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  1. The Shark Tank: Underwater Comm System2018/09/14

    COCOZZA Technologies LLC, designed and installed the underwater communication system for the new Hudson Canyon Shark Tank Display at NY Aquarium in Coney Island Brooklyn. The comm system enables the audience to interact and talk with the scientific divers while they are in the tank studying the sharks.

    For more info goto www.cocozzatech.com or www.poddiver.org
  2. Underwater Drones and Video Lighting2017/05/02
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  3. VR Cameras and Video Engineering2017/04/30
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  4. Dive Rite and Dive Grenada2017/03/31
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  5. WOW Africa: Safari Adventures in South Africa2017/02/13
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  6. 2017 Status Update2017/01/30

    PD199 : Dive Mistress Amanda and Joe Cocozza discuss upcoming projects for 2017 and 360VR Production.

    For more info www.poddiver.org
  7. DEEFER DIVING on Carriacou Island2016/07/16
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  8. Dive Grenada: Jill Heinerth interview2016/07/14

    Intvw w/ Phil Saye of Dive Grenada

    PROJECT GRENADA. Jill Heinerth has a conversation with Phil Saye of Dive Grenada about wreck diving on the Veronica L and marine conversation projects,
    For more info http://www.divegrenada.com

  9. Native Spirit Scuba: Grenada Diving2016/07/12
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  10. Shipwreck diving on the MV Shakem2016/07/09
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  11. BIANCA-C: Deep diving in Grenada. 2016/07/07

    Project Grenada. Wreck Diving on Grenada.

    Jill Heinerth and Joe Cocozza going diving on the shipwreck of the BIANCA-C and interview Eveline Verdier and Captain Godwin "Sao"Boopsingh of Scubatech Grenada. https://www.scubatech-grenada.com/
  12. Scuba Carriacou. SST with Arawak Divers2016/07/05

    Expedition Grenada. Sound Scene Tour Day Four.

    Project Grenada Sound Scene Tour diving on Carriacou with Arawak Divers. George and Connie of Arawak Divers have been Carriacou dive operators since 1994. For more info goto www.arawakdivers.com
  13. Scuba Carriacou, Grenada2016/07/04

    Expedition Grenada: Dive Carriacou with LUMBA Dive and Sound Scene Tour of Day 2 & 3
  14. Scuba Grenada (Day 1)2016/07/03

    Expedition Grenada: Sound Scene Tour. (Day 1).

    Jill H and I arrive on Island and go diving with Christine Finney of Eco Dive Grenada. We go diving in an underwater sculpture park and chat about what is in store for a week of diving on the Islands of Spice http://www.ecodiveandtrek.com/

  15. Rebreather Accident Analysis. Interview with Jeff Bozanic.2016/06/12

    Rebreather Accident Analysis. Interview with Jeff Bozanic.

    Dr Bozanic, is a scientist, cave dive explorer, educator and author of the book Mastering Rebreathers, (seminal text on CCR diving). We discuss the history of rebreathers, the state of the technology and safety when diving on CCR.

  16. HPNS: High Pressure Nervous Syndrome 2016/05/29

    Interview w/ Dr. Richard Vann PhD, from Divers Alert Network. We discusses the physics and physiology of Deep Diving, using Heliox as a dive gas. and the condition of High Pressure Nervous Syndrome.

    (PDTV-37) Direct Download.
  17. Inert Gas Narcosis2016/05/25

    Tech Time interview with Richard Vann PhD of Diver's Alert Network .

    Dr Vann and Joe Cocozza discuss the science behind Inert Gas Narcosis in Scuba diving. Dr. Vann gives background on the theory and some practical tips to minimize the effect while at depth. (PDTV-36: Pod Diver Television)
  18. Scuba in ICELAND2016/05/24

    Frontier Scuba diving in ICELAND.

    At BTS I interviewed Davíd SigurThórsson, instructor and expedition guide from Iceland Dive Expeditions. Amazing freshwater and ocean scuba diving. For more info goto https://www.dive.is/


  19. Extreme Free Diving2016/05/01
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  20. Dr. Dawn Kernagis: Tech Diver ~ Research Scientist 2016/04/25

    Dawn Kernagis

    Tech Diver ~
    Research Scientist ~ Women Divers Hall of Fame, Class of

    Interview with Dr. Kernagis, who is a cave explorer and a
    scientist in the area of human performance optimization and risk
    mitigation for operators in extreme environments, such as those
    working in undersea diving.

