see a corridor. At the end of this corridor is a room where all the secrets are kept. This room is locked and can only be opened through sound. If we play the right combination of tones the door opens and we are allowed to enter the room. Once inside, a secret of life is revealed to us. Every time we play music, we can enter this room."
~William Parker

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