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  1. DSR Radio Podcast 4-9-08 - New Rep Transition2008/04/08
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  2. DSR Radio Podcast 4-2-08 - Comes Down to the Rep2008/04/01
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  3. DSR Radio Podcast 3-26-08 - Not an Order Taker2008/03/25
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  4. DSR Radio Podcast 3-19-08 - Do Not Focus on Cost2008/03/18

    DSR Radio’s Steve Dahl and Dave Miesse talk with Phyllis Flaherty from Sysco about not focusing on price. Focusing on food cost and not looking at all the other factors can lead to trouble.

  5. DSR Radio Podcast 3-12-08 - Chefs Need Help2008/03/11

    DSR Radio’s Steve Dahl, Dave Miesse, and Bill Hornung talk with Chef Glenn Taylor about helping chefs, even if they think they don’t need help or they just won’t admit it.

  6. DSR Radio Podcast 3-5-08 - Dawn Celebration2008/03/04

    DSR Radio’s Steve Dahl and Dave Miesse are joined by some of our friends from Proctor & Gamble to talk about some of their current promotions, including Dawn turning 30!

  7. DSR Radio Podcast 2-27-08 - Returns and Adjustments2008/02/26

    DSR Radio’s Bill Hornung and Dave Miesse discuss how to deal with returns and adjustments, a part of the business that nobody likes to deal with but everybody experiences sooner or later.

  8. Foodservice Summit March 4-5, 20082008/02/19

    The AFDR / DSR Radio is an invitation-only event during which industry leaders will discuss how to drive incremental foodservice sales.

    Bill and Dave from DSR Radio welcome you!

  9. DSR Radio Podcast 2-20-08 - Chef Focus2008/02/19

    DSR Radio’s Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung discuss how marketing people focus on chefs. However, only 1 out of every 27 people who make the actual purchasing decisions are chefs.

  10. DSR Radio Podcast 2-13-08 - Recipes2008/02/13

    DSR Radio’s Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung discuss recipes and some ways to improve how recipes are shared.

  11. DSR Radio Podcast 2-7-08 - What Not to Do During Broker Sales Calls2008/02/07

    Dave and Bill discuss Dave’s recent experience at a cutting that sheds some light on the job of the Broker Sales Rep and what not to do during a broker sales call.

  12. DSR Radio Podcast 1-31-08 - Trunk Trash2008/01/31

    DSR Radio hosts Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung talk about “trunk trash” - the hundreds of product cut sheets and other marketing materials with which sales reps are assaulted every week.

  13. DSR Radio Podcast 1-23-08 - Samples2008/01/23

    DSR Radio’s sales specialist Dave Miesse talks about samples and a simple, effective system for any distributor to keep track of samples.

  14. PepsiCo demos how to open chip bag!2007/12/18

    Yes, only DSR Radio gets the hard-hitting scoops… such as the finer points of opening a potato chip bag from no less than a senior vice president of PepsiCo (owner of Frito-Lay).

  15. Grow your foodservice sales2007/12/17

    The December 2007 DSR Radio show includes guests from Kraft Foodservice, Ben E. Keith distributors and many operators and succesful sales reps. We even feature our most radical promotion yet… skinny dipping for profits!

DSR Radio
DSR Radio features interviews on how to increase your foodservice sales!

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