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  1. TDC #480: RunDisney Trip Report, Finally!!!2019/04/21

    Jennifer reports back after a SUCCESSFUL trip to Walt Disney World for the Star Wars Rival Run weekend.
  2. TDC #479: Movies and More2019/03/30

    Lizi and Jennifer talk about Saving Mr. Banks, A Mouse Divided, and The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head
  3. February 2019!2019/02/23

    This month, we debate the whats and hows of a new tournament, discuss Jennifer’s upcoming race plans for April and chat about gondolas.
  4. TDC #477: Mostly Movies2019/01/27

    We talk about Solo, Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, and Into the Spiderverse. Then, a bit about Tivoli Gardens, and Hans Christian Anderson!
  5. December!2018/12/18

    Welcome everyone to our final show of the year! We talk about current an upcoming movies - Ralph Wrecks The Internet and trailers. We attempt to think of a few Disney Company resolutions, and there’s a lot of holiday music included..... AND MY OWN LITTLE “RIC ROLL” TO JENNIFER heeheeeheeeheee

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!
  6. TDC #475: October Trip Report Part 22018/11/09

    We finish reporting back on our Walt Disney World trip in October, 2018.
  7. TDC#468 - October Surprise!2018/10/24

    It’s an on-property, round table review of MNSSHP with Jennifer, Lisa, Michelle from the Mitten and special guest, Josh!
  8. TDC#467 - October!2018/10/11

    This is an exhaustive journey into the minds of three friends trying to consolidate their trip planning - and a good review of a recent cruise and DL visit by good FOTS Michelle from the Mitten!
  9. TDC #472: The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head2018/09/24
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  10. TDC #471: Tourney Concludes, and Trip Reports2018/08/26

    MSEP or Spectro? Inquiring minds want to know!
  11. TDC4702018/07/28

    This month, we had a few snafus and life events delaying the show, but we are back on track! We discuss:

    Parade Brackets!

    Lion King The Musical!

    Ant Man!

  12. TDC #469: Movies and Parades2018/06/28

    We discuss Incredibles 2 and Solo, then continue with our Tournament of Parades. We need your help with a tie breaker! Please vote in this poll:

  13. TDC#4682018/05/29

    We’ve got lava talk, an Aulani review/recap, a SPOILER-Y Avengers discussion and more Parades!
  14. TDC #467: Parades, Hawaii, Anniversary!2018/04/20

    Our tournament of parades advances, we talk about Lisa's plans for Hawaii, and we reminisce about 10 years of podcasting!
  15. TDC#466: DL Trip Report and More Parades!2018/03/21

    Jennifer has an amazing trip report of Disneyland, Spring 2018, including walking in Walt’s footsteps and we continue the MARCH MADNESS that is our Disney Parade Bracket Challenge!!!
  16. TDC #465: Black Panther, and Parade Tournament Kickoff2018/02/23

    We review the movie Black Panther, and resolve the first two brackets of our Tournament of Parades
  17. TDC#4642018/01/23

    This month, The Cats discuss Star Wars:TLJ (spoilers!), Lisa’s recent Disneyland trip and plans for a future tournament!

  18. TDC #463: Disney Handbag Resale2017/12/27

    More ways to buy Disney handbags! And sell them too! Our friend Jill joins us to share her expertise.
  19. TDC#462 Coco!2017/11/28

    This week, Jennifer & Lisa have a show schedule announcement and we talk all about Coco!

  20. TDC #461: Augmented Reality Games2017/11/22

    We talk about the announcement that Niantic (the company behind Pokemon Go) will be releasing another augmented reality game, themed to Harry Potter. Should Disney get in on the ARG scene too?
  21. TDC#4602017/11/14

    This week, Lisa goes on about all the ways she would have improved upon Thor: Ragnarok, but also tries to get Jennifer to go see it in the movie theater. An unexpected interruption cuts the show short, but Jennifer comes back to tell about delicious Blaze pizza and the newly polished, if not terribly Disney, Disney Springs!

