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  1. The O Myth Podcast #50: The Grand Finale2010/02/07
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  2. The O Myth Podcast #49: All That Glitters in Not Gold with Emily Wilska2009/12/18
    Emily Wilska has got the holiday thing under control! She shares her last minute tips with us so that we don't go all 'crazy cakes' on our family + friends! Emily's site: The Organized Life Emily's Fabulous e-book: The Organized Life to Less Stressful Holidays Listen: The O Myth #49
  3. The O Myth Podcast #48: All That Glitter is Not Gold...entertaining2009/12/10
    Holiday entertaining... doesn't have to be all glittery + glamtastic... but it can feel that way with less effort + less stress! We're sharing our super savvy + stylish entertaining secrets with you- so have a little listen. Show Notes: Listen: The O Myth #48
  4. The O Myth Podcast #47: All That Glitters is Not Gold2009/11/18
    Dang... All That Glitters is Not Gold! Brandie + Krista ponder decorating with kids, organizing all the holiday glam + tips for holiday simplicity. Learn how we keep it simple + savvy! Show Notes: Listen: The O Myth #47
  5. The O Myth Podcast #46: Back to the Basics with Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom2009/11/13
    It's Back to the Basics with Editor in Chief of Simple Mom! Tsh shares her tips to keeping it simple + sane as we enter the holidays... Show Notes: Tsh's Blogs: Simple Mom Simple Kids Listen: The O Myth #46
  6. The O Myth Podcast #45: Back to Basics2011/06/01
    We're getting Back to Basics: today's lively chat...fave organzing products that these two professional organizers happen to have around the house. Brandie + Krista also disclose their 'must-have' organizing product staples. Cheers to simplicity! Show Notes: Camas Antiques Listen: The O Myth #45
  7. The O Myth Podcast #44: Back to Basics2009/11/13
    "Work with whatcha got" is our topic-du-jour! This month Brandie + Krista are getting Back to the Basics... Listen as they reveal how they turned-over two rooms w/out purchasing a thing! Show Notes: Brandie's vintage office supply blog post Listen: The O Myth #44
  8. The O Myth Podcast #43: Technology & Lauren Halagarda on BlogTalkRadio2009/10/30
    Lauren Halagarda of 2 Organize U, helped us get our geek on! Lauren shared with us her trifecta of organizing productivity + technology- while Brandie got all verklempt ;). Lauren's has a coolio way to detox your inbox so you should pop on over to her site + beg for her help! Lauren's website: http://www.2OrganizeU.com Lauren's blog: http://www.2OrganizeU.com/blog Listen: The O Myth #43
  9. The O Myth Podcast #42: Technology and Online Content2009/10/24
    How do two seasoned professional organizers manage all their email, incoming newsletters, and blog readers... we'll share our tips with you- have a little listen! Show Notes: Evernote Listen: The O Myth #42
  10. The O Myth Podcast #41: Technology and Email2009/10/24
    Email, iPhones, Google, Gmail, Outlook... we're chatting about how we adore these items + how we use them to organize our life. What's your take...does this technology really make our lives easier? Listen: The O Myth #41
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