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Take Him With You

  1. #312 A visit with Joe2015/08/04
    Join us for a fun visit with Joe Mastroianni, our friend from Toronto as he visits with us LIVE and in person at our table in the dining room. Joe is the host of UMB podcast and the co-host of Star Wars Stacks Podcast. We first met each other on the Treks in Sci Fi forum almost 10 years ago now. This was the first time we met in person. FUN STUFF.
  2. #311 Be Kind Rewind2015/07/19
    Join Amy and I to find out what we have been up to in Moyer world. THEN we have an amazing discussion on equal rights and being kind.
  3. #310 Earth To Jesus2015/06/14
    Join us for a fresh episode of THWY where we talk about all sorts of crazy things. PLUS a message about talking to God. ENJOY.
  4. #309 Catching up with the Moyers2015/05/17
    Join us for a new episode of TAKE HIM WITH YOU. Rick . Amy talk about Age of Ultron, geeky things, DISH Network Hopper and more, plus the message from Rick on combatting Depression. ENJOY.
  5. #308 The Middle2015/04/26
    Join us for a bit of news from the Moyer household and then a discussion on ABC's show, THE MIDDLE. Enjoy.
  6. #307 Death . Life Easter Special2015/04/05
    Join us for a quick greeting on Easter and then a compilation of the musical messages that Rick did in the Raymond Baptist Church services. HAPPY EASTER. We love you.
  7. #306 Acid an interview with Curtis . Debbie Klinger2015/03/29
    Join us for a great discussion about Curtis Klinger's new novel ACID, the world has changed but man has not. Amy and I interview Curtis and his wife Debbie about his new book over lunch. ENJOY.
  8. #305 Buy me a Jet.2015/03/15
    Join us for a St. Patrick's day extravaganza. Fun discussions and a talk about a mega preacher asking for us to buy him a jet. PLUS a cool offer for a free Christian Netflix service from the Moyer's.
  9. #304 Good Bye Leonard, Hello Change2015/03/01
    Join us for a discussion about Leonard Nimoy's passing, our garden and Amy's crazy cat, then we discuss how it's hard to change. ENJOY.
  10. #303 Luva Luva Luva Luva you.2015/02/14
    Join us for a fun discussion on LOVE. and more. ENJOY.
  11. #302 Melting our heart2015/02/01
    Come take a listen to the latest crazy stuff going on at the Moyer's plus a glimpse into melting our heart for God.
  12. #301 God and Sports2015/01/19
    Amy and I bring you up to speed on our life, as well as talk about God and sports. ENJOY.
  13. #300 The Big Show 300 of THWY2015/01/04
    Join us for comments from all around the world on our BIG show 300th episode. ENJOY.
  14. #299 Stabilized part 3- What a gift.2014/12/21
    Join us for the third part of the story called Stabilized, fun talk about the Moyer household and more. ENJOY. AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  15. #298 Stabilized part 2- Move that Cow2014/12/14
    Join us for a fun discussion on life at the Moyer's, holiday baking and a new show on Fox FLYSCAPE. Then we share part 2 of the new Christmas story, STABILIZED- move that cow. ENJOY.
  16. #297 Stabilized Part 12014/12/07
    Join Amy and I on a discussion about Christmas, our crazy week and more. PLUS I play the first part of the three part story Stabilized. ENJOY.
  17. #296 Christmas Kick Off2014/11/30
    Join us for kind of Christmas season kick off. Original music and more, plus the advent and christmas decorations. ENJOY.
  18. #295 Thanksliving2014/11/23
    Join us for a fun talk about being thankful, and a discussion on fun things. ENJOY the Take Him With You Podcast Thanksgiving 2014 special.
  19. #294 Gaze into the looking glass2014/11/16
    Join Amy and me as we talk about all sorts of fun things from Computer addiction to the social phenomena of smart phones and social networking. Are we paying too much attention to our gadgets and not enough to the people right in front of us? Come find out. ENJOY.
  20. #293 Thanks.2014/11/09
    Join us for a fun discussion on the iPhone 6 plus, crazy days and Thanksgiving and Forgiveness. Worth a listen, that is for sure. ENJOY.
  21. #292 Amy's Birthday Bash2014/11/02
    Join us for a fun talk on Amy's birthday. We talk about Fire TV, iPhones, Carrie Underwood and MORE. ENJOY.
  22. #291 Rick's Birthday Show2014/10/26
    Join us for a fun conversation on my birthday. :)
  23. #290 Are online friends real friends?2014/10/19
    Join us for a discussion on our crazy life, PLUS we talk about online relationships, the cautions and joys of people from all around the world. ENJOY.
  24. #289 Faith and Fandom2014/10/05
    A fascinating discussion on the question.. is Fandom replacing Faith in our society? Enjoy.
