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Sustainable Business Strategies

  1. All the Lovely People2020/07/24

    How much time do you spend on line? Can we surf the net indefinitely, or are we reaching the point where browsing time must be capped?. Is that a fridge over there? No, it’s a 60kWh storage unit - but not a battery. Before you knock that building down think of all the embedded carbon! But first, some thoughts about population.
  2. The Endgame...2020/07/17
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  3. Fossil Futures2020/07/10
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  4. Sustainable Futures 2020/07/03
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  5. Outlook Sunny2020/06/26
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  6. No Going Back2020/06/19
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  7. Barrier Grief2020/06/12
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  8. World Environment Day2020/06/05
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  9. Talking to the Other Side2020/05/29

    How do we talk to the other side about the climate emergency? How do we find common ground? How do we get everyone working together? I spoke to Kevin Wilhelm CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting in Seattle.
  10. Shooting for a Green Recovery2020/05/27
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  11. Designer Outlet2020/05/22

    A designer solution providing an environmentally responsible outlet for your industry's waste. Peter Ettinger of Bioenergy DevCo explains how an anaerobic digester plant tailored to specific waste streams can produce biogas and soil improvers - and pay for itself.
  12. Game Over2020/05/20

    Recently a group of academics wrote to The Guardian and said, "It is game over for preventing dangerous climate change..."

    One of the signatories to the letter was Dr James Dyke of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter. I tracked him down, and this is what he told me.

    What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know.
  13. Solar Cells on Steroids2020/05/15
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  14. The End of Oil?2020/05/08
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  15. In Other News...2020/04/24

    Yes, the threat, challenge and tragedy that is COVID19 remains everyone’s first concern. Coronavirus affects us all, but in this episode my aim is to talk briefly of other things.

    This week I bring you a miscellany of stories that you may have missed.
  16. Reimagining Capitalism2020/04/17

    Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Professor, Author and Authority on Reimagining Capitalism talks to the Sustainable Futures Report.

  17. Onward!2020/04/10

    There are no good jokes about climate change, so instead I'm going to talk about COP26, the way out of this pandemic and its effect on actions against climate change; coal mining, geo-engineering and global dimming.
  18. Going Global2020/04/03
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  19. What's Your Opinion?2020/03/24

    I'm setting up a webinar for patrons to discuss where the Sustainable Futures Report should go from here. There's also an overview of my approach to looking at the consequences of climate change outside the wealthy west.
  20. Where Do I Start?2020/03/20
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  21. Setting Sail - Charting the Course2020/03/13

    Are we telling the right story about climate change? Are we getting the message across? In this interview Captain Sandy Anderson explains how we're getting things wrong and how the Earth Ship fleet could put it right. "If the people will lead, the leaders will follow."

  22. It's an ill wind2020/03/06

    COVID-19, the coronavirus, has got to be at the top of any agenda, but there’s also news about COP26, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank, wind power, climate denial and the coming of the Anti-Greta, a bar of soap and how’s your business coping with risk?
  23. Ruminating on Food2020/02/28
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  24. Digging In2020/02/21
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  25. Accentuate the Positive2020/02/14
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  26. I Don't Deny It2020/01/24

    OK, OK, I don’t deny it. I said there wouldn’t be another Sustainable Futures Report until Friday 14th February. That’s still true, although you’ve got this extra one for Friday 24th January. There’s just so much piling into my inbox that I have to do something about it. This episode is about denial.
  27. 100 Words2020/01/03

    This episode is about ideas. I asked you suggest in 100 words your ideas of what we should do in 2020. Ideas came from Australia and America as well as from the UK. I had some ideas from Ian Jarvis following up on previous topics.

    What are you going do differently in 2020? Let me have your ideas too!
  28. Taking Back Control2019/12/20
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  29. Biomimicry - Nature shows the Way2019/12/13
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  30. #TimeForAction2019/12/06
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  31. Offsets - taking it easy(Jet)2019/11/29

    The week before last I was talking about carbon offsets - and all of a sudden everybody else is talking about carbon offsets, even Julia Hartley Brewer. You’ll hear her later.

    easyJet tells us that Tuesday 19th November was a historic date - was it though? And listener Ian Jarvis asked some pertinent questions which I’m going to try and answer.
  32. Which Way Now?2019/11/22

    In the news this week, some capitalists seem to be having doubts about capitalism, the European investment bank is having doubts about fossil fuels, the International Energy Agency has doubts about coalmines, the Lancet gets to the heart of the matter and the BBC does Climategate. And what about plastic?

  33. The Carbon Offset Question2019/11/15
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  34. It's Later Than You Think2019/11/08
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  35. What Next?2019/11/01

    This time I’ll be talking about the growth in renewable power including signs that France may prioritise renewables over nuclear, climate rules for corporations, forces behind climate denial, plumbing the depths of abandoned coal mines and some news and comment on climate science. But first, news from California.
  36. Rounding Up XR in London2019/10/25

    This week Zoe Cohen, who spoke to us recently about being arrested at the XR protest in April, came to trial. We'll hear from her later. We also hear from Laura Cox who was in London for the latest XR rebellion and she too was arrested.

