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  1. Episode 102009/04/16
    Our 10th episode of Hookah Geeks yaaaay! This episode we actually have Poole recording with us instead of joining in via skype. also this is the first new episode since the launch of www.hookahgeeks.com where you will be able to find all the new and old episodes of Hookah Geeks. after this episode, we will no longer be posting them on podomatic, so check out the site for all future updates!
  2. Episode 9 (Beer Geeks)2009/04/04
    Episode 9 of Hookah Geeks! This was the first episode we taped for the video version of the show. You can find the video version at www.youtube.com/user/hookahgeeks

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  3. The 7th Deadly Sin2009/03/23

    We talk about the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, and look back on how we became fans. Plus we talk about some new shows and ideas we have for our own show now that we dont have BSG to talk about anymore.

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  4. Episode 6(66) Show of the Beast!2009/03/16

    Episode 6 of Hookah Geeks. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA..ha...ha....sorry
  5. The 5th Cylon2009/03/05

    Episode number 5 of Hookah Geeks! Our "Megacon Special"

    Sorry for the low volume

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  6. Quadroped2009/02/20

    Episode 4 of Hookah Geeks was recorded in front of a live ustream.tv audience
  7. The Trifarce2009/02/14

    Episode 3 of Hookah Geeks! Shisha reviews, crazy stories, and some more BSG. Plus our full interview with best selling author Daniel Poole!
  8. The Deuce2009/02/06

    Episode two of Hookah Geeks. dont forget to subscribe on iTunes


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hookahgeeks' Podcast

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