  25. #288 Out in the field2014/09/28
    Amy and I get to sit down with Daniel and Becky Elfers at our kitchen table for a cool conversation about our faith and living it in our lives. It's a fun and informative podcast that everyone will LOVE. Audio Adrenaline music is blasted for your convenience.
  26. #287 All in the same boat2014/09/21
    Join us for an update on our life, plus a discussion on professional sports and the conduct as of late of the players. Music from Lee Brice.
  27. #286 Rising from the Rubble2014/09/07
    Join us for a fun discussion on our crazy week.. and a message for those of us that have had to start over on various occasions. ENJOY.

  28. #285 C is for Courage2014/08/31
    Join us as we are on the road this week. We talk about websites, gardening, organizing, Outlander on Starz and more. Then I share a message on Courage that I shared this morning at a church in Raymond WA. I sincerely hope it encourages your heart. ENJOY.
  29. #284 Rocket Town2014/08/24
    Join us for a discussion on life decisions, websites, and the big controversy with a popular mega preacher in the Seattle area. We discuss our experience and what the Bible says about the whole thing, plus play a cool old song from Michael W. Smith. ENJOY.
  30. #283 Ground Control to Rick and Amy2014/08/17
    Join us for a discussion on two movies this week-- The secret life of Walter Mitty and Guardians of the Galaxy. We talk about the themes throughout the movies of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice.
  31. #282 Believe it or not.2014/08/03
    Come hear us talk about the Journey concert we went to, and the new Outlander Series on Starz, along with a message I gave on Faith at the Raymond Baptist Church this morning. ENJOY.
  32. #281 All those years ago2014/07/27
    Join us for a shorter podcast this week as we talk about my 30th high school reunion, our garden and our search for a new church. GOOD STUFF.
  33. #280 Journey with Rick and Amy2014/07/20
    Join us for a rousing, rocking, romp of a podcast. We talk about film making, radio broadcasting, business. THEN a great discussion the Rockumentary Don't stop believing- Every man's Journey. GOOD STUFF and music by Journey. ENJOY.
  34. #279 Going Ape with Rick and Amy2014/07/13
    Join us as we talk about my new part time job at KIX95.3, taking a drug test and making music. THEN our SPOILER FREE review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We went and saw the new movie at 10pm last Thursday night. At the end of the podcast you can hear Amy do many of her different voices. FUN.
  35. #278 Getting to know Greg 22014/07/06
    Join us for the 2nd half of our interview with our friend Greg Blanchard. ALSO a quick movie review of Saving Mr. Banks AND stick around for a bonus message at the end of the show called Water Skiing for Jesus. ENJOY.
  36. #277 Getting to know Greg #12014/06/29
    Join us for a really fascinating conversation with our friend Greg Blanchard. Greg is the host of Inappropriate Conversations Podcast and the Walk the Earth Podcast. He shares his views on church, life and more... come check it out.
  37. #276 Leave it to Cleavers2014/06/22
    Join us for a fun discussion about our anniversary and a message I shared this morning. 3 things I've learned from being married to Amy for 28 years. GOOD STUFF.
  38. #275 A little bit of Dad in us2014/06/08
    Join us for some fun discussions on Journey radio, gardening and fun. Then a discussion on the traits we've picked up from our Fathers. GOOD STUFF plus music from Keith Urban.
  39. #274 Seven Up2014/06/01
    Join us for fun discussions on goat cheese, Wayne Henderson dot net, eating rabbit.. and more... Then we talk about seven things that might bring young folks back to church... maybe. LOL.
  40. #273 How to Remember2014/05/25
    Amy and I share about our week and then I play a message about Memorial day and the power of Remembering with a purpose. Pretty helpful stuff... three way ways to do healthy remembering. :) ENJOY.
  41. #272 To go or not to go- that is the question...2014/05/18
    Join us for a discussion on digital photography, planting daliahs and why people under 35 aren't coming to church. GOOD STUFF.
  42. #271 What Mom Say2014/05/11
    Join us for an "on the road" episode. Amy and I share about her Mother's day, gardening, some geeky stuff and then talk about telling people you love them. It's good stuff. ENJOY.
  43. #270 Worry Wart2014/05/04
    Join us for Happy Star Wars Day, plus a message about how to worry less.. ENJOY.
  44. #269 Is Heaven for Real?2014/04/27
    Join Amy and me as we talk about our week, the new rickmoyer.com and then review the movie "Heaven is for Real" ENJOY.
  45. #268 Right Before Our Very Eyes2014/04/21
    Join us for a cool Easter message from Luke 24, plus crazy conversation before hand. Don't miss this one... ENJOY.
  46. Beaten to a pulp Audio Drama2014/04/20
    Our Easter Podcast will be out tomorrow, but for now, here is our Easter Audio Drama called "Beaten to a Pulp" We hope you enjoy this special.

    Love, Rick . Amy
  47. #267 Hide the Beer the Pastor's here2014/04/13
    This week we talk about throwing wild parties for the slugs in our yard, cameras, back bacon, taking off to the great white north and more. I share a message from last Sunday out of Ephesians chapter 5 and we enjoy some good laughs. ENJOY.