    First, we'll look at what happened over those two weeks of rebellion.
  37. Special: How Green is your Number Plate?2019/10/22

    Another chat with Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio. We didn't fall out this time!

  38. Rebel News2019/10/11
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  39. More Loose Ends2019/10/04
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  40. Finding the Future from the Past2019/09/27
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  41. Extra! Extra!2019/09/24

    This is an extra edition. There will be another on Friday, as usual.

  42. Tick Tock2019/09/20

    Today is Friday, 20th September, the day of the global climate strike..

    Also this week I'm talking about why scientists need to speak up and about those that do. The weather forecast is extreme. I bring you news of nuclear from Normandy, of VW from Australia, of living in a cardboard box and explain why I’m going nuts about packaging.
  43. A Matter of Principle2019/09/13

    This week’s episode is devoted to a matter of principle. Would you be arrested for your principles? Would you go to prison for your principles?

    I recently met Zoe Cohen who believes that she should go that far to protect herself, her family and indeed the rest of us from the risks of catastrophic climate change.

    She told me why.
  44. Fired Up!2019/09/06
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  45. Where's the Beef?2019/08/23

    I mentioned last time that Julia Hartley Brewer of Talk Radio wanted to know what I thought about the decision of Goldsmith College to ban beef. And then Talk Radio rang me again and asked if I’d talk to Mike Graham about Elton John, flying Royals and carbon offsets. You've got two for the price of one!
  46. Away with All Cars?2019/08/16
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  47. Talking About Babies2019/08/09

    A report revealed that the birth-rate in England and Wales reached an all-time low last year. Talk Radio asked me to talk to them about it.
  48. Round Table2019/08/02
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  49. Look Out2019/07/26

    No, this one is not the one about electric vehicles that I promised . I'm holding that over for a future episode because I wanted to catch up with Extinction Rebellion and last week's protest. Not everyone agrees with XR's message. Powerful forces are gathering to stop it being heard.
  50. News from the Bridge2019/07/19

    This week saw renewed protests from Extinction Rebellion. I went down to the bridge in Leeds and spoke to some of the people taking part.
  51. It's Getting Serious2019/07/12
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  52. Rare Earth...2019/07/05
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  53. It Won't Go Away!2019/06/28
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  54. ZERO in 20502019/06/21
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  55. Cutting the Carbs2019/06/14
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  56. Even More Rubbish2019/06/07
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  57. Time to Talk2019/05/31
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  58. Running to Catch Up2019/05/21
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  59. Tipping Point2019/04/26

    Have a Swedish schoolgirl, a naturalist in his 90s and a civil disobedience campaign in the streets of London finally led people to realise that the climate is in crisis and that it affects us all?
  60. Next Week2019/04/12
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  61. All at Once2019/04/05

    It’s like buses. You wait for climate change activists and then several thousand suddenly turn up at once. Apart from that, I'm going to tell you about the future of insects, views on climate change denial, more about glyphosate, some thoughts on population, and a new entry to Europe's top10 polluters.
  62. H2much/H2little2019/03/29

    There's too much water - or maybe not enough.

    In this episode I'm also talking about energy: coal, Hinkley C and hydrogen; about transport, specifically the future of HS2; about cleaning up Canada and about pollution: plastic pollution and air pollution. And how we can avoid the jaws of death.
  63. Vox Pop2019/03/22
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  64. Another Day of Action2019/03/15
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  65. The Uninhabitable Earth2019/03/08

    This week: a review of The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, the attention that climate change is getting in Parliament and reactions to the American Green Deal. There’s more on extreme weather, on air pollution and a follow-up from The Lancet on the Planetary Diet.
  66. Looking on the Black Side2019/03/01

    This week it’s mainly about carbon. Carbon emissions, carbon capture, US government carbon policy, cutting carbon by getting rid of gas, a carbon-cutting stealth tax with the very best of intentions and a new carbon-reducing diet which is not designed to make you slim. There’s also news about fracking, palm oil, insects and cheese.
  67. Thinking Aloud2019/02/15

    We need to do something about climate change. David Attenborough says so. Extinction Rebellion says so. Kids are coming out of school on Friday to say so. We need to do more. Business needs to do more. The government needs to do much more.

    I'm trying not to shout, but it's important.
  68. Going South2019/02/08

    Sailing through the Antarctic - Learning to live with an electric car - UK carbon emissions fall -Fast food companies under pressure to reduce emissions - Fashion retailers ignoring environmental impact - BP and global climate goals - The warmest century - Factfulness, a book you should read - and is your doggy vegan?
  69. Energy for IT2019/02/01

    How much energy does it take to make a Google search? Is there enough electricity to go round? How close are we to 100% renewables? Can we extract electricity from the air? (Well, not the air exactly...) Should I upgrade my smartphone? And who went and rubbed shoulders with some of the richest people in the world in Davos and stayed in a tent?
  70. Stop & Go2019/01/25

    Time to stop a war, to stop air pollution and stop the ice from melting. Time to go electric, or maybe go hydrogen and to go underground to hide that nasty carbon.

