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  1. Sherman ISD Leverages E-Rate Program to Enhance Educational Experience2009/03/27
    As one of the nation’s leading providers of communications services through the E-rate program, Verizon Business has worked with K-12 educators over the past decade to expand the availability of advanced services. E-rate, a program directed by the Federal Communications Commission, is designed to help school districts and libraries across the United States obtain affordable [...]
  2. Billing Transformation Means Leaner, Cleaner Bills for Verizon Business Customers2008/11/18
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  3. With New Advanced Web Platform, Verizon Business Helps Welsh Assembly Government Keep Citizens Informed2008/11/11
    Learn how Verizon Business’ application content management service is helping customers, such as the Welsh Assembly Government, quickly, securely and easily update online content through a simple and intuitive Web interface. In this podcast, Arjan Van Proosdij, senior product marketing manager – IT solutions and hosting, Verizon Business, is joined by Stuart Fitzgerald, head [...]
  4. Exploring Global Collaboration with Verizon Business2008/11/10
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  5. University of Pittsburgh Helps Keep Campus Safe with Verizon Notification Services2008/10/27
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  6. Verizon Business Helps Companies Speed Applications to Users Around the Globe2008/10/13
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  7. Verizon Business Helps Enterprises Work Smarter Via Unified Communications and Collaboration2008/10/07
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  8. Verizon Business Empowers Network Convergence for K-122008/09/29
    School districts across the nation are upgrading legacy networks to converged Internet protocol (IP) networks, paving the way for the introduction of new advanced capabilities, such as voice-over-IP and distance learning. Designed to enhance the learning experience and access to information for students, IP networks deliver the crucial speed and reliability that enable truly [...]
  9. Verizon Business Transforms State Government Networks2008/09/29
    The 2008 Digital States Survey, conducted by the Center for Digital Government and sponsored by Verizon Business, highlights how state governments across the United States use technology to serve constituents and streamline operations. Based on responses from state officials, the comprehensive study examines best practices used by state governments to leverage investments in technology to [...]
  10. Thing5 Leverages Verizon Business IP Networking to Power SaaS2008/09/23
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  11. Verizon Business Introduces Online Self-Service Global Billing Report2008/09/18
    Verizon Business recently launched its global billing report, the newest addition to the company’s suite of online self-service billing applications. Delivering a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to paper-based billing and reporting, the global billing report provides Verizon Business’ multinational customers with a convenient way to view, monitor and [...]
  12. What’s Your Biggest IT Challenge?2008/09/12
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  13. Study Links Carbon Management with Shareholder Value2008/09/09
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  14. Global Managed Wireless LAN Service Available Around the World2008/09/08
    Effective collaboration is critical to the success of large businesses and a key challenge for information technology executives. A new managed service now available from Verizon Business – Verizon Managed Wireless LAN Service – enables business and government entities to take full advantage of wireless technology by extending mobility into the workplace to enhance [...]
  15. Verizon Business Packages Internet Access And Vulnerability Management2008/08/07
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  16. Verizon Business Leverages IP to Link First Responders During Times of Crisis2008/08/04
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  17. Verizon Business Adds Open Hosted Speech Services to Contact Center Portfolio2008/07/09
    Through the addition of Open Hosted Speech Services (OHSS) to its portfolio of contact center solutions, Verizon Business is offering enterprise and government customers a new level of control and flexibility over speech applications, while still enjoying the reliability and scalability associated with a hosted solution. In this podcast, Tom Smith, senior product manager of [...]
  18. Verizon Business Keeps Corporate End-Users Connected Globally with Enterprise Mobility Solutions2008/07/09
    Global enterprises require a flexible enterprise mobility strategy that enables on-the-go employees to easily, rapidly and securely connect to corporate resources in a seamless manner. As a leader in delivering global enterprise mobility solutions, Verizon Business offers a comprehensive array of enterprise mobility services that can deliver big benefits to business in terms of enhancing [...]
  19. Outsourcing IT Solutions to Meet Business Objectives2008/06/30
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  20. Preparing for the Unexpected – Business Continuity Solutions from Verizon Business2008/06/24
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  21. Business Continuity and Verizon Business Global Network Readiness2008/06/24
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  22. Verizon Business Advances Global Collaboration2008/06/18
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  23. Verizon Business Adds Management of Juniper J-series Services Routers2008/06/16
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  24. Verizon Business 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report – Part II2008/06/13
    In Part II of this podcast series on the Verizon Business 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report, Bryan Sartin, director of investigative response for Verizon Business Security Solutions, summarizes key report findings and discusses actions enterprises can take to help prevent data breaches. Based on an analysis of hundreds of corporate data breaches, including three of [...]