  48. #266 No Regrets2014/04/05
    Join us for a crazy discussion on the Six Million Dollar Man, Jane Austin, Star Trek and more... then we talk about the five top regrets from people that know they are dying. What does the Bible say about them? VERY interesting topic and worth the listening. We pray for our listeners and play some fun music. Enjoy.
  49. #265 The Ring, The Robe . The Big Fat Cow2014/03/30
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  50. #264 Growing our lives2014/03/23
    Live from our Garden- yep, we recorded outside this week, we share all about our week. Amy starts a fire in the back yard, we talk about Ivy's bday party and other cool things. THEN we play new promos from the Anomaly Podcast, The Under The Dome Radio Podcast and the Rusted Robot Podcast. Our main subject deals with how we prepare our soil for good fruit in our lives. ENJOY..
  51. #263 What's with all the Spiritual Abuse?2014/03/16
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  52. #262 Off The Hook2014/03/09
    Join us for talk about Curt Cobain day in Aberdeen, heavy loads of dirt and all sorts of other fun stuff.. PLUS a message on forgiveness called OFF THE HOOK. ENJOY.
  53. #261 Dan the Man2014/03/02
    Join us for a fun discussion on gardening, chickens and craziness.. a special song for our friend Wayne Henderson on his Birthday AND a great interview with body combat instructor Daniel Elfers. He took the $10 challenge and shares what happened, plus talks about his faith and more. Great episode with the music of Demon Hunter. ENJOY.
  54. #260 I voted for you2014/02/23
    Join us for a road trip as I shared a message in Raymond. Audio comments from Wayne Henderson and another discussion about chickens and television. FUN.
  55. #259 The Art Of War2014/02/16
    Join us for a discussion on Monuments Men, Enders Game and War. PLUS stories from Valentines day. CRAZY I TELL YOU...
  56. #258 Watch out for that car2014/02/02
    Join us for a fun discussion on car accidents, the Super Bowl, birthday parties and MORE. Yeah, it's a fun one this week. ENJOY.
  57. #257 Double Feature2014/01/26
    Join Amy and me as we review two movies. The Butler and Captain Phillips. We talk about our week and all sorts of fun geeky things. ENJOY..
  58. #256 The Ten Dollar Challenge2014/01/19
    Join us for a very fun podcast about craziness. We discuss naked gardening, Columbo, Downton Abbey, rap music, Star Trek and more. Then Amy and I challenge, you the listener, with the ten dollar challenge. Come take a listen.
  59. #255 You did what at home?2014/01/12
    Join us for a new STAR TREK parody song, a discussion on what Amy talks like in her sleep and a bunch of awesome talk on why we homeschooled our children.

    JOIN US.
  60. #254 Happy 20142014/01/05
    Join us for a very laid back fun look at 2014 and our crazy week.
    Yes, reality podcasting.
  61. #253 Five things I learned from my Mother in Law to take into 20142013/12/29
    Come hear about our Christmas along with a fun message honoring my Mother in Law's 84th birthday. GOOD STUFF.
  62. #252 Merry Ho Ho (Christmas Special)2013/12/22
    Join us for a musical podcast and walk down memory lane. A fun Christmas special. ENJOY.
  63. #251 Holiday Traditions2013/12/15
    Join us for a fun talk about Holiday Traditions the pros and the cons.

  64. #250 Don't Stop Believing2013/12/08
    Come join Amy and me for a crazy and fun podcast talking about the band Journey, making Christmas decorations, and a message about Joseph the step father of Jesus. PRETTY AWESOME podcast with lots of cool music. ENJOY.
  65. #249 Movie Reviews and Quotes2013/12/01
    Join us for crazy conversations, movie quotes and a review of Catching Fire and Iron Man 3... plus some Christmas Music. YAY. Enjoy.
  66. #248 Nine Turkeys and 1 Thankful Guy2013/11/24
    Join us for the Thanksgiving special from Take Him With You. We share comments from our listeners and talk about being thankful and then share a message I did this morning at the Raymond Baptist Church called Nine Turkeys and One Thankful Guy. ENJOY. and Happy Thanksgiving.
  67. #247 Live Long and Prosper2013/11/17
    Join us for a crazy discussion about Amy robbing the Credit Union, our crazy two weeks, and then the subject of this week.... How does a person live long and prosper? Enjoy.
  68. #246 Amy get your Gunn2013/11/03
    An inspiring podcast this week as we interview best selling author Robin Jones Gunn about her work and how she is motivated to write. ENJOY.
  69. #245 Five tips for the Recovering Zombie2013/10/27
    Join us for a fun Halloween Special edition of TAKE HIM WITH YOU. Here all about photo shoots, geeky stuff and more. Then listen to a message I shared this morning with the First Baptist Church in Raymond WA. Want to know how to become a recovering Zombie... well then... take a listen.

