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  1. Itz Here The Final Episode of the Dubplate Sound Clash ... All Hail JB International !!!2011/04/22

    This last episode is csi type evidence of how JB International Sound finished off the contenders like the Zulu Nation in the the Great British WAR where Shaka's knowledege of when to use his Weapons made him THe KING!!!
    don't believe me have a listen!! lol
  2. Episode 3 of the Hillz 98.6 FM Reggae Sound & Dub Plate Special Clash2011/03/09

    You decide!
  3. Reggae sound clash 2011 hosted by Brown Sugar2011/03/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  4. DJ SABOTEUR presents FratBrothaz Records 2011 Special2010/11/07

    Euro-Urban Dance music Mix featuring music from FratBrothaz Records to be released in 2011. EnJoy!!!
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