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  1. La Cocina: A Food Business Incubator For Immigrant Women2019/06/19
    Since 2005, San Francisco's La Cocina has helped low-income entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Some went on to recognition from the prestigious James Beard awards. A new book tells their stories.
  2. How Almonds Went From Deadly To Delicious2019/06/18
    In a new study, researchers pinpoint the genetic mutation that transformed almonds from toxic and bitter to tasty and sweet.
  3. Why Food Reformers Have Mixed Feelings About Eco-Labels2019/06/17
    Grocery stores are full of food with labels like organic, cage-free or fair trade that appeal to a consumer's ideals. But there's often a gap between what they seem to promise and what they deliver.
  4. Farmers Markets And Whiteness2019/06/14
    How accessible is your farmers market to people of color or to shoppers with low incomes?
  5. Midwestern Farmers Resist USDA Efforts to Bring Agencies Closer2019/06/14
    Indiana farmer Liz Brownlee heads to the nation's capital to testify on behalf of Indiana Young Farmers.
  6. Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In US — Again2019/06/14
    A wheat strain resistant to the weedkiller glyphosate - more commonly known as Roundup - was found growing wild in the northwestern United States for the fourth time since 2013.
  7. EPA Lifts Requirements For Livestock Farms To Report Waste Pollution2019/06/13
    A new EPA rule will exempt requirements for farms to report pollution from animal waste.
  8. Organic Farming Has A Plastic Problem2019/06/12
    Many organic farmers rely on plastic as a form of mulch, but it ends up in landfills. Biodegradable plastic could help, but some worry about its long-term effects on soil health and the environment.
  9. Kelp Has Been Touted As The New Kale, But It Has Been Slow To Catch On2019/06/11
    While the seaweed has a lot of things going for it in terms of nutrition and climate friendliness, the lack of infrastructure to process it and people's tastes have not been quick to adopt it.
  10. A Fight Over Beef Jerky Reveals Trump Era Tensions Over SNAP2019/06/10
    Retailers that accept SNAP benefits must stock a variety of staple foods, including a minimum number of fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and grain options. Now there's a fight over what counts.
  11. Planting For The Future2019/06/07
    Fruit trees don't start producing for several years. For nut trees, the wait is even longer.
  12. Bringing The Process To The People With Taco And Tamale Pop-Up Ex Voto2019/06/07
    Nixtamaliztion is a method of processing corn. Ex Voto uses this method to make masa for their tamales and tortillas.
  13. By The Numbers: Glyphosate Use In The Midwest For Corn, Soybeans2019/06/07
    When the pharmaceutical company Bayer bought Monsanto last year, it inherited the weed killer Roundup. It also inherited thousands of lawsuits claiming the chemical’s active ingredient — glyphosate- can be linked to a form of cancer.
  14. This Spring’s Heavy Rains May Become The New Normal As The Climate Changes2019/06/07
    Flooding is delaying planting across the Midwest and Great Plains. Is this something farmers need to get used to?
  15. Researchers Hope Seaweed Will Quiet Gassy Cows2019/06/06
    Researchers are closing in on ways to grow a particular kind of seaweed can curb the amount of greenhouse gas that cows and other animals emit during digestion.
  16. Stinking Rich? Malaysia Aims To Cash In On China’s Durian Craze2019/06/05
    A single durian could fetch $100 in China, where appetite for the spiky, pungent fruit is booming. Now Malaysia wants to make durian a leading export, and the rush to plant and invest is on.
  17. Leah Chase, The ‘Queen Of Creole Cuisine,’ Dies At 962019/06/04
    As executive chef and co-owner of Dooky Chase's restaurant, Chase made the eatery a hub for the African American community of New Orleans and a meeting place for pioneers of the civil rights movement.
  18. Parsi Cafes, A Centuries-Old Tradition In India, Are Vanishing2019/06/03
    Since the 1800s, these cafes have flourished in Mumbai. They've helped keep alive the culture and cuisine of Parsis — Zoroastrians who fled Persia centuries ago. Now, that tradition is fading.
  19. Ancient Wheat, New Farms, Hot Pizza2019/05/31
    Was the ancient grain, Kamut, stolen from King Tut's tomb? Probably not, but Kamut still has an interesting origin story.
  20. Muddy Fork’s Pizza Dough2019/05/31
    With a blend of ancient grains and all-purpose flour, this dough rests in the fridge overnight to build flavor and texture.
  21. Transcript Of Kamut Story, With Bob Quinn And Liz Carlisle2019/05/31
    From King Tut's tomb to Noah's ark, This large-kernel wheat sure has some good stories!
  22. To Reduce Food Waste, FDA Urges ‘Best If Used By’ Date Labels2019/05/29
    Confusion over whether a food is still safe to eat after its "sell by" or "use before" date accounts for about 20% of food waste in U.S. homes, the FDA says. The new wording aims to clear that up.
  23. Beer Archaeologists Are Reviving Ancient Ales2019/05/28
    From pre-Incan to Viking-inspired to a George Washington porter, these beer scientists devote their resources toward re-creating age-old flavors. And sometimes that leads to some sticky situations.
  24. OPINION: The Barriers To Cooking From Scratch2019/05/27
    Though a new study shows that eating unprocessed food is healthier, home-cooked meals require resources that food experts take for granted, such as money and time, the authors of a new book argue.