  70. #244 40 Years Rocking with Petra2013/10/20
    Our friend Aaron suggested we talk about Petra... so we did. And we played some music from them too. And shared stories, and I played my new USB woodwind instrument. VERY COOL. Enjoy.

  71. #243 Is the Supernatural real?2013/10/13
    Join us for a review of the movie Gravity, some singing, how I made Amy grumpy and more. Then we talk about the Supernatural.. VERY informative and current. Enjoy.
  72. #242 Agents of F.E.A.R.2013/10/06
    Join us for some fun banter, Amy's robot dance, the Star Trek word association game and more. Then I share a message that I did in church last week called Agents of F.E.A.R. ENJOY.
  73. #241 Tips on Beating the Blues2013/09/29
    Amy and I talk about a lot of fun stuff this week, we discuss the impromptu question on Facebook- what are a couple of things you do to beat the blues? And we talk about what the Bible says about depression and how to get out of it. Plus a parody song and the finger family... FUN.
  74. #240 Spam Attack2013/09/15
    Join us for discussion on Star Trek Into Darkness, bad pick up lines and more. Our main topic this week was all about the spam that comes into our life and how we need to pay attention to what God says vs. outside sources. Good stuff.
  75. #239 The show about absolutely nothing2013/09/08
    Come join us for a completely random conversation about all sorts of Moyer happenings. You've been warned. LOL.
  76. #238 Right in front of you2013/09/01
    Come join us as we talk about going to the Foreigner concert at the D.R Theater in Aberdeen WA. Then we talk about life a the Moyer household, dropping eggs at Walmart and then I share a message I did last Sunday called Your Call To The Wall. Should be a very cool podcast for you, and encourging. ENJOY.
  77. #237 Africa and Back2013/08/25
    Come hear about the Moyer happenings and then we interview Catherine, our daughter, about her trip to Africa and what she experienced. GREAT STUFF.
  78. #236 Amy's message part 22013/08/18
    Join us for an update on Catherine's Mission trip, goings on at the Moyer house and the 2nd part of Amy's message about Women in ministry and herstory. yep.
  79. #235 That's what she said part 12013/08/11
    Join us for another exciting episode of Take Him With You. This week Amy and I talk about Catherine's mission trip to Africa and then Amy shares a message that she spoke this morning at church. It's all about women... and it ROCKS. Are men and women equal in the site of Jesus? Come find out.

  80. #234 The Brother Strikes Back2013/08/04
    Join Amy for the podcast this week as I don't have a voice.... but then hear the message I concluded on the story of Joseph.. fun.
  81. #233 How low can Joe go?2013/07/28
    Join us in our car for the podcast this week, we talk about all sorts of fun, the art walk, coughing up our lungs and more. THEN a message from last week when I shared at church in Raymond WA. ENJOY.
  82. #232 A visit with Troy2013/07/21
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  83. #231 Less Stress2013/07/14
    Discussion on Catherine's hit and run..life at the Moyer's house and how to make out lives less stressful. FUN.
  84. #230 The Revolutionary2013/06/30
    Join us for some fun about freedom. We talk about music, the weather, crazy happenings at the Moyer household and then take to Rick's message at the Raymond First Baptist Church called "Jesus the Revolutionary" Then we play a song from Angie Miller called You set me Free. Good episode, enjoy.
  85. #229 How did we start our business?2013/06/23
    Join us for our review of Man of Steel, recounting our 27th wedding anniversary and then sharing how we started our own businesses. VERY encouraging to those folks wanting to change what they are doing. ENJOY.
  86. #228 Things Dad Said2013/06/16
    Join us for a fun discussion on things our Dad said. ENJOY.
  87. #227 What our toys say about us2013/06/09
    join us as we talk about our childhood toys and yours. What do they mean about our personality? Do they shape our careers?
  88. #226 Objects in the mirror may appear closer than they really are2013/06/02
    Join Amy and me for a kind of crazy discussion on everything from rain to toilets... yep... Then a message on not looking back to long and going forward in our lives. Plus some AWESOME MUSIC. Enjoy.
  89. #225 Lives On Hold2013/05/26
    Join Amy and me as we talk with Jerry . Laura Rohr about Jerry's new book called Lives On Hold Life After the Vietnam War Volume 2. We talk about what motivated him to write the book and he shares some stories with us. This is a Memorial Day Special for everyone. Enjoy. http://www.livesonhold.com
  90. #224 Is there anybody out there?2013/05/19
    Join us for a great discussion on many space related topics including...
    Space Oddity- on the International Space Station, and a discussion on Star Trek Into Darkness, then a discussion on what the Bible says about life on other planets. GOOD STUFF, plus a bunch of cool music. ENJOY.
  91. #223 What a mom.2013/05/12
    Join us for a special Mother's day edition of Take Him With You. Amy and I interview her mom, Ena Bale and talk about our week. MUCH FUN.