  25. Verizon Business 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report – Part I2008/06/11
    The majority of corporate data breaches are avoidable with reasonable security measures. In Part I of this two-podcast series, Bryan Sartin, director of investigative response for Verizon Business Security Solutions, provides a general overview of the 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report and describes the methodology used to compile the findings of this ground-breaking analytical report. [...]
  26. Verizon Business Expands Consulting Services2008/05/19
    Meeting the growing demand from large corporations for high-tech services, Verizon Business is significantly increasing the number and range of its professional consulting services. Nancy Gofus, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Verizon Business, discusses how the company is now delivering a standardized set of more than 50 professional services in 30 countries around [...]
  27. California State Parks Explore the World of IP2008/05/13
    The California Department of Parks and Recreation is harnessing the power of IP to converge networks, increase capacity and support new capabilities. Alan Friedman, department CIO, discusses the migration from frame relay to managed MPLS and highlights how the new Verizon Business network is enabling new school outreach programs and transforming department operations, all while [...]
  28. Fujitsu North America CIO Discusses Working Effectively With Your Service Provider2008/05/12
    In this podcast, Jeff Meier, chief information officer for Fujitsu North America, discusses how a broad range of Verizon Business services enable his firm’s U.S.-based business operations. Meier then looks ahead to future initiatives with Verizon Business and offers personal suggestions on how to create and maintain a productive relationship with a communications services provider.
  29. Verizon Business Helps Companies Conduct Eco-Friendly Business2008/04/21
    In this podcast, Chris Kimm discusses the Verizon Business’s commitment to the environment and how advanced communications and information technology solutions can help multinational companies employ energy-efficient business practices that make good business sense. Kimm is vice president of sales engineering for Verizon Business.
  30. Verizon Business Discusses its Industry-Leading Approach to Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention2008/04/08
    In this podcast, we hear from Bart Vansevenant, director of strategy for Verizon Business Security Solutions. Mr. Vansevenant highlights Verizon Business’s announcement of a new suite of services that help large businesses and government agencies protect data and prevent data loss within the extended enterprise. He talks about why data loss is such a hot [...]
  31. Verizon Business Discusses Investment in Trans Pacific Express2008/04/07
    The Trans Pacific Express (TPE) is the first next-generation undersea optical cable system directly linking the U.S. and mainland China, as well as the first major undersea system to land on the U.S. West Coast in seven years. As the only U.S.-based charter consortium member, Verizon Business is playing a critical role in deploying this [...]
  32. Verizon Business’s Ultra Long Haul Strategy Moves Forward2008/04/03
    Tom Meagher, director of transport planning for Verizon Business, explains how Verizon Business’s multi-year Ultra Long Haul (ULH) strategy provides customers with reduced provisioning times, improved reliability and lower latency. This network strategy reduces network elements by 70 percent, thereby enabling the network to operate more efficiently.
  33. Network Investments Drive Fixed-Mobile Convergence Innovation2008/02/16
    This video podcast, featuring comments from Ivan Seidenberg Verizon chairman and CEO, and Nancy Gofus, chief marketing officer for Verizon Business, discusses how Verizon’s network investments are driving innovations in fixed-mobile convergence. Hear how our powerful global IP and wireless networks are being used as the platform to deliver new services such as Wireless Office, [...]
  34. MEI Group Turns to Verizon Business for New Managed Global Network2008/02/16
    Brian Fenimore, director of global infrastructure for MEI Group discusses how close collaboration with Verizon Business resulted in the on-time deployment of a brand new managed global network. Fenimore speaks to the advantages of a fully managed global infrastructure and offers suggestions on how to maximize the value a managed network service provider.
  35. PCI: What Does It Mean for You?2008/02/14
    In this podcast, Barbara Mitchell, product manager for Verizon Business, provides valuable insight on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, better known as PCI. She explains what the PCI Data Security Standard means for businesses and who is affected, as well as how businesses can work toward compliance. Ms. Mitchell also discusses the [...]
  36. Verizon Business Rolls Out New Managed Option for Enterprises Moving to IP Telephony2007/12/09
    As enterprises increasingly look to modernize and consolidate voice and data systems, Verizon Business will soon offer another robust managed service option to help pave the way. In January 2008, Verizon Business will begin offering managed IP PBX on the Nortel IP telephony platform, combining the scalability, flexibility and simplicity of Nortel’s portfolio with Verizon [...]
  37. New IP Trunking Capabilities Help Optimize VoIP2007/12/09
    This podcast discusses recent enhancements to Verizon Business‘ VoIP portfolio, specifically its IP trunking services. These new capabilities are designed to enhance network efficiencies for current VoIP customers, while simplifying the transition to VoIP for new customers.
  38. Defending the Extended Enterprise2007/11/21
    Today’s enterprise extends beyond the four walls of an office. The adoption of effective security strategies will help protect the extended enterprise and mitigate potential security risks. This podcast discusses how to defend the extended enterprise by leveraging the efficiencies of communications and sharing information across the enterprise while minimizing risk at the [...]
