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Face-to-Face, from the National Portrait Gallery

  1. Selena, Portrait in a Minute 2015/01/06
    Guest presenter Alina Collins Maldonado, Head of Education at the Gala Hispanic Theatre in Washington, D.C., discusses a 1993 photograph of Selena by Al Rendon.
  2. Lucretia Mott, Daguerreotype Portrait 2015/01/05
    Ann Shumard, Senior Curator of Photography at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, discusses an 1851 daguerreotype portrait of Lucretia Coffin Mott.
  3. Artist Bo Gehring on his portrait of Esperanza Spalding 2015/01/02
    Artist Bo Gehring discusses his 2014 portrait of Esperanza Spalding
  4. William Tecumseh Sherman, Portrait in a Minute 2014/12/30
    The NPG's Warren Perry discusses William Tecumseh Sherman.
  5. "Out of Many, One" by artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada 2014/12/29
    Giant landscape portrait by artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.
  6. "Out of Many, One" -- preview 2014/10/07
    Giant landscape portrait by artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.
  7. Charles Willson Peale, Portrait in a Minute 2014/09/25
    NPG senior historian David C. Ward discusses Charles Willson Peale.
  8. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Portrait in a Minute 2014/07/18
    The NPG's Jewell Robinson discusses Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
  9. Conservation of a Monument to Daguerre 2014/06/19
    A Monument Gets a Makeover
  10. NPG Highlights - Win/Spr 20142014/04/25
    A recap of 2014, so far, at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.
  11. Benjamin Butler, Portrait in a Minute 2014/03/19
    NPG writer Warren Perry discusses Benjamin Butler
  12. Vincent Giarrano, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2014/02/19
    Interview with artist Vincent Giarrano, Portrait Competition 2013
  13. Katie O'Hagan, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2014/02/05
    Interview with artist Katie O'Hagan, Portrait Competition 2013
  14. Jason Hanasik, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2014/01/13
    Interview with artist Jason Hanasik, Portrait Competition 2013
  15. Louie Palu, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2014/01/02
    Interview with photographer Louie Palu, Portrait Competition 2013
  16. Tema Stauffer, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/12/30
    Interview with photographer Tema Stauffer, Portrait Competition 2013
  17. Jill Wissmiller, Artist, Portrait Competition 20132013/12/23
    Interview with artist Jill Wissmiller, Portrait Competition 2013
  18. Elaine de Kooning, Portrait in a Minute 2013/12/16
    The NPG's Warren Perry discusses a 1946 self portrait by Elaine de Kooning.
  19. 2013 at NPG: Highlights from the Year2013/12/11
    A recap of 2013 at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.
  20. Neil Shigley, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/12/09
    Interview with artist Neil Shigley, Portrait Competition 2013
  21. Saeri Kiritani, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/11/19
    Interview with artist Saeri Kiritani, Portrait Competition 2013
  22. Bly Pope, Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/09/10
    Interview with artist Bly Pope, Portrait Competition 2013
  23. Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/09/03
    Interview with artist Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013
  24. "Portraits Alive!" 2013 -- theatrical gallery tour by teens 2013/08/30
    Theatrical tour by local teens that brings the Portrait Gallery's collection to life.
  25. Heidi Fancher, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 20132013/07/16
    Interview with artist Heidi Fancher, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013
  26. Paul D'Amato, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 20132013/07/09
    Interview with artist Paul D'Amato, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013
  27. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Portrait in a Minute 2013/07/02
    NPG writer Warren Perry discusses Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  28. Beverly McIver, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 20132013/06/26
    Interview with artist Beverly McIver, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013
  29. Pauline Sabin and the repeal of prohibition, Historian Dan Okrent 2013/05/30
    Historian Dan Okrent discusses Pauline Sabin and her effort to repeal prohibition
  30. Robert Frost, Portrait in a Minute 2013/05/28
    NPG historian David C. Ward discusses Robert Frost
  31. Sequoyah Aono, Third Prize, Portrait Competition 20132013/05/22
    Interview with artist Sequoyah Aono, Third Prize, Portrait Competition 2013
  32. Jennifer Levonian, Second Prize, Portrait Competition 2013 2013/05/16
    Interview with artist Jennifer Levonian, Second Prize, Portrait Competition 2013
  33. Bo Gehring, First Prize, Portrait Competition 20132013/05/14
    Interview with artist Bo Gehring, First Prize, Portrait Competition 2013
  34. Jefferson Davis, Portrait in a Minute 2013/05/09
    NPG historian David C. Ward discusses Jefferson Davis,
  35. Stonewall Jackson, Portrait in a Minute 2013/05/07
    NPG historian David C. Ward discusses Stonewall Jackson
  36. Portrait of John Pelham, Confederate artillery officer2013/04/25
    Photography curator Frank Goodyear discusses an 1858 portrait of John Pelham by Mathew Brady.
