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  1. TOROCast - Episode 242 - That's It (Explicit)2015/05/22
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  2. TOROCast - Episode 241 - Ashes to Ashes2015/05/16

    The show isn't over yet, so join Mae, Miner and Road for more Ziost
    talk, some disturbances in the Force, and on a more serious note, the
    harassment directed toward the Dev Team and what that could mean for the
    rest of us.
  3. TOROCast - Episode 240 - Yesterdayland2015/05/05

    On this week's Episode, Mae, Miner and Road discuss the kind-of release
    of Ziost, exploits and their more recent consequences, Sparkle Powder,
    and more! Following all of this, stay tuned toward the end for a special
    announcement! May the 4th be with you!
  4. TOROCast - Episode 239 - Going Rogue (Uncensored)2015/04/29

    Another week, another episode of Old Republic shenanigans! Join Mae,
    Miner and Road as they discuss the Outfit Designer, PVP, and whatever
    else crosses their minds. Seriously. Oh, and this episode is uncensored.

  5. TOROCast - Episode 238 - Feeling Frosty2015/04/22

    This week's show is just Miner and Road, so listen in as they discuss
    some recent big news from Star Wars Celebration, recent EA news, and of
    course, discussion on recent SWTOR News.
  6. TOROCast - Episode 237 - New and Improved?2015/04/15

    On this week's show, the crew has a rousing discussion on the present
    state of Assassin's, while Road enjoys from the sidelines. Join Mae and
    Miner as they're joined by Tenebras and Aelanis!
  7. TOROCast - Episode 236 - Because the Force2015/04/08

    On this Episode, Mae, Miner and Road catch up with Snave to talk recent updates to TOR, what Miner's working on, and most importantly, just who is the fiercest of the dark knights?
  8. TOROCast - Episode 235 - It's A Big Galaxy2015/03/24

    On this week's show, Mae, Miner and Road are joined by Hayward of
    TORCommunity. Topics on this episode range from the website of
    TORCommunity.com, Update 3.2, the latest Star Wars news, and the Greedo
  9. TOROCast - Episode 234 - An Offer To Consider2015/03/11

    In this week's show, Mae, Miner and Road spend possibly too much time on
    Reddit, discuss the most recent competitive news, and possibly a bit of
    time on a certain Bioware Employee! What does it all mean?! We err on
    the side of chaos.
  10. TOROCast - Episode 233 - Operation VictoGree2015/03/03

    On this Episode, Mae, Miner and Snave are joined by Aaree and Xam Xam to
    discuss the latest news, as well as being women gamers. Except Miner
    and Snave. Road took this week off, so enjoy a Roadless episode!
  11. TOROCast - Episode 232 - The Usual Suspects2015/02/25

    On this week's show, Mae, Miner, Snave and Road are joined by Marshall and Will of the Usual Podcast. Topics discussed are Musco's Pants (#nocontext), Baron Von Deathmark, and conventions. There's also some News in there, somewhere.
  12. TOROCast - Episode 231 - For the Wintrade!2015/02/10

    On this week's show, Mae, Miner, Snave and Road get on camera for the
    live show! Well, more or less. Beware the visual humor on an audio
    media! SWTOR's coming to Boston, Double XP's coming to SWTOR, and Win
    Traders are probably coming to PVP, so report them properly. All this
    and more!
  13. TOROCast - Episode 230 - Get Punished!2015/02/03

    In this Episode, players get punished (or don't, either/or), Road gets
    aggressive, Snave gets organized, Miner gets mining, and Mae gets a new
    computer. All of this, and probably more! Listen in to find out!
  14. TOROCast - Episode 229 - Gateway to Annihilation2015/01/27

    In this week's show, Mae, Miner, Snave and Road discuss the latest and
    greatest from the recent PAX South Cantina Event, Road attempts to be
    "punny", and a very brief discussion on server stability. Very. Special
    thanks to Brian of the Bad Feeling Podcast. He knows what he did, and so
    can you if you listen in to find out!
  15. TOROCast - Episode 228 - What Has Been Seen2015/01/21