  21. Shipwreck Diving at BTS-20162016/04/21

    Beneath The Sea: Part 4: SHIPWRECK DIVING

    1. Interview w/ Dan Lieb of NJ Historical Diving Assc.

    2. Interview w/ Joe Porter of Wreck Diving Magazine

  22. iPhone Scuba Camera & Underwater Comms2016/04/19
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    Beneath the Sea: Part 2, SCUBA TRAVEL INTERVIEWS:

    1. Capt Gary at Florida Keys & Key West

    2. Capt Ed at S.C.U.B.A. in St. Croix

    3. Jenny from Reef and Rainforest Travel Tours.



    Download file here.
  24. Dive Rite gear for 20162016/04/16

    Beneath the Sea 2016: Part 1

    Interview with Jared Hires at Dive Rite Booth about new tech diving gear.

    (PDTV-33: BTS-2016 p1)

    VIDEO PODCAST: download and watch here
  25. CRESSI: Freediving & Scuba Gear2016/04/11
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  26. Free Diving Discussion at DEMA2016/04/06

    Free Diving Discussion with Stephan Whalen from www.deeperblue.com Stephan discuss details about Free diving training and the different aspects of free diving.

  27. CaveDive Training Discussion2016/04/05

    Cave Dive Training Discussion : Interview with Ralph DiPanfilo of NSS-CDS about the progression of Cave Diving Training from Cavern Diver to Full Cave Diver. Originally recorded at Floyd's Diner in High Springs FL in 2007 >

  28. DECO SAFETY Discussion w/ Dr Vann2016/04/05

    Decompression Safety Discussion with Dr Richard Vann PhD of DAN (Divers Alert Network) and former O-6 US Navy Diving Officer. Dr Vann discusses the issues and factors surrounding DCS. This interview was conducted at DEMA 2007.

  29. Richie Kohler 2016 Interview2016/04/04

    Richie Kohler and his personal "Life Aquatic".

    We interview Richie Kohler at Beneath the Sea 2016 and discuss what it is like on the inside of tech diving and TV production industry. Joe and Rich share stories about how similar the reality is to the Bill Murray movie; "The Life Aquatic".

  30. Pod Diver Status Update2016/03/27

    PD180: Status update edition> Pre Beneath The Sea. We have a new sponsor DIVE EXTRAS. And the Pod Diver Radio team of Jill Heinerth and Joe Cocozza are heading to Grenada.
  31. Cave Diving in Dominican Republic2016/03/22

    V-30: Cave Diving in Bayahibe Dominican Republic with the folks from Cave Hunters. This is an audio podcast post dive interview with video and stills from the trip. For audio only versions of Pod Diver Radio goto WWW.PODDIVER.AUDIO . Video Podcast number PTV30. For more scuba videos goto our YouTube Channel at www.poddiver.tv
  32. Eddie Eagle GUNSAFE program2016/03/13
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  33. Scuba in the Galapagos Islands2016/03/07

    Interview with Jorge A. Mahauad, PADI Course Director from Tip Top Diving in the Galapagos Islands. We talk about CCR diving and diving with Mega Fauna in the Galapagos. www.tiptopdiving.com

    Episode 178
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  35. Diving in the Dominican Republic.2016/02/14

    Recreational Diving with Tropical Sea Divers in Boca Chica Dominican Republic. We interview the Alexandre Cottier about diving and lifestyle in The DR. http://tropicalseadivers.com/

    Sound Scene Tour. GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOOR SHOW 2016.
    Interviews with:
    1. Rebecca McCoy of IVI about the TAVOR 5.56 Bullpup Carbine. www.iwi.us
    2. Ofc. David Mitchell of Pennsylvania Game Commission. www.pgc.state.pa.us
    3. John Hollister about SIG SAUER Silencers. www.sigsauer.com
  37. Dominican Republic Cave Diving.2016/02/05