  92. Once More With Feeling a song from Rick Moyer2013/05/08
    Here's a free song that I recorded- I'm testing out the new feed to iTunes, Stitcher and my blog. We recently switched servers. So let me know if you got this. THANKS. rick@takehimwithyou.com
  93. #222 Summertime Fun2013/05/05
    Join us to find out who won the great Chicken Debate... hahaha. Also lots of talk about the new Star Trek Movie and being a geek. I play a fun parody song I wrote, and then we talk about inexpensive ways to enjoy the summer heat. FUN SHOW. Enjoy.
  94. #221 The Great Chicken Debate2013/04/28
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  95. #220 What a week.2013/04/21
    Join us for a discussion on the Boston Bombings, the Fertilizer explosion and why bad things happen to good people... pretty interesting stuff this week.

  96. #219 Our Life of Pi2013/04/14
    Join us for a discussion on the movie The Life Of Pi and why Christianity seems so exclusive. GOOD STUFF.
  97. #218 Take Him With You - The Musical2013/04/07
    Join me for the Take Him With You Musical.


  98. #217 Look what I found2013/03/31
    join us for a quick chat about life at the Moyer's house, then a message that I shared at Connection Church on finding Jesus in our traditions. Happy Easter.
  99. #216 Randy . Faye Crane2013/03/24
    Join us for a great interview with Randy and Faye Crane. They share about their faith and life in Southern California.
  100. #215 Making it personal2013/03/17
    Join us for a discussion on the significance of Easter and how to celebrate it in our life.

  101. #214 Get Ready2013/03/10
    Join Amy and me as we briefly talk about life, then play an Easter special for you. ENJOY.
  102. #213 Take Less Give More2013/03/03
    This week on the podcast we share all sorts of stories on our crazy week. Come find out how I fell down the stairs, made history memory songs and more. I sing a special birthday greeting, and then Amy shares about her week. Finally we end up playing a message I shared at Raymond First Baptist last week called Take Less, Give More. ENJOY.
  103. #212 Blue Like Jazz2013/02/24
    Come join us as Amy talks about every Star Trek Movie... no kidding, AND then we talk about the Movie BLUE LIKE JAZZ. Great discussion ensues. ENJOY.

  104. #211 Catfishing2013/02/17
    Join Amy and me as we talk about the television show Catfish. We also discuss several other things including Amy's crazy Wednesday... where she chased cows and had someone hit our car. FUN.
  105. #210 I would take a bullet for you2013/02/10
    This week we talk about cool song writing, dog diarrhea, Bi-Focals and more. Nothing is to crazy... hehehe. Then we cover an awesome topic.. L O V E-- what does our society say about it? How does God describe love in the scripture? How can we truly love each other? Find out on this episode of TAKE HIM WITH YOU.
  106. #209 Use it or Lose it.2013/02/03
    Join Amy and me as we talk about the Dish Network Hopper DVR, our daughters birthday and then share a message I spoke at Raymond First Baptist Church last Sunday. It's called Use it or Lose it. In it hear about a parable from the Bible and from two listeners of Take Him With You Podcast and how God is working in their lives. GOOD SHOW.
  107. #208 Is your religion wanted Dead or Alive2013/01/27
    Join us for a review of Eric Metaxas's book, No Pressure Mr. President. Amy and I have a great discussion about this really cool National Prayer Breakfast message.
  108. #207 Fahrenheit 4512013/01/20
    Amy and I discuss the Ray Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451 and the importance of being a life long learner. Great discussion and challenging.
  109. #206 Stat Chat2013/01/13
    Join us for a quick discussion on the 2012 stats of the Take Him With You Podcast. PLUS- what's coming up?
  110. #205 Is Social Media a Waste of Time?2013/01/06
    Join Amy and me for a sobering conversation about our friend who passed away unexpected. We also discuss social media and if it is a waste of time or not. Fascinating discussions all the way around. Enjoy.