    In this Episode, technical difficulties strike, but fear not!
    Quasi-Guest-Host-Showfriend Snave, Miner, Mae and Road are joined by
    Gaytastic to discuss more SWTOR issues, Hillary's departure from
    Bioware, and whatever Gaytastic has in mind. Curious? Listen in to find
  16. TOROCast - Episode 227 - Ravaged Progress2015/01/13

    For our first episode of 2015, Snave again joins Mae, Miner and Road to discuss exploits, what should be done, general performance issues, and what celebrities might be playing SWTOR with you!
  17. TOROCast - Episode 226 - 2014 Season Finale2015/01/01

    Join Mae, Miner, Snave and Road for the final episode of 2014, as they discuss the latest 3.0 Exploit, among other things.
  18. TOROCast - Episode 225 - Another Life Day Special2014/12/23

    On this week's show, Mae, Miner and Road are joined by Mae's guildmate,
    Quan-Chi. Come celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of SWTOR, Life Day and
    more! Let it also be known that Miner will sing during the show.
  19. TOROCast - Episode 224 - Yavin A Good Time?2014/12/17

    Patch fixes, Kephess, the Free-To-Play Conversion and more are covered
    in this week's show! So listen in as Mae, Miner and Road are joined by
    Louie, AKA Healing SWTOR, so Mae can finally nerd out on Healing and all
    that goes with it.
  20. TOROCast - Episode 223 - From Rishi With Love2014/12/09

    On this week's show, 3.0 is finally here, so listen in as Mae and Road
    are joined by Nepthen/Nathan of Old Republic Radio, with a special cameo
    by his daughter!
  21. TOROCast - Episode 222 - The Smoking Blaster2014/12/03

    On this week's show, Mae, Miner, Snave and Road discuss newly released
    Trailers, infographs, and ask the question "When is a fun workaround an
    exploit, and where do you go to find out?" But wait, there's more! What
    else? Listen in and find out!
  22. TOROCast - Episode 221 - Bi-Furious2014/11/27

    On this week's show, Road sacrifices himself to Dragon Age, but Mae and
    Miner are here to pick up the slack! In this episode, we ask, "What bugs
    would YOU like to see fixed?" and Mae's "This week on Reddit" leaves
    Road very impressed. Things get Bi-Furious.
  23. TOROCast - Episode 220 - Let's Get Started2014/11/10

    Snaves off Snaving the World, Miner has disappeared into the deep
    workings of the interwebs, so that leaves Mae and Road talk TOR! Listen
    in as they cover more 3.0 changes, Revan rumors, and more! Listen for
    the kitten.
  24. TOROCast - Episode 219 - That Looks Agonizing2014/11/03

    On this week's episode, Mae, Miner and Road are again joined by Snave to
    discuss his recent Twitch fiasco, along with a slight decline in PVP
    participatoin, some pretty pictures, and more! But with Snave on, what
    else matters? He's kind of a big deal.
  25. TOROCast - Episode 218 - Clusterfun!2014/10/27

    On this week's show, it's Mae, SWTOR Miner and Road back at it with what
    was meant to be a short episode, but kept developing until it became
    what it was. Curious? Keep listening, so are we.
  26. TOROCast - Episode 217 - SWTOR:SOR-Us Wrecked Your PVP!2014/10/20

    On this week's show, Mae's off on vacation, but never fear, because
    Snave is here! So listen in as Snave joins SWTOR Miner and Road to talk
    about Community Management, Leveling with x12 EXP, and a theory on the
    future of PVP.
  27. TOROCast - Episode 216 - Getting Overshadowed?2014/10/13
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  28. TOROCast - Episode 215 - Slow Release ExPac2014/09/29

    In this week's show, Mae, Miner and Road are joined by Waka to discuss
    the recent news, Operatives, and an Email from a listener from the
    Roving Guns guild on Jedi Covenant. We also see another fine example of
    how Road gets distracted and forgets things.
  29. TOROCast - Episode 214 - That's So Revan2014/09/22

