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  1. Will Live, Even Though He Dies2005/12/21

    Here's the story Will Live, Even Though He Dies . It's all about Lazarus. Remember him? Jesus' friend. Dead for four days. This story is all about what happens after Jesus raises him from the grave. It's a tad dark. It runs about 28 minutes. I hope you enjoy it. (Sarah, I think you'll like this one. Gareth, you might not.)
  2. Arnie's Gift2005/12/04

    A Christmas story. A bit funny and a bit sad. It runs about ten minutes. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. The Fecalist2005/10/10
    This story has poop. Click on the title and enjoy.
  4. Of All Places2005/09/30
    This story appeared in Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature . Click on the title and enjoy. Thanks for listening.
  5. St. Gobbler's Day2005/09/28
    This story was recorded by KOOP's Writing on the Air during a reading at the now defunct Escapist Bookstore. A version of it appeared in the zine TwoNoteSolo (also defunct?). It runs about twenty minutes. I think you'll dig it.
  6. The Martyrs of Mountain Peak2005/09/21
    This story originally appeared in the Spring 2005 edition of Puerto del Sol . Like much of my fiction it deals with the strange world of faith. The story runs about 20 minutes. Thanks for listening.

  7. Waffle2005/09/11
    The first story on owen stories is called Waffle. A tasty late night treat. Click the title above, sit back and enjoy.
  8. Welcome to Owen Stories2005/09/11
    Owenstories is a podcast dedicated to the stories and essays of Owen Egerton. Listen and enjoy.
Owen Stories

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