  22. TDC #459: Trip Report Part II2017/11/08

    Jennifer tells Lisa about the rest of her trip to Walt Disney World in October 2017, including Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Return to Sleepy Hollow, a special event at Fort Wilderness.
  23. TDC #457: Five Attractions2017/11/01

    What five Disney Parks attractions would you list for a potential spouse, to explain who you are?
  24. TDC#456 - Pandoraland Spoiler Show2017/10/26

    This week, Jennifer, Lisa & Michelle from the Mitten are sitting on the floor of a room at AKL discussing their day at Animal Kingdom!

    (Recorded on Lisa’s iPhone - apologies for the audio!)
  25. TDC#455 Pre-Girl’s Trip Thoughts2017/10/17

    This week, pal Michelle (from the Mitten) joins us as we discuss meeting up IRL next week at WDW!

  26. TDC#454 Destino, Dali & Disney2017/10/10

    This week, Lis talks about the Dali Theater and Museum in Figueres, Spain and the Dali/Disney connection.

    Visit our Facebook page and see pictures from her trip.

  27. TDC #453: Potpourri2017/09/27

    A variety of Disney topics!
  28. TDC452 Trip Review - Med Cruise2017/09/19

    The Cats are back and Lisa is talking Med Cruise.

  29. TDC #451: Disneyland Records2017/09/06

    Jennifer and Greg review two vintage Disneyland Records: Pirates of the Caribbean, and Country Bears Jamboree
  30. TDC450 Walt Disney Hometown Museum Update2017/08/29

    This week, Lisa gets a big update from Peter Whitehead, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline, MO..


  31. TDC#449 DFW Odds & Ends2017/08/22

    The Cats recorded a second show when they were together last week - we touch on a few Disney related things we’ve seen in the DFW and Jennifer wonders about MNSSHP.

  32. TDC#448 Together Again To Wrap Up D232017/08/15

    This week, The Cats are together in Texas, wrapping up the list of announcements from last month’s D23

  33. TDC#447 -More D23 Thoughts!2017/08/08

    Jennifer & Lisa continuing working their way down the D23 announcement list. This week: resorts, transportation gone wild and more!

  34. TDC #446: D23 Reactions, Part One2017/08/02

    Our thoughts on the announcements from this year's D23 Expo.
  35. TDC#445 Pokemon Potpourri2017/07/18

    This week, the Cats start off with the realization that “Little Egypt” was a person, Pokemon is still a thing in our lives and then try to decide if we do or do not have D23 FOMO.

    **** The beginning of this recording is very glitchy but it settles in soon - hang in there!**

    Leave us your thoughts on our Facebook page!
  36. TDC #444: Character Meets We'd Like to See2017/07/12

    Greg joins us to talk about character meets we'd like to see. Also: EXTRA PUG NOISES
  37. TDC#443 Disney Park Hot Topics2017/07/04

    This week, the Cats discuss a couple of recent park announcements.

    www.thos edarncats.net
  38. TDC442 Orlando Too Gay Since Pulse Shooting?2017/06/27
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  39. TDC #441: Cars 3 Review2017/06/21

    Lisa reviews the relatively new movie, Cars 3. Is it okay that they made this?
  40. TDC#440 Recent Movie Reviews2017/06/13

    This week, we are talking about recent movies!

  41. TDC#439 Shanghai & Hong Long With Stephanie2017/06/06

    This week, Stephanie shares a bit about planning and visiting both Shanghai and Hong Kong’s Disney gates last month!

  42. TDC #438: Potpourri2017/05/31

    We talk about a bunch of free-association topics, mostly Disney, starting with the Great Movie Ride's worst scene. There is some explicit language and mention of upsetting topics.
  43. TDC#437 The Walt Disney Family Museum Review, But First....2017/05/23

    This week, Lisa wonders why the WDFM is in San Francisco and the Cats discuss the GA finale

  44. TDC#436 That Wedding Show On Freeform TV2017/05/16

    This week, Lis is watching that wedding show that came out a week ago on Freeform TV (aka Disney Family channel), and she has a few things to say, but does try to keep it short.