    This week, Mae, SWTOR Miner, Albie and Road discuss the "teaser" trailer for 3.0, the possible exposing of the initials of the next expansion, and dip into the upcoming Conquest Event. It can also be said that Road suffers from a complete Nerdverse Breakdown throughout the show.
  30. TOROCast - Episode 213 - 3.Oh, More Waiting2014/09/16

    Part 3 of the Forged Alliances arc is out and available for the masses to enjoy, but that's not the topic of this week's episode. Listen in as Mae, SWTOR Miner and Road talk about what's on their minds, from the Community Streams to Road's plea to players to stop borking the GTN Prices. Good luck.
  31. TOROCast - Episode 212 - Rakata Primed2014/09/08

    Another week of Conquest has come and gone, but not without its own issues, but how will these translate into the following Conquest event? Listen in as Mae and Road are once again joined by SWTOR Miner himself to discuss these issues, among other things.
  32. TOROCast - Episode 211 - TOROHax or Hoax?2014/09/01

    On this week's show, Mae and Road take some time to talk about some marvelous malarkey, Road's sit in with Voice Actress (among a million other things) Georgia Van Cuylenburg, and quite literally whatever happens to cross their minds. Road spends much of the episode confused.
  33. TOROCast - Episode 210 - Strongholding2014/08/25

    Albi--Apostrophe is back! With a friend, Mozart! No, not that one. Listen in as they join Mae and Road to discuss Strongholds, Conquest, and whatever else happens to cross their minds!
  34. TOROCast - Episode 209 - Miner Was Right, Again!2014/08/18

    In this week's show, Mae and Road are joined by Waka and Russ (not to be confused with the former host)! Some new Gamescom information, class changes in Update 2.10, the Cologne Cantina Event, and, though it comes as no surprise, the Miner was right, again!
  35. TOROCast - Episode 208 - Covered In Rakgoo2014/08/11

    In this Episode, Mae and Road are joined by SWTOR Miner and Kand, whose likeness was "stolen" by SWTOR! Confused by what that means? So are we! The Rakghoul Plague is back, PVP Season 2 Rewards are met with disappointment, and all sense of direction has been lost! Listen in to find out more!
  36. TOROCast - Episode 207 - Musco's Favorite Class Rep2014/07/28

    This week, Mae and Road are joined by Musco's Favorite Class Rep, Gudarz! Listen in as they discuss SDCC's Cantina Event, Manaan/Strongholds on the PTS, SWTOR Miner's revealing stream, Tait Watson's feet, and whatever else happens to come to mind at any given moment. "The ADD is strong in this one..."
  37. TOROCast - Episode 206 - Too Dry For Me2014/07/21

    After taking a week off, Mae and Road are back, and are even graced by the presence of Tom! This week, we discuss the news for Galactic Strongholds released so far, SWTOR's 2013 earnings, and a discussion on Manaan, among other things. Climb down the rabbit hole with us, see where it leads!
  38. TOROCast - Episode 205 - Shoot To Thrill2014/07/07

    This podcast was recorded love. That's right, love, because SWTOR is love. Or so we have established. But don't take our word for it, listen to Mae, Albie and Road as they're joined by Macewindy, the new Gunslinger Rep, as they discuss this and so much more. The audio does get a bit rough in some places, but we've done our best to clean it up as well as possible, so enjoy!
  39. TOROCast - Episode 204 - All Systems Operational (Uncensored)2014/06/23

    On this Episode, Mae and Road are joined by Albie, Snave and Kesmet
    (from Zorz). While the last week hasn't been very news friend for The
    Old Republic, there are a few things Star Wars to discuss, and one very
    heavy Operative topic. Prepare for tangents. Also bear in mind this
    episode is uncensored!
  40. TOROCast - Episode 203 - Enjoying the Nightlife2014/06/16