  39. Maximizing Enterprise Collaboration2007/11/21
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  40. Maximizing Hosted Contact Center Solutions2007/11/21
    Contact centers underpin the customer service strategies of a broad range of global enterprises. Enterprises should carefully the decision to use a hosted approach versus a premises-based approach and base vendor selection on the ability to offer scalability, expert implementation and a broad service portfolio. Learn how Verizon Business can meet the contact [...]
  41. Defining an Integrated Hosted Communications Platform2007/11/21
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  42. Global Network Solution for Mission-critical Applications2007/11/21
    Verizon Business’ Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) combines the simplicity of Ethernet, the flexibility of MPLS and the reliability of SONET. This podcast provides insight into how large business and government customers can leverage VPLS to converge voice, video and data applications onto a single cost-effective local-to-global network solution.
    The guest is Alla Reznik, Group [...]
  43. Conserving Bandwidth with IP Multi-casting2007/11/20
    IP multi-casting can conserve bandwidth and optimize network performance. Learn how Verizon Business Private IP Multicasting VPN@Work can be used to stream applications to multiple corporate site while limiting bandwidth requirements, with Steve Goodman, Product Marketing Manager – Private IP, Verizon Business.
  44. Driving Value with Managed Unified Communications2007/11/20
    IP telephony is not just another application running on the data network. Special attention should be paid to help ensure benefits of managed unified communications to both end users and IT staff. This podcast highlights some of the potential pitfalls that should be considered when planning your own unified communications implementation. We hear [...]
  45. Meeting CIO Requirements in the Global Market2007/11/20
    This podcast discusses the issues that keep CIOs up at night. Hear how the Verizon Business portfolio of managed, IT and professional services, can be leveraged to meet today’s most pressing business requirements.
    We hear from John Shultz, executive director – product management and development, managed network services, Verizon.
  46. Facilitating On-The-Go Workers2007/11/20
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  47. MPLS – Why & How: A Firsthand Customer Account2007/11/20
    In this podcast, Verizon Business’ Danellie Young, executive director — data and IP services, hosts a discussion with customer Ken Levonaitis, CIO of McCarter & English, a Newark, New Jersey-based AmLaw 200 law firm. Levonaitis discusses his experience deploying a managed MPLS-based network and the benefits of management by Verizon Business.
  48. Adelphi University Helps Faculty and Students Foster Collaboration Securely2007/11/20
    In this podcast, we hear from Verizon Business customer, Jack Chen, Chief Information Officer for the Office of the Provost for Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. Mr. Chen discusses how collaboration is at the heart of the university and how the university leverages technology to foster collaboration with staff, faculty, students and visiting [...]
  49. Verizon Global Broadband Satellite Access — Delivering Mobility and Portability2007/10/22
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  50. Fine-Tuning Business Applications Around the World2007/10/09
    Verizon Business is helping users of global corporate networks make the most of popular business applications such as Microsoft Outlook, SAP and ERP with its new Managed WAN Optimization Service. The new managed service helps companies speed application delivery, reduce bottlenecks and boost productivity. It is ideal for companies with distributed or global environments, or [...]
  51. Extending HQ Networking Capabilities to Far-Flung Operations2007/09/11
    Companies with retail stores, branch offices or other remote locations will be able to easily and cost-effectively upgrade company networks serving those locations, using a variety of new service options from Verizon Business. In this podcast, Chip Freund, Verizon Business’ director of managed services product marketing, discusses how Verizon Business will manage five new value-added [...]
  52. Prestigious Security “Seal of Approval” Turns 102007/08/15
    In this podast, Kerry Bailey, vice president of business security solutions at Verizon, discusses the Security Management Program, a comprehensive security and compliance solution for enterprise, now in operation for 10 years, and the SMP Certification Seal and what it means for customers. This is a Verizon Business podcast.
  53. First-of-its-Kind Tool Helps Organizations Improve Collaboration2007/07/31
    For the first time, organizations will be able to measure how well their members work together, using a new Collaboration Calculator. The new Web-based tool, developed by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan for Verizon Business, is designed to help organizations enhance performance through improved collaboration. PodTech’s Rio Pesino spoke with Mike Marcellin, VP of [...]
  54. Verizon Business: New WAN Options with VPLS2007/05/30
    On this podcast from Futurenet 2007, Alla Reznik, group manager for IP & Ethernet Services at Verizon Business, discusses their recently launched Ethernet VPLS, which delivers new Wide Area Network options that are robust, flexible and feature-rich, and how companies can use the VPLS network with existing Ethernet deployments. This is a Verizon Business podcast.