    The Pod Diver Crews heads down to go Cave diving in the Dominican Republic. We meet up with the folks at Cave Hunters DR. We dive two cave systems
    1. La Jeringa Cave
    2. Padre Nuestro Cave
    For more info goto CAVE HUNTERS DR
  38. PD89: MATT JOHNSTON2016/01/10


  39. CMAS: Interview w/ Director & Instructor Trainer of CMAS.2015/12/30
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  40. Britannic Expedition. Intvw w/ Richie Kohler2015/11/19

    Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic’s Tragic Sister Britannic. (new book)

    Interview with Richie Kohler at DEMA 2015 about his expeditions to the HMS Britannic and his new book about the same.

    For more info about the book goto: https://www.bestpub.com/mystery-of-the-last-olympian.html

    Direct Download of PD172 Audio File.
  41. INSPIRATION CCR-Rebreather interview w/ Martin Parker.2015/11/14

    Interview with Martian Parker of AP Diving about the Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather. PD171: We discuss, the development history, CE approval and what's new in 2015 for Inspiration CCR. Including; the new color Vision Electronics and HUS.

  42. BIOMAP: 3D bodyscan for drysuits2015/11/08

    DEMA 2015 Interview with Paul Stark of Fourth Element. Paul talks about the Argonaut Drysuit BIOMAP. Review of 3D body scanning technology that enables accurate sizing for drysuits. http://fourthelement.com/
  43. Shipwreck Research in the Azores2015/09/29

    Five hundred years of shipwreck history. We interview Dr Jose Neto and Dr Pedro Parreira. Marine Archeologists at the Azores Regional Directory of Culture. We discuss the rich nautical history of the Azores and shipwreck diving in the Azores.


  44. Dry caving on Terceira Island2015/09/26

    We explore Algar do Carvão, a volcanic vent located in the central part of the island of Terceira. We interview Laura Barbosa from Association of Mountaineers Azores. Terceira has over 60 dry lava caves. Cave exploring is amazing way to spend the day when you can't go diving.

    For more info about the caves of Terceira. Goto www.mountanheiros.com

  45. Whales in the Azores2015/09/25

    Interview w/ Cetacean Biologist Miranda van der Linde from FUTURISMO. About whale biology, habitat protection and educating the public about the various cetacean species in the Azores.

    For more info contact WWW.FUTURISMO.PT


  46. BEST SPOT AZORES: Dive Center2015/09/24
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  47. Sao Miguel Azores: Sound Scene Tour2015/09/22

    Sound Scene Tour of a night in Sao Migual Island. With Jill Heinerth and Renee Powers. We visit a Portuguese Naval SAR Frigate and get a tour of the ship by First Marine Luis Gonçalves! We then head to the Ponta Delgado Marina for an amazing dinner and discussion of the scuba diving in the Azores.


  48. Scuba on TERCEIRA Island2015/09/18

    Interview with Devin Leary owner of ARRAIA DIVERS in Terceria Azores . We talk about the great potenial for cave and shipwreck exploration of this Mid Atlantic Island. info@arraiadivers.com .

    Projecto Azores Podcast: PD-164


  49. DPV Technology2015/08/15

    DPV: Diver Propulsion Vehicles: Interview with Will Baxter of DIVE XTRAS about new Diver Propulsion Vehicle Technology and diving in the Pacific Northwest.

  50. AIR-SEA-LAND Productions2015/07/12


    Interview with Anthony Lenzo of AIR SEA LAND Productions. ASL is a multifaceted video production company that specializes in Underwater Broadcast and Feature Film production. We discuss video production and future of underwater video equipment. http://airsealand.com/
  51. Light & Motion: Video Lighting Discussion2015/06/24


    Interview with Danial Emerson from Light & Motion about there new STELLA lights for Electronic News Gathering and topside video production. This interview was conducted at the NAB (National Assoc of Broadcasters) Convention in Las Vegas NV.
  52. HammerHead CCR & H3 Dive Computer2015/06/08


    Interview with Josh Thorton the President of SubGravity (the parent company of HammerHead CCR). Josh talks about the HammerHead "Build a Rebreather Site" and the the new H3 Dive Computer.
  53. Deep Cave exploration with Brett Hemphill2015/06/04