    Prepare to blow your credits away like a Bounty Hunter with a cred chip
    on his shoulder. Mae and Road are back to discuss gambling on Nar
    Shaddaa, the progression race (or the lack thereof), and some special
    shout outs to some folks in the SWTOR Community.
  41. TOROCast - Episode 202 - No Wish Is Too Grand2014/06/09

    While we have no Snave this week, Road and Mae are back with a little bit of news, and a whole lot of opinions. Could SWTOR be getting a reboot? Unlikely. How does Mae feel about the Sage questions? Listen in and find out.
  42. TOROCast - Episode 201 - Festival of Splurging2014/05/26
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  43. TOROCast - Episode 200 - It's A Trap!2014/05/13
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  44. TOROCast - Episode 199 - Use the Fourth2014/05/05

    What a week for Star Wars fans, and for May the 4th, we talk a bit about it! But that's not all. This week, Mae and Road discuss 2.8 on PTS, a new Galactic Stronghold video, GGC and everything else that just happens to come to mind. "Mae" the Fourth be with you!
  45. TOROCast - Episode 198 - Trivial Trivia2014/04/28

    On this week's show, Mae and Road discuss the approaching Season 2 of
    PVP, Galactic Stronghold's delay and added benefits, the next episode of
    Galactic Gamers Coalition, and a few contests celebrating the coming
    Episode 200!
  46. TOROCast - Episode 197 - Manaan Or Bust!2014/04/21

    Mae brings us up to date with the Progression Race, Road invades the SWTOR Friday Stream, Season 2 for PVP will see some changes, and the story seems to be leaning toward Manaan. Could we be seeing the long awaited (for Road) Water World of Neutrality?
  47. TOROCast - Episode 196 - Luck Not Included2014/04/14

    We're back with another, much shorter episode of TOROCast! This week, Road confesses to a specific distraction, and Mae admits to a minor disappointment. 2.7 is now Live, and something bigger is on the horizon, but what is it? Find out Tuesday!
  48. TOROCast - Episode 195 - The 5 Year Anniversary2014/04/09
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  49. TOROCast - Episode 194 - The Illustrious!2014/03/25

    Mae is taking a holiday, but with all this recent information dropped in
    our digital laps, the show must go on! Listen in as Road is joined by
    Fred (Sith Lord Korv) of SWTOR Reforged and enjoy as they struggle
    through delivering this massive load of news. Cantina Events,
    Strongholds, and Guild Ships galore! Coming to a game near you. (Soon™.)
  50. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 14 - Buff or Bluff?2014/03/18

    Now that Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress has been on the PTS for a short while, listen in as Nucca of SuckaFish joines Mae and Road to discuss the changes, as well as Mae's opinions on the Nightmare Buff! Is it a Buff, or Bluff?
  51. TOROCast - Episode 193 - PTS Incursion2014/03/11
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  52. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 13 - Sorcerer Talk With Mae!2014/03/04

    It's been a long time coming, but finally Mae is able to unleash her UNLIMITED POW--knowledge on all things Sorcerer! Listen in as Mae and Road discuss the Sorcerer, Season 1 PVP Rewards, new information from the recent Atlanta Cantina Event and more!
  53. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 12 - All Smashed Out!2014/02/17

    After a brief break, we're back with TOROCast Hard Mode! On this episode, Mae and Road talk about the upcoming Update 2.7 Class Changes. Fare thee well, Smash! Hope you enjoyed it, Concealment! But more importantly, we get a look into Mae's mind. Listen in after the outro for a REAL look into Mae's mind!
  54. TOROCast - Episode 192 - Kuat Did You Say?2014/02/10

    Here we are with another episode of TOROCast! Changing things up a bit, Brian, Mae and Road are joined by the sinister Sith Lord Korv, or Fred as he's also known, from the SWTOR Reforged Podcast. Listen in as the crew discusses a variety of topics, covering the finale of the Rakghoul Event, adventures in PUGing, Update 2.6 and finally the Producer's Road Map for 2014. Well, half of it.
  55. TOROCast - Episode 191 - Infectious Delight2014/01/27

