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  1. Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 431 – They Weren’t Going to Burn Those Books2019/08/18
    Three men and a podcast as Kevin, Phil and Andy catch up after a break. Kevin and Phil revisit Attack on Titan Kickstarter Hek Treasury by Brian Hurtt, Matt Kindt and Marie Engers Sci-fi/Fantasy Anthology hardcover Image Archive books (Savage Dragon, Noble Causes). 100% Biodegradable Comic Collection (Vol 1-5) Anthology with many creators by David […]
  2. Ronin Rabbit v4e12019/08/17
    This episode host Ed Moore introduces us to Usagi Yojimbo volume 4 issue number 1 from IDW plus coverage of the 35th Anniversary Tribute book as published by the Usagi Yojimbo Dojo.
  3. Geek Brunch 301 – Bill Goes Main Stream2019/08/15
    Join Mike and Bill 5.5 hours as they discuss Geek Brunch Comics, Previews Magazine, Replacer #1, Love so Brief #1 Princess of Venus #1, Space Bandits #1, Sonata #1, Second Coming #1, Overboard (2nd Movie), The Kitchen, Once Upon a Time…In Hollywo...
  4. Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 430 – Upbeat and Happy2019/08/11
    Kevin and Andy are keeping it up beat and happy as they dig into a few topics and cover some comics in the patented ICBN matter. We talk Previews? Variant covers, Artgerm Attack on Titan – Anime and Manga by Hajime Isayama Also adaptions in general. Kevin dances around a big plot point but does […]
  5. Geek Brunch Retro-cast 122 – The show must go on2019/08/11
    Join Chris and Rob as they discuss Action Comics 432 (Human Target), Batman Family 15-16 (Man-Bat), Avengers 217, Sludge 5 and Spider-Woman 34.

  6. DC Spotlight 21 – Event Leviathan2019/08/07
    Join Mike and Kyle as they discuss some recent polls and Mike’s Birthday, Superman #8-13, Event Leviathan #1-2, Action Comics #1009-1013 and Deadman (1986) #1-4.

  7. Marvel Noise Episode 3342019/08/06

    Steve, Andrew, and Kevin share some recent reads, look back at Neil Gaiman’s Eternals limited series, and deep dive into New Warriors issues 2-4!
  8. Mike M’s Weekly Reads 138 – Back in Action2019/07/31
    Join Mike as he discusses some recent topics, answers some listener questions and talks about books read 6/24/19 – 7/6/19.

  9. Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 429 – Phil Killed the Walking Dead2019/07/28
      Indie 429 – Phil killed the Walking Dead San Diego Comic Con, Phil killed the Walking Dead and controversy revisited Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers will be a cartoon so we discussed the comic but there was a panel at SDCC Canadian TV scheduling of Comic Book TV shows Walking Dead is ending (spoiler). Who […]
  10. Comic Book Noise 857: Kindred, The Wrong Earth, and Other Recommendations2019/07/22
    Host Derek Coward talks about Kindred, The Wrong Earth, Captain Marvel, Shazam, Aquaman, and The Dragon Prince.
Comic Book Noise Family

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