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The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

  1. Notre Dame Joins the ACC?!2020/07/31
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  2. The Sinful Seven with Richard Johnson2020/07/29
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  3. The Washed List2020/07/24
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  4. Postseason Possibilities2020/07/22
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  5. Could Notre Dame's season really be canceled?2020/07/17
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  6. College Football Bangers + Drum and Fife Strife2020/07/15
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  7. Late Breaking Conference News + The Most Drivable Season2020/07/10
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  8. COVID-19 & College Football Season Contingencies2020/07/08
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  9. USC's season in doubt + July Q&A2020/07/03

    Ty and Dan break down USC's move to an online semester and assess the ramifications for the 2020 college football season. Plus, a Verballer Q&A for the Fourth of July weekend.

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  10. College Football RPG2020/07/01
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  11. How Will the 2020 College Football Season Look on TV?2020/06/26
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  12. Blue Ship Draft2020/06/24

    Ty and Dan examine Bud Elliott's Blue-Chip Ratio for 2020 and make their case for which teams are contenders and which are pretenders. Plus, more COVID-19 cases at Clemson, LSU, and Kansas State, a push for player protections at UCLA, and more.
  13. An Interview with Joe Moorhead, Oregon's new Offensive Coordinator2020/06/19
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  14. Chuba Hubbard confronts Mike Gundy, COVID Cases, and Third Year Coach Q&A2020/06/17

    Ty and Dan discuss Chuba Hubbard's stand against Mike Gundy as well as new cases of COVID-19 at Alabama, Clemson, Texas and beyond. Plus, a prom-themed looked at third year head coaches going into the 2020 college football season.
  15. College Football Influencers2020/06/10

    Ty and Dan examine the world of college football's social media influencers and chat with Derek Marckel, Michigan State's superstar Creative Director, and Hayes Fawcett, the graphic designer for the biggest recruits in the land. Plus, a quick look at the news of the last week.
  16. Justyn Ross, the COVID Testing Conundrum, and Verballer Q&A2020/06/03

    Ty and Dan discuss the loss of Justyn Ross for the 2020 season and the expensive challenge of coronavirus testing heading into the fall before opening up an overflowing mailbag to chat about Tua's longlasting impact, Kyler Murray vs. Lamar Jackson, proposed changes to the transfer rule, and much more.
  17. First Place Losers: Part 32020/05/28
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  18. Will there be a college football season in 2020?2020/05/22

    Ty and Dan discuss the major questions facing college football amid the coronavirus pandemic. Will there be a season? What safety protocols will be in place? What will be the unintended consequences and financial implications?
  19. First Place Losers: Part 22020/05/15

    Ty and Dan continue their exploration of college football's greatest losers, this time examining the runners up from 2010-2014. How do Oregon's 2010 and 2014 teams compare? What would LSU's 2019 offense have looked like with its receivers from 2011? Could 2013 Auburn have beaten 2005 USC? And what was the deal with 2012 Notre Dame?
  20. First Place Losers: Part 12020/05/08

    Ty and Dan examine college football's runners up from 2005-2009, from Reggie Bush-era USC to Colt McCoy's final season at Texas, and break down how close each team was to winning a championship before ranking them against each other.
  21. Geoff Schwartz on college football draft trends, quarantine life2020/04/30

    Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz joins Dan to talk about what the 2020 NFL Draft tells us about college football, including QB evaluations, conference reputations, and how prospects get overlooked. .
  22. Lingering College Football Takes2020/04/23

    Ty and Dan collect some of the Verballerhood's lingering and controversial college football opinions and decide whether they agree or disagree.
  23. Making Peace With: The 2007 Fiesta Bowl2020/04/17

    Ty and Dan rehash Boise State's dramatic win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. How big were Chris Petersen's stones? Could Oklahoma have won running a read option offense? Did Boise's blown lead have a positive effect on the program? And what was Chris Myers doing during Ian Johnson's marriage proposal?
  24. Making Peace With: The 2003 Fiesta Bowl2020/04/10
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  25. Throwback Thursday: Auburn beats Oregon2020/04/03

    Ty and Dan rewatch and relive Auburn's 22-19 win over Oregon in the 2011 BCS National Championship and recap their first ever trip to a title game. Plus, a conversation with Jeff Palmer about the reaction from inside the Duck locker room.
  26. Throwback Thursday: The Bush Push2020/03/27

    Ty and Dan rewatch and relive the iconic USC-Notre Dame matchup in 2005. What were the highlights and lowlights? What was it like to be in the stadium? What did Yogi Roth think as an offensive analyst? And what was the deal with NBC's old intro score?
  27. Isolation Play2020/03/19

    Ty and Dan dial in from their respective bunkers, take a look back at the black swan events of the 2019 season, and determine which were isolated events or part of a larger trend.
  28. Cake Bosses2020/03/13

    Ty and Dan examine the intricate tiers of college football, defining the programs in each and the teams best suited to move up in the college football world. Also, is lasagna a savory cake?
  29. The Tues Cruise: Final Voyage2020/03/04

    Ty and Dan discuss their most interesting offseason storylines while, quite literally, riding a ferry in the middle of the East River.
  30. Mail Time: Part 22020/02/26

    Ty and Dan touch base on Kirby Smart's cold-blooded hire, Colorado's extremely lukewarm coaching move, and a hypothetical question connecting the two. Plus, a double-dip on last week's inbox, with a focus on important, non-football topics such as anniversary gifts, sock wearing strategies, and futuristic Japanese toilets.
  31. Mail Time: Part 12020/02/20

