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  1. Interview with Pale Kid who raps fast: George Watsky2011/01/19
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  2. Interview with K.Flay2010/03/25
    First Rumpus Radio podcast: Interview with K.Flay

    What is your pun threshold?

    Are you ready for a pun battle between K.Flay and the International Pun Champion, Joe Sabia? Tune in at the 20-minute mark in the interview.
  3. Interview with Edinburgh Composer2009/10/05
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  4. Interview with MC Lars2009/05/06
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  5. Interview with Talib Kweli2009/04/17
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  6. Award-Winning Interview with Saul Williams2009/04/17
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  7. Interview with hip hop artist Ise Lyfe2009/04/16
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  8. Interview with hip hop artist Dahlak Brathwaite2009/04/16
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  9. Interview with beatboxer Kid Beyond2009/04/15
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  10. Interview with rock musician Dave Smallen2009/03/31
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