  55. MPLS: Core-To-Door with Verizon Business2007/05/29
    In this podcast, Mike Marcellin, VP Product Marketing at Verizon Business, and Stuart Elby, VP Network Architecture at Verizon, talk about MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and its place in converged data networks for enterprise. This is a Verizon Business podcast.
  56. Maximizing MPLS Application Performance & VOIP2007/05/01
    More businesses are switching over to private networks. Security along with media-rich data management including VOIP have become more important than ever. Danellie Young, director of IP & Ethernet Sevices at Verizon Business, talks with PodTech’s Michael Johnson about maximizing MPLS application delivery and how optimized private network management can yield high quality voice [...]
  57. Market Guru Believes SAAS is Strategic Weapon for Companies2007/04/24
    Mike Mankowski, vice president and senior analyst for Tier 1 Research, believes SAAS is the future for companies who want to implement more efficient, cost effective software solutions. Defining what SAAS is and what the future trends are, Mankowski talks to Jennifer Jones at SAAScon, the California software-as-a-services conference. This is a Verizon Business podcast.
  58. Social Media Tools: Are People Safer Now?2007/03/12
    At RSA 2007 in San Francisco, network security podcaster Martin McKeay headed a series of discussions about the new tools available to consumers, and how far we’ve come. Joining McKeay are Dan Mathews and Brae Legg of Verizon Business.
  59. New Communication Tools: Perils for Business2007/03/09
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  60. Combating Rising Insider Security Threats. Omar Khawaja and Larry Bickner, Verizon Business2007/02/17
    Omar Khawaja and Larry Bickner of Verizon Business, give an insider’s view on current and future enterprise security. Michael Johnson caught up with them at RSA 2007 in San Francisco.
  61. Verizon Business: Real Time Customizable Network-based Firewall2007/02/05
    Michael Marcellin, the Executive Director for IP & Ethernet Networking for
    Verizon Business, announces the launch of the first network-based firewall that can be customized in real time, adding the ability to control traffic through business networks, with a simple web-based GUI, (Graphical User Interface). This is a Verizon Business podcast.
  62. Verizon Business: Extended IT Services2006/10/23
    Chris Gesell, director of product marketing for IT solutions, discusses a recent Verizon Business announcement that it’s extending IT services down to the desktop. PodTech.net talked with Chris at the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo 2006 in Orlando, Florida.
  63. Working Better with Service Providers2006/10/20
    Managing IT change is a continual balancing act of rapid deployment versus poor execution. Enterprises must understand how to align service providers with specific technology goals to gain competitive advantages. In this talk from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida, Chris Gesell, director of product marketing for IT solutions with Verizon Business, shares his experience [...]
  64. DDoS Defense2006/10/19
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing threat for Internet-enabled businesses. Cindy Bellefeuille and Chris Hunsaker, security experts at Verizon Business, discuss DDoS attacks and alternatives to traditional security services such as firewalls and IDS/IPS solutions.
  65. Facilitating the Rollout of the Wireless LAN2006/10/18
    When deploying a wireless LAN, businesses can use a managed service provider to help ensure non-intrusive deployment, comprehensive security policies, mitigation against unauthorized access and investment protection. Verizon Business’s Program Manager for Managed Services Andy Boyer talks about how Verizon Business works with customers to deploy and secure their wireless LAN.
  66. The Application-Aware MPLS Network2006/10/17
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  67. Integrated Hosted Communications2006/10/13
    Availability, cost control and predictability, upgrades, control over employee communications and protection against security threats — hear about these issues and more in this PodTech.net interview with Patrick Verhoeven, group manager in the product management division with Verizon Business.
  68. Building an Actionable Risk-Management Strategy, Part 22006/10/13
    Security continues to be a major challenge faced by today’s IP leaders. Listen in on a presentation by Verizon Business’ Chief Information Security Officer, Sara Santarelli, about how to help ensure that risk management touches every system and every action taken. This is the second of a two-part podcast from the Gartner Symposium and [...]
  69. Building an Actionable Risk-Management Strategy, Part 12006/10/13
    Security continues to be a major challenge faced by today’s IP leaders. Listen in on a presentation by Verizon Business’ Chief Information Security Officer, Sara Santarelli, about how to help ensure that risk management touches every system and every action taken. This is the first in a two-part podcast from the Gartner Symposium and [...]
  70. Transitioning to Hosted VoIP2006/10/12
    Avoid the common road blocks that can jeopardize the smooth transition from traditional telephony to IP telephony. In this podcast, Verizon Business Vice President of Managed Services Marketing Jim DeMerlis talks with PodTech.net about moving into a managed services approach for your VoIP network.
  71. From Old-School IT to Managed Services2006/10/12
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  72. VON – Laurie Shook and Mike Yancey of Verizon Business on VOIP for SMB and enterprise level networks2006/03/22
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