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  1. He Really Had Guts!2020/01/01

    The first day of 2020 and our thoughts are with our close neighbors in Australia dealing with horrendous bush fires. Although we are 4000km to the east, we have a sobering indicator of how bad things are. Today's episode truly falls into the "Believe it or Not" category. I am assured it is a true story, but if not, it makes a good yarn. It took a lot of guts to tell it!
  2. Taxi2019/12/09

    This event from my distant working past really made me question the value of my professional worth! Saturday night, Old Spice, a hot date and living 20 minutes out of town were just too much for a bachelor client!
  3. "I am really sorry and I love you for ever". The tale of a drunk dog!2019/11/24

    There is probably a lesson to be learnt here but it has gone over my head!
  4. Am I Infectious?2019/11/04

    It has been a big week. I have retired from my practice and now intend to spend a lot of time fishing, making cheese and recording podcasts. The format of the podcasts has changed slightly as well and they are now more anecdotal. Think more antipodean James Herriot! In this podcast I have to question my own disease status!
  5. A life well lived may take its toll on our joints and when hormones get in the way of egg production.2019/08/04

    As we get older, so do our joints and arthritis and stiffness may occur. This is also true for our dogs. Would you recognize early arthritis in your mate? Also, for those of you living “The Good Life” what do you do when your hens become “clucky”?
  6. "Just the cats whiskers" and How did the cat come back?2019/02/17

    “Just the cats whiskers” and “The cat came back the very next day” are both common expressions (at least in New Zealand). In this episode we discuss the function and uses of whiskers for cats and look at “how the cat came back"?
  7. Veterinarian Suicide. Too important to ignore!2019/01/25

    Veterinarians in the UK are up to four times as likely to commit suicide as the general population. Why why why? This is too important to ignore
  8. Is a cat parasite controlling your mind?2019/01/01

    Did you know you may have a cat parasite controlling your mind? We live in a sea of Toxoplasmosis. Is it affecting you? We also discuss an unfortunately all too common condition in dogs called a Pyometra
  9. The elimination episode!2018/11/04

    After what seems like forever The Vetpodcast returns. This episode looks at some of the more unsavoury facets of pet ownership. Coprophagia (eating faeces), constipation and inappropriate urination.
  10. Purring like a vacuum cleaner, high dogs and "Your dog ate what!"2017/02/26
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  11. We are back! Cats whiskers, afterhours & a better work story.2017/01/22

    In this episode we look at something right under our nose, Cats' Whiskers, we discuss the strain of being an after-hours vet and have a "Better Work Story"
  12. Grapes, recreational drugs for cats and cyanide.2016/03/30

    The noble grape; more toxic than you might think, the most widely used recreational drug of cats and the newspaper headlines could have read “Veterinarian saves dog, owner dead!” Welcome to the latest edition of The Vetpodcast.
  13. The change in the gender balance of the veterinary profession and Taxi!2015/12/05

    There has been a groundswell of change in the gender proportion of veterinarians over the past few years. In 2013 80% of the veterinary graduates in the US were female. This change begs 2 questions. Why, and what is the effect of this change?
    We start a new section we are calling "Great Work Stories".
  14. Take your medicine, the best tonic is sunshine and a pretty killer.2015/03/04

    Your vet, or for that matter your doctor gives you some medicine and some instructions. Do you follow them? If not, you are not alone.

    Coming from sunny New Zealand we don’t give it much thought, but ultra violet light is often lacking in the life of some pets, and finally, they may look pretty, but some lilies have the potential to kill your cat!

  15. Old style vetting James Herriot style and Do You See What I See. TV watching pets.2014/11/22

    We once again catch up with Jim Wight, veterinarian and son of "James Herriot" to discuss life as a vet in his fathers time, and ask Scott Arnold the question that the awesome Australian band from the '80s, Hunters and Collectors, asked "Do you see what I see?". What does your pet see when it watches television?
  16. The World of James Herriot with the son of the man himself, and Puppy Farming in the UK2014/10/09
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  17. Anaesthetic free dentistry (an update), osteoarthritis in dogs and "Snack loving Britons killing pets with treats, soft living".2014/08/28

    In this episode of The Vetpodcast, with look at some recent developments in the Anaesthetic Free Dentistry debate, discuss osteoarthritis in dogs and Charlotte Farr explains a headline that appeared in the paper here in New Zealand about "soft living" British pets!
  18. UK Dangerous Dogs Act, Neutering rats and Anesthetic Free Dentistry.2014/07/12
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  19. This dog is all that is keeping Mum alive!2014/05/21

    "This dog is all mum is living for. If it dies, she dies." A great way to start a consultation. I discuss pets and the elderly. Scott Arnold from Ontario discusses a nasty fungal infection called Blastomycosis and Richard Grubb, our resident "pocket pet" vet from the UK talks about some nasty infectious diseases of rabbits.
  20. It is almost Easter. Lets talk rabbits and chocolate2014/04/13

    Being the week before Easter, let's get seasonal!
    Richard Grubb, our resident pocket pet expert discusses abscesses in rabbits. Continuing on the Easter theme, Charlotte Farr gives us the low down on chocolate toxicity and finally, I pass on a few hints to make your next veterinary consultation easier.
  21. A drug injected into the testis to cause infertility in dogs and lets talk trash!2014/03/24

    Not for the squeamish male, Scott Arnold discusses a new product that is injected into the testis of dogs while they are still awake to render them infertile, and Charlotte Farr continues her series on poisonings. This episode she talks trash!!
  22. Hot and Cold. We squeeze in rat poison as well.2014/02/13

    The weather extremes the world is experiencing at the moment is also affecting pets. We talk to Danielle Papaya who is sizzling in Brisbane, Australia and Scott Arnold who is freezing in Ontario, Canada. Finally we discuss rat bait poisoning with Charlotte Farr in England.
  23. Suicide; Veterinarians are at risk, and Parvo Virus in dogs.2013/12/19

    Research in the United Kingdom has shown that veterinarians there are up to four times more likely to commit suicide than the general population and twice as likely than other healthcare professionals. We ask "why is this so?".
    Parvo Virus is a highly infectious, often fatal disease of dogs. Scott Arnold gives an overview of this nasty disease.
  24. The perils of buying a pet from the Doha markets, and Guinea Pigs as pets.2013/11/25

    Illegally imported pets held in less than ideal conditions, suffering from every condition under the sun. Welcome to the Doha pet markets. On a brighter note, guinea pigs make the ideal first pet. Let's find out more about them.
  25. Canine Seasonal Illness, an emerging mystery disease in England. The effect of diet on a rabbits teeth and Puppy Preschool.2013/10/20
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  26. A new disease? Canine circovirus. Brucella canis in Sweden and a disease called "Redwater"2013/09/14
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  27. Snake bites in dogs, Nordic views on spaying and neutering dogs and The French Lung Worm, a disease on the increase?2013/08/10
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  28. Rabies in Zimbabwe, False Pet Passports, A pug is a dangerous dog (it is in Qatar) and watch the heat!2013/07/13
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  29. Tick Borne Diseases of Dogs2013/06/25

    In this podcast we introduce our new North American Correspondent, Dr Scott Arnold, who discusses tick borne diseases of dogs and also announce the launch of our new Android App.
The Vetpodcast
Presented by Veterinarian Dr Bryan Gregor from New Zealand, join us as current cat and dog health and welfare issues are discussed by veterinarians, veterinary nurses and vet techs from around the world. If you are a pet owner, an animal lover or in the veterinary industry, there will be something of interest!

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