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  1. Spanish Eyes2012/08/17

    .....on flamenco guitar. Disfrutad.
  2. A bit of Spanish Culture - Granada2008/11/09

    Remember, learning a language is not always about knowing the right thing to say, it is also appreciating all the country has to offer.
  3. CfE SCOTLAND bienvenidos2008/11/13

    All the first year in St. Ambrose COATBRIDGE should be trying to download this vocabulary and practice it regularly. This podcast deals with GREETINGS.
  4. CfE SCOTLAND los dias de la semana2008/11/15

    Here are the days of the week. Remember the basics are sometimes the essentials!
  5. CfE SCOTLAND los numeros2008/11/15

    Here is some numbers vocabulary. Remember you must be able to handle all numbers confidently for your Standard Grade Exam.
  6. CfE SCOTLAND los meses y las estaciones2008/11/16

    Here are the months and the seasons. Remember that like days of the week the months won't have capital letters.
  7. CfE SCOTLAND la fecha y la hora2008/11/16

    Here are dates and times. Time will always prove to be quite tricky, just remember to listen, the clue is always in the sentence.
  8. CfE SCOTLAND Singular and Plural2008/11/06

    This is a really clear and concise video which explains the idea of singular and plural both in English and Spanish to avoid any confusion! Try it out.
  9. CfE SCOTLAND Spanish Rules of Adjectives2008/11/05

    Agreement of adjectives. This short video explains in a very visual way the rules for changing your adjective spelling and why this is necessary in Spanish and not in English.
  10. CfE SCOTLAND los colores2008/11/19

    Today we are looking at colours. At school we are talking pets so colour seems an obvious add-on to the podcast. Remember colours belong to the group of words known as "Adjectives" and therefore their spellings alter depending on what they are describing. Watch the podcast video again on "Concordancia". Any problems you can let me know.
  11. CfE SCOTLAND Spanish Mascotas PETS (Revision Exercise)2008/11/24

    Listen to the interview. How many pets does the woman have? What are they? What are their names?
  12. CfE SCOTLAND Healthy Eating2008/11/19

    Food and Drink - La comida y la bebida - Listen, practice or revise. You decide!!! :o)
  13. HSp Mi Familia2008/11/05

    Piece where a young Spaniard talks about his family. He has the "ideal" family and friends. Useful for preparation for HSp/Int 2 NABs.
  14. Int II Sp Salir con amigos2008/11/12

    Here is your final instalment for consolidation of your Sg.materials. Leisure remember will be more than just sports and hanging-out with your friends, we will also consider over the next few posts the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Keep listening.
  15. Int II Sp Los pasatiempos2008/11/12

    Consolidation of leisure and hobbies covered at Standard Grade. Listen and let me know what you think.
  16. Int II Sp Los deportes2008/11/12

    This is a piece on sport for you to listen to and try to take down as many notes as you can. HSp pupils it would also be something you might like to listen to particularly if you want to re-cap Standard Grade stuff.
  17. HSp Una vida saludable2008/11/10

    The idea of a balanced diet strikes fear into everyone; are we eating what we should? are we enjoying 5 portions a day? do we smoke? do we drink? We are coming on to study LEISURE in the Higher Spanish syllabus and this is a good article to listen to. We will be transcribing and answering questions in class on this.
  18. Video - donde vives2008/11/03

    I saw this on-line and thought it would be handy for a bit of quick revision on TOWN.
  19. HSp Mi ciudad2008/11/03

    Text on where you stay.
  20. Making a start with French2010/08/22

    Greetings and Introductions
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