  37. Marianne Moore, Portrait in a Minute 2013/03/25
    David C. Ward, historian at the National Portrait Gallery, discusses poet Marianne Moore.
  38. Dancing the Dream, exhibition preview2013/03/04
    Amy Henderson, historian at NPG, discusses the upcoming exhibition "Dancing the Dream" on view from October 4, 2013 - July 13, 2014.
  39. Ronald Sherr, artist talk2013/01/02
    General Colin Powell's portrait, by artist Ronald Sherr, was unveiled and added to the National Portrait Gallery collection on December 2, 2012. Sherr discussed his portrait in this gallery talk, December 3, 2012.
  40. General Colin Powell, portrait unveiling ceremony and interview with NPR's Michele Norris2012/12/18
    General Colin Powell's portrait, by artist Ronald Sherr, was unveiled and added to the National Portrait Gallery collection on December 2, 2012. Powell was interviewed by NPR's Michele Norris as part of the ceremony.
  41. Samuel Morse, Portrait in a Minute 2012/11/21
    Amy Henderson, historian at NPG, discusses Samuel F. B. Morse and the painting "Men of Progress" by artist Christian Schussele
  42. Richard Nixon, Portrait in a Minute 2012/11/14
    Warren Perry, writer at NPG, talks about a portrait of Richard Nixon by Norman Rockwell
  43. Lyndon Johnson, Portrait in a Minute 2012/11/13
    Warren Perry, writer at NPG, talks about a portrait of Lyndon Johnson by Peter Hurd
  44. Harlow Unger, author talk2012/10/03
    "John Quincy Adams" -- author Harlow Unger discusses his book.
  45. FDR, Portrait in a Minute 2012/09/19
    Warren Perry, writer at NPG, talks about a portrait of FDR by Douglas Chandor
  46. FDR by sculptor Jo Davidson2012/09/17
    A look at two busts of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by sculptor Jo Davidson
  47. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Portrait in a Minute 2012/08/30
    Warren Perry, writer at NPG, talks about F. Scott Fitzgerald
  48. Ernest Hemingway, Portrait in a Minute 2012/08/29
    Warren Perry, writer at NPG, talks about Ernest Hemingway
  49. Charles Willson Peale self-portrait, Face-to-Face talk2012/08/01
    David Ward, historian at NPG, talks about artist Charles Willson Peale
  50. A Conversation with Alice Waters2012/07/30
    A Conversation with Alice Waters
  51. Miguel Covarrubias, caricature artist of 1920s America 2012/07/17
    The NPG's Warren Perry discusses artist Miguel Covarrubias
  52. Vernon Jordan, Living Self-Portrait 2012/07/06
    Interview with Vernon Jordan, Civil Rights Leader
  53. John Carlos, author talk2011/12/19
    "The John Carlos Story" -- olympian John Carlos discusses his memoir. Introduction by writer Dave Zirin.
  54. Henry Casselli, artist talk (Pt3)2011/11/30
    Portraits of astronauts John Glenn, Bob Crippin and John Young, by Henry Casselli -- the artist discusses his work.
  55. Henry Casselli, artist talk (Pt2)2011/11/29
    Portrait of Ronald Reagan by Henry Casselli -- the artist discusses his work.
  56. Henry Casselli, artist talk (Pt1) 2011/11/28
    Portrait of Muhammad Ali by Henry Casseli -- the artist discusses his work.
  57. Mary Cassatt portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/11/22
    The NPG's Cara Fama discusses a portrait of American artist Mary Cassatt by Edgar Degas.
  58. Stacilee Ford, author talk2011/11/11
    "Troubling American Women: Narratives of Gender and Nation in Hong Kong" -- author Stacilee Ford discusses her book.
  59. Ronald Reagan as an actor, Face-to-Face talk2011/10/17
    Anjuli Singh of the American Film Institute talks about former president Ronald Reagan as an actor, and a 1942 lobby card for the film "Kings Row."
  60. Brian Behnken, author talk2011/10/07
    "Fighting Their Own Battles: Mexican Americans, African Americans, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas" -- author Brian Behnken discusses his book.
  61. Will Kaufman, author talk2011/09/01
    "Woody Guthrie, American Radical (Music in American Life)" -- author Will Kaufman discusses his book and plays songs by woody Guthrie.