  45. TDC#435 What Does Pandora Land And A Colonoscopy Have In Common?*2017/05/09

    This week, Lisa has topics that seem related to her. One, the beginning of the onslaught of “Pandora Land” soft/media openings AND she wants to tell you all about her first colonoscopy. All about it. #sorry

  46. TDC #434: Love/Hate Relationships2017/04/26

    We talk about two things Jennifer has a love/hate relationship with: Grey's Anatomy, and the Disney Store online�
  47. TDC #433: Great Moments in History2017/04/19

    Constantine and Greg join Jennifer to talk about Great Moments in History . . . but only the American parts, with the Muppets.
  48. TDC #432: Bunk'd2017/04/13

    Lisa's been watching Bunk'd. We discuss.
  49. TDC#431 Review of Beauty & The Beast, Live Action2017/04/04

    This week, we discuss the recent Beauty & The Beast and try to decide what constitutes an EGM.

  50. TDC#430 Is This The April Fools Show?2017/03/28

    This week is the beginning of April adjacent show.... enjoy this Tiki Room binaural experience!


  51. TDDC #429: Hall of Not My Presidents2017/03/22

    We discuss the pending update to the Hall of Presidents, napping options in the Magic Kingdom, and the uncanny valley of country music.
  52. TDC#428 Jennifer’s Black Cat Race + TV Shows We Love/Hate2017/03/14

    This week, we recap Jennifer’s race last weekend and Lisa complains in detail about Grey’s Anatomy. Also, you should totally watch Grace & Frankie.

  53. TDC #427: Potpourri2017/03/08

    A variety of topics, mostly Disney!
  54. TDC#426 Movie/Oscar Chit Chat2017/02/28

    The morning before the Oscars, we started off talking about Disney things and ended up talking about movies......

    Spoiler alert - no PEGOT for LMM.....YET!

  55. TDC#425 Let’s Play A Game!2017/02/21

    This week, Jennifer and Lisa play a couple of Disney themed games (hat tip Ask Me Another)

  56. TDC #424: Self Care for Activists2017/02/15

    We talk about important skills for taking care of ourselves in a time of increased political activism. Including some Disney stuff, of course.
  57. TDC#423 Bye Week Announcement2017/01/31
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  58. TDC #423: Jennifer's WDW Trip Report2017/01/25

    Jennifer reports back about the non-runDisney aspects of her trip to Walt Disney World in early January 2017.
  59. TDC #422: Jennifer's Race Report2017/01/18

    Jennifer reports back about 2017 WDW Marathon Weekend: Running 13.1 miles at Pop Century because the Half was cancelled, and volunteering at the 5k handing out medals at the finish line.
  60. TDC#421 Ambient RCL & Documentary Suggestions2017/01/11
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  61. TDC#420 Missing Carrie2017/01/04

    This week, we talk about the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

  62. TDC #419: Planning for WDW Half2016/12/28

    Jennifer's finally planning to run the WDW Half Marathon, in January of 2017! Lisa has some advice before she heads for the corrals.
  63. TDC#418 Spoiler Filled Rogue One & Moana Discussion2016/12/21

    Hey! This week we share our thoughts about Moana and Rogue One. THERE ARE SPOILERS!

  64. TDC#417 RCL Review2016/12/14

    Lisa is alone this week, giving you a rambling wrap up of a few of the highs and lows of last week’s DisUnplugged Podcast Cruise on Royal Caribbean.

  65. TDC#416 Movies and Money Grabs2016/12/06

    This week, the Cats talk about Moana, Beasts and Those Damn Cabanas.

  66. TDC #415: Disneyland Halloween Overlays2016/11/30

    Jennifer finishes up reporting back on her trip to Disneyland, focusing today on Disneyland park and its attraction Halloween overlays.
  67. TDC #414: Jennifer's California Adventure2016/11/23

    Jennifer reports back after a trip to Disney's California Adventure, with a focus on Cars Land, World of Color, and Soarin'
  68. TDC #413: Great Moments with Mr Lincoln2016/11/16

    Jennifer has a few words on last week's election. Then, Greg joins her for a discussion of the classic Disneyland attraction, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln.

