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  1. Beyond Your Life Purpose with Carl Bozeman2010/05/06
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  2. Yes, YOU are Psychic!2010/04/22
    We will be joined by Spiritual Intuitive Chanda Parkinson. She will be giving intuitive readings for those who call in during the show as well as sharing tips and techniques that will help you develop your intuition.

    Call 646-200-4905 for YOUR free intuitive reading!

    For more information on Chanda Parkinson visit:

  3. Near Death Experience Miracles - Dying To Live2010/04/08
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  4. Nothing Short Of Joy with Julie Genovese2010/03/25
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  5. Discover The Benefits Of Fusion Yoga Dance Chakra Work2010/03/11
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  6. Discover 'The Journey To You'2010/02/25
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  7. Receive Your Personal Intuitive Reading From Nancy Furst2010/02/11
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  8. Discover The Science Of Numerology With Glynis McCants2010/01/28
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  9. Protect Your Subconscious Mind From Contagious Mind Viruses2010/01/14
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  10. Bonus Show - Meet These New Light Workers!2009/11/13
    This is a special bonus show we like to do every few months. We will be interviewing several new light workers in many different modalities, who will be sharing their gifts with you.
    This is your opportunity to meet the healers of the future. Join us and connect with these amazing light workers who share the common passion of benefiting humanity.
  11. KABAM- Know, Ask, Believe, Act, Manifest2009/10/29
    Join us with special guest Eric Carlyle. Eric is one of the founders of KABAM and author of the book "Think Outside the Floorplan". He will be joining us to share his unique approach to attracting and living a prosperous life though tapping into source energy.

    For more information on Eric please visit www.coachloa.com
  12. Messages From Your Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over2009/10/15
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  13. Connect to You Loved Ones On the Other Side 2009/10/01
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  14. Achieve Wealth in the & Areas of Your Life2009/09/17
    Join us with our special guest Chaney Weiner.
  15. Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams2009/09/03
    Spiritual Life Coach Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey discuss the secrets to manifestation.

    Discover how to create the life of your dreams with ease and grace.

    Join Ryan Pearson's S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, FREE, at www.mysoulsystem.com
  16. Tantra - Love, Sexuality and Spirituality2009/08/20
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  17. Live Life Coaching Session2009/08/06
    Listen in as Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey Life Coach a volunteer client live on the air.

    We are all one. The trials, tribulations, confusion, etc. that one faces, we all face to some degree. You will be able to find great benefit by tuning into this very powerful and intimate episode of 'Empower Hour Radio'.
  18. Guided Meditation- Opening Your Mind To Infinate Possibilities2009/08/04
    Join Lesley Pelkey as she takes you through a guided meditation that will free you of your self imposed limitations and open your mind to new ideas and endless possibilities.
  19. "Live, Love, and Work Together- Mastering Business and Relationships"2009/07/23
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  20. Intuitive Readings2009/07/09
    Call in and receive an on air 'Intuitive Reading' from Spiritual Counselor and Healer, Nancy Furst.

    For YOUR reading call into 646-200-4905.

    To find out more about Nancy Furst, go to: www.nancyfursthealer.com
  21. Turn Your Life Into An Everyday Paradise2009/06/25
    Lesley and Ryan will be joined by Law Of Attraction Coach, Anne Nayer.

    Anne will show you how to use the law of attraction to move toward the life you are designed to live. She will explain specific steps for you to use to start moving towards the life of your dreams.

    To find out more about Anne Nayer, go to: www.lifecoachparadise.com
  22. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 2009/05/25
    Discover the healing secrets of EFT. We will be joined by Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Dorothy Biagioni.

    You will learn how to change bad habits, release un-empowering beliefs and create a happy life through using EFT. Tap your troubles away.

    To find out more about Dorothy Biagioni, go to www.healingforyourheartmindandbody.com
  23. Raise Your Success IQ With Stephanie Frank2009/05/11
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  24. Get Stimulated With Andrew Pek2009/04/27
    Discover how to jump start your brain and increase your creativity with the author of the book 'Stimulated', Andrew Pek.
  25. Past Life Regression With Linda Bennett2009/04/13
    Discover Past Life Regression with Master Hypnotherapist, Linda Bennett. Learn how to explore your past lives and how they affect your current life now.

    Learn more about Linda Bennett at www.aheartcenteredcoach.com
  26. Bonus Show - SWIHA Healing Graduates2009/03/25
    Tonight we will be interviewing the new graduates from The Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts.

    You will be introduced to some of the new healers and light workers who will be sharing their gifts and passions to improve the world we all share.

