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Liberty Justice and the Persuit of Pizza

  1. Episode 32. The Ghost of Christmas Kirk!2010/07/27

    Once upon a time, in a town not far from you, an average teenager is being horribly haunter by a bewildered ghost, who may or may not actually BE a ghost.
    Join us in our existential nightmare...

    "Isn't it 6 monthes too late to be the ghost of Christmas anything?"


  2. Episode 31, Cake-Related Faliure2010/04/23

    "Does your heart hurt?"


    Another cooking special!

  3. Episode 30, Griff goes to Vacationstan!2010/03/26

    "Oh balls. I killed a guy."


  4. Episode 29, Super Sexophonic.2010/03/18

    "Hey bropants, you seen my accordian?"
    -Dr. Science

    Love tips from the best.

  5. Episode 28, Kenny's Cookstravaganza!2010/03/14

    "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury of the cooking show..."
  6. Episode 27, The Gemini Team! (Acion Movie)2010/03/03

    Welcome to the realms of the most badass things you will ever see ever.
    Welcome, to the lare of the Gemini team...

    "This is a good banana"
    -Dr. Science.

  7. Episode 26, The Stankumentary!2010/03/01

    Check out the STANKOSAPIEN!
    "I feel safe in this bathtub"

    New youtube channel up! check out LibJusPiz00Cast!

  8. Episode 25, Zombie Apocalypse!2010/02/23

    This is our zombie documentary. This is not to be taken lightly.
    Watch and learn....

    "The power ballads will provide..."
    -Griff the survivor

  9. Episode 24, Video Special!2010/02/03

    Welcome to the 1st video special here on the 'cast.
    Gape in awe at out tale of woe...

  10. Episode 23, The Legend of the Happinesscycle!2010/01/31

    Mean Joe Greene! Rumblo's love advice! Eyebrow related madness!
    Look out next week folks, because for the first time in the history of ever,
    It's a LIberty, Jurtice and The Persuit of Pizza VIDEO!!!


  11. Episode 22, Wartime Special!2010/01/25

    "Shut up Johnson or I'll cut off your Johnson!"
    -Sgt. Jackson.

    We have loads and loads of war noises and gunshots for your amusmant.
    We're locked ad loaded on podcast (1+1)(1+1).

Liberty Justice and the Persuit of Pizza
enjoy our comedy and music.

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