  62. Richard Carlin, author talk2011/08/24
    "Worlds of Sound: The Story of Smithsonian Folkways" -- author Richard Carlin discusses his book and the life of Moses Asch.
  63. Mamie Eisenhower portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/08/18
    Susan Eisenhower, descendant of President Dwight Eisenhower, speaks about first lady Mamie Eisenhower and her portrait by Dwight Eisenhower.
  64. Christopher Webber, author talk2011/08/15
    "American to the Backbone: The Life of James Pennington, The Fugitive Slave Who Became One of the First Abolitionists" -- author Christopher Webber discusses his book.
  65. Alexander Calder self-portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/08/01
    Beth Turner, Vice Provost for the Arts at UVA, talks about artist Alexander Calder
  66. John Ferling, author talk2011/07/11
    "Independence: The Struggle to Set America Free"-- author John Ferling discusses his book on America's political journey from protest to revolution.
  67. "The Death of Ellsworth" Civil War exhibition2011/07/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  68. Penny Colman, author talk2011/06/24
    "Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Friendship That Changed the World" -- author Penny Colman discusses her book.
  69. Jon Friedman, artist talk2011/06/20
    Bill and Melinda Gates portrait -- discussion by artist Jon Friedman
  70. Roger DiSilvestro, author talk2011/06/17
    "Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands: A Young Politician's Quest for Recovery in the American West" -- author Roger DiSilvestro discusses his book.
  71. Varina H. Davis portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/06/15
    Margaret Vining, National Museum of American History curator, talks about Varina H. Davis (1826-1906), first lady of the Confederacy.
  72. A Conversation with Andrew Young2011/05/23
    Ambassador Andrew Young, joined by his longtime friend Jack H. Watson Jr., discusses his role in the American Civil Rights movement.
  73. Exhibit lighting and Alexander Calder's wire portraits2011/05/18
    Alex Cooper, NPG lighting designer, on lighting the exhibition "Calder's Portraits: A New Language."
  74. Howard Means, author talk2011/05/13
    "Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story" discussion by author Howard Means
  75. William T. Sherman portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/05/09
    Trevor Plante, chief of Reference at the National Archives, talks about Union General William T. Sherman (1820-1891)
  76. Adam Goodheart, author talk2011/05/03
    "1861: The Civil War Awakening" discussion by author Adam Goodheart
  77. Kate Millett portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/04/25
    Carolyn Carr, chief curator and deputy director of NPG, discusses a portrait of Kate Millett by portrait by Alice Neel
  78. Keith Waters, author talk2011/04/21
    "The Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68" discussion by author Keith Waters
  79. Juliette Gordon Low portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/04/15
    Geri Provost-Lyons, Education specialist, discusses Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts
  80. Ambrose Burnside and the 1st RI at Camp Sprague (near Washington, D.C.), 18612011/04/12
    Frank Goodyear, associate curator of photography at NPG discusses an 1861 photograph of Ambrose Burnside and the Rhode Island 1st Volunteer Infantry, taken at Camp Sprague (near Washington, D.C.)
  81. Lincoln's Beard - Why Did He Grow It?2011/04/01
    David C. Ward, historian at NPG, discusses how Lincoln changed his appearance by growing a beard.
  82. Lincoln's Life Masks2011/04/01
    David C. Ward, historian at NPG, discusses Abraham Lincoln's life masks by Leonard Volk and Clark Mills.
  83. Patti Smith, author talk2011/03/15
    Patti Smith on "Just Kids," her National Book Award-Winning memoir.
  84. Katharine Graham exhibition, Face-to-Face talk2011/03/10
    Amy Henderson, historian at NPG, discusses newspaper publisher Katharine Graham
  85. Michael Jordan portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/03/01
    David C Ward, historian at NPG, discusses the "Wings" Nike poster of Michael Jordan, by Gary Nolton
  86. Edward G. Lengel, author talk2011/02/25
    "Inventing George Washington: America's Founder, in Myth and Memory" discussion by author Edward G. Lengel
  87. Hart Crane portrait by Marsden Hartley, Face-to-Face talk2011/01/11
    David C. Ward, historian and co-curator of "Hide/Seek," discusses Marsden Hartley's portrait of Hart Crane titled "Eight Bells Folly: Memorial to Hart Crane"
  88. Michael Jackson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2011/01/07
    Warren Perry, researcher at NPG, discusses Andy Warhol's portrait of Michael Jackson
  89. hide/SPEAK" Panel Discussion at DCJCC2010/12/30
    A conversation with David C. Ward, co-curator of "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture"
  90. John Kascht, artist talk2010/12/15
    Caricature artist John Kascht discusses his portraits of Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett that are currently on view in the exhibition "Twentieth Century Americans."