    1. Post beneath the Sea. BTS 2007 post-mortem.
    2. D.A.N. Tech Time with Richard Vann PhD.
    3. Deep Cave Cave exploration interview with Brett Hemphill

    ** Contact Joe Cocozza at poddiver@gmail.com

  54. Twin Dees Cave Exploration 2015/06/03


    Interview with Bret Hemphill of Karst Underwater Research. About the expedition to join the Weeki Watchi and Twin Dees caves systems.
  55. V29: Dutch Springs Adventure2015/05/31

    Promo of diving Dutch Springs Aqua Park, in Bethlehem Pennslyvannia. Pod Diver Radio is sponsored by: DIVE RITE. "Serious Equipment for Serious Divers" www.diverite.com
  56. EDGE DIVE GEAR Review for 20152015/05/26


    EDGE-HOG Dive Gear Review. Interview with Jack Schmidt, Ops Manager for Edge Dive Gear.
  57. Diving the Superfortress 2015/05/20

    PD156: Diving the B-29 Wreck in Lake Mead.

    Interview with Joel Silverstein of Tech Diving Ltd about diving the USAF B-29 Superfortress Bomber in Lake Mead.

    For more info about diving this historic wreck, contact Joel at TDL www.divetheb29.com
  58. SCUBAPRO 2015 Gear Update2015/05/12

    PD155: SCUBAPRO 2015 Gear Update.
    Audio Interview at BTS 2015 with Brad Lally, Product Director at Scubapro. We discuss, Scubapro's new cold water piston regulator, Trufit dive masks, Sidemount BCs and biometrics for scuba diving.

  59. Tech Diving and the aging diver.2015/05/06


    Dr. Neal Pollock at DAN discusses the issues surrounding aging and technical diving.

    Dr. Pollock is the Research Director at Divers Alert Network. Also, a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Also, he is a Board member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Foundation.

  60. Dive Rite Experience Tour at Dutch Springs.2015/04/29

    PD153: Dive Rite Experience Tour at Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania. The 2015 Dive Rite demo of its full line of Recreational and Technical gear at Dutch Springs Quarry (75 miles from New York City). Divers got to try out: high power dive lights, sidemount and the Opt2ma Rebreather. We talked the divers about there experiences.

  61. CCR Pre-Breathing Study.2015/04/23

    PD152: Interview with Dr. Simon Mitchell MD ~ PhD . About his DAN Study on the effectiveness of pre-breathing a CCR to determine CO2 leakage in the breathing loop. Dr Mitchell it the 2015 winner of the DAN / Rolex Diver of the Year Award
  62. Dive Rite 2015 Update2015/04/15

    PD151: DIVE RITE Equipment Update 2015

    Jared Hires reviews new equipment for 2015. Including The LX20, a compact, handheld primary light, And..The HunterPac BCD; which combines features of technical and recreational BCD for Spear fishermen and/or Underwater Photographers.
  63. Phantom Deep Cave System Exploration.2015/04/10

    PD150: Interview with Brett Hemphill of Karst Underwater Explorers about setting the cave diving deep/penetration record at The Phantom Cave System in West Texas.


  64. Thermal Physiology & its effects on Deco Stress,2015/04/05

    PD149: Intrw w/ Dr Neal Pollock: Research Director at Divers Alert Network about Thermal Physiology & effects on Decompression Stress in Diving


  65. BTS 2015 - Sound Scene Tour2015/04/03

    PD 148: Sound Scene Tour of the Beneath the 2015 Sea Consumer Scuba Expo. Talk with Susan Long at DUI, Joel at Light Monkey and Mike Fowler at SDS.
  66. V28: DIVING HISTORY MUSEUM2015/03/18

    HISTORY of DIVING MUSEUM: Islamorada Florida. Tour of The History of Diving Museum and Research Library with Angela Albanese. The Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting artifacts, antiques, books, documents, photographs and oral history relative to the History of Diving.
  67. VID27: NYPD SCUBA TEAM2015/03/09

    PDTV-27: NYPD SCUBA TEAM : The New York Police Department Scuba Team. Patrols the waterways of New York Harbor. Performing underwater Search & Rescues and looking looking for murder weapons on the riverbed. The are elite unit an the one of the worlds most elite police forces.
  68. Florida Keys History of Diving Museum2015/03/07

    Tour of The History of Diving Museum and Research Library with Angela Albanese.
    The Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting artifacts, antiques, books, documents, photographs and oral history relative to the History of Diving.
  69. VID26: KEY LARGO DIVE2015/03/02


    Key Largo Diving Adventure Promo: Come get it!

