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  1. How To Find The Best Agents For Your Kid2009/03/18
    Landing a good agent is key for your child's success. In this episode, host Alex Simon reveals how you can find the best possible modeling and talent agents for your child all by yourself!
  2. Does My Kid Have "It"? Find Out Now!2009/03/11
    In this episode, host Alex Simon helps you find out if your child has what it takes to be in the modeling and entertainment world. He even takes you through a questionnaire developed to determine your child's chances of success. Grab a pen and paper and enjoy the show!
  3. 5 Ways To Ruin Your Child's Modeling Career2009/03/06
    Fact: parents are often responsible for ruining their kids' modeling career. In this episode, host Alex Simon will discuss some of the most common mistakes made by parents, and how to avoid them altogether.
  4. Scam I Am - How To Avoid Being Ripped Off!2009/03/04
    This is a show you CANNOT miss! Host Alex Simon will talk about all the ways you can be misled and conned in the babies and kids' modeling industry. Tune in, take notes and get more savvy about the road to making your kid a star!
  5. Kid Modeling: Fun, Money and Fun!!2009/02/27
    This episode is an introduction to the world of children's acting and modeling.
ShowKids Minute - how to get your kid into showbiz!
Host Alex Simon shares with you his secrets on how to make your kid a star!

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