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Attic Studio Productions

  1. With Eyes Wide Open2010/10/11

    Based on the Creed hit "With Arms Wide Open"
  2. Bandit Morning Show Interview with Scott from The STU2010/09/26

    I was lucky enough to have Scott Gruewald from the TV Show The STU on the show with me and we had a great time. Scott is insane, but in that really cool way. Hope you enjoy this!
  3. Bandit Morning Show 090620102010/09/06

    The Bandit Morning with Big Brutha Mike can be heard LIVE Mon-Friday 9 am to Noon EST at www.atticstudioproductions.com
  4. All My Rowdy Friends Are Ghosting Tonight2010/09/06

    This is a parody based off the country song "All My Rowdy Friends" by Hank Williams Jr.
  5. Welcome Back Marla2010/07/05

    This is a song I did based on the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme for the return of Marla Brooks to PARA-X after a brief hiatus.
  6. Attic Studio Productions - Scrooged2010/07/01

    This is a short excerpt of Charles Dickens famous "A Christmas Carol"
Attic Studio Productions

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