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  1. Solar Lights2009/08/25

    Napella - Flatlands,
    Mount Kimbie - Maybes,
    Burial and Fortet - Wolf Club,
    Rone - Spanish Breakfast,
    Lawrence - Friday's Child,
    Stimming - After Eight,
    James Holden - 10101,
    Holger Zilske - Lichterfelde,
    Bloody Mary - Black Pearl,
    Andrew Ilar - Hillside,
    John Daly - Solar Lights
  2. Ghost Hardware2009/04/11

    1.Mount Kimbie - Maybes 2.Burial-Ghost Hardware 3.Skream-Dutch Flowers 4.Kode9-Victims 5.Guido-Orchestral Lab 6.Ramadanman-Good Feelin 7.Burial-Near Dark 8.Boxcutter-Arcadia 202 9.Pendle Coven-Chord Calculus
  3. Through Friendly Waters2009/03/02

    1>Kettel - Bodpa 2>Telefon Tel Aviv - Your Mouth 3>Boards of Canada - Chinook 4>Steinbruchel - Interlude 1 5>Autechre - Basscadet 6>Fennesz - Black Sea 7>Lukid - Chord 8>Yagya - Rigning Fimm 9>Kettel - Through Friendly Waters 10>Lawrence - Shelter 11>Lukid - Falling Apart 12>Fat John - Naos 13>Prefuse 73 - Four Reels Collide 14>Luomo - Nothing Goes Away 15>Shed - Estrange 16>Kettel - Toen
  4. Again with the Subtitles2009/02/06

    1. Liars: Houseclouds
    2. Yppah: Again with the Subtitles
    3. Telepathe: Can’t Stand It
    4. M83: Kim and Jessie
    5. Fourtet: Ringer
    6. Caribou: Sundialling
    7. Stereolab: Three Women
    8. LCD Soundsystem: Time to Get Away
    9. Fujiya & Miyagi: Pickpocket
    10. Broken Social Scene: Stars and Sons
    11. Simian: Drop and Roll
    12. Deerhoof: You Can See
  5. Slippery Strut2009/02/02
    Lawrence – Shelter
    Wagon Christ – Down Under
    Populous – Pawn Shop Close
    Telepathe – Michael
    The Sureshot Symphony – Slippery Strut
    Squarepusher – The Coathanger
    Autechre – The Plc
    Autechre – Clipper
    Flying Lotus – Golden Diva
    Plastikman - Contain
  6. Telephasic Workshop2008/11/28
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  7. Do the Funky Boogaloo2008/11/19

    A mix of funk, soul, electro
  8. Keys, Strings and Tambourines2008/11/13
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  9. Beautiful Burnout2008/11/07
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Discover new sounds from all kinds of new music. Ranging from house, ambient, soul, rock, hip-hop, electronic and just about everything else.

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