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Conversations: Pamela One-on-One

  1. Frankie Manning: 1914-2009, Part 12009/08/27
    Dear readers and listeners: After a bit of a hiatus, I am back to podcasting! That is the good news. The sad news is that an interview I conducted earlier this year with the legendary Frankie Manning turned out to be his last. Frankie Manning, known and loved all over the world as the “Ambassador […]
  2. Conversation With Ted Louis Levy – Part 22009/03/19
    At last, I present to you the second half of my conversation with Ted Louis Levy. You are in for quite a treat! In this segment, we discuss the latter part of Ted’s career, Barack Obama, and someone does a Bill Cosby impersonation! I’m not telling who… you’ll have to listen for yourself. I left […]
  3. A Conversation With Ted Louis Levy – Part 12009/03/05
    Ted Louis Levy has not only been my teacher in tap dance and in life, but my friend. I recently spent over two hours on the phone with Ted to do this interview. I have broken it out into two parts to make it a bit easier to digest. I have been blessed to have […]
  4. Upcoming Guests2009/02/20
    Please be sure to check out the Guest Appearances page to see who will be appearing on coming shows! Also note that although I have more guests who have tentatively scheduled to appear, they will not be included on the announcements page until they are confirmed, so be sure to check for updates!
  5. One-on-One with Mark Stelzner of JobAngels.org2009/02/19
    Dear readers: This week I spoke with Mark Stelzner, founder of JobAngels.org and Twitterer @jobangels. JobAngels is a young but fast-growing network of job seekers and what are known as job “angels”–people just like you and me who volunteer their time, advice, moral support or connections to help others find jobs. What started as a […]
  6. Already, guest line-up taking shape2009/02/12
    As a follow on to my previous announcement, I am happy to report that Mark Stelzner, President and Lead Angel at JobAngels.org and emerging Twitter phenomenon, has graciously agreed to lend me his time and insights as a guest on my site. I will talking with Mark about the movement he has incited whereby people […]
  7. New Year, New Me!2009/02/12
    Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I’ve gotten several inquiries about why my blog defaults to an old post. Yikes! Well, I ashamedly admit that it is due to my not posting anything new for a while. Believe it or not, I have been doing my PMBA reading quite regularly. However, a few things have […]
  8. Back from a brief distraction2008/09/30
    So, I’ve been out of town for a few days and wrapping up some condo issues before that. Fun stuff! I haven’t disappeared however, and will have a post again shortly. I’m trying to decide what is the least dry thing to write about what I’ve learned from the 36 Hour Finance Course…. tough call. […]
  9. Interview with Marc Pearlman posted!2008/09/15
    When I was young lass, my sister, cousin and I used to take our fancy-pants plastic tape recorders – the kind you had to use a microphone and hold it up to the speaker on a radio in order to tape songs off the radio – and we would interview each other. We would pretend […]
  10. Upcoming interview2008/09/07
    I have recently been in touch with Marc Pearlman, a stock and commodities trader who hosts the weekly radio show Your Money Matters. Marc does some shows solo and also interviews experts in all areas of money, finance, career, etc. — basically anything having to do with, well, your money. Marc’s bio can be found […]
  11. Money and My Life (dot com)2008/08/28
    Every Thursday morning I haul my tired behind out of bed at 5:30 am. I get up this early in order to meet a friend and running partner at Piedmont Park here in Hotlanta for a weekday morning run. I’ll call him John. It’s a good thing I’m calling him John too, because that’s his […]
  12. I know how to pick ’em2008/08/28
    Just now I was perusing Entrepreneur.com’s 2008 Hot List for this year’s hot business ideas and those standbys that are still going strong even in this weakened economy. The latter category includes, in part, online gaming, home party sales, and upscale cupcakes. Upscale cupcakes? Holding on in this economy? Let this not surprise you. It […]
  13. A college memory and budgetary epiphany2008/08/20
    While at university, I befriended a smart, funny girl named Karla. Karla and I became fast friends and at some point our parents got to know each other and would occasionally get together if either set of parents happened to be in the other’s area. One weekend my parents were in Buffalo, NY and met […]
  14. Quick post2008/08/19
    Just a quick post to say the McGraw-Hill book on finance arrived today at last. Now begins the experiment…
  15. Ordered the first book2008/08/13
    I am going to have a get a library card for all these books. In the meantime, I’ve chosen “The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course in Finance for Non-Financial Managers” as my first book and ordered it through abebooks.com. I doubt I’ll be reading these in the order in which they are presented in the PMBA […]
Conversations: Pamela One-on-One
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