  91. Steven Weisman, author talk2010/12/10
    "Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Portrait in Letters of an American Visionary" by Steven Weisman, discussion at NPG.
  92. Oveta Culp Hobby portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/11/29
    Claire Kelly, assistant director of exhibitions and collections management at NPG, discusses Ernest Hamlin Baker's portrait of Oveta Culp Hobby
  93. Charles Schulz, portrait presentation2010/11/24
    A portrait of Charles Schulz by photographer Yousuf Karsh was presented to the National Portrait Gallery in a ceremony, October 1, 2010.
  94. Jack Pierson, artist talk2010/11/16
    Jack Pierson discusses his self-portraits on view in "Difference and Desire in American Portraiture"
  95. Barry Goldwater, Face-to-Face talk2010/11/04
    Martin Sullivan, director of NPG, discusses Bernard Safran's portrait of Barry Goldwater
  96. Thomas Jefferson portrait by Mather Brown, Face-to-Face talk2010/08/24
    Brandon Fortune, curator at NPG, discusses Mather Brown's portrait of Thomas Jefferson
  97. Bill Clinton portrait by Chuck Close, Face-to-Face talk2010/07/12
    Wendy Wick Reaves, curator at NPG, discusses Chuck Close's portrait of Bill Clinton
  98. Lecture by David Hackett Fischer, cultural historian2010/07/06
    David Hackett Fischer, cultural historian, spoke on Emmanuel Leutze's iconic painting, "Washington Crossing the Delaware."
  99. Jim Torok self-portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/06/29
    Anne Goodyear, curator at NPG, discusses Jim Torok's self-portrait featured in "Portraiture Now: Communities."
  100. John Wayne portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/06/25
    Amy Henderson, historian at NPG, discusses John Wayne
  101. Lecture by Jules Feiffer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and playwright2010/06/08
    Cartoonist Jules Feiffer discusses a photograph of Fred Astaire by Bob Landy
  102. Mark Twain portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/06/04
    Frank Goodyear, curator at NPG, discusses Mark Twain
  103. Stonewall Jackson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/06/02
    David Ward, historian at NPG, discusses Stonewall Jackson
  104. Elvis in the army, Face-to-Face talk2010/05/28
    Warren Perry, curator of "Echoes of Elvis," discusses Elvis's time in the army and his portrait by Howard Finster
  105. Lena Horne portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/05/11
    Ann Shumard, curator at NPG, discusses Lena Horne and her portrait by Florence Homolka
  106. Lecture by James McPherson, Civil War Historian2010/05/03
    Historian James McPherson on Alexander Gardner's photograph "Confederate Dead by a Fence on the Hagerstown Road, Antietam"
  107. 1960s San Francisco rock groups, Face-to-Face talk2010/04/28
    Amy Baskette, curatorial assistant at NPG, discusses a 1967 photograph of the Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company, by Irving Penn
  108. Elvis Presley portrait by Red Grooms, Face-to-Face talk2010/04/21
    Warren Perry, curator of "Echoes of Elvis" discusses a portrait of Elvis Presley by Red Grooms
  109. Gertrude Stein portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/04/06
    Wendy Wick Reaves, curator at NPG, discusses Gertrude Stein and her portrait by Jo Davidson
  110. Julia Child portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/03/25
    Rayna Green, curator at the National Museum of American History, discusses Julia Child and her portrait by David Martin
  111. Lecture on Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Historic Preservation and Architecture2010/03/19
  112. Katharine Hepburn's four Oscars and portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/03/15
  113. Clement Greenberg portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/03/10
  114. Thurgood Marshall portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/03/03
  115. Booker T. Washington portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/02/24
  116. Frederick Douglass portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/02/19
  117. Zitkala-Sa portrait, Face-to-Face talk2010/02/16
  118. Memphis radio deejay George Klein discusses Elvis Presley2010/01/28
  119. Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon, Face-to-Face talk2010/01/25
  120. Elvis Presley sculpture, Face-to-Face talk2010/01/20
  121. Ralph Wolfe Cowan, artist interview2010/01/08
  122. "Sarah, David" portrait by photographer Yolanda del Amo, Face-to-Face talk2009/12/30
  123. Joshua A. Norton portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/12/08
  124. Domingo Ghirardelli portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/12/01
  125. Chinese experience in 19th century American West, Face-to-Face talk2009/11/25
  126. John Singleton Copley self-portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/10/19
  127. Martin Schoeller, artist talk2009/10/13
  128. Red Cloud portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/10/07
  129. Woodrow Wilson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/10/05
  130. Calvin Tomkins on Marcel Duchamp2009/09/30
  131. Tommy Lasorda, Portrait Dedication Ceremony2009/09/23
  132. Albert Einstein portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/09/04