    On this week's show, Mae, Brian and Road are joined by a surprise guest, and former host, Tom! This week the crew discusses the recent financial news for The Old Republic, Bioware Austin is looking to expand, and after such a long wait, the newest incarnation of the Rakghoul Infection Event!
  56. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 11 - In Your Face!2014/01/20
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  57. TOROCast - Episode 190 - Bombs Away!2014/01/13

    Brian talks about penguins, Mae says "Merp", and Road regrets his hypercrate. Typical day with the TOROCast Crew. This week the discussion is on 2.6, coming Events, and the recent Old Republic Insider.
  58. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 10 - A Good Start2014/01/09
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  59. TOROCast - Episode 189 - Farwell to 2013!2013/12/31

    It's the Final Episode of 2013 with Mae and Road. While there's not much happening in the News, they take this oppertunity to discuss just what happened over the last year for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and give their general thoughts about the flow of content, and obviously the content itself.
  60. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 9 - Tanks A Bunch2013/12/26

    We're back for our final episode of Hard Mode for 2013! Joining Mae and Road this episode is Steadfast, GM of Suckafish! As the episode title implies, this show is all about tanking, including the recent changes with Assassin/Shadow Tanking post-2.5.
  61. TOROCast - Ep 188 - A Very Merry Life Day2013/12/16

    In this Episode, Road, Mae, and Brian discuss present and upcoming events, the holidays, and complaints with them. But, let's not forget about AMD issues, how the 2.5 class changes are feeling, and more fun with Galactic Starfighter. Is your mind prepared for Wookiee Life Day? We hope so. All in all, this episode is a bit chaotic, but it was a lot of fun to do, as you may well hear.
  62. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 8 - Standing By2013/12/09
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  63. TOROCast - Ep 187 - Return of the Nerdcard2013/12/02
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  64. TOROCast - Ep 186 - Stay On Target2013/11/19
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  65. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 7 - MEDIC!2013/11/11
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  66. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 6 - Global Scale PVP2013/10/28

    Snave and Bob join Mae and Road to have a conversation about a few
    recent events, rumors, some NDA breaking streamer, and an overall
    conversation about PVP. This Episode's Guild Spotlight features Rock and
    Defective Monk from the Order of Ieldis and the Council of Draay.
  67. TOROcast - Ep 185 - Behold, SSSP!2013/10/21
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  68. TOROCast Hard Mode - Ep 5 - The Strat Pack2013/10/14

    Albie, Mae and Michael are joined by Brian this time around on TOROCast Hard Mode! Have you heard about the SSSP reveal? Care to know more about Marauder/Sentinel? Interested on the strategies around Dread Fortress? We hope you're in for a long one! Listen in, and learn!
  69. TOROCast - Ep 184 - The Albie Family Hour!2013/10/07

    On this week's episode, the crew discusses the launch, and accidental
    launch of Update 2.4! In the Meat and Pota-TORs, Albie discusses playing
    SWTOR with his kids, and Road rants about scantily clad player
    characters. Don't be fooled by the name of the show folks, this episode
    exceeds an hour.
  70. TOROcast - Ep 182 - But Wait There's More!2013/10/07
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  71. TOROcast Hard Mode - Ep 4 - Back from the Dead2013/10/07

    Albie, Mae, and Michael are bringing Hard Mode back! TOROCast Hard Mode
    makes its return with a familiar crew, but what does that entail? Listen
    in to find out! Treek doesn't love you, 2.4 is incoming, and more!
  72. TOROCast - Ep 183 - Something Dreadful This Way Comes2013/09/23

    Welcome to another Episode of TOROCast with Albie, Michael, Russell and Road. In this show, we cover a long overdue Live Action trailer, Class Representatives, upcoming updates, and Rise of the Hutt Cartel goes free to subscribers! Plenty of opinions lie within, as well as a few announcements.