    Ty and Dan empty an overflowing inbox and assess Mel Tucker's sudden move to Michigan State, a proposed revision to player transfer rules, the Dave Aranda version of Baylor, and the new coaches most likely to make an immediate impact. Plus, a revival plan for "toxic" fan bases, a watch strategy for new dads, a stadium bucket list, and much more.
  32. Fantasy Things Retrospective2020/02/12

    Ty and Dan walk back through their Fantasy Things selections from last August, break down the hits and misses, and talk through a hypothetical supplemental draft.
  33. Construction Zone!2020/02/06

    Ty and Dan put on their hardhats and examine the blueprints that various college programs followed in constructing their 2020 recruiting classes. Which programs are rebuilding from the ground up and which are just just showing off? Plus, Mark Dantonio steps down from Michigan State.
  34. Pleasant (and Unpleasant) Surprises2020/01/29

    Ty and Dan take a look back at the 2019 college football season and discuss each conference's most pleasant and unpleasant surprises.
  35. 2020 New Coach Spice-o-Meter2020/01/24

    With Ty out "sick" (read: deeply covert), Dan welcomes The Athletic's Andy Staples onto the show to discuss just how spicy, on a hot chicken scale, a number of new college football coaching hires truly are.
  36. LSU WINS!2020/01/14

    Ty and Dan relive LSU's 42-25 triumph over Clemson in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship. What are the main takeaways and key storylines from the game? What are the implications moving forward? And who are the favorites to win next season?
  37. LSU! Clemson! National Championship Preview!2020/01/08
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  38. Bowl Recap-a-Palooza!2020/01/05

    Ty and Dan relive the highs and lows of bowl season by putting a bow on great seasons by Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota and other teams this college football season. Plus, the latest coaching news, transfers, draft declarations. Also, the Sun Bowl.
  39. Playoff and Bowl Recaps2019/12/30

    Ty and Dan walk back through LSU's historic victory over Oklahoma, Clemson's big plays against Ohio State, and the minutiae that defined the playoff semifinals. Plus, a look around college football at other meaningful bowl games, a quick trip aboard a mini bowl barge, and universal disdain for Memphis's curious uniform choice.
  40. The Bowl Barge: Part 4.52019/12/24

    Ty and Dan celebrate the Rose and Sugar Bowls while asking hard questions about the Minnesota Motivation Factor, proposing a unified Barry Alvarez bowl theory, electing a Mayor of Punt City, and deliberating Tony the Tiger's financial situation. Also, the last episode was mislabled so that's how you get Part 4.5.
  41. The Bowl Barge: Part 4 (and Signing Day Recap!)2019/12/22

    Ty and Dan preview the College Football Playoff semifinals and break down Oklahoma's game plan against LSU, the difficulty in picking between Clemson and Ohio State, the matchups to watch, and what clues the 2019 season has dropped along the way. Plus, a wide-ranging chat with Brandon Huffman about the takeaways from Signing Day.
  42. The Bowl Barge: Part 22019/12/18

    Ty and Dan float deeper into bowl season and preview another batch of games, from the Military Bowl through the Orange Bowl. Also, saying nice things aloud about Michigan State, quantifying a Clay Helton boost, and much more.
  43. The Bowl Barge: Part 12019/12/15

    Ty and Dan float through bowl season by working in chronological order from the Celebration Bowl to the Quick Lane Bowl. Also, a secret strategy for winning your confidence pool as well as coaching news and Joe Burrow's historic Heisman victory.
  44. Postseason Mailbag2019/12/12

    Ty and Dan take a deep dive into an overflowing mailbag and tackle the important issues, like college football's postseason system, the inevitability of blue blooded programs, the allure of being "just a coach away", and more. Plus, foreign language marriage proposals, dogs in beds, and other pertinent topics.
  45. The Tues Cruise: Archibowlago2019/12/10

    Captain Ty and Lietenant Commander Dan recap the coaches and players who are on the move before visiting the chain of teams most excited to be in their respective bowl games. Plus, a quick game of Oar Not with the 2019 regular season in the rearview mirror.
  46. Championship Week Recap2019/12/09

    Ty and Dan walk back through college football's conference championship games and wonder if LSU is beatable, if we learned anything new about Ohio State, if Clemson is just getting warmed up, and if Jalen Hurts can stop hurting his own team. Plus, coaching moves, bowl matchups, and overhand Dr. Pepper Tuition Throws.
  47. Championship Week Preview2019/12/05

    Ty and Dan walk through all 10 conference championship games and discuss whether Georgia can upset LSU, if Wisconsin can do better in its sequel with Ohio State, the simple math behind the Big 12 Championship Game, a potential monsoon game in Santa Clara, and Virginia's path to not losing by 28 points to Clemson. Plus, the latest coaching news and draft declarations.
  48. The Tues Cruise: Man Overboard and Land Ho (Park)!2019/12/03

    Ty and Dan inspect the college football ships that have thrown their old captains out to sea and pay sweet homage to Chan Ho Park's spinning kick in 1999 with a special game of Land Ho Park, examining the playoff teams with killer instinct and the weird situations that could unfold after this coming weekend.
  49. College Football Rivalry Week Recap2019/12/01

    Ty and Dan tap into the passion of Rivalry Week with another crazy Iron Bowl, a dominant Ohio State win, a momentous Commonwealth Cup, yet another strange Egg Bowl influenced by dogs, and much more!
  50. Rivalry Week Preview2019/11/27

    Ty and Dan throw out all the records and examine college football's biggest rivalries, as Michigan takes another crack at Ohio State, Alabama takes its Mac attack to Auburn, Oklahoma looks to separate from Oklahoma State, and much more. Plus, Thanksgiving festivities abound!
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