    To find out more about The Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts, go to www.swiha.edu
  27. The Cure For Money Madnesss with Spencer Sherman2009/03/16
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  28. Self Improvement Radio With Lesley Pelkey and Ryan Pearson2009/03/02
    Join Lesley Pelkey and Ryan Pearson for an hour of self improvement radio.
  29. Dr. Wayne Dyer Live Interview2009/02/16
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  30. Unleash Your Creativity With SARK - Part 22009/02/03
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  31. Life Changing Interview With SARK (Part 1)2009/01/26
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  32. Life Coach Radio With Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey2009/01/12
    Join Master Life Coach Lesley Pelkey and Ryan Pearson for an hour of empowering conversation to help propel you into being your ideal self living your ideal life.

    Receive FREE inspiration from Ryan Pearson directly to your email. Go to www.mysoulsystem.com

    Find out more about Lesley Pelkey at www.toetalk.com
  33. The Reconnection2008/12/29
    Join us as we interview featured guest Reconnective Healer and Licensed Accupuncturists Shannon Matwick. Find out about accessing "new" energy frequencies as well as ancient modalities that have people reporting extraordinary healings all over the world.
  34. Get Stimulated With Andrew Pek2008/12/15
    Are you ready to get stimulated? Our guest Andrew Pek, author of the hit book 'Stimulated', will join us to tell you how!

    Discover the secrets to unleashing your inner creativity to live a life of happiness and total fulfillment.

    Find out more about Andrew Pek by going to
  35. Transformation With Confidence 2008/12/01
    We will be joined by Tania A Prince. Tania is a leading internationally recognised trainer and therapist in some of the World’s most cutting edge therapies. She is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Master, one of only 29 in the world!
  36. Being Organic In Everyday Life2008/11/17
    We will be joined by Healing Practitioner Kaye Coleman, talking about how to be organic in your everyday life.

    Join Ryan Pearson's S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, FREE....Go to: www.mysoulsystem.com
  37. Discover Your Divine Life Purpose with Michelle Casto2008/11/10
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  38. Dream Yoga With Kevin Snow2008/10/27
    Dream Yoga
  39. Empowering Women - Eliminate PMS And Menopause Symptoms2008/10/20
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  40. Life Coach Radio With Lesley Pelkey & Ryan Pearson2008/10/13
    Join Master Life Coach Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey for an hour of empowering conversation to help you break through your barriers and live your life filled with Inner Peace, Happiness, Passion and Total Fulfillment.

    Join Ryan Pearson's S.O.U.L. System Life Guide now! Go to: www.mysoulsystem.com
  41. Bonus Show - Meet These Light Workers2008/10/10
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  42. Law Of Attraction For Economic Prosperity2008/10/06
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  43. Reiki Shamanism To Heal The Earth And Ourselves2008/09/29
    Join us and special guest Jim 'Pathfinder' Ewing, to discover how to use the Universal Energy to heal the earth and ourselves.

    Jim Ewing will share with you the secrets of how to heal people, places, and things, whether at hand or from a distance.

    You definitely want to tune into this very important show.

    Discover more about Jim 'Pathfinder' Ewing at www.blueskywaters.com
  44. Make A Successful Living Doing What You Love2008/09/22
    We are joined by Success Coach Elmas Vincent. Elmas will show you how you can do what you love, and make a great living doing it.

    If you are tired of working at a job that does not fulfill you, you must tune into this life transforming show!!!

    To find out more about Elmas Vincent, go to: www.diamondlifecreators.com
  45. Freedom Is Your Birthright2008/09/15
    Join Master Life Coach Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey as they discuss how to experience more freedom in every area of your life.

    The phone lines are open for you to call in and ask questions or share your thoughts. Join us by calling 646-200-4905

    Join Ryan Pearson's S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, FREE, by going to www.mysoulsystem.com
  46. Hypnobirthing And More Powerful Uses Of Hypnotherapy2008/09/01
    Discover the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy, including how to use hypnobirthing to deliver your next child.

    We will be joined by Master Hypnotherapist, Irene Pi. Irene will share with you the powerful secrets to using hypnosis to benefit your life.

    Discover other ways that Irene can help you benefit your life, by going to
  47. Dream Yoga and Meditation With Kevin Snow2008/08/25
    Join us this Sunday, with Meditation Master, Kevin Snow. Kevin will share the secrets to effective meditation and the amazing power of Dream Yoga.

    Discover how to truly and effectively use the symbols in your dreams to become more powerful in your life, with Dream Yoga.

    You do not want to miss this amazing show!!!
  48. Overcome Your Fear Using Mind Power2008/08/18
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  49. Stop Playing Small And Step Into Your Greatness2008/08/11
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  50. Embracing Change2008/08/04
    Join Lesley Pelkey and Ryan Pearson as they talk about how to embrace change in your life.

    Change is guaranteed to be there, it is how we deal with change that determines our happiness.