  25. ‘Gangsta Gardener’ Ron Finley On The Magic Of Growing Your Own Food2019/05/24
    Thanks to Ron Finley, you can grow food on the public parkways in South Central L.A. and all over the city.
  26. Meating In The Middle: The Challenge of Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions On Farms2019/05/24
    Agriculture is the leading producer of methane emissions in the U.S. Is there a way to raise beef sustainably?
  27. Online SNAP Could Eliminate Food Deserts – And Cause More Problems2019/05/24
    A pilot program allows SNAP recipients to purchase food online.
  28. Local School Lunch Debt Fund Falls Short2019/05/24
    A fund to cover student lunch debt was established in response to "lunch-shaming" practices in schools. But the fund hasn't kept pace with the charges.
  29. Trump Immigration Reform Lacks Farm Labor Help2019/05/24
    President Trump’s new immigration proposal did not address concerns of farmers facing worker shortages and an unwieldy visa system.
  30. Why Some Wineries Are Becoming ‘Certified B Corp’2019/05/22
    To be certified, a business must operate according to three principles of sustainability: people, planet and profit. B Corp wineries are investing in farmworkers, but some say it's still not enough.
  31. Unraveling The Links Between Breast Cancer And Diet2019/05/21
    A new study finds that women who ate a low-fat diet and more fruits, vegetables and grains, lowered their risk of dying from breast cancer. But which of those factors provided the protective effect?
  32. Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain2019/05/20
    "Landmark" study finds a highly processed diet spurred people to overeat compared with an unprocessed diet, about 500 extra calories a day. That suggests something about processing itself is at play.
  33. An Agroecology Collective In Puerto Rico And A Kimchi Startup In North Carolina2019/05/17
    Güakiá Colectivo Agroecológico is growing food and building community in post-hurricane Puerto Rico.
  34. Creating Condiments And Community With The Spicy Hermit2019/05/17
    Josephine McRobbie caught up with a food entrepreneur who goes by the name The Spicy Hermit.
  35. Report Outlines Strategies To Address Black Farmer Inequalities2019/05/17
    Recently released census data from the USDA shows a decline in Black farm ownership.
  36. Cage-Free Egg Bills Reveal Industry Influence2019/05/17
    Washington has followed California’s example with a law to phase out eggs from caged hens, but the legislation uses egg industry definitions for “cage-free.”
  37. How Did A Staple Of Indian Cuisine Become A Health Food Sensation?2019/05/15
    Indians, along with the Nepalese, Pakistanis and many others, have been cooking with it for centuries. As Americans now embrace this ingredient with gusto, will its culinary heritage get blurred?
  38. Trump Administration Levels Tariffs On Mexican Tomatoes2019/05/14
    Under pressure from Florida lawmakers, the Trump administration is taking steps to protect domestic tomato growers from Mexican competition.
  39. Philando Castile’s Mother Wipes Out Local School Lunch Debt2019/05/13
    Valerie Castile's $8,000 gift to a Minnesota high school wiped out lunch debts for about 100 students. Her son, a cafeteria worker who often bought lunch for needy kids, was killed by police in 2016.
  40. Vegetarian Chile Verde And A New Box Of Bees2019/05/10
    The Chef at Function Brewing shares a recipe for Chile Verde using jackfruit instead of pork.
  41. Installing A New Package Of Bees2019/05/10
    For many beekeepers, spring is the time for installing new packages of bees.
  42. Chef Arlyn’s Jackfruit and White Bean Chile Verde Enchiladas2019/05/10
    Serve Chef Arlyn Llewellyn's Chile Verde in a bowl with rice and cheese, or as a filling for crispy-shelled enchiladas.
  43. One Way To Make Flyover Country More Welcoming To Migrating Birds2019/05/10
    What if there was a way to make space for native birds and give farmers a little extra cash in return?
  44. Climate Change Is Hurting Forests’ Ability To Filter Agricultural Nitrate Pollution2019/05/09
    A new study shows forests are really good at filtering contaminants out of water, but they’re not catching everything.
  45. Seafood Without The Sea: Will Lab-Grown Fish Hook Consumers?2019/05/08
    The seafood industry has some well-publicized problems: from overfishing to contaminants that make their way into fish. Now, a handful of startups aim to offer a "clean" alternative grown from cells.
  46. Chef Enrique Olvera Celebrates Mexican Cuisine In His New Book2019/05/07
    Enrique Olvera's restaurant Pujol has made multiple "best-of" lists, but he nearly didn't have a culinary career. His new cookbook is inspired by the perfect imperfections of Mexican home cooking.
  47. Restaurant Fights Waste By Chopping Menu Prices Till Food Is Gone2019/05/06
    Every Sunday, Farmhouse Tavern plans how to sell out of perishable food and open bottles of wine so it can shut up shop with an empty refrigerator for the next three days, when it is closed.
  48. What’s Wrong With Wheat?2019/05/03
    Is gluten bad for your health? Well, that depends. We talk with a biological anthropologist about complications surrounding gluten.
  49. Alex Chambers Interviews Andrea Wiley And Christa Voirol2019/05/03
    From Celiac's disease to gluten sensitivity, to low-carb diets--food scholars talk about what's going on with wheat.
  50. Mint Julep Recipe2019/05/03
    Celebrate Derby Day with this classic cocktail, from Chef D.
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