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  1. Buddy Guy 42009/02/28
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Recommended: Buddy Guy - Can’t Quit the Blues
  2. Bill Withers 42009/02/27
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Reccomended: Bill Withers catalog
  3. Fats Waller 42009/02/26
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Reccomended: Fats Waller: If You Gotta Ask
  4. Sam Cooke 42009/02/25
    Sam Cooke’s popularity didn’t stop him from trying to improve himself and his music, from an intellectual standpoint. Having started with traditional hymns and adding new lyrics, he had attained success and kept challenging himself intellectually, reading everything from Aristotle to James Baldwin. In this podcast, author Peter Guralnick, Sam’s [...]
  5. Miles Kind of Blue 42009/02/24
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Recommended: Kind of Blue -50th Anniversary Legacy Edition (2-cd)
  6. Love Train 42009/02/23
    In this episode, PIR artist Jean Carne describes the Philly sound as one that made you want to dance with its grooves, and was filled with positive lyrical messages as well.
    “If you sing with emotion, the better the audience will love you. And I wanted to be loved” - Bunny “Mr. Emotions” [...]
  7. Ashford and Simpson 42009/02/22
    “I look cool but on the inside I’m a nervous wreck” - Nick Ashford. As they began their career as performers, Nick and Valerie found some challenges in appearing on stage, as Nick details in this podcast. ”In the early years, I was just uncomfortable. They would put towels around me I’d [...]
  8. Buddy Guy 32009/02/21
    In this podcast, the living legend of blues guitar describes his start in Louisiana, his relationship with the instrument and the move to Chicago. Once there, he established himself at the 708 Club, which lead to his first encounter with the “MF”s at Chess, including “Muddy, Wolf and Walter” (as in Waters, [...]
  9. Bill Withers 32009/02/20
    The story of Bill Withers continues with the artist, himself, thinking back to the the making of his debut album. The record was produced by legendary R&B keyboardist Booker T Jones. In an odd twist, the backing band was most of the Booker T & the MGs, but with Steven Stills subbing for Steve Cropper. [...]
  10. Fats Waller 32009/02/19
    Fats Waller’s famous compositions of the 1930s and 40s have attained an immortal, standard-level of recognition and have stood the test of time. But what is lesser known is that Fats Waller was also an entertainer par excellence, bringing the music he performed to life with jokes and asides to the audience. [...]
  11. Sam Cooke 32009/02/18
    Producer: Joyride Media
  12. Miles Kind of Blue 32009/02/17
    In this podcast, musicians Herbie Hancock, David Amram and Jimmy Cobb address the music theory behind Kind of Blue, and how the feeling of the musicians was equally as important as the compositions themselves in its creation. Considered “Modal Jazz” as it is written from a few basic notes that form the [...]
  13. Love Train 32009/02/16
    Philadelphia International takes over the airwaves of the 70s: the incredible O’Jays are featured in this podcast, with founding member Walter WIlliams, who talks about growing up with Eddie Levert in Ohio, where they were REQUIRED to sing gospel. After an encounter with Gamble and Huff during and Intruders show at [...]
  14. Ashford and Simpson 32009/02/15
    Nick and Valerie describe their years as songwriters with Motown, and the moment when they asked Berry Gordy for a “divorce,” so they could become artists themselves. It turned out to be the best of both worlds, as they would frequently return to work with various Motown artists, while continuing to grow [...]
  15. Buddy Guy 22009/02/14
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Reccomended: Buddy Guy - Can’t Quit the Blues
  16. Bill Withers 22009/02/13
    The music of Bill Withers can definitely speak for itself as a timeless collection of songs, perfect for 1971 with it’s mix of gritty southern R&B, introspective and politically charged lyrics, and even a touch of Woodstock hippie vibes. But his debut album, “Just as I Am” has a very underrated role in the [...]
  17. Fats Waller 22009/02/12
    Strangely enough, two things happened to Fats after he died: he essentially disappeared from our culture’s memory for over 30 years, and when he was talked about, it centered around his clowning and humor, which was sorely misunderstood. Despite his untimely death, Fats Waller spent nearly every day of his short life making the music [...]
  18. Sam Cooke 22009/02/11
    The legendary track “Cupid” kicks off our second Sam Cooke feature. As soon as you hear his voice, it’s undeniable that this is what Sam Cooke was born to do. His brother, LC Cooke, talks here about the moment Sam knew that he was going to be pro very early in life. Even as [...]
  19. Miles Kind of Blue 22009/02/10
    Our second Miles Davis segment begins with legendary saxophonist Jackie McLean and Kind of Blue drummer Jimmy Cobb talking about the sound Miles was after with his 1959 sextet at the first Kind of Blue recording session on March 2, 1959. Herbie Hancock also adds his thoughts on Miles’ priority for the session to capture [...]
  20. Love Train 22009/02/09
    As introduced by the host, Jeff Foxx, Philly International’s biggest hits were filled with lush strings and beautiful horns from their house orchestra, MFSB. Gamble & Huff recall what they remember about the arrangements, and call out many of the people who were responsible for these recordings. Members of the Delfonics discuss Thom Bell’s arrangements [...]
  21. Ashford and Simpson 22009/02/08
    For part 2, Ashford and Simpson discuss how they first got introduced at Motown. They almost ran out before the meeting started, so thank got they stuck around. This piece includes bits of Nickolas and Valerie’s own performances of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “You’re All I Need to Get By” from their new [...]
  22. Buddy Guy 12009/02/07
    Our Black History Month feature for Saturdays will be bluesman Buddy Guy in his own words and music. Buddy Guy’s own comments come from an exclusive interview session, and include many recollections and insights that will heard on your station for the first time. Hosted by journalist Anthony DeCurtis, this four-part series also includes 15 [...]
  23. Bill Withers 12009/02/06
    Every Friday in February, find out why Bill Withers is just as he is. In a rare interview, Bill discusses his career as a groundbreaking singer/songwriter. He mostly focuses on his 1971 debut “Just as I am” - a classic album that features hits like “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Grandma’s Hands.” His low-key mix of [...]
  24. Fats Waller 12009/02/05
    Thursdays are Fats Waller day here at the Legacy Podcasts, in honor of Black History Month.
    Fats Waller is one of America’s great composers and performers of the 20th century. His songs, stride piano style and on-stage and on-screen antics were legendary and made him one of the first African-American superstars.
    Count Basie sat at his feet [...]
  25. Sam Cooke 12009/02/04
    Legacy Podcasts’ Black History Month series continues with a four-part look at the highly influential career of Sam Cooke. You’ll hear music from throughout his career that displays the great bredth of his talent before his tragic death in 1964 at the age of 33 - from his gospel roots to his upbeat classic hits, [...]
  26. Miles Kind of Blue 12009/02/03
    Our Black History Month feature continues with another great African-American musician - Miles Davis, to honor the 50th anniversary of his landmark album “Kind of Blue.” Collaborators, friends, critics and historians look back on how this record was created and its impact on music and pop culture over the last 50 years.
  27. Love Train 12009/02/02
    Our Black History Month series continues with the first of four pieces on the great artists of Philly International Records.
    Producer: Joyride Media
    Recommended: Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia Concert DVD
  28. Ashford and Simpson 12009/02/01
    We launch our 28 days of Black History series with the first of four segments on legendary songwriting duo Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson. These two have been responsible for many of the biggest r&b hits of the last 40 years - including “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing,” “I’m [...]
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