    Related: Donald Duck Family Tree
  69. TDC#412 Technical Difficulties2016/11/08
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  70. TDC#411 Paris Round Up Avec Sergio & Stephanie2016/11/02

    As Jennifer is wending her way towards a long overdue trip to Disneyland (California), Sergia & Stephanie join Lisa in the TDC studios to further discuss Paris.

    Apologies for the funky Skype connection!

  71. TDC#410 Back From Paris2016/10/23

    The Cats return to the interwebs to share the first of probably 1,000,000 trip reports about Paris. We missed you! Enjoy!

  72. TDC#409 Robin Hood Is Comfort Food2016/09/27

    This week, Constantine joins the Cats to talk about a favorite Disney Movie (and Muppets).

    We will take a Bye the next two weeks and be back mid-October!

  73. TDC #408: Guardians of Terror2016/09/21

    DCA's Tower of Terror is going to become a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. What do we think about this?
  74. TDC #407: Pete's Dragon and Pokemon Go2016/09/14

    We catch up on how things are going for each of us in Pokemon Go. Then, Lisa reviews the recent film, Pete's Dragon.
  75. TDC#406 Whozits and Whatzits Galore!2016/09/06

    This week, Jennifer and Lisa consider Disney splurges including trip upgrades, Pandora beads and running retreats.

    And you can hear Trace mowing (sorry about that one).

  76. TDC#405 HM Box Wrap Up2016/08/30

    This week, Lisa reveals the final “gift” from the Haunted Mansion subscription box and the Cats discuss subscription boxes that intrigue them as well as the BoxLunch store Lisa recently visited.

  77. TDC#404 Paris Planning Party!2016/08/23

    This week, Jennifer and listener Sergio advise Lisa and listener Stephanie about their upcoming trips to Paris and Disneyland Paris.

    The audio turned out very well given we had a Skype 4 way recording going on, but my intro sounds a little wonky (I used my laptop mic instead of my plug in).


  78. TDC #403: Stay Awake2016/08/17

    Greg joins Lisa and Jennifer to discuss the 1988 album of Disney covers, Stay Awake.
  79. TDC #402: Potpourri2016/08/10

    We discuss Disney Parks shoe-tracking and recent attendance levels, plus the non-Disney show, Stranger Things
  80. TDC#401 All About Lisa’s Road Trip2016/08/02
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  81. TDC #400: Gotta Catch Em All!2016/07/27

    Time to talk about ConnectiCon, and Pokemon Go! Wouldn't a Disney ARG be magical?
  82. TDC#399 Ghost Post Update - Surprise Guests?2016/07/05

    This week, the Cats were surprised during recording with a blast from the past.... or future?

    The Cats will take a two week Bye and be back July 27th with a new show - keep tuned to Facebook and twitter for on the road updates from Cat#2 who will be visiting Marceline and the Walt Disney Hometown Museum later this week!

  83. TDC#398 Finding Dory Review2016/06/28

    This week, we talk spoil and discuss Finding Dory and touch briefly on the recent and horrific accident at WDW involving an alligator.

  84. TDC #397: Pulse2016/06/22

    While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors of the killings at Pulse in Orlando, we also encourage everyone to take action to prevent this from happening again, and to help those who are directly affected.
  85. TDC#396 Charlotte’s Web2016/06/14

    Matt sits in again as we discuss all the Disney connections to Charlotte’s Web.

  86. TDC #396: Rivers of Whatever2016/06/08

    Our friend Matt joins us again, this time to talk about a new entertainment offering at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  87. TDC #395 Disney Extra Hours Thing That Is No More (Maybe) 2016/05/31

    This week, Mississippi Matt joins the Cats to discuss his recent attendance of the evening special ticket event which has since, allegedly, been cancelled.