  111. #204 The new year is here2012/12/30
  112. #203 Merry Christmas 20122012/12/23
  113. A Christmas Caroled Special Christmas Audio Musical by Rick Moyer2012/12/20
  114. #202 Merry Christmas Music2012/12/16
  115. #201 Christmas Movies and more2012/12/09
  116. #200 We made it to 2002012/12/01
  117. #199 The Paper Turkey2012/11/25
  118. #198 Sci Fi and Faith and Dragoncon too2012/11/18
  119. #197 Surviving Sandy2012/11/11
  120. #196 What about Harry Potter?2012/11/04
  121. #195 The Night that Changed Everything2012/10/28
  122. #194 Nick at Night- A message from Rick2012/10/21
  123. #193 Take the Risk2012/10/14
  124. #192 What distracts you?2012/10/07
  125. #191 Music Soothes the Soul2012/09/30
  126. #190 David and Goliath2012/09/23
  127. #189 It's all about our heart2012/09/16
  128. #188 Hold on Loosely2012/09/09
  129. #187 The First Four Books2012/09/02
  130. #186 Everything you wanted to know about the Bible but were afraid to ask2012/08/26
  131. #185 It's better when you read it for yourself.2012/08/19
  132. #184 Yo James.2012/08/12
  133. #183 The Spiritual aspects of Twilight2012/08/05
  134. #182 Art Walk Talk2012/07/29
  135. #181 It's a crazy world.2012/07/22
  136. #180 On Deck Part 4- The Story of Noah2012/07/15
  137. #179 An interview with Sandra Byrd2012/07/08
  138. #178 On Deck Part 3 the story of Noah2012/07/01
  139. #177 Still Crazy after all these years2012/06/24
  140. #176 On Deck- The Story of Noah part 2 2012/06/17
  141. #175 On Deck- The Story of Noah part12012/06/10
  142. #174 The Truth In Ruth part 4- Deal or No Deal2012/06/03
  143. #173 The Truth In Ruth part 3- Cold Feet2012/05/27
  144. #172 The Truth in Ruth part 2 - Free Refills2012/05/20
  145. #171 Mothers Day 20122012/05/13
  146. #170 The Truth In Ruth- Kisser or Klingon2012/05/06
  147. #169 You asked we answered2012/04/29
  148. #168 Speaking with Wayne Henderson2012/04/22
  149. #167 I'll get you2012/04/15
  150. #166 The Real Deal Easter 2012 Special2012/04/08
  151. #165 Pardon Me2012/04/01
  152. #164 Anybody Hungry?2012/03/25
  153. #163 Up and Coming2012/03/18
  154. #162 The Butler the Baker the Attitude Maker2012/03/11
  155. #161 Falsely Accused2012/03/04
  156. #160 A funny thing happened on the way to meet my brothers2012/02/26
  157. #159 Sunday Cool- Dreams2012/02/19
  158. #158 Live from the Seattle Garden Show2012/02/12
  159. #157 Perspective is everything2012/02/05
  160. #156 How our friend Richard lost over 100 pounds.2012/01/29
  161. #155 Live Long and Prosper- Healthy Tips for living a healthier life in 20122012/01/22
  162. #154 Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus2012/01/15
  163. #153 Peace- An interview with Darren Montgomery2012/01/08
  164. #152 Happy New Years 20122012/01/01
  165. #151 The THWY Christmas Special2011/12/25
  166. #150 Twas the week before Christmas2011/12/18
  167. #149 Mysteries of the Bible- debunking Christmas2011/12/11
  168. #148 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas2011/12/04
  169. #147 Getting to know Author Sharon Hinck 2011/11/27
  170. #146 The Happy Thanksgiving Show2011/11/20
  171. #145 Prepping for the Holidays2011/11/13
  172. #144 Women in Ministry part 22011/11/06
  173. #143 Women in Ministry2011/10/30
  174. #142 5 Things we have learned in 46 years2011/10/23
  175. #141 Man Geeks and the Women who love them2011/10/16
  176. #140 Getting Closer to our dreams2011/10/09
  177. #139 The Great Divide Part 22011/10/02
  178. #138 The Great Divide and interview with Jeff Roney2011/09/25
  179. #137 Long Distance Relationships2011/09/18
  180. #136 Relationship Recovery Dealing with Divorce Part 22011/09/11
  181. #135 Relationship Recovery dealing with Divorce2011/09/04
  182. #134 What inspires you2011/08/28
  183. #133 Dealing with Broken Relationships an interview with Jen2011/08/21
  184. #132 Loving Living and Respecting an interview with Simon and Natalie Meddings2011/08/14
  185. #131 Being Elastic 2011/08/07
  186. #130 Money- The Root of all evil2011/07/31
  187. #129 Smorgasbord 2011/07/24
  188. #128 What about raising kids?2011/07/17
  189. #127 What about Women part 22011/07/10
  190. #126 What about Women2011/07/03
  191. #125 The Great Escape Vacations made easy2011/06/26
  192. #124 Happy 25th Anniversary 2011/06/19
  193. #123 Mysteries of the Bible part 4- Is the Ark a Lark?2011/06/12
  194. #122 Dragons . Dinosaurs in the Bible?2011/06/05
  195. #121 Remembering-The Memorial Day Special2011/05/29
  196. #120 Mysteries of the Bible Part 2- Nuclear War and Helicopters in the Bible?2011/05/22
  197. # 119 Mysteries of the Bible part 1- Aliens, Giants, Spaceships and the world that was2011/05/15
  198. # 118 Spiritual Boot Camp part 7- G.R.O.W.2011/05/08
  199. #117 Spiritual Boot Camp 6 To Share or not to share- all about evangelism2011/05/01
  200. #116 Easter Special 2011- The Naitram Secret with Curtis Klinger2011/04/24
  201. #115 Spiritual Boot Camp part 5- donut dunking? All about baptism2011/04/17
  202. # 114 Spiritual Boot Camp part 4- Old vs. New2011/04/10
  203. #113 Spiritual Bootcamp- Born a what?2011/04/03
  204. Special Message God in a box2011/03/29
  205. #112 Spiritual Bootcamp Part 2- Adam and Eve and what we believe2011/03/27
  206. #111 Spiritual Boot Camp Part 1- In the Beginning- Creation2011/03/20
  207. #110 The Adventures of Al . Joyce2011/03/13
  208. #109 The pros and cons of Organized Religion2011/03/06
  209. #108 Future Faith2011/02/27
  210. #107 The Benefits of Kindness2011/02/20
  211. #106 Expectations are Everything2011/02/13
  212. #105 The End of the World? 2011/02/06
  213. #104 Got Wisdom?2011/01/30
  214. #103 The Bucket List2011/01/23