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  70. Great American Outdoor Show 20152015/02/24
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  71. Underwater Communications at the NEAQ2015/02/21
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  72. Underwater Fluorescence2015/02/05

    PD143 Interview with Charles Mazel, PhD about the technolgy and develpoment of underwater florescence. And the applications of florescence for diving, bio-tech and marine biology. For addl info: goto NIGHTSEA

  73. SST Andrea Doria2015/01/26

    PD142: Sound Scene Tour of a 2001 expedition to the Andrea Doria onboard the RV SEEKER. Gart Gentile goes over deck plans between dives and discusses how the wreck is starting to collapse.

  74. Richie Kohler interview2014/12/26

    PD140: Richie Kohler interview. We discuss U-Boats, diving the RMS Titanic, HID lighting, cave diving, rebreathers and shipwreck diving.
  75. Doing What Works with Larry Green of NACD2014/12/19


    The journey “Into to Technical Diving? and “Doing What Works? with Cave Explorer Larry Green of the NACD and TDI.


    PD137: NSS-CDS Instructor Ralph DiPanfelo dicusses how to figure out gas managment for cave diving.


  77. Underwater Photography2014/12/16


    Digital Underwater Photography. PADI Specialty of the Month: Digital Underwater Photography . Interview with PADI MSDT Bob Benson at DOSILs Ski&Scuba Center

  78. Oxygen Toxcity2014/12/14

    PD135: Dr Richard Vann of DAN (Diver Alert Network) discusses O2 toxicity and oxygen's effect on the diver at depth.

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  79. TRIMIX2014/12/12

    PD134: TDI TRIMIX TRAINING, Interview with Brian Carney of TDI-SDI. Brian discusses the benifits and hazards of using Trimix.
  80. Oceanic 2014 Dive Gear Review2014/12/07


    DEMA 2014: Interview with Doug Krause of OCEANIC about:#1.JetPack BC #2.Omega-3 Regulator #3.VTX Computer.


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  81. Hollis Explorer SCR - DEMA 20142014/12/03


    DEMA 2014: The HOLLIS Explorer Semi-closed Rebreather
    Interview with Nic Hollis at the about the Hollis Semi-Closed Rebreather The Explorer.


    Links: The Explorer Rebreather Page
  82. AZORES: DEMA 2014 Interview2014/12/03
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  83. DEMA 20142014/11/30
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  84. DIR-Fundamentals2014/08/02


    GUE interview with Bob Sherwood of GUE about DIR- Fundamentals course.
  85. MAG-12: Brazil Diving2014/01/04

    SKIN DIVER MAGAZINE: November 2000: Scuba Diving on the island of Fernado de Noronha, Brazil.

  86. MAG-11: JARED HIRES2013/12/03

  87. MAG-10: TECH PROFILE: BRIAN KAKUK2013/10/05

    DIVE MAGAZINE UK October 2013 : INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN KAKUK : Military Diver, Scientific Diver, Cave Diver, Explorer, Instuctor, Author and Movie Maker. Underwater, Brian has done it all.


  88. MAG-09: JEFF BOZANIC2013/07/31

    DIVE MAGAZINE UK August 2013: JEFF BOZANIC From under Antarctica's ice, to some of the deepest caves in Mexico, Jeff Bozanic has explored it all. But his dives have always had a purpose: pushing his scientific knowledge and our understanding of these worlds.
  89. MAG-08: DIVING ST CROIX 2013/06/18
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  90. MAG-07: MARTYN FARR2013/06/01

    DIVE MAGAZINE UK June 2013 : Interview with British Cave Dive Pioneer Martyn Farr. FARR INTO DARKNESS. In 40 years of cave diving, he's broken records and written the rule book. British caver Martyn Farr speaks to DIVE Magazine's Tech Diving guru: Joe Cocozza


  91. MAG-06: ProTec Dive in Mexico2013/02/20

    DIVE MAGAZINE UK Dec 2012 : Andreas Matthes : Tech Diving Educator and Owner of Protec Dive Center in Playa del Carmen Mexico.