    Sign up for Ryan's S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, for free at www.mysoulsystem.com

    Access readings from Lesley at www.toetalk.com
  51. Attract Money Using Mind Power With James Goi Jr.2008/07/28
    Learn how to attract more money into your life, from The Mind Power Expert!

    James Goi Jr. is a mind power guru who specializes in the attraction and manifestation of money using thought. He is the only metaphysics teacher who specializes in the mind power/money connection.

    Find out more about James Goi Jr. at www.jamesgoijr.com
  52. Live Your Passion2008/07/21
    Is there a passion that you have, however you don't know how to step into it and live your passion fully?

    Our guest Venice Maki is living his passion every day, as an International Recording Artist. He will show you how you can live your passion now.

    Find out more about Venice Maki at www.venicemaki.com
  53. Empowerment With Life Coach Ryan Pearson & Lesley Pelkey2008/07/14
    Enjoy an evening of Empowering Conversation with Master Life Coach Ryan Pearson and Lesley Pelkey!

    To find out more about Lesley Pelkey go to www.toetalk.com

    Receive weekly lessons and insights directly to your inbox, from Ryan Pearson and the S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, by going to www.mysoulsystem.com
  54. Develop The Leader Within You2008/07/07
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  55. Pave It Forward To Your Opus2008/06/30
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  56. "Spiritual Suicide" With Linda Bennett2008/06/23
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  57. Connect With Your Spirit Guides2008/06/16
    Join us on Father's Day. Ryan will be joined by a very special Co-Host.....his Father, Daniel Pearson.

    We will be joined by a very special guest, Anna Robles.

    Anna is a Medium, and will be teaching you how to communicate with your Spirit Guides to have them assist you with walking your highest path.

    We look forward to connecting with you.
  58. "Power, Love and Abundance"2008/06/09
    Join us for a very exciting show!!!

    You will have the pleasure of meeting the author of the new book, "Power, Love and Abundance", Chris Dines.

    Chris Dines will be sharing tools and techniques that you can apply to your life, immediately, to create your life filled with Power, Love and Abundance.

    To find out more about Chris Dines, go to:
  59. Peace, Clarity and Purpose - 30 Days Of Focus2008/06/02
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  60. 'Live With Intention'2008/05/19
    We are joined by a very special guest.

    Join us and our very special guest Adair Cates, author of the book 'Live With Intention'.

    We look forward to connecting with you. To find out more about Adair Cates,go to www.adaircates.com
  61. Mothers Day Special2008/05/12
    Happy Mothers Day! This is an extra special show!

    Lesley and Ryan will be joined by three very special guests. Join Lesley's Mother and Grandmother along with Ryan's Mother, for this very special show.

    We will be discussing trials and blessings of being a Mother.

    You do not want to miss this heart warming show.
  62. Who Would I Be If I Wasn't Chasing Anything?2008/05/05
    This show is based around the concept of an essay that Lesley Pelkey, once wrote.

    How many of us are constantly looking for more; and it is that pursuit that ends up defining us?

    Please join us for this profound discussion. Please call into the show and join us live, by dialing 646-200-4905.
  63. Embracing Our Oneness2008/04/28
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  64. "It's All In The Sharing......."2008/04/21
    Be with us as we are joined by Master Life Coach and author of the life transforming book 'It's All In The Sharing', Richard Seaman. We will be taking live callers about 30-40 minutes into the show, so please call in and join the conversation....You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity! To find out more about Richard Seaman, go to www.inrichyourself.com
  65. Living A Life You Love & Loving The Life You Live2008/04/14
    This is a very special show. We will be having an amazing guest joining us...Miss JNET, host of "Romancing L.A."....We will be discussing the fundamentals of loving your life, every day....To find out more about JNET, you can visit her blog at www.jnetsworld.blogspot.com
  66. Welcome - Meet Your Hosts Lesley & Ryan2008/04/07
    Meet your hosts Lesley Pelkey & Ryan Pearson. Lesley & Ryan introduce themselves and discuss their personal paths from struggle and confusion to Personal Empowerment and Divine Purpose. You will also learn what to expect in future shows.
Empower Hour
Join 'Empower Hour Radio' live every other Wednesday at 6pm PST (9pm EST).

Our intention for 'Empower Hour Radio' is to create a shift in consciousness for the healing and transformational good of all humanity. This means we are committed to expanding in love, creativity, peace, and abundance while inspiring you to do the same.

Empower Hour is hosted by Spiritual Life Coach Lesley Pelkey & Ryan Pearson.

To call in to the show, dial 646-200-4905

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us any subjects that you would like to hear on the show. Also, if you would like to receive a Free Life Coaching Session, live on the show... Email info@empowerhourradio.com

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