  215. #102 Where do you draw the line- a discussion on right and wrong 2011/01/16
  216. #101 Why we love Star Wars 2011/01/09
  217. #100 Our 100th Podcast2011/01/02
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  219. #99 Merry Christmas from the Moyer's 2010/12/19
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  224. #96 Merry Christmas Mr. Scrooge just the same2010/11/28
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  226. #95 A lot to be thankful for- Thanksgiving special2010/11/21
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  228. #94 Making the Holidays Mean More2010/11/14
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  230. #93 Fun in Seattle2010/11/07
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  232. #92 On Broadway- A visit with Sue 2010/10/31
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  234. #91 How to avoid deception2010/10/24
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  236. #90 Is Halloween really evil? 2010/10/17
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  240. #88 Money Saving Tips with Rick . Amy Moyer2010/10/03
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  242. #87 Zombies, Geocaching and Faith- A vist with Brett Hammond2010/09/26
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  245. #85 School Dazed- becoming a life long learner2010/09/12
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  247. #84 Waging War on Worry2010/09/05
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  251. #82 Judge Not2010/08/22
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  253. #81 Life Savor- Savoring life2010/08/15
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  255. #80 What's your favorite movie?2010/08/08
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  257. #79 Tolerant Love2010/08/01
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  260. #78 The Empire does NOT strike back- all about forgiveness . revenge2010/07/25
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  263. #77 The Good, the Bad and the Techy2010/07/18
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  266. #76 What does God want from me?2010/07/11
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  268. #75 Behind the scenes w/Rick . Amy2010/07/04
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  271. #74 A Curt Chat2010/06/27
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  273. #73 Ten out of Twentyfour- aka- I got you babe.2010/06/20
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  276. #72 Making the Best out of the Worst2010/06/13
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  279. #71Legacy Leaving- What will you leave behind? Take Him With You Podcast with Rick . Amy Moyer2010/06/06
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  282. #70 Lost and Found- all about human nature2010/05/30
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  285. #69 Good Book. - Myth Busting the Bible2010/05/23
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  288. #68 Touch me. The love language of physical touch2010/05/16
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  291. #67 Can I get that for you? The love language of Acts of Service2010/05/09
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  294. #66 For Me? Awwwww. The giving and receiving of gifts2010/05/02
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  297. #65 Quality Time- Are we there yet? 2010/04/25
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  300. #64 Sticks and Stones . Words of Affirmation2010/04/18
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  303. #63 What turns your crank? Secrets to better communication2010/04/11
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  306. #62 Easter Special- Beaten to a pulp audio drama2010/04/02
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  308. #61 J.C. way to pray2010/03/28
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  311. #60 Talking to God 101- Myth Busting Prayer2010/03/21
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  314. #59 Money Matters2010/03/14
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  317. # 58 The Cheating Chat- why do people cheat on others?2010/03/07
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  320. #57 Fight Night. What causes fighting and arguments?2010/02/28
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  323. #56 Follow the Leader2010/02/21
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  326. #55 When the Love Comes Down2010/02/13
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  329. #54 That\'s what He said2010/02/07
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  332. #53 What in the world? Does God cause Earthquakes?2010/01/31
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  335. #52 Smiling, the power of laughter and humor2010/01/24
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  338. #51 Jean Luc and Jesus2010/01/17
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  341. #50 The Big 50 Podcast2010/01/10
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  343. #49 Priorities- What\'s really important?2010/01/03
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  346. #48 The 2 Degree Difference- changes for the new year made easy.2009/12/27
  347. Christmas Eve 2009 Special2009/12/24
  348. Mid Week Booster for 12-23-092009/12/23
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  350. A Christmas Caroled Audio Drama by Rick Moyer2009/12/21
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  364. #43 The Thanksgiving Special from Take Him With You2009/11/22