  88. TDC#394 Potpourri!2016/05/24
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  89. TDC #393: Captain America: Civil War2016/05/18

    Constantine joins Jennifer and Lisa for a review of the movie.
  90. TDC#392 Ghost Post Box #22016/05/10

    This week, Lisa tries to solve the mystery of what’s in the box.

    Also, I forgot to say that this is episode #392 for Wednesday, May 11, 2016! Well, I did say it and then I accidentally edited it out, so there’s that.

    Find the most recent video showing the contents of this box at our Facebook page .

  91. TDC#391 More From Marceline2016/05/03

    This week, Lisa catches up with Peter Whitehead, Creative
    Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, and finds out what’s
    new in Marceline.


    Follow the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and Pete on Facebook and
    Twitter. www.waltdisneymuseum.org
  92. TDC #390: Money Grab2016/04/26

    We talk about the latest money grab by Disney Parks: Early and late hours at Magic Kingdom, for maybe-crazy prices. Don't be surprised if we swear.
  93. TDC#389 Let Le Trip Planning Commence!2016/04/19

    This week, Lisa announces an upcoming trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris.

    I did not rate this episode “explicit”, but I think I whisper the “F” word somewhere in there. And I (Lisa) like to yell into my mic. A lot. Mon excuses.

  94. TDC# 388 Ghost Post Box #12016/04/12

    This week, the Cats discuss the contents of the 1st Ghost Post subscription box, along with audio from the Phantom Radio......

    Check our Facebook posts for the recent unboxing video if you haven’t seen it.

  95. TDC #387: Recent Disney Business Moves2016/04/06

    Constantine joins Jennifer to talk about surge pricing, preferred parking fees, and the possibility of resort fees.
  96. That Scurvy Cat Ep. 0012016/03/29

    This week, the podcast travels to Trader Sams. www.thosedarncats.net
  97. TDC #386: New Ships, Podcasting News2016/03/22

    Lisa shares her information and enthusiasm about the new ships coming to Disney Cruise Line, and the Cats talk about recent changes in the Disney podcast scene. Also, Jennifer plugs her two panels at Anime Boston 2016.
  98. TDC#384 Zootopia Review2016/03/15

    Constantine joins us this week to talk about Disney’s most recent release, “Zootopia”. This episode is spoiler filled and contains some adult content. Also, Roxxy makes a special appearance at the 12:00 minute mark.

  99. TDC#383 Interactive Queues!2016/03/09

    This week, we reminisce about the newer interactive queues found at WDW. www.thosesdarncats.net
  100. TDC#3822016/03/01

    This week, we talk the recent Disneyland 60th EXTRAVAGANZA. www.thosedarncats.net
  101. TDC#381 Basin Bath Bombs!2016/02/23

    This week, Lisa shares her review and recommendations from Basin at WDW’s Grand Floridian. www.thosedarncats.net
  102. TDC #380: The Wind in the Willows2016/02/17

    Jennifer reviews a classic of Disney animation, The Wind in the Willows. Then we talk about Disney animation in general, and the 24-hour science fiction film marathon in the Boston area.
  103. TDC #379: Spirit of Aloha2016/02/10

    Lisa and Jennifer review the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at Disney's Polynesian Resort.
  104. TDC#378 Reviews!2016/02/02

    This week, we talk about a lot of foods as we share our reviews of several new(it) eating experiences in the World. www.thosedarncats.net
  105. TDC #377: Magic Behind Our Steam Trains2016/01/27

    Jennifer reviews the Magic Kingdom backstage tour, "The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains."
  106. TDC#376 Lunch With An Imagineer2016/01/19

    Jennifer and Lisa are together, poolside, at Art of Animation talking about Jennifer’s recent “Lunch With An Imagineer” event. And we have audio from the new Symphony In The Sky fireworks from DHS.

  107. TDC#375 Odds & Ends2015/12/29
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  108. TDC#374.5 STAR WARS TFA SPOILERS2015/12/25



  109. TDC#374 Jessica Jones!2015/12/22

    This week, Jennifer tells Lisa why she loves Jessica Jones

    ***rated the show explicit due to themes discussed, but in the end, there wasn’t anything wild that we actually said***

    That’s what she said


    Lisa is going to see Star Wars they night I am posting this.