    Stories this week from Yemen, DEFRA and the Department of Transport, from Alaska and Greenland and from the American courts. Nothing at all about Brexit. Guaranteed.
  71. The Anthropocene2019/01/18
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  72. More Rubbish2019/01/11

    Have we reached Peak Stuff? Are we wasting our time recycling? Who is Trash Girl? All this and a conversation with Mike Graham of Talk Radio about dealing with our rubbish.
  73. The Carrington Event2018/12/21

    In this last episode for 2018 I report how COP24 finally concluded an agreement, but loose ends remain to be tied at COP25 next year. I investigate the story of a scientific phenomenon from 1859, and discover what it could do to us if it happened again.
  74. Another Year 2018/12/14

    This week I look back at the 22 episodes published this year and pick out some themes, stories and updates.

    Sustainability is an immensely broad issue and climate change must come at the very top. Waste, energy and low carbon solutions for transport are all linked as well. And what are VW shooting at in Mexico?
  75. Water - and COP242018/12/07

    COP24 opens in Katowice, Poland with a keynote from Sir David Attenborough. What will these two weeks bring? And a look at water. Warm water, cold water and salty water. Could another Little Ice Age be on its way?
  76. All the Lovely People2018/11/30

    This week I'm looking at population, and like many other sustainability issues it is broad, deep and complicated. What do you think we could, or should, do about growing world population? Other sustainability news from the US, Canada, France and North Somerset. Links to my sources on the blog (which will be published in the course of the morning) at www.sustainablefutures.report .
  77. Climate of Apathy2018/11/23
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  78. News from All Parts2018/11/16

    Listen up to hear about electric insights, geothermal engineering, dams, fracking, the plug-in hybrids that aren’t, new rules on waste, threats to environmental legislation, how nuclear power may be the future but Toshiba wants no part of it and a strange Icelandic saga - but that's by no means all!
  79. Something in the Air2018/11/09

    Recently we’ve spoken at length about plastic. We’ve spoken about climate change. But there’s something in the air; in fact there's a lot more in the air than there should be. This week’s episode is about air quality, the third big area that needs cleaning up.
  80. More Plastic Rubbish2018/11/02

    In this episode I talk about more plastic rubbish, about energy, about politicians and about Brexit. I also mention industrial-scale fly-tipping, what to do with your empty Pringles can and a new Circular Economy initiative.

    Special thanks to Eleanor Rogers for extensive information on plastic.
  81. Making Policy2018/10/26

    This week it's all about policy, about energy policy, about policies to combat climate change. There's an interview, too, with Hal Harvey, author of Designing Climate Solutions: A Policy Guide for Low-Carbon Energy. And some electrifying news about transport.
  82. Wintry Outlook2018/10/19
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  83. Plastic2018/10/12

    This week's episode is all about plastic.
  84. Feedback2018/10/05

    I've had more feedback than ever this week as you'll hear. Also in this week’s episode: climate failures and climate lies, a big price for small reactors, don't paint the town red – paint it green, and how should we keep it warm? News from Smart Cities World, from the IPCC and a follow-up on some of the issues covered last time.
  85. How Smart is your Smart Meter?2018/09/28
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  86. Coming Round2018/09/21

    This week I review an important book on the circular economy, there is energy news on nuclear, gas and coal, the BBC fesses up, Saturn may have rings but Carlsberg is getting rid of them, extreme weather is still battering many parts of the world and can Walmart afford sustainability?
  87. HOLD TIGHT!2018/09/07
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  88. Extra, extra!2018/07/27

    I know, I know. I said the Sustainable Futures Report would be monthly from now on but there's just so much going on. Energy, climate change, reverse vending and what's a Hyperloop? And I've been on Talk Radio again- this time with Mike Graham.
  89. SDG Special2018/07/20
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  90. The Elephant in the Room2018/07/06
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  91. Any Change, Guv?2018/06/01
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  92. It's All Rubbish2018/05/11
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  93. April Showers2018/04/13
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  94. Beautiful World2018/03/02
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  95. Manifesto 20182018/02/02

    A few of the Sustainability stories which have come up since the last episode and my plans for 2018. That includes preparing for SSCC19 and researching for a PhD. More at sscc19.com and the text of this episode is at www.sustainablefutures.report
  96. Touring the Archive2017/12/22

    Have a look at the 43 episodes I produced this year.
  97. George Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage2017/12/08

    Campaigner, environmentalist, author and journalist George Monbiot talks to Manda Scott about his latest book.
  98. The Copper Opportunity2017/12/01

    Challenges and opportunities for the copper industry and its role at the centre of the low carbon economy. Balancing environmental constraints with the growing demand for the world's best conductor of electricity and heat. Text at sustainablefutures.report
  99. Lighter than Air2017/11/24

    It's lighter than air, it burns without a flame, it can pass through metals. Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?

  100. Baby, it's Coal Outside!2017/11/17

    Coal, CO2, Disruptive Innovation, Worried Scientists and Pacific Warriors. Find the full text and links at www.sustainablefutures.report
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