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  367. #42 Don\'t be such a Turkey- being kind in a cruel world2009/11/15
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  370. #41 Keeping your tank full of thankful2009/11/08
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  372. Promo for Keeping our tank full of thankful2009/11/03
  373. # 40 A tank full of thankful Part 1- why be thankful?2009/11/01
  374. Special Making of the Stargazer CD podcast2009/10/29
  375. Mid Week Booster 10-28-092009/10/28
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  377. #39 Zombie Groans- what good does it do to complain?2009/10/25
  378. Mid Week Booster for 10-21-09 2nd Peter 22009/10/21
  379. Promo for Zombie Groans- what good does it do to complain?2009/10/20
  380. #38 Hell No- All about Heaven and Hell2009/10/18
  381. Stargazer CD Sampler2009/10/17
  382. Mid Week Booster for 10-14-09 2009/10/14
  383. Promo for Hell No2009/10/13
  384. #37-Kiling the Zombies in your life part 2- Life After Death2009/10/11
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  387. # 36 Killing the Zombies in your life- Zombielicious2009/10/04
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  390. #35 The Muse you Use- Unleashing your Creativity2009/09/27
  391. Mid Week Booster for 9-23-09 Titus 22009/09/23
  392. Promo for The Muse you Use- Unleashing your creativity2009/09/22
  393. #34 The Forbidden Fruit- Scandal Rocks Eden2009/09/20
  394. Mid Week Booster for 9-16-09 Titus Chapter 12009/09/16
  395. Promo for The forbidden fruit2009/09/15
  396. #33 UFP- Is there life on other planets?2009/09/13
  397. Mid Week Booster for 9-9-09 Ephesians Chapter 62009/09/09
  398. Promo for UFP- Is there life on other planets?2009/09/08
  399. O.M.G. Myth-Busting Jesus- who is He really?2009/09/06
  400. Mid Week Booster for 9-2-09 Ephesians 52009/09/02
  401. Promo for O.M.G.2009/09/01
  402. 666 The Number of the Beast- mythbusting the Devil2009/08/30
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  405. Losing my Religion Part 22009/08/23
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  408. Losing My Religion part 12009/08/16
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  411. Ch Ch Ch Changes- dealing with change in our lives.2009/08/09
  412. Mid Week Booster for 8-5-09 Ephesians 12009/08/05
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  414. The Recovery Down for the count part 32009/08/02
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  417. Down for the count part 2- dealing with difficult people2009/07/26
  418. Mid Week Booster- Philippians 32009/07/22
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  420. Murphy\'s Law Revisited- Down for the Count?2009/07/19
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  423. Good Grief- dealing with loss and grief2009/07/12
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  426. Messing with Stressing2009/07/05
  427. Mid Week Booster for 7-1-09 James Chapter 52009/07/01
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  429. Hot Blooded- Dealing with Anger2009/06/28
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  432. Destroying Depression2009/06/21
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  435. Surviving Churchianity part 22009/06/14
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  438. Surviving Churchianity Part 12009/06/07
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  441. Whats love got to do with it2009/05/31
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  444. The Big Test2009/05/24
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  447. What the heck am I? part 2- Spiritual Gifts2009/05/17
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  450. What the heck am I? Spiritual gifts part 12009/05/10
  451. Standing In Line for Trek2009/05/08
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  453. What the heck am I?2009/05/05
  454. What a relief. Overcoming Anxiety and Fear2009/05/02
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  457. Love, Sex and War- the first three years.2009/04/26
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  460. Mawwiage Podcast #0419092009/04/19
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  463. Beaten to a Pulp part 22009/04/12
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  466. Beaten to a Pulp Part One2009/04/05
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  469. Hey You\'re a cool chick.2009/03/29
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  472. The Meaning of Life2009/03/22
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  475. Using and Abusing2009/03/15
  476. Mid Week Booster Shot for 03-11-092009/03/11
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  478. We\'re not gonna take it- aka The drive home- podcast 0308092009/03/08
  479. Mid Week Booster Shot 3-4-092009/03/04
  480. Promo for We\'re not gonna take it. 2009/03/03
  481. Green Fog and Electric Guitars2009/03/01
  482. Mid Week Booster Shot 2-25-092009/02/25
  483. Promo for Green Fog and Electric Guitars2009/02/24
  484. Ouija Boards and Sunday School2009/02/22
  485. Mid Week Booster Shot 2-18-092009/02/18
  486. Promo for Ouija Boards and Sunday School2009/02/17
  487. Hey man you ruined my record.2009/02/15
  488. Mid Week Booster Shot 2-11-092009/02/11
  489. Promo for Hey Man you ruined my record.2009/02/10
  490. Sneaking to Church2009/02/08
  491. Mid Week Booster Shot 2-4-092009/02/04
  492. Promo for Sneaking To Church2009/02/03
  493. Jesus the Cuss Word2009/02/01
  494. Promo for Feb 1st Podcast2009/01/29
  495. You Take Me Higher2009/01/27
  496. Release2009/01/22
  497. Test Pilot2009/01/15
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