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  1. Lords of Order 1112019/02/09
    Host Ed Moore discusses the final contemporaneous Dr Fate story from More Fun Comics (1936) issue 98.

  2. Mike M’s Weekly Reads 125 – A Tear for a Friend2019/02/09
    Join Mike as he discusses some recent purchases, a recent podcaster’s loss, a few listener questions and books read from 01/21 – 01/27/19.

  3. Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 417 – Flailing, parachutes, and microphones2019/02/08
    Captain Kid #1 by Writer: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer Artists: Wilfredo Torres & Brent Peeples, Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick (Aftershock Comics) Rambling time where we free form jazz it up: Comic Company Apps (Dark Horse, etc) vs. Comixology vs. PDF Diamond vs. New Distributors (Haven folded up in October 2011) Comic Book Stores and their […]
  4. Geek Brunch Retro 115 – Big Red Cheese, Mutants and Morpho2019/02/08
    Join Mike, Chris, and Rob s they discuss listener questions, Marvel Super Special #10 – Starlord, Brave and the Bold #57-58, Shazam #29, Marvel Graphic Novel #4 New Mutants, Mr. T and the T-Force #1-5, Alpha Flight #1-12

  5. DC Spotlight 12 – Loving the Bendis2019/02/06
    Join Mike and Kyle as we answer listener questions, Retro-review of JLA #80-82, Young Justice #1, Action Comics #1002-1007, Superman #3-7, and Naomi #1

  6. Comic Book Noise 850: Forever Evil2019/02/04
    Host Derek Coward talks about the Forever Evil trade.

  7. The Mighty Thorcast 161 – Thor’s Final Stand, Hela Hune and Mangog2019/02/04
    This episode Teri and Ed give us their thoughts on The Mighty Thor (1966) issue 360 and Mighty Thor (2017)Read the Rest...

  8. Mike M’s Weekly Reads 124 – Advance Comics2019/02/02
    Join Mike as he discusses Advance Comics from 1994.

  9. Comic Book Noise 849: Change To DC Movies, Complaining About Crossovers, and The Best Comic Book TV Show2019/02/01
    Host Derek Coward talks about the change to the DC movie plans, why I am having problems with Dark Nights Metal, and the best comic book show on TV right now.

  10. Mike M’s Weekly Reads 123 – Plethera of Comics2019/02/01
    Join Mike as he discusses a lot of arrivals that happened on the same day. Also I talk about books for weeks of 1/7/2019 – 1/20/2019.

Comic Book Noise Family

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