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  1. Upgrade My Life: Face your Authentic Self2018/06/04
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  2. Upgrade My Life: How to Leave Resentment2018/06/01
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  3. Upgrade My Life: Livestream Moments2018/06/01

    Dr. Da Graca Shares her UPML livestream moments from her Coaching group. She offers four steps to overcome a negative past. Excerpts are from her book Tomorrow Can't Wait.
  4. Upgrade My Life: Overcome Your Giants2018/05/30
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  5. Upgrade My Life: How To Value Ourselves2018/05/28
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  6. Upgrade My Life: How To Show Up For Self2018/05/26
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  7. UPML: Build Confidence and Understand The Role of Messages2018/05/25
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  8. Uprgrade My Life: Episode 32018/05/24

    Dr. Allana starts to sing and let you in on her desire to lead an exciting life. Subscribe to this podcast and let us know if you enjoy our episode!
    Find Dr. D at drallanadagraca.com
  9. Upgrade My Life: Episode 22018/05/24

    Are you content with your ability to reach personal goals today? Join Dr. Allana Da Graca in the #upml discussion about leaving resentment and growing into stronger versions of ourselves.
  10. Upgrade My Life2018/05/23

    Dr. Allana Da Graca introduced 2018 as the year to "Upgrade" in our personal development. Listen to the discussion about what it means to say, "I will #UPML."
  11. External Influences2015/07/03

  12. Sidonia Chronicles: Rebel2015/07/01

    Narrated Short Story
    Learn More about the Author
  13. 120 Days Audiopoem2015/06/30

    Listen to the author describe moments of introspection in this compelling journey of self-redemption
  14. 120 Days Audiopoem2015/06/30

    Listen to the author describe moments of introspection in this compelling journey of self-redemption
  15. Song of Jazz Blue Skies-Ella Fitzgerald2015/06/25

    Listen to Allana sing a rendition of Blue Skies
  16. How To Live A Drastically Different Life Part II2015/06/24
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  17. How to Live A Drastically Different Life: Author Allana Da Graca2015/06/22
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  18. How to Identify Goals2015/06/16

    Listen to this message about goal setting.
  19. How Can I Move Forward?2015/06/14

    Dr. Da Graca shares a story that is transformational. Her creative piece 120days was released in 2014.
  20. Building Confidence: Messages2015/06/14

    Check the messages you receive
  21. Building Confidence: Goal Setting2015/06/14

    Coaching Series
  22. Empowered Channel DR.D Intro2015/06/14

    Welcome to the Empowered Channel
    I am so excited you have stopped by. This is the introduction of a new podcast series that is about my latest self-help book, Tomorrow Can't Wait. Please write a comment, share and participate in the journey.
Dr. Allana da Graca
This is an inspirational podcast to encourage and inspire individuals to lead the best lives that they can!

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