  133. Thomas Jefferson portrait, Face-to-Face talk-2009/08/26
  134. Andrew Jackson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/08/20
  135. Ray Beldner, artist talk2009/07/28
  136. Margaret Sanger portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/07/13
  137. George Washington portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/07/08
  138. "Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 3 leads" by artist Brian O'Doherty, Face-to-Face talk2009/07/07
  139. Marcel Duchamp's "Wanted" poster, Face-to-Face talk2009/06/15
  140. Isabel Bishop self-portraits, Face-to-Face talk2009/06/10
  141. Susan Miller-Havens, artist interview2009/06/03
  142. Lyndon Johnson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/05/28
  143. Steve Pyke, artist talk2009/05/21
  144. Thomas Jefferson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/05/14
  145. David Lenz, artist interview2009/05/09
  146. Eunice Kennedy Shriver portrait dedication ceremony2009/05/09
  147. Eudora Welty portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/05/06
  148. Ronald Reagan portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/05/04
  149. Tony Bennett's portrait of Duke Ellington, donation ceremony2009/04/29
  150. Alec Soth, artist talk2009/04/21
  151. Mark Twain portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/04/20
  152. Samuel Morse portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/04/14
  153. Toni Morrison portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/04/03
  154. Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/04/01
  155. Lady Bird Johnson portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/03/31
  156. Martha Washington portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/03/23
  157. Dolley Madison portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/03/06
  158. Ornette Coleman portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/03/03
  159. Thelonious Monk portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/02/24
  160. Maria Callas portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/02/18
  161. Bette Midler portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/02/06
  162. Michael J. Fox portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/01/30
  163. Portrait by Alec Soth, Face-to-Face talk2009/01/27
  164. Shepard Fairey, artist interview2009/01/17
  165. Ryan McGinley self-portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/01/16
  166. "Four Indian Kings," Face-to-Face portrait talk2009/01/13
  167. Cindy Sherman portrait, Face-to-Face talk2009/01/09
  168. Elvis Presley portrait by Ralph Wolfe Cowan, Face-to-Face talk2009/01/08
  169. Obama "Hope" portrait, interview with NPG deputy director Carolyn Carr2009/01/07
  170. Barack Obama portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/12/31
  171. Aleksander Titovets, artist interview2008/12/19
  172. Robert Anderson, artist interview2008/12/19
  173. George W. Bush and Laura Bush, presidential portait unveiling ceremony2008/12/19
  174. Abraham Lincoln portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/12/15
  175. Jocelyn Lee, artist interview2008/12/10
  176. Franklin Delano Roosevelt portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/12/05
  177. Sequoyah portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/12/04
  178. "Herblock's Presidents: 'Puncturing Pomposity'" exhibition, interview with Sid Hart, NPG senior historian2008/11/26
  179. George C. Marshall portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/11/18
  180. "One Life: The Mask of Lincoln" exhibition - interview with David Ward, NPG historian2008/11/04
  181. Joseph McCarthy portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/11/04
  182. Orson Welles portrait, gallery talk2008/10/31
  183. Dashiell Hammett portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/10/27
  184. Henry Wallace portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/10/16
  185. F. Scott Fitzgerald portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/10/09
  186. Robert Frost portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/09/29
  187. Edwin Booth portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/09/23
  188. Ernie Pyle portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/09/16
  189. Leopold Stokowski portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/07/18
  190. Octavius V. Catto portrait, Face-to-Face talk2008/03/12
  191. Shinique Smith, artist interview 2008/03/12
  192. Kehinde Wiley, artist interview2008/02/15
  193. David Scheinbaum, artist interview2008/02/13
  194. Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp, artist interview2008/02/01
  195. Jefferson Pinder, artist interview2008/02/01
Face-to-Face, from the National Portrait Gallery
Face-to-Face is a podcast series from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Listen to Face-to-Face portrait talks, interviews with artists, and lectures from the museum. Face-to-Face portrait talks occur every Thursday at 6pm, in the museum. For more, see the Face-to-Face blog at http://face2face.si.edu/ and the National Portrait Gallery's website at http://npg.si.edu/

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