  73. TOROcast - Ep 181 - Dreadful Arenas2013/08/26

    We're back for another conversation packed episode, despite the apparent lack of our chatterbox, Albie! Regardless, Russell and Road are here to devour the latest News, and possibly have a few strong opinions on the direction of PVP!

  74. TOROcast - Ep 180 - 180 or Full Circle?2013/08/12
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  75. TOROcast - Ep 179 - And That's How We Operate2013/07/29
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  76. TOROcast - Ep 178 - That's So TOROCast2013/07/15

    Thanks for joining us again! This episode, Russell and Road are joined
    again by Albie “the Intern” as they discuss upcoming Events, Class
    Representatives, the passing of TORParse, a Reddit Contest, and of
    course, the latest patch. Hold your seat, or at least your audio device,
    because rough opinions may be heard within!
  77. TOROcast - Ep 177 - A Wild Ewok Appears2013/07/01

    That's right, we're back with another awesome episode! Russell and Road hold down the fort while Tom and Jeff take a hiatus. Never fear, as they're joined by TOROCast's #1 Comments spammer, Albie (Apos'trophe)! This episode, we have an update for TOR for Tots, plenty of future patch information, and an (Forest Moon of) Endor Invasion. Ewoks, EVERYWHERE!
  78. TOROcast - Ep 176 - That's a Lot of Complaints2013/06/17

    In this Episode, Russell and Road cover the news, tackle a specific TOR related Charity, discuss some complaints about Server Transfers and Operation Difficulty, and then wrap up the show with a Guild Spotlight featuring The Incredibles! Warning: Unpopular opinions may reside within.
  79. TOROcast - Ep 175 - The [Edited] Show2013/06/03

    This time around, the crew discuss Server Transfers, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and their thoughts on PVP changes, while Tom and Russell cause Road no small amount of editing! This week's Guild Spotlight focuses on Grievance from the Jedi Covenant server.
  80. TOROcast - Ep 174 - The Offweek Episode2013/05/28

    That's right, folks! We're back for an unscheduled episode, so listen in as Road, Tom and Russell the recent news, before jumping into an awesome Guild Spotlight with Maelstrom and Eurdorus of Suckafish from The Bastion Server. Don't forget, you still have time to submit your entry to our iTunes Giveaway!
  81. TOROcast - Ep 173 - Update 2.1 and Cantina Fun2013/05/20
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  82. TOROcast - Ep 172 - A Change is Coming2013/05/06

    In this episode, Jeff and Road tackle the recent news: Cathar, Name Changes, Armor Dyes, and for some the long anticipated Designer Kiosk! As well, we're bringing back our Guild Spotlight, and first up is Jen'jidai from the Jung Ma Server.
  83. TOROcast - Ep 171 - Seek and See2013/04/22

    Jeff is busy, Tom is sick, and that leaves Russel and Road to again run the show. This time around, Road takes control as the pair discusses Makeb and their experience with it since its launch. Worry not, this episode is spoiler free, but a few tips and hints may be within.
  84. TOROcast - Ep 170 - Do We SoundBoard?2013/04/08

    With Makeb's Early Access quite literally on our doorstep, and with Jeff's inevitable return, we catch up on the latest news, discuss our feelings about SWTOR's launch (Bioware did it, so we can too!), and Road abuses his new, now functioning toy. Do we soundboard? Yes, yes we do.
  85. TOROcast - Ep 169 - From March to Makeb2013/03/28

    Russell and Road are at it again, trying to catch up on all the latest news since the previous episode. But what's this? A late episode, and a major reveal? Makeb incoming! The news, impressions, rants and more, all for your listening pleasure!
  86. TOROcast - Ep 168 - Just the Two of Us2013/03/11

    With only Russell and Road at the helm, we tackle the newsfeed since our last episode. The Community Managers have departed, login changes, the Return of the Return of the Gree, revised forum rules, Dev blogs and more!
  87. TOROcast - Ep 167 - A-Gree to Disa-Gree2013/02/25