  92. MAG-05: NEDU, The Naval Expermental Dive Unit.2013/02/05

    NEDU: Naval Expermental Dive Unit. Copyright Joseph Cocozza: IMMERSED MAGAZINE (Spring 1998) Naval Force Propels Diving Technology: The NEDU and it's role in developing and testing new diving technolgy.


  93. MAG-04: BECKY KAGAN SCHOTT- Tech Profile2013/02/02

    DIVE UK Magazine UK. Feb 2013. Becky Kagan Schott: tech diver, cave diver, underwater film maker and journalist.


  94. MAG-03: Jill Heinerth2012/08/03

    DIVE Magazine UK. March 2012. " Tech Profile" interview with Jill Heinerth. Interview by Joe Cocozza

  95. MAG-02: Rich Kohler2012/08/02

    DIVE MAGAZINE UK May 2012: Interview with Rich Kohler by Joe Cocozza.


  96. MAG-01: Cristina Zenato2012/07/31

    DIVE Magazine UK. August 2012.

    Technical Diver Profile of technical diving instructor, cave diver and shark diver Cristina Zenato. Cristina is based in the Bahamas at UNEXSO.

  97. St. Croix Diving & DAN Training2012/04/15


    1. Travel Report from St. Croix, USVI Deep and CCRDiving. Interview with Jon and Lauren of SCUBA St Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures.
    2. Interview with Dr Nick Bird DMO for Divers Alert Network about new DAN training programs.


  98. P126: USVI Tech Diving2012/04/14


    St. Croix, USVI Tech Diving. Interview with Ed Buckley of SCUBA St Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures . Ed talks about the amazing tech diving in St Croix, when deep just isn’t deep enough. For more info about the Friendliest Dive Shop on Earth check out http://www.stcroixscuba.com .


  99. P125: Dan Orr President of Divers Alert Network2012/03/26


    Interview with Dan Orr , President of Divers Alert Network. Dan Orr, discusses Rebreather Forum 3 and what is the future of rebreathers.

  100. PD123: Dr Vann of DAN2012/02/13

    audio interview. PDR-123 Interview with Dr Richard Vann of Divers Alert Network. Dr Vann discusses rebreathers and Rebreather Forurm 3. For more info, check out our update website at http://www.poddiver.net
  101. P122 Rich Kohler Interview and INNERSPACE preview2012/02/01
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  102. PD121: Jill Heinerth (Tech Diver Profile) 2012/01/15

    Tech Diver Profile: Jill Heinerth . Interview with Jill Heinerth. First in a series of “Tech Diver Profiles” brought to you in conjunction with DIVE magazine http://www.divemagazine.co.uk
  103. VID-25: CCRs with Karl Shreeves of PADI2011/12/24

    Interview with Karl Shreeves Interview of PADI/DSAT

  104. P120: Karl Shreeves Interview2011/12/19


    nterview with Karl Shreeves Interview of PADI/DSAT.
    Karl talks about:
    1. PADI CCR training
    2. Rebreather Education and Safety Association
    3. Rebreather Forum
    4. INNERSPACE in Grand Cayman.
  105. PD119: Tech Gear Review2011/11/21

    Tech Gear Reviews: The TITAN SCULA Dive light and an interview with Nic Hollis about the HOLLIS line of Technical Dive Gear.
    1. Joe Cocozza reviews the TITAN SCULA Dive light.
    2. Interview with Nic Hollis about the HOLLIS line of Technical Dive Gear.

  106. PD118: Leon Scamahorn Interview2011/11/15

    Interview with Leon Scamahorn of Innerspace Systems, maker of the Megalodon CCR.
  107. P117: Okinawa Wreck Diving2011/11/10

    PD117 Interview w/Doug Bennett from REEF Encounters in Okinawa Japan. Discussing wreck diving and search for new shipwrecks.