    WHY NEWELL????? WHY???????? RIP WDWTODAY 1.0 :(
  110. TDC #373: The Good Dinosaur2015/12/16

    Lisa reports back on The Good Dinosaur. Can she convince Jennifer to see it?
  111. TDC# 372 Wonder Trip Report 20152015/12/08
  112. TDC#371 We Love Disney Quick Review & Fan Days Interview2015/11/24
  113. TDC #370: The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head2015/11/18
  114. TDC #369: Purses and Such2015/11/11
  115. TDC#368 Stubs The Best Cow Dog OF ALL2015/11/03
  116. TDC#367 Fan Meet Q&A2015/10/27
  117. TDC #366: The Peopls v. Disneyland2015/10/21
  118. TDC#365 All Things Magnets!2015/10/13
  119. TDC#364 Let’s Get Things Started2015/10/06
  120. TDC#363 This Week In Trip Planning2015/09/30
  121. TDC #362: Sharknado Survival2015/09/23
  122. TDC#361 Revisiting Toon-Fest-A-Palooza2015/09/16
  123. TDC #360: Bucket List2015/09/09
  124. TDC#358 Bring Back Midget Autopia!2015/09/01
  125. TDC #358: Whatever2015/08/26
  126. TDC#357 Disneyland 60th Trip Report2015/08/18
  127. TDC#356 Disneyland Lodging Review 2015/08/11
  128. TDC#355 Inside Ants!2015/08/05
  129. TDC#354 Disneyland’s 60th2015/07/28
  130. TDC #353: The Evolution of Disney Princesses2015/07/22
  131. TDC#352 Upcoming Live Action Disney Movies2015/07/07
  132. TDC #351: Cast Member Confidential2015/07/01
  133. TDC #350: Movies That Should Be Attractions2015/06/24
  134. TDC#349 DL 60th Anniversary Trip & Teen Beach Movie 22015/06/16
  135. TDC#348 Dallas Fan Expo/Ming Na Q&A2015/06/09
  136. TDC#346 Tomorrowland Spoiler Show2015/05/26
  137. TDC #345: Potpourri2015/05/20
  138. TDC #347: Princess' Evolution2015/05/13
  139. TDC#344 Odds & Ends2015/05/12
  140. TDC#343 SPOILERIFFIC Avengers Review2015/05/05
  141. TDC #342: Weird Disney News2015/04/29
  142. TDC #341: The Wind Rises2015/04/22
  143. TDC#340 Weekend Plans2015/04/08
  144. TDC#339 Grey’s Anatomy Gets It All Wrong2015/04/01
  145. TDC#338 Let’s All Go To The Lobby2015/03/24
  146. TDC #337: Using an ECV at WDW2015/03/18
  147. TDC #336: Potpourri2015/03/11
  148. TDC#335 All About Those Tours2015/03/04
  149. TDC#334 True Disney Crime In Texas2015/02/25
  150. TDC#333 New Area Roller Coasters & SW Cruise Info/REPOST2015/02/18
  151. TDC#332 GF/AK DVC Review2015/02/11
  152. TDC#331 Revisiting Magic Bands with Michael Fess2015/02/03
  153. TDC #330: runDisney Volunteering2015/01/28
  154. TDC#329 The Marathon Marathon Race Report2015/01/21
  155. TDC#328 Into The Woods/Big Hero 62015/01/13
  156. TDC #327: 2014 Disney Parks Parade2015/01/07
  157. TDC Merry Xmas 20142014/12/24
  158. TDC#324 Planning Be CRAY2014/12/16
  159. TDC#323 Movie Trailers!2014/12/10
  160. TDC #322: Disability Access Service2014/12/03
  161. TDC#321 Trip Report - Disney Dream and WDW 11/20142014/11/21
  162. TDC#320 Book of Life Review2014/11/11
  163. TDC#319 Marvel Universe LIVE!!!2014/11/04
  164. TDC #318: Drag Races2014/10/29