    While it has been a while since our last recording, we're back with 1.7 and 2.0 on our minds! Have a listen as Jeff, Russell and Road are joined by Carlos, a writer for Twonkhammer and future host of Twonkhammer's upcoming Podcast, TESOCast. Suggestion Forums, wishful thinking and updates, oh my!
  88. TOROcast - Ep 166 - Now With More Lens Flare!2013/01/28

    Breaking our long-running wrong streak, Tom was right! Update 1.7 details, a new Meet the Devs, a new Companion 101, and Rise of the Hutt Cartel Pre-Order bonuses have been announced! We touch on all that and more in this episode of TOROCast.
  89. TOROcast - Ep 165 - State of the Game2013/01/14

    Another episode, another State of the Game! Join Tom, Russell and Road as they discuss the latest news for Star Wars: The Old Republic, from various bug fixes to Executive Producer Jeff Hickman's latest State of the Game address.
  90. TOROcast - Ep 164 - A New Year2013/01/02

    Following our previous release, SWTOR's first digital expansion was announced! While Tom is out with a case of the Rakghoul Plague, the rest of the crew discusses the Rise of the Hutt Cartel; the good, the bad, and the angry.
  91. TOROcast - Ep 163 - Life Day Special?2012/12/17
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  92. TOROcast - Ep 162 - Go Chiss Yourself2012/12/03

    This episode, we catch up with our hosts and the last few weeks of news, nearly kill our favorite nerd, and give a few opinions regarding our favorite class stories. Within, we also pose a few questions to our listeners. Let us know how you feel about a Lore episode, and if you think we should be more frequent than biweekly. Thanks for listening!
  93. TOROcast - Ep 161 - Free Too Painful?2012/11/19

    In this episode, Tom's out sick, so we invited JJ to hijack his seat! Listen in as we discuss our impressions with The Old Republic's Free To Play launch so far, and expect at least a small dose of Jeffrey related shenanigans.
  94. TOROcast - Ep 160 - Return of the Tom2012/11/05

    In this Episode, we discuss Free to Play, some developer chatter, and even the Disney buyout of everything Lucas. But let's not forget, Tom is back!

    PTS Cartel Market information courtesy of Kazra of Jen'jidai, last updated 10-25-12.
  95. TOROcast - Ep 159 - Better Late Than Never2012/10/23

    We're back! Listen in as Russell, Jeff and Road attempt to catch up on all the exciting news that came out during our mini-hiatus. Warning: Rants lie within.
  96. TOROcast - Ep 158 - It's News To Me2012/09/25

    The Doctor's say farewell, Megaservers are put in place, interviews and more! With so much to talk about, we couldn't just pick one topic.

    Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!
  97. TOROcast - Ep 157 - Didn't Get Us This Time!2012/09/11

    Bear with us as we try to get our act together to discuss SWTOR's Patch 1.4, even if we're a man down! Jeff, Russell and Road tackle the latest announcement from The Old Republic while Tom takes a little break from podcasting.
  98. TOROcast - Ep 156 - Korriban Fried Cathar2012/08/26

    Join us as we discuss the latest news in The Old Republic. This episode, we discuss the latest World Event, the Jeff Hickman interview, and Road (myself) Rants!
  99. TOROcast - Ep 155 - Doomed!2012/08/12

    To view a full description of this episode go to www.TOROCast.com.
  100. TOROcast - Ep 154 - Next Generation2012/08/01

    The full description for this episode can be found at www.TOROcast.com .
  101. TOROcast - Ep 153 - Good Run2012/07/08

    For more information about this weeks episode visit us at http://www.torocast.com .
  102. TOROcast - Ep 152 - Lotta 'Sodes2012/06/10
    To view the full description for this weeks episode of the TOROcast visit us at http://www.torocast.com .
  103. TOROcast - Ep 151 - The Bright Side2012/05/29
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  104. TOROcast - Ep 150 - The Live Show2012/05/14
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