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  108. PD116: Rebreather Forum 32011/11/08

    Report from DEMA 2011 about Rebreather Forum 3.0 . Interview with Roz Lunn and Brian Caney. For more info : www.rf30.org
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  109. PD115: BTS 2011 Sound Scene Tour2011/03/29

    Beneath the Sea 2011 Sound Scene Tour. Interviews with DUI. Shark Research Institute, Dr Nic Bird at DAN and Seabase 1. Featuring dive travel to the 1000 Islands, Adventure Travel, SingleDivers dot com.
  110. PD114: DAN "dive accidents" & NE Aquarium dive.2011/03/12
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  111. PD113: Battle of Midway2010/12/27
  112. VID-20: Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. 2010/12/26
  113. VID15: Hyperbaric Chamber Ops with Dr Bird of Divers Alert Network2010/08/31
  114. VID-13: Sidemounting with Terrence Tysall.2010/08/30
  115. PD111: Cave Diving on Grand Bahama Island with Cristina Zenato2010/07/26
  116. PD110: PFO study and DAN Emergency Hotline2010/06/10
  117. PD109: Diving in Bahamas and the Fiji Islands2010/04/26
  118. PD108: Women in Diving2010/04/13
  119. PD107: BTS 2010 Sound Scene Tour2010/04/01
  120. NSS-CDS Workshop & Coral Reef Restoration. P-1062010/03/25
  121. Underwater Glider to Cross the Atlantic Ocean. P-1052010/03/14
  122. BOAT DIVING ETIQUETTE2010/02/26
  123. The Vaquita Porpoise & North Carolina Wreck Diving. P-1032010/02/07
  124. PD102: Survival at Sea and Diving in Truk2010/01/27
  125. PD65: Beneath The Sea 20072010/01/10
  126. P83: DEMA 2007 interviews2010/01/10
  127. PD112: DEMA 20102010/01/10
  128. PD139: Holiday 2014 Episode2010/01/10
  129. PD101: Diving in ICELAND. The Silfa Crack2009/04/30
  130. PD100: CCR diving on the wreck of the SS Delaware2008/12/19
  131. Florida Keys Free Diving 2008/07/26
  132. TDI Cave Diving Programs2008/07/17
  133. PD96: Bermuda, Bahamas and North Florida2008/07/08
  134. PD95: CCR Training and Cave Diving in Bahamas2008/06/27
  135. PD94: Phil Nuytten interview2008/06/09
  136. DPV: Diver Propulsion Vehicle2008/05/05
  137. BTS 2008, Sound Scene Tour. PD912008/04/18
  138. History of Wetsuit Development2008/01/31
  139. Cave Diving in France & Tech Diving in the Dry Tortugas. P-882008/01/09
  140. DAN Technical Diving Conference. P-872007/12/30
  141. O2 Provider Course and NEDU p862007/12/10
  142. Fitness and diving2007/11/25
  143. PD84: Shark fining, Tech Diving and NYC2007/11/18
  145. PD81: Pretty Fish diving in Costa Rica2007/10/07
  146. Cave Diving Paleontology in the Bahamas. 2007/09/15
  147. BRIAN KAKUK: Underwater "Oh Shite" Moment2007/09/03
  148. PD78: Dr Vann on DCI & Jill dives under Antartic Ice2007/08/15
  149. PD77: Cave Diving, Deep Shipwrecks and Recompression Treatment.2007/08/04
  150. Bahamas Cave Diving w/ Brian Kakuk2007/07/13
  151. PD75: ABACO Divers & Brian Kakuk's "O-S-M"2007/07/10
  152. PD74: PADI DEEP DIVER & GUE CAVE 1 Program 2007/06/29
  153. NJHDA Shipwreck Symposium2007/06/19
  154. PD72: GUE Cave ~ DAN Tech Tips ~ Yucatek2007/06/06
  155. Pony_Bottles.mp32007/05/31
  156. HPNS: High Pressure Nervous Syndrome.2007/05/13
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POD DIVER RADIO: The Scuba-cast

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