  165. TDC#317 The Fast Pass+ Zone2014/10/22
  166. TDC #316: Collaborations2014/10/15
  167. TDC #315 Cornucopia of Topics2014/10/08
  168. TDC#314 Don’t Rain On My (Favorite) Disney Parade!2014/10/01
  169. TDC #313: Arendelle Invades Norway2014/09/24
  170. TDC#312 The Frozen ABC Special - Our Thoughts2014/09/16
  171. TDC #311: My Disney Experience2014/09/10
  172. TDC #310: Unsanctioned Disney Themeing2014/09/03
  173. TDC#309 Adventureland Trading Company Juju!2014/08/26
  174. TDC#308 DL Trip Report with Trace2014/08/20
  175. TDC#307 Snowball’s Disney Covers2014/08/12
  176. TDC #306: Comics2014/08/06
  177. TDC#305 When Your Phone Game Ends....2014/07/29
  178. TDC #304: Marathon Weekend Planning2014/07/23
  179. TDC #303: Marathon Weekend Planning2014/07/16
  180. TDC#302 A Pride Of Topics2014/07/08
  181. TDC#301 Dirty Laundry2014/07/01
  182. TDC #300: Maleficent2014/06/25
  183. TDC#299 Alaska Soundbites and Disney Trivia2014/06/18
  184. TDC#298 Back From Alaska2014/06/10
  185. TDC#297 The Final Countdown2014/05/17
  186. TDC#296 Run, Disney, Run!2014/05/07
  187. TDC#295 May The Fourth2014/04/30
  188. TDC#294 The Indiana Jones Exhibit2014/04/22
  189. TDC#293 First World Purse Problems2014/04/15
  190. TDC#292 Fast Pass + Confusion = This Week’s Show2014/04/08
  191. TDC #291: Convention Report2014/04/02
  192. TDC#290 Disney Covers - Episode 12014/03/25
  193. TDC #289: Themed Spa Ideas2014/03/19
  194. TDC #288: A Panoply of Topics2014/03/12
  195. TDC#287 Stitch! Anime 2014/03/04
  196. TDC 286 Project Runway Disney Edition with Jeff W2014/02/25
  197. TDC#285 Frozen In The World?2014/02/19
  198. TDC284 Push It Real Good2014/02/11
  199. TDC #283: Alaska Excursions2014/02/05
  200. TDC#282 Back Of The Pack2014/01/29
  201. TDC #281: Stitch Based Entertainment2014/01/15
  202. TDC#280 Saving Mr. Banks2014/01/08
  203. TDC #279: Christmas Wrap-Up, Six Flags Discussion2014/01/01
  204. TDC#278 Reunited!2013/12/24
  205. TDC#277 Frozen and the Bechdel Test2013/12/17
  206. TDC #276: Gratitude2013/12/04
  207. TDC#275 New Mickey Cartoons and @$*! MDE2013/11/26
  208. TDC #274: Escape from Tomorrow2013/11/20
  209. TDC #273: Simply Mad About the Mouse2013/11/13
  210. TDC#272 The Very Last ToT Trip Report Show (We Promise)2013/11/05
  211. TDC#271 ToT Trip Report2013/10/29
  212. TDC#270 ToT 10 Miler2013/10/15
  213. TDC #269:Disney Infinity, Parks, and Privacy2013/10/09
  214. TDC#268 Jonathon’s Alaskan Cruise2013/10/01
  215. TDC #267: Reunion Again!2013/09/25
  216. TDC#266 Magic Bands and Bryan Ripper2013/09/17
  217. TDC#265 ToT Trip Planning2013/09/10
  218. TDC #264: Salute to Cast Members2013/09/04
  219. TDC#263 T23!2013/08/27
  220. TDC #262: We Don't Care2013/08/21
  221. TDCS#261 Lisa’s Odds and Ends2013/08/13
  222. TDC #260: